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BLENDED FAMILY TODAY, the radio outreach serving blended families / step-families.

We seek to extend Encouragement, Hope, Practical Stepfamily Tips, Motivation and Biblical Inspiration Insight to blended families.

BLENDED FAMILY TODAY, 100% Stepfamily Radio Blended Family Today

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BLENDED FAMILY TODAY, the radio outreach serving blended families / step-families.

We seek to extend Encouragement, Hope, Practical Stepfamily Tips, Motivation and Biblical Inspiration Insight to blended families.

    Bob Beaudine - The Power of WHO in Family Relationships too!

    Bob Beaudine - The Power of WHO in Family Relationships too!

    Bob Beaudine, Author of THE POWER OF WHO is joined by his wife of 28 years Cheryl Beaudine on BLENDED FAMILY TODAY. They join radio program Co-Hosts Dan and Rebecca Snell as Bob shares the true meaning of relationship are not only for the business world but even more powerful in marriage and family.

    Beaudine, the CEO of Eastman Beaudine, the nation's leading sports and entertainment executive search firm. He has been called by Sports Illustrated 'the most influential man in sports you've never heard of'.

    Beaudine's inspirational message of friendships driving and supplying the path to peoples dreams, is quickly becoming a 'movement' to a new paradym of thinking about success and relationships nationally. The Dallas TX executive is a Boardmember of the Texas Rangers. Beaudine speaks nationally and is quickly becoming a national motivation icon.

    The Power of WHO can be found at: http://www.PowerofWho.com

    Or visit: http://www.Eastman-Beaudine.com

    Follow Bob on TWITTER: http://www.Twitter.com/YouGotWho

    Find him on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/BobBeaudine.WHO
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    Interview with American Family Radio - Wichita KS

    Interview with American Family Radio - Wichita KS

    American Family Radio Interview
    'THOMAS A', Host of "The Home Stretch" heard daily on KCFN 91.1 FM.

    Discussing Blended Family dynamics and upcoming Wichita KS conference.

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    Blended Family Holidays - Stepfamily Insight, Practical Tips, Motivation and Inspiration for Parents, Grandparents and All!

    Blended Family Holidays - Stepfamily Insight, Practical Tips, Motivation and Inspiration for Parents, Grandparents and All!

    HOLIDAY TIME - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, whatever the special time of year often bring for stepfamilies some of the most trying and challenging dynamics. We know that God has a different plan for you and your family.

    The two boys in the picture above cared not about blood, yet instead about friendship, love and the fun in being step-brothers having fun as they raced down the trail one Christmas morning in their new go-cart. The did not see the 'step', they just saw 'family' and joy-filled excitement. They didn't need to be told how to just be at peace, who to love or how to think. Children instinctively want to be loved and give love. God can creat a special bond, even through being of seperate fathers or mothers. Their Heavenly Father has a better plan. The joy of togetherness. Being 'bonded' to Him to be better able to be strong as a family. That's God's plan. Apart from that is not from God, it is from our 'self'. Place your trust in God's plan. You'll be amazed.

    Sometimes we lose track of the of the message in Matthew Chapter Five in the Beatitudes.
    Today, as you listen to this radio podcast...pull out the Bible and read Matthew Chapter 5 and read and re-read Verses 7 - 11 and take them to heart for your family. You'll be blessed to repeat them daily for the next 40 days. Try this...Be a PEACEMAKER this year in your Family. Be PURE IN HEART, SHOW MERCY and BE GLAD! Be a happy person and make sure your face gets the message!

    Dan and Rebecca discuss practical tips and share insight as to the 'natural' events that sometimes create conflict between households. Remember...you know SOMEBODY in high places who can take those 'natural' life struggles and bring about good (Romans 8:28) supernaturally.

    This radio message is for parents AND Grandparents AND Brothers and Sisters, Aunts and Uncles, Neighbors, Friends and Pastors. The extended Family and Friends often hear the 'stories' of conflict and 'the other house'. Rise up! Be Leaders! Be Set Apart! This message is for all who 'love' their family members, especially ones in challenging scenarios! We quote Zig Ziglar... "No Stinkin' Thinkin'" allowed. If we all 'tune in' to the Truth (God's Word) and what to do, they can be a true friend or ally....not just a enabler of the negative.

    GEORGE BARNA of Barna.org, the research giant, share that 80%+ of Americans say the 'believe in God'. Yet...he also shares...that 66% put God on the shelf and don't integrate Him into our daily walk.

    THAT IS THE MESSAGE OF THE BONDED FAMILY. GOD CAN take your situation from Broken to Blended to Bonded. We can all INTEGRATE God into our words, thoughts and deeds! Then watch what God can do!


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    Blended Families in Scripture - God's Been There! SPECIAL GUEST JILL BROOKE

    Blended Families in Scripture - God's Been There! SPECIAL GUEST JILL BROOKE

    Do you ever feel alone? Living in a stepfamily makes you feel like NOBODY UNDERSTANDS YOU! Well guess what! God does! He loves you! His promises are real! His people throughout history have faced family dynamics that make your trials appear small. GOD'S BEEN THERE! He'll help you throught the waters if you ask.

    BLENDED FAMILY TODAY, the radio outreach to stepfamilies of THE BONDED FAMILY is excited to air a SPECIAL GUEST... nationally recognized blended family expert, author, columnist and herself a blended family Mom, JILL BROOKE. Jill is also a trained Stepfamily Coach.

    JILL BROOKE joined Dan and Rebecca Snell to discuss some cultural challenges facing blended families today in America. Jill also highlighted some noted Biblical figures, who themselves were in a broken family environment, who God used mightily even though they came from a formerly broken family life.

    JILL BROOKE has been a contributor to CBS" The Early Show and a former on-air CNN correspondent. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Forbes FYI, Chicago Tribune, Harper's Bazaar and New York magazine. She has also written columns for such rivals as the New York Post and The New York Daily News while miraculously keeping on good terms with both papers. Her skill in diplomacy is why she is an expert on divorce, as well as the fact she is a stepfamily certified coach. Jill Brooke has a new book coming out in 2010 and we will keep you posted as to availability.

    You can connect with and/or follow JILL BROOKE on Facebook and Twitter.

    The Bonded Family and Jill intend to work together to shape the future of stepfamily life in America.

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    Legacy, Truth and Myths in Blended Families

    Legacy, Truth and Myths in Blended Families

    LEGACY, TRUTHS AND MYTHS in stepfamily life.

    Dan and Rebecca throw out for discussion the thought "What kind of LEGACY do you want to leave for your blended family?" In the year 2031 what will your family remember as strengths or weaknesses? Will you still celebrate family gatherings and holidays all together? You can if you follow the basics that the Bible holds, along with Dan and Rebecca's encouragement and insight.


    There are TRUTHS and there are MYTHS in stepfamilies. Some basic fundamental life Truths exist and are discussed. Next week the MYTHS will be discussed.

    For Dan and Rebecca, having just had there week include spending time with ZIG ZIGLAR and Jean Ziglar ('The Redhead' as Zig likes to call her), they refer often to the American Icon's wisdom for marriage, family, life and relationships.

    Julie Ziglar Norman and her husband Jim Norman will be a part of the speaking team as The Bonded Family moves into 2010. Jim and Julie are themselves in a blended family and know firsthand the trials and joys.

    The BLENDED FAMILY TODAY co-hosts speak and draw often from Zig's books and philosophy's. Clearly Zig Ziglar's foundation in his success he attributes to his relationship with the Lord. This program is full of Zig-isms.
    And you'll hear from ELVIS. Push play to hear!

    ZIG ZIGLAR books Dan and Rebecca draw on are:
    Click on the BOOKS section or enjoy DVD's, CD's etc.
    Tell 'em THE BONDED FAMILY sent you there way.

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    GROWING UP ZIGLAR - Zig Ziglar's Family Shares Wit, Wisdom & Blended Family Encouragement

    GROWING UP ZIGLAR - Zig Ziglar's Family Shares Wit, Wisdom & Blended Family Encouragement

    ZIG ZIGLAR IS AN AMERICAN TREASURE. AN INSPIRATIONAL ICON. Zig has passed on to the next generation the same heart of service and inspiration.

    BLENDED FAMILY TODAY interviews Zig's son Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Corporation and daughter Julie Ziglar Norman, who along with her husband Jim Norman are in a blended family.

    Tom, Julie and Jim are all on the program podcast.

    You often hear program co-host Dan Snell quote and even have a little fun with the listeners by impersonating Zig Ziglar. Now hear from Zig's family who have heard the messages, quotes, quips and wisdom for the last 40+ years. Dan is excited and we know you will be too.

    Tom, Julie and Jim share special Ziglar family stories to brighten your heart. Their love for their Mom and Dad, and Family, is one that should be echoed across America in every family.

    Tom Ziglar, who now leads the Ziglar Corporation as CEO ( www.ziglar.com ) has emerged as a 'go to' resource for sharing motivation and inspiration online, via Twitter and other technologies. Find Tom on Twitter.com Then simply search for @TOMZIGLAR

    Jim and Julie share insight to motivate stepfamilies to know they can find success. They've done it! Julie and Jim are experts in marriage communication.

    Jim led Ziglar Corporation in the 90's and Julie grew up around her Dad Zig, so they also know that "Stinkin' Thinkin" is not allowed in families, especially in stepfamilies trying to 'bond' together through Christ-centered unity in the home. Julie and Jim can be found at www.GrowingUpZiglar.com

    We also discuss Zig Ziglar's new book arriving on shelves October 27th. Co-authored by Julie Ziglar Norman. It's called "EMBRACE THE STRUGGLE" and as always, it will inspire you to face your trials head on and work your way 'to the top'.

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