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Downloaded over 500,000 times! Experts On The Wire is a monthly SEO podcast hosted by Dan Shure. Discover new trends, tactics, tools, people, and businesses doing remarkable work in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Past guests include Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean, Annie Cushing, Noah Kagan & Vanessa Fox. I'm an SEO consultant myself, so we dig deep into SEO, technical challenges, growth stories, mobile SEO, eCommerce, crawling, content marketing & more.

Experts On The Wire (An SEO Podcast!) Dan Shure (SEO)

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Downloaded over 500,000 times! Experts On The Wire is a monthly SEO podcast hosted by Dan Shure. Discover new trends, tactics, tools, people, and businesses doing remarkable work in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Past guests include Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean, Annie Cushing, Noah Kagan & Vanessa Fox. I'm an SEO consultant myself, so we dig deep into SEO, technical challenges, growth stories, mobile SEO, eCommerce, crawling, content marketing & more.

    112: Martin Splitt On Rendering, Crawl Budget, JS SEO, Treeshaking & More

    112: Martin Splitt On Rendering, Crawl Budget, JS SEO, Treeshaking & More

    In this episode:

    * Does Google fetch all the scripts on a page?

    * “Treeshaking” and how it can help your page’s performance

    * Queuing time vs rendering time for Google

    * When to use JS Frameworks or not

    * Exactly how and when rendering counts against “crawl budget”

    * Is “crawl budget” a problem and something that should be optimized for?

    * Why content can sometimes take a long time to be de-indexed

    * The “Shadow DOM”

    * What Martin wishes SEOs would do more of

    * LOTS of your Twitter questions answered

    This interview was recorded on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 live on location at Tech SEO Boost in Boston.

    The occasional rumbling sound you may hear is the subway, which runs right below the room we were recording in.

    We spend the first 10 mins or so chatting about his role at Google, and then get into all the technical stuff 🙂

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    Show Agenda and Timestamps

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    Tools Mentioned

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    Articles, Resources, and Links Mentioned

    * Twitter Questions

    TechSEO Boost

    Find Martin Online

    * Twitter

    * LinkedIn

    * Martin’s Blog

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    111: How To Tackle Advanced eCommerce and Technical SEO w/Luke Carthy

    111: How To Tackle Advanced eCommerce and Technical SEO w/Luke Carthy

    In this episode:

    * How to handle out of stock products (we get quite detailed here)

    * Crawl optimization

    * How to optimize content on product pages

    * How to optimize content on category pages

    * Internal search page optimization

    * Handling content delivered in JavaScript on product or category pages

    * Common eCommerce SEO mistakes

    * The future of eCommerce SEO

    * How canonicals help

    * and we tackled LOTS of your questions from Twitter

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    Show Agenda and Timestamps

    Episode Introduction [0:22]

    Topic overview [0:29]

    Luke Introduction [1:10]

    What is Mayflex and what is Luke’s role? [1:35]

    Is there a large difference between working with a B2B company versus a consumer oriented company when it comes to SEO? [2:41]

    Where did Luke get his technical background? [4:08]

    Product Questions [5:09]

    General best practice to manage a discontinued product? [5:22]

    Do you keep the same URL live and return a 200 code? [7:49]

    At the point when you want to remove the product from the index what code or redirect do you use? [9:59]

    Twitter Questions [13:00]

     Malcom Slade: If a site was dropping half its inventory, say 4000 product URLs would you 404/410 (ideally semi custom based on legacy product), redirect or a mix of both? [13:00]

    How to handle a situation where each product is unique and one of a kind so constantly rotating through products [17:30]

    Khushal: Is it ideal to noindex,nofollow product pages that have filters to save crawl budget? If yes, how much is the impact from a visibility and/or crawl frequency perspective [21:10]

    Jeremy Rivera – What about store locations that re-sell manufacturer goods, e.g. a local billiard shop who sells a national brand’s good but can’t list a price? [24:34]

    Product Pages Twitter Questions [27:46]

    Andrew at Optimisey – What does the perfect product page look like? How do you resist the push to stuff lots of text into the page to ‘optimise it for keywords’? [27:46]

    For a clothing retailer what is a good approach for content on their product page? [31:25]

    Rahul Khosla – How do you avoid duplicate content for products that aren’t manufactured by yourself when discussing the set attributes? [35:15]

    Earning Links to Ecommerce Sites [37:29]

    Rob Bonham – What content types are the best in earning quality links to ecommerce websites? Also, what methods have been most successful in earning said links? [37:35]

    Category Pages Questions [40:20]

    Sebastian Simon – Which content/type of content would you put on category pages? [40:26]

    Jeremy Rivera – Fixing the way categories (collections) work on Shopify to something sane? [42:46]

    Canonicals / Technical URL Reporting [44:37]

    Adam Humphreys – I think a majority of us just want a more simplistic reporting system to give to clients for their developers around canonical setups. [44:37]

    How to sort through and work through all the canonical issues [46:40]

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    110: A Candid Conversation w/Barry Schwartz on His Story, Productivity, Core Updates & More

    110: A Candid Conversation w/Barry Schwartz on His Story, Productivity, Core Updates & More

    Today’s episode I think is an important one for anyone who’s a part of, or interested in, the SEO industry. Whether you’re an actual practitioner, maybe newer to the space, or just following along and love SEO – you’ll probably get something out of this discussion.

    I wanted to talk with Barry and get more details around things a lot of people are curious about…

    For one, he’s known for being very prolific, publishing up to 5+ articles per day, following the SEO news, sharing things via Twitter, engaging with the community … AND running a company full time (that has nothing to do with SEO).

    And I wanted to get his take on the state of Google right and now, and where things might be going. Barry is often the one reporting news — but I wanted to give him the spotlight and learn more about someone who is truly invaluable in this industry.

    Some of the many things covered:

    * Barry reacts to his very first blog post from 2005!

    * Why Barry started blogging to begin with

    * How Barry got a Wiki page

    * His thoughts on Danny Sullivan’s role at Google

    * The best way to send Barry SEO news tips

    * Does Google give Barry info “off the record”?

    * The recent Google Core updates

    * Zombie Clicks (?)

    And more – enjoy!

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    Show Agenda and Timestamps

    Episode Introduction [0:23]

    Barry’s Introduction and topic overview [1:27]

    What are the different publications and how do they all work? [2:09]

    Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land [2:44]

    What is RustyBrick? [4:43]

    What is Barry’s role at RustyBrick? [8:00]

    Barry’s back story and the world of SEO [9:03]

    What prompted Barry to start the RustyBrick Weblog? [9:36]

    Where a lot of people cover the SEO industry when Barry started Search Engine Roundtable? [12:24]

    How has Barry been so consistent with blogging about SEO for so long? [14:13]

    How does Barry keep up with everything that is happening? [15:33]

    Is it helpful when people ping Barry with things? Is there a best way to share information with Barry? [16:59]

    How does Barry physically get 5 stories out in a day? [18:18]

    How Barry multitasks so things do not pile up [20:13]

    Is trying to pay attention to everything in the SEO world stressful?  [22:16]

    Is Barry generally live on Twitter or does he schedule his posts? [23:52]

    How did Barry get a Wikipedia page? [25:32]

    Google [26:56]

    Danny Sullivan [27:00]

    Barry’s take on Danny Sullivan’s position at Google [27:35]

    Does Barry think the feedback SEOs give Danny is actually getting back to Google? [29:44]

    What is Barry’s take on the current state of Google’s SERP? [31:13]

    What does Barry think the thought process is behind all the SERP changes and what are they optimizing for? [33:15]

    What does it mean when Google says the Ad team and the Organic team are separate? [34:40]

    Why does Barry think there are so many snarky comments to posts and in the SEO world? [35:45]

    Twitter Questions [37:30]

    Owais Shah – How [do] SEO influencers and journalists like yourself handle pressure from the community when there is a major algorithm update and you don’t know what to say! [37:35]

    Jas – How do you handle difficult clients and how do you know if the difficult client is worth it should you decide to keep them? [39:21]

    CORE Updates [41:52]

    What does Barry think Google is looking to do with the core updates? [42:17]

    • 1 hr 4 min
    The Private Voice Memo I Made After Dinner With Gary Illyes [2017]

    The Private Voice Memo I Made After Dinner With Gary Illyes [2017]

    On April 4th 2017, I had the opportunity to sit down at dinner with Gary Illyes and about seven other SEOs (including Paul Shapiro, who was the one who nicely invited me). We got to ask him questions and chat about SEO and Google.

    Immediately after leaving, I got out my phone and recorded about 10 minutes of voice memos of everything I could remember from this dinner. We definitely heard some things I had not heard elsewhere (and a few things have since come out and confirmed since then).

    After over two years, I’m finally sharing my raw, unedited voice memo with you 🙂

    It was originally meant to be private — just really so I could remember all the stuff we learned, but I thought after some time has passed now, it might add value for anyone else who wants to listen.

    Here are the general topics from the voice memo, in order.

    NOTE: These are stated as ‘truths’ from April 2017 – remember things for sure could have changed by now, but at the time this was told to us as to how thing are.

    Also, it starts a bit choppy as I’m randomly remembering stuff, but gets a lot more smooth (and I think interesting) as it continues.


    * AMP does not pass the mobile-friendly test.

    * Hidden JS content

    * Purchasing an old domain with old content

    * Changing the context and content of old URLs

    * Losing star snippets can indicate a sitewide issue

    * The structured data testing tool uses the same exact system as their algorithm

    * Panda is a sitewide signal, and they have an actual Panda score

    * 302s vs 301s and is this why Wired lost their traffic when going to https? (very surprising answer here)

    * Ignoring partial manual action penalties

    * What links are ALWAYS ok to remove or disavow (and not)

    * The old “topical authority” algo

    * Adding new low-quality URLs to a site

    * Knowledge boxes in the US but not Canada

    * How does Google know when a search like “ring” has a brand intent?

    * Google’s concept of a “site” (subfolders vs subdomains – what is a “site”?) and domain clustering

    * Sites that don’t need to worry about links in any way whatsoever

    * DA is OK as a metric, but one thing to be aware of

    * What is going to replace all manual actions

    * Sitewide signals were updated in the Feb 2017 update

    * Google does not click behind tabs etc (when fetching via JS is required) because they don’t want to end up in a secure or private area, or in a .php file etc

    * How to rank for big head keywords like “meat”


    • 21 min
    109: How To Find, Get… and Keep Featured Snippets with Izzi Smith

    109: How To Find, Get… and Keep Featured Snippets with Izzi Smith

    Yes, we chatted a LOT about featured snippets – and get pretty detailed with the tactics. Izzi has a lot of experience optimizing for all kinds of snippets and SERP features in her work with Sixt. She even breaks down exactly how Sixt got two snippets for high volume and highly lucrative searches.

    BUT, we also talk further about things like:

    * How Izzi learned SEO

    * Does structured data impact rankings?

    * How to find… and “steal” competitor’s snippets

    * Should we be concerned that Google is “stealing” our content?

    * How to get mobile image thumbnails in search results

    * How Izzi got into speaking… and how she calms speaking nerves

    * How Izzi measures user satisfaction with content

    * Do SEO’s love DuckDuckGo?

    This episode is not to be missed! Listen now!

    Show Agenda and Timestamps

    Episode Introduction and topic overview [0:22]

    Izzi’s Introduction [1:13]

    Izzi’s Background [1:36]

    How did Izzi first learn SEO? [3:22]

    What is Sixt? [6:01]

    How is the SEO/Marketing departments structured within Sixt? [6:59]

    How do they ensure communication happens between departments? [9:14]

    What is Izzi’s SEO focus at her role at Sixt? [10:48]

    Featured Snippets [11:56]

    Why are featured snippets important [12:00]

    How do you find opportunities for a business to get a featured snippet [14:02]

    Is it still worth doing the GA report? [16:43]

    How do you steal competitors snippets? [17:29]

    Is there a way to know if a search might warrant a snippet but doesn’t yet have one? [18:37]

    Featured Snippets that Sixt has [20:01]

    Izzi chats about how Sixt went about getting some of their snippets [20:49]

    Does the exact H Tag matter or is it structure that matters? [24:22]

    It is a myth that content has to be long [25:44]

    Is Izzi measuring or trying to account for voice search? [27:21]

    Twitter Questions [28:25]

    Tom Brodbeck- Can you trigger a new featured snippet on a SERP that doesn’t have one? It seems people target SERPs that already have featured snippets but can you target a SERP that has no featured snippet, and create content that triggers one? If so, does a certain content format work better? [28:27]

    Tony Kelly – Is there any correlation between featured snippet performance and performance of keywords with a more commercial intent that will drive business performance? I.e. If a brand has good featured snippet coverage, are they likely to rank well for higher intent keywords as well? [30:33]

    Darren Cronian – I have a FAQ section on my website that I’m creating content for and wondered if featured snippets could be implemented and what are the benefits? Oh, and [how] do you implement it. [31:37]

    What is a rich snippet? [33:46]

    Question from Dan – How can you maintain a feature snippet once you’ve earned it? [35:14]

    What user metrics does Izzi use to make sure users like the content? [37:07]

    Quick Hit Questions: SERP Features [39:38]

    Ask Boxes – Does Izzi do anything to proactively get into the Ask Boxes? [39:44]

    Mobile thumbnail images in the result- how to get them, how they happen?  [40:54]

    How do you optimize to get the image in the featured snippet? [42:35]

    Twitter Question- Sam Barnes – How significant is structured data as a ranking factor now and how do you think that will shift in the future? [44:18]

    Has Izzi tried the newish how-to schema announced by Google IO? [45:55]

    Twitter Questions- Miscellaneous Questions [47:03]

    • 1 hr 7 min
    108: How To Escape Content Mediocrity w/Henneke D

    108: How To Escape Content Mediocrity w/Henneke D

    This show is PACKED with writing tips that will improve your SEO and marketing… including:

    * What makes a great headline

    * How to write a strong opening

    * How to sell with copy

    * Editing tools

    * Attracting more customers to your blog

    And lots more! My guest Henneke has written for Copyblogger, Kissmetrics and the author of two 5-star rated books about writing and blogging.

    Listen Now!

    Show Agenda and Timestamps

    Episode Introduction and topic overview [0:22] 

    Henneke’s Introduction [1:25]

    Henneke’s background prior to copywriting [1:30]

    How did Henneke land her spot on kissmetrics and copyblogger? [3:06]

    Henneke’s profile slogan [4:59]

    What are the services that Henneke offers? [7:52]

    How the listeners can improve their own writing and create better content [8:49]

    Part 3, 4, & 5 of Henneke’s article 29 Way to Improve Your Writing Skills and Escape Content Mediocrity- Starting with Part 3  [9:16]

    What makes a great headline? [9:36]

    Where is the line between click-bait and a good headline [13:47]

    How to create a captivating opening [15:23]

    When is a good time to use a story? [17:40]

    Does Henneke use any tools to help with editing? [20:00]

    How to write closing paragraphs [21:21]

    Give a pep talk [23:09]

    Part 4 The Basic Writing Skills Everyone Must Master [25:09]

    What is Henneke’s process for coming up with a logical flow of content? [25:58]

    For content that is an overview of a topic how to approach thinking through the structure/flow? [28:00]

    Tips for creating better transitions in content [32:29]

    Part 5 What is the zoom in, zoom out technique? [35:09]

    Metaphors and how they can help your writing [39:16]

    3 elements that make great metaphors [41:14]

    Metaphoric mistakes [42:41]

    How to achieve a conversational tone [44:48]

    Difference between write-like-you-talk and a conversational tone [47:58]

    Business Blogging – Henneke’s Article – The “Secret” to Attracting More Clients to Your Blog [49:15]

    What is the difference between copywriting and blogging?  [49:23]

    How can thinking of your blog as being on a mission be helpful and how to do this? [51:01]

    Sales Copy – Henneke’s Article – 5 Types of True Benefits: How to Connect with Your Customer’s Deepest Desires  [53:40]

    Maslow Marketing Benefits- What is the difference between a Feature and a Benefit? How to turn your feature into a benefit  [53:49]

    How does Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tie into benefits? [57:26]

    Can this be applied to CRM software? [1:00:34]

    How can you apply this to a “boring” product? [1:00:21]

    Stylus by 53 what is the need they are addressing? [1:03:49]

    Who is Henrietta? [1:05:29]

    Where to find Henneke online [1:08:33] 


    Tools Mentioned

    Scapple – Mind Map Tool

    Hemingway Editor 

    Articles, Resources, and Links Mentioned



    Smartblogger – Jon Morrow

    Enchanting Marketing – 29 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills and Escape Content Mediocrity 

    Enchanting Marketing – a href="https://www.enchantingmarketing.

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