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During Choose: Exploring What’s Possible, Kim DeYoung brings you the stories of amazing people who’ve made a choice that’s created a ripple effect that influences and impacts the lives of others. Listen in and become inspired by what’s possible when you make a choice that matters to you. And, see what unfolds as a result.

Choose: Exploring What's Possible Kim DeYoung

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During Choose: Exploring What’s Possible, Kim DeYoung brings you the stories of amazing people who’ve made a choice that’s created a ripple effect that influences and impacts the lives of others. Listen in and become inspired by what’s possible when you make a choice that matters to you. And, see what unfolds as a result.

    Jane Deuber - Choosing to Stop Playing Small

    Jane Deuber - Choosing to Stop Playing Small

    I was heartbroken when I learned that my friend Jane’s 90-year old mom was in hospice. I’d had the pleasure of spending a few days with Ruth at her home in Florida a few years back and I was touched by her zest for life, her humor and her overall kindness. Jane shared with her community that she’d be honoring her mom’s request to slow down and would be taking a sacred sabbatical. There would be no weekly emails or offerings. Instead she’d focus on her own rest and rejuvenation.
    During our conversation Jane shared that it was her choice, made over 14 years ago, to stop playing  small that set her up to take the time off she needed to grieve, heal and rejuvenate.
    As Jane shared her story, I felt full body chills as her words about stepping out and playing bigger hit home. I’ve been hiding, keeping my work and message hidden.
    And, in honor of Ruth’s beautiful memory, I’m making a similar choice to stop playing small.
    Please listen to Jane’s words, see how they impact you, and what they inspire you to do for yourself.
    Click here to learn Jane’s steps on taking a sacred sabbatical.
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    Kathe Crawford - Choosing to Share a Secret

    Kathe Crawford - Choosing to Share a Secret

    Kathe Crawford, the author of Unlocking Secrets: My Journey to an Open Heart, chose to share a secret she'd kept for 30 years. 
    This secret wound its tentacles around her mind and heart but she got to a point where she was ready to be set free. If you’ve ever struggled with whether or not you should share your secret, you’ll be captivated by her story.
    I’ve time stamped some of the highlights from our podcast below but you can click here to listen to the entire conversation.
    [02:34] Since I’m fascinated by choices I was struck with Kathe’s observation that there are lot of little choices that lead to the actual big choice – in her case revealing her secret. And when she made the choice to reveal her secret, the whole universe really did open up for her, including her new book.
    [05:36] Kathy reveals her secret, that her husband was diagnosed with AIDS in the mid-eighties. She lived with that, without telling a soul for 30 years! She shares how people responded when she finally opened up. We spoke about how so often the things we don't share are the things we feel shame about, but when we have the courage to share what scares us, there's magic on the other side, always.
    [09:14] Kathe openly shares what held her back from sharing her story and how she finally reached a point in her life where she said, "I am worth it." She'd been looking and searching for answers on the outside, when she knew the answer was right inside of her the whole time.
    [00:16:05] Kathe shares the moment when she finally reveals her secret. She had eight minutes to tell her 30-year story, and when she looked up at the audience there was not one bit of rejection or shame. She realized that she'd been running and looking for this love and approval when in fact, she had it all the time. She just had to be brave enough and courageous enough to open herself up.  Once you've had a chance to listen, I'm curious to hear what you think. Please leave a comment on my blog and let me know.

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    Bill Donaldson - Choosing to Bring a Positive Message of Love to the World

    Bill Donaldson - Choosing to Bring a Positive Message of Love to the World

    Bill Donaldson is a veritable Clark Kent. Financial consultant by profession and founder of the non-profit Love Has a Home by passion. In October of 2017, Bill made a choice to bring a positive message of love to the world. He came up with the phrase “Love Has a Home Here,” and created  the logo printing it on various products such as t-shirts, lawn signs, hats, car magnets and other items that will spread the message wherever the product is seen. 
    Here are a few highlights from our conversation.
    [02:34] Bill shared how his inspiration came to him while he was driving. (So many people have told me that’s when they get their best ideas!) He noticed a lawn sign with a great message about non-hatred. But what struck him was the very word that the sign opposed was there; front and center. He wondered, “Do we really need this negative approach to solving problems?” He made the choice right there on spot to do something and shortly thereafter the phrase, “Love has a home here,” was born.
    [07:19] Bill shares how his connections got him to the next level with sharing this important message. I love how that happens. When you have an important message so often the right people show up to help you share it with the world.
    [11:19] Bill works as a financial consultant and he’s a dad so I asked him how he’s juggling everything and fusing his new mission with the other parts of his life. I loved his answer, “The truth is no matter what I’m doing, I’m bringing it with me.” He speaks about how his choice filters into every part of his life.
    [16:40] Then we got into how fear can hold us back. But according to Bill, when you do what you love, you let go of the outcome. He says about our choices, “Don’t worry about what might happen. You just trust that what you’re doing is good work and let it go from there. Let higher powers take it from there.”
    [23:15] When you have a very big, amazing idea it’s overwhelming at times. Bill acknowledges all the work that goes into our ideas and how to makes space and get support for your labor of love. Don’t go it alone!

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    Shelli Varela - Choosing to Say YES to Her Truth

    Shelli Varela - Choosing to Say YES to Her Truth

    Shelli shares her story about how 25 years ago she was hired as her city’s first female firefighter and made the choice to say yes to her truth. She was brave enough to rewrite her story and today she’s a coach, speaker (with a phenomenal TED talk), and author teaching others to say yes to their truth.
    Here are some of the highlights, but you'll definitely want to listen to her whole story.
    1:  The world had labeled her an artist but it wasn’t fitting.
    [01:41] 25 years ago Shelli was a 108-pound manicurist ending high school and trying to figure out what to do with her life. She shares how it wasn’t until she shed the label of “Shelli the artist” to one that was “Shelli who likes art, and whatever else Shelli feels like liking” that she became free to explore other opportunities.
    2: Three words that changed her life.
    [06:16]  She was intrigued by firefighting, but she thought, “I’m not big enough, brave enough, smart enough, and strong enough. There are no girls in firefighting.” But her friend who was a firefighter challenged her saying: “There’s going to be a girl one day. Why not you?” The words “Why not me?” reverberated in her thoughts. A switch went off. She spent the next 1,162 days hacking and learning every single thing she needed to learn to succeed.
    3: Forget logic, learn how to hack possibility.
    [12:56] Shelli talks about the times that sucked as a firefighter, but how they were the times she grew the most. Today she coaches people on their internal story – the story that keeps you small. She shared with me her five pillar system that helps people hack possibility – foundation, alignment, courage, expertise, and community. My heart leapt when she said, “And to accomplish anything lofty or worthy of your time and your greatness, you cannot lead with logic. You have to lead with possibility.” 
     4: Everything is possible when…
    [26:35] Shelli explains everything is possible when you learn to tell yourself a better story. When you do, you not only heal yourself but you can change the world. On the other hand, not managing your story can be catastrophic to your emotional health, to your mental health, and to your physical health because it’s not living in your truth.
    5: Reframing your story is not for the weak of heart.
    [30:43] Shelli had some profound insight on reframing your story. She said you have to be brave because the stories that are holding you back also serve you in some way. There is the payoff for believing the old story, otherwise, you would let it go. So you have to drill down and see where you’re out of alignment and that requires you to step into something that’s not comfortable.

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    Althea Branton: Choosing to Blow Up her World

    Althea Branton: Choosing to Blow Up her World

    After having her son, Althea made the courageous choice to blow up her life as she knew it and raise her child on her own. Her deep inner knowing allowed her to move forward with her choice. 

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    Finding Our Way Back: Peek Behind the Curtain

    Finding Our Way Back: Peek Behind the Curtain

    In this episode I'm taking you behind the curtain to my process in creating a new class that's evolved from my journey of exploring choices. My vision for Finding Our Way Back: Healing the Rift, is to give you the tools to listen without judgment and speak without anger to those you're in relationship with, who matter to you, whether it be a child, sibling, romantic partner or friend. It's for you if you care about the relationship you’re in, but it's not where you want it to be, and you crave a way to get there.
    In this episode I invite you to listen to a conversation I had with my writing coach, Elise, who supported me to pull the brilliance from me by asking intuitive questions and allowing me space to answer. If you've considered creating your own class or product, this process will hopefully be helpful to you. 
    A little back story on how this class came to be. It's  evolved out of my journey of writing my upcoming book, The Alchemy of Choice. 
    As I've been doing in-depth explorations about my key choices and taking responsibility for my actions, I've had incredible healings with both my mother and my daughter. I now feel so much more peaceful and at ease with each of them that I'm able to speak much more honestly and lovingly.
    With my mother, we ended our relationship years ago after being so at odds and disconnected. Through an extraordinary healing experience, that opened my eyes to how special she is, we found our way back to each other. Fortunately for both of us, we're now connected, aligned and able to provide a united front in caring for my father, during his degeneration from Alzheimer's, without the added burden of our previous detachment.
    With my daughter, after a rocky fall semester, where I dreaded her coming home for winter break, and also felt guilty for that dread, we went through a process that allowed us to find our way back to each other. As I got to the airport to pick her up for her spring break, I realized the difference in a few months, and how excited I was for her return. Here's an excerpt about our experience from my upcoming book:
    During my daughter Tasha’s first semester of her sophomore year in college we went through a challenge in our personal connection. She wanted a level of independence that was likely normal for a 19-year old and I was finding my way with how to give it to her while also wanting to stay involved as her parent. It seemed no matter what I did or said we clashed, and our communication was stilted and tenuous. I could feel her eye rolling through the wifi of our phones. When she returned home for her winter break, we spoke of the pain of our growing disconnect and I suggested we do a map together so we could explore our choice to find our way back to each other.
    "I'd love that," she said, "I've missed you. How should we begin?"
    "Let's start with you sharing what caused you to lose your way, and then I'll share what happened for me."
    As we sat in the quiet of the kitchen, and she shared details of what caused her to pull away from me, I captured her words in the branches of a new map. She described how she'd changed a lot during sophomore year and had begun making decisions on her own. She explained how she’d developed a deeper understanding of her pain from our divorce and that she was making sense of how it affected her behaviors. The specific details she shared were uncomfortable to hear. I refrained from getting defensive, kept listening, and continued asking probing questions to better comprehend the nuances of her experience. Capturing her words in a map allowed me to see, plainly, the parts of our conversation that required expansion. I noticed where I needed to ask more questions to fill in blank spaces, and just listen. No judgment.
    After an hour of what felt like an incredibly deep therapy session, listening to her speak with great candor and incredible wisdom, she asked, "Will you tell me about you? I want to understand why you pulled away

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