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Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.

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Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.

    April Fool

    April Fool

    "Guess what!" exclaimed Skyler when Milo walked into the kitchen for breakfast. "There was a water pipe break, so they canceled school for the day."

    Milo didn't see the twinkle in his sister's eye. "All right!" he exclaimed. "I'm going to play my new video game and
    " His voice trailed off as his sister started laughing.

    "Actually, there was no water pipe break. We still have to go to school. April Fool!"

    Milo groaned, but then he grinned back at her. "Just you wait, Sky. I'll get you back!"

    Later that day, Milo saw his sister in the hall between classes. "Hey, Skyler! Good news! Remember when you told me you hoped your softball team would qualify for the regionals? Well
    " He

    smiled and didn't finish the sentence.

    This time it was Skyler who missed the twinkling eyes. "We're going to play in the regionals?" she asked excitedly. "Wow! How did you find out about
    " Skyler stopped. "Milo! Are you paying me back for the joke I played on you this morning?"

    "Yep!" said Milo. "Gotcha! April Fool!" They both laughed.

    When Milo and Skyler told their parents about the April Fool jokes, Mom smiled. "You both were easily tricked into believing something you really wanted to believe," she said. "That's interesting."

    Dad nodded. "Maybe it should remind us how important it is to make sure what we believe is true, not just what we'd like to be true--especially when it comes to spiritual things. Satan is a great deceiver. A lot of people say things that sound nice but aren't really true."

    that everybody will go to heaven?" Milo asked.

    "Or that our sin isn't a serious problem?" Skyler added.

    "Yes," Mom said. "They may be completely sincere and really believe what they say, but that doesn't make it true. The Bible says we're all sinners in need of Jesus, and only those who trust Him will have eternal life."

    "That's one reason why we need to read the Bible, isn't it?" asked Skyler. "So we can know whether something we hear about God is true or not."

    "That's right," said Dad. "What the Bible says is always true." CHARLES VANDERMEER

    How About You?
    Has Satan used people to tell you untrue things? That the so-called little wrong things you do don't matter? That you're a good person and can make it to heaven on your own? Or even that there really is no place like hell? Don't be fooled. Ideas like those may sound nice, but they are not true. Check what you hear with what God says in His Word, the Bible.

    Today's Key Verse:

    Today's Key Thought:
    Don't be fooled by Satan

    Not Defeated

    Not Defeated

    At her youth group outing at an ice skating rink, Piper clung to the handrail when she first stepped onto the ice. She was skating for the first time. It looked so easy, but she found it to be much harder than it looked. She finally let go of the rail and eased out onto the ice. She was doing quite well when her feet suddenly seemed to slide right out from under her, and she fell. "Whoa!" she exclaimed. She got up slowly, went back to the handrail, and hung on once more.

    After a while, Piper ventured out onto the ice again. As kids zoomed by, she lost her balance, and down she went. She got up slowly, skated a short distance, and then
    oops! She fell again
    and again! Piper finally headed for a bench and sat down--and stayed there. Mrs. Bell, her teacher, sat down beside her. "Need some help?" she asked.

    Piper shook her head. "It's no use. I keep falling."

    "Skating takes practice," said Mrs. Bell. "Forget about falling, and keep trying. Come skate with me. I'm sure you can learn to do it."

    Piper wasn't so sure, but she agreed to try again. By the time they were ready to leave, she was doing much better and having a great time.

    At church the next day, Mrs. Bell walked up to Piper. "As I watched you learn to skate yesterday, it made me think of our lesson for today," she said. "It's about how we can keep sin from defeating us, and you gave us an illustration of what we need to do."

    "Really?" asked Piper. "What did I do?"

    "Even though you fell several times, you didn't just sit around and feel bad about it. You got up and went on learning to skate," replied Mrs. Bell. "That's what we need to do when we sin. We confess it to Jesus and ask Him for forgiveness, but then we need to forget it and go on living for Him. He forgives us and continues working in our lives to make us more like Him. We shouldn't let ourselves feel defeated by sin, but Jesus defeated it for us! We can accept His forgiveness and then get back on our feet and keep walking with Him." Betty J. Thomas

    How About You?
    Do you feel down and defeated by things you've done that were wrong? Do you ask God's forgiveness several times before you really feel forgiven? If you're truly sorry for something you've done, confess it to Jesus. He promises to forgive you. You don't have to keep dwelling on what you've done in the past. Leave the sins you've confessed behind and go on living for Him.

    Today's Key Verse:
    Forgetting what is behind
    I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God's heavenly call in Christ Jesus. (CSB) (Philippians 3:13-14)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Don't let sin defeat you

    The Starry Night

    The Starry Night

    Note: This story addresses violence and may not be suitable for young or sensitive children.

    "Look at the shapes in this painting," the art curator said, trying to speak over the kids in the class. The comment barely registered in Breanna's mind.

    Breanna's class was on a field trip to the Museum of Modern Art, but all she could think about was her cousin, who was shot and killed in her neighborhood only a few nights ago. Why does this happen? Breanna wondered, her heart heavy with grief. Is anyone safe? Their group walked on.

    They stopped in front of a different painting. "This is a very famous painting called The Starry Night," the guide told them. "Vincent van Gogh painted it in 1889 while he was in a hospital."

    "Van Gogh? Was that the guy who cut off his own ear?" asked one of the boys.

    "Yes. He was in a hospital in France afterward and painted this. While the hills and sky in the painting could be seen from his hospital window, the village is from his imagination, possibly even his hometown in a different country. Look at the dark colors used. Each building in the village is outlined in black. But the yellow and white of the stars and moon stand out in the sky. Look at the brush strokes. They swirl in the night. But the village is made up of straight, up and down lines. See how the heavens are filled with wild energy, while the village is silent and structured."

    Breanna stared at the painting. To her, it seemed like God was looking down on the little village from heaven, His Spirit actively protecting it, even though the village itself looked still. Maybe Van Gogh needed this then like I need to see it now, she thought.

    As her class moved on to the next painting, Breanna prayed a silent prayer. Jesus, please watch over my neighborhood and keep us safe. Please help me remember that You saved me and are always with me, even when bad things happen that I don't understand. And for the first time in several days, Breanna felt at peace. Lauren N. Simmons

    How About You?
    Do you feel unsafe where you live? Or maybe you're dealing with a situation at school that makes you feel afraid. Remember that Jesus sees you and is with you, even when bad things happen. Because He saved you from sin, you can talk to Him anytime. Ask Him for protection and peace in your situation, and trust Him to help you talk to an adult about any fears you have for your safety.

    Today's Key Verse:
    The peace I [Jesus] give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid. (NLT) (John 14:27)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Jesus is with you

    Treasures in Heaven

    Treasures in Heaven

    Trevor and Tracie had coins lined up all over the living room floor when Mom walked out of the kitchen with her coffee. "Wow, that's a lot of coins you two have accumulated!" Mom remarked as she sat down at the table.

    "I almost have all the state coins!" Trevor said with a grin.

    "Do you have Michigan yet?" Tracie asked, holding up a quarter.

    "Trade me!" Trevor begged. "I need that one!"

    "Kids, seeing your coin collection reminds me that today is the last day to bring in money for the kids' food program at church," Mom said. "Did you both remember to set aside any money for the kids in our community who are in need?"

    "Mom, I just don't have any to spare!" Trevor moaned.

    "Yeah, and besides, we're going there later this week to help pack lunches for the kids, and you already bought some food to bring with us," Tracie added.

    Mom took a sip of her coffee. "Let me tell you something I learned when I was your age. God is honored when we give Him our time, talent, and treasure. That should be easy to remember since your names both start with T."

    "We're serving with our time by going to help pack the kids' lunches, and we're super-fast at it, so I guess that's talent!" Tracie said with a giggle.

    Trevor stared at his line of coins. "I guess I've been forgetting to give to God out of my treasure."

    "Sometimes I forget too," Mom responded. "Then I remember a verse in Matthew that says, 'Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven
    for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.' That verse reminds me that, because Jesus has saved me and given me eternal life, I'm rich! Instead of trying to hold on to earthly treasures, I need to focus on my heavenly treasure by remembering His love and sharing it with others. That's the kind of treasure that really counts."

    Trevor jumped up. "Well, I'm going to keep my coin collection, but I do have some dollar bills that would help these kids out."

    "Me too!" Tracie said. "We may have a treasury of coins here on earth, but we have an even better treasure in heaven with Jesus!" Savannah Coleman

    How About You?
    Are you focused on the treasure Jesus died and rose again to give you? Or are you more focused on the treasures you have--or don't have--here on earth? It can be hard to focus on eternal things when we're surrounded by the things of this world, but eternal treasure is the only treasure that lasts. Store your treasure in heaven by turning your focus to Him and showing others His love.

    Today's Key Verse:
    But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven
    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (NIV) (Matthew 6:20-21)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Store up treasures in heaven

    Run to Jesus

    Run to Jesus

    Savannah was swinging outside, staring up at the new buds forming on the tree branches. Suddenly, she heard an angry chattering sound. A cute fluffy brown squirrel shot across the yard and climbed the nearest tree. Asia, Savannah's calico cat, darted after the squirrel, then sat at the base of the tree meowing pitifully. "Asia!" Savannah said, giggling. "Leave that poor squirrel alone!" She turned to her younger sister. "Bethany! Did you see Asia chase that squirrel?"

    "Yeah!" Bethany grinned. "We almost had to rescue that squirrel just like we rescued that baby bunny last time!"

    "Good thing we have trees in our yard that the squirrel can run to," Savannah said thoughtfully. "Hey! That reminds me of what Dad was talking about yesterday. When we get overwhelmed and scared by things in life, we can freeze in fear like that poor little bunny did, or we can run to Jesus--like that squirrel ran to the tree."

    "Like that storm last night--that was scary," said Bethany. "The lightning was so close to our house! It made me think of the Bible story about the disciples getting caught in a storm. They must have been terrified to be on a boat during a storm like that!"

    "And then to see what they thought was a ghost on top of that fear!" Savannah shook her head.

    "I like how Jesus told them right away that it was Him walking on the water, and not a ghost," said Bethany. "He reminded them He was with them and not to be afraid, just like Dad reminded us that Jesus was with us in the storm last night."

    "Peter actually got out of the boat and went walking to Jesus on the water! Of course, he got scared later when he saw the waves coming at him, but he did cry out for Jesus to save him," Savannah recalled.

    "And Jesus saved him immediately!" Bethany yelled in excitement.

    Savannah grinned at her younger sister. "I'm so glad we have a loving God we can run to whenever we're afraid. Jesus was there for Peter, and He'll be there for us because He saved us too."

    The squirrel chattered from the safety of its tree branch, and Bethany laughed. "I think Mr. Fluffy Tail agrees!" Savannah Coleman

    How About You?
    Do you ever get frozen with fear? Whether it's a test coming up at school or a thunderstorm, we all get scared at times. When you feel afraid, remember that you can always run to Jesus. He saved you from sin and promises to always be with you, even when bad or scary things happen. When a situation fills you with fear, trust Jesus to be with you and help you through it.

    Today's Key Verse:
    God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. (NIV) (Psalm 46:1)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Run to Jesus when you're afraid

    Who Do You Love?

    Who Do You Love?

    "Look, Grandma! Bunny clouds!" declared four-year-old Taya. "They're shaped like bunnies." Zander and Grandma shared a smile in the rearview mirror. Taya kept a rabbit at her grandma's house, and she seemed to eat, sleep, and breathe rabbits.

    As Grandma got dinner ready that evening, Zander grabbed his tablet and sat down to scroll through pictures of dirt bikes and dream about the one he was saving for. Taya went outside to feed Patches, the rabbit. Grandma stood at the sink, snapping peas and singing hymns.

    "Taya has Patches in her lap--she's probably telling him a story," Grandma said after a minute. "She's such a little girl to be so loving and faithful to a pet. It reminds me, in a small way, of God's love and faithfulness to us."

    Without thinking, Zander said, "You're as bad as Taya, Grandma. She's always talking about rabbits, and you're always talking about God!" He clapped a hand over his mouth, wondering if she'd be upset.

    Grandma laughed. "I guess you're right. Whatever you love will be on your mind. Jesus has my heart, so I can't help but think about and praise Him."

    Grandma often told Zander Jesus loved him, but he hadn't really thought much about it. Right now, he just wanted a dirt bike! But Grandma's words made him wonder. "Is it wrong for me to think about anything besides God?" Zander asked.

    "No." Grandma sat down beside Zander. "We all have different things we think about each day, and God has given us natural interests and abilities. I love to grow flowers; Taya loves Patches. We can find joy in these things. But Jesus wants our hearts. He loves us and died for us, and when we love Him in return, it changes the way we think about everything." Grandma put an arm around Zander's shoulders. "Who--or what--holds your heart, Zander?"

    I don't know," said Zander. Does a bike have my heart? he wondered. It sounded silly to even think it. Right then he knew he didn't want it to be a bike. "I want Jesus to have my heart," he said. "Will you help me talk to Him?" Lisa Nagel

    How About You?
    Who or what has your heart--your love? It's okay to be interested in different things, but Jesus wants your heart. He died and rose again to save you, and He loves you so much. When you love Him in return, He helps you see that He's more important than anything else. Give Him your heart by trusting in Him.

    Today's Key Verse:
    You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. (Matthew 22:37)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Jesus wants your heart

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