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Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.

Accidental Tech Podcast Marco Arment, Casey Liss, John Siracusa

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Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.

    372: Things Are Degraded

    372: Things Are Degraded

    Pre-show: Retro-gaming next week
    Homework for listeners: play with RetroPie and a retro gamepad

    A12Z is the A12X with all GPU cores working properly
    Chip binning

    All 2020 iPad Pros have 6 GB RAM
    Part-name theories

    Casey's Synology Catastrophe
    Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2019

    Apple Acquires Dark Sky
    CARROT Weather
    Weather Line

    You can buy/rent video from the Amazon iOS app without using in-app purchase

    Post-show follow-up:
    The Road to PS5
    Xbox Series X Hands On, Gameplay & Controller!
    Head Related Transfer Function
    Binaural recording

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    371: Four-Letter Technologies

    371: Four-Letter Technologies

    Special guest Chris Lattner!
    High Output Management
    Swift for TensorFlow
    Swift TensorFlow tutorials

    Swift for TensorFlow
    Python interop workbook
    Dynamic Callable
    Dynamic Member Lookup

    MLIR: Multi-Level Intermediate Representation
    SIL: Swift Intermediate Language

    ASIC: Application-specific integrated circuit

    Status of Swift's world domination

    Swift's future
    Swift Ownership Manifesto
    2019 LLVM Dev Meeting: Ownership SSA


    Is Swift a... jerk?
    ABI stability
    Variadic generics
    Swift Concurrency Manifesto

    Recent woodworking projects
    Treasure box

    Post-show: Quarantined unproductivity

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    370: Ghost Finger

    370: Ghost Finger

    WWDC 2020 will be online-only
    Press release
    Original Gravity ("the beer-and-sausage place")

    Rebinding Xcode commands via Incoherent Toots
    Apple Style Guide

    New Apple Hardware
    Mac mini (not really new)
    MacBook Air
    iPad Pro
    Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
    Smart Keyboard Folio
    iPad Pro Cursor with Craig Federighi

    Post-show: Consoles
    The Test Drivers #3: Xbox Series X Exclusive, and the Z Flip Gang
    Xbox Series X Hands On, Gameplay & Controller!
    The Road to PS5

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    369: Brown Big Bear

    369: Brown Big Bear

    Pre-show: Marco's Problem
    Marco's image-retention test
    Apple Cinema Display HD

    The "coronavirus" virus itself is named SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 is the disease it causes (formerly called "2019 novel coronavirus" or "2019-nCoV" in some places).
    Recommended info sources on COVID-19:
    Flatten the Curve
    CDC: COVID-19 (continuously updated)
    Video: Exponential Growth and Epidemics

    WWDC still not canceled
    Santa Clara County bans gatherings of 1000+

    John's internal storage situation
    Mac shortcuts
    Ellipsis is ⌥ ;
    Adjective order
    ⌘ ⌥ ⌃ ⇧
    ⌃ ⌥?
    Command key

    Xcode symbol popup: ⌃ 6
    Drag and drop open/save dialog
    DefaultFolder X

    Screen shotting/screen capture
    Hot Corners and modifier keys
    System Preferences → Desktop & Screen Saver → Hot Corners...

    Casey's Computer Corner
    Brian Ski's tweet

    Huge rumor dumps
    New homescreen
    Accessibility features, wallpapers, and #shotoniphone

    OCR capabilities
    Video: Transcriber in Windows Mobile
    Black Ink

    Apple Watch flag faces
    General Apple Watch improvements

    Is the 2015 15" MBP still the best laptop ever made (via James Scariati)
    Do we have hard-drive icons on our desktop? (via Rob Fiorendino)
    How does one get hardware to make iOS apps on the cheap? (via Marcos Petri)

    Post-show: Marco's new adventures... deep underground
    Penny Arcade

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    368: A Jacket and Some Pins

    368: A Jacket and Some Pins

    Feedback & Radar
    Casey's Catalina Catastrophe
    Pegasus J2i

    Certificate revocation
    Ben Thompson and nvALT
    Just Enough Grammar

    How does one back up a Synology?
    Backblaze B2
    Amazon Glacier

    WWDC cancellation?
    Under the Radar #186: Replacing WWDC
    An Event Apart

    What are some of our favorite macOS keyboard shortcuts?
    ⌘ K for VNC/SMB
    ⇧ ⌘ A for Applications
    ⇧ ⌘ 4 for screenshot
    ⌥ ⇧ ⌘ V for Paste and Match Style
    Plain Text app for iOS

    ⎋ during drag
    Drag onto a Finder column heading
    ⌘ Click on the title of a Finder window
    ⌘ ↑ and ⌘ ↓ to go up/down the folder hierarchy
    ⌥ ⌘ / for creating documentation
    ⇧ ⌘ O for quick open
    ⌥ ⇧ ⌘ ⌃ C for Copy Qualified Symbol Name

    Is there a difference between an app's Open at login and System Preferences → User & Groups → Login Items? (via Jon Mitchell)
    If you had to use a co-hosts's machine, whose would it be? (via Nicholas Gaffney)

    Post-show Neutral: New BMW logo
    Concept i4

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    367: Antitrust Relief Valve

    367: Antitrust Relief Valve

    SwitchGlass desktop-image update
    Apple Music high-quality streamingSettings → Music → Cellular Data → High Quality Streaming
    Swift and static analysis
    Overcast and UI state restoration
    Microsoft Defender ATP
    Coming for iOS

    Safari and long-lived HTTPS certificates
    Let's Encrypt

    Apple considering allowing users switch default apps
    Spotify's Time to Play Fair

    How do we handle the business side of the App Store? (via Stephen Gerstacker)
    Do we shop TVs based on primary usage? (via starsasumi)

    When do we use a notes app vs. a flat file? (via Future Ben)

    Post-show: Casey's Computer Woes

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