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Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley give you a unique, behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates.

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Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley give you a unique, behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates.

    Alexandre de Betak on the future of the fashion show

    Alexandre de Betak on the future of the fashion show

    Since it’s always fashion week somewhere, the time has come to talk about the fashion show. 

    If you’ve ever wondered how these unusual events come to life, this episode is for you. Perhaps you’ve stopped in your tracks (or feed scroll) at evidence of a particularly spectacular show or uniquely intricate set. At times these performance aspects can become even more memorable than the fashion itself. Well, chances are a man named Alexandre de Betak with a headphone backstage was calling the shots. De Betak's job is to travel the world year-round dreaming up the most extrordinary sets and parties, catwalks and choreographies.

    In fact, over the past 25 years, the “Fellini of Fashion” has orchestrated over 1,500 fashion sows from the helm of his international production company Bureau Betak. Not only does the producer come up with each universe to compliment his clients’ collections, he is also known for gaining access to some of the world’s most celebrated and protected landmarks in which to do so. This past summer there was the spectacular pink-carpeted Jacquemus show somewhere in a lavender filed in Provence (that could only be found by following an exact GPS location). Or a show by the same designer at Paris' Picasso Museum a few seasons back, an unprecedented feat that no doubt required a certain amount of arm-twisting among the Paris establishment. Ditto for the Dior mirror box de Betak built in Moscow’s Red Square, the one he constructed in the center of the Louvre, or in the garden of the Rodin Museum… locations most creatives can only dream of taking over.

    As your hosts sit down with de Betak to discuss his unique and largely self-invented career trajectory, they also ask the show maestro to speculate on where the very concept of the fashion show is going next, on why the bi-annual four-city circuit as we know it should really be rethought, and how to properly integrate sustainability if he can help it. Which, of course, he can. 

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    Joining the circular economy with Vestiaire Collective

    Joining the circular economy with Vestiaire Collective

    As Vestiaire Collective celebrates its 10th anniversary, bolstered by news that the resell industry is now growing 1.5 times faster than the fast-fashion industry, Monica and Camille sit down with the founders of the luxury second-hand website to unpack the workings of the booming circular economy. Back when Vestiaire entered the market, second hand shopping was very much a hit-and-miss affair: only the more persistent vintage shoppers were likely to strike gold. But Vestiaire Collective was to change that by building an inspirational community-led platform were fashion lovers and savvy shoppers can find anything from Isabel Marant’s popular Dicker boots (Camille’s first purchase on the site) to Hermes and Chanel's most covetable handbags. 

    From their early days as entrepreneurs to working their way to the top of the eco-comm chain, Fanny Moisant and Sophie Hersan reveal some of the biggest challenges faced (like having to change your brand’s name) and explain why we should all be jumping on the circular economy bandwagon. They also talk FNF through vintage trends and how the resell industry is even influencing the first sale industry the days. 

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    Reconstructing sexy with Mugler's creative director, Casey Cadwallader

    Reconstructing sexy with Mugler's creative director, Casey Cadwallader

    In this episode of Fashion: No Filter your hosts get a studio visit from Mugler’s brilliant new Creative Director Casey Cadwallader. 
    After a topical chat on whether politics merits a place in the fashion world (or perhaps, whether fashion has the right to take a political stance), Casey tells Monica and Camille about his recent actions — including diverse casting, dressing Cardi B, and creating that exceptionally constructed “naked-suit” for Bella Hadid — which of course speak louder than words.
    Casey also takes the girls on a trip down memory lane, explaining his journey from 12-year-old goldsmith in New Hampshire, to architect, to Creative Director of a major Parisian fashion house, before addressing the joys of body-conscious dressing, and why choosing to look sexy can indeed go hand-in-hand with modern feminism. Tune in for an inspiring young designer’s journey, a hilarious first-hand account of Beyonce’s sartorial needs, and, of course, if you want to know, the secrets to constructing derriere-hoisting hosiery. 

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    Streetsyle is dead! Long live streetsyle

    Streetsyle is dead! Long live streetsyle

    Monica and Camille, having been obliged to divide and conquer at the shows this season, send each other their impressions of SS20. The good, the bad and the ugly, it’s all there as they recount their favourite
     bits. They then sit down with friend-of-the pod, Tommy Ton, to talk about his career shooting fashion’s best-dressed and his recent foray into dressing those very women, since he is now at the helm of ready-to-wear label Deveaux. The two Canadians bond over how to make it big in the industry when you grew up in the Great North, and the three tackle the burning questions on everyone’s lip at the moment: is streetstyle still for real? The debate covers street style’s current and kk standing fashion tribes(poke David Attenborough), how Tommy started out, and why he was in fact the ideal candidate to launch a RTW label for women. 


    J-LO breaks the internet (again) with that green dress 

    The BOF499 scandal

    A catwalk crasher at the Chanel show

    Delfina Deltrez Tourbillon presentation

    Scott Schuman’s pic of the VOGUETTES paying homage to real French style

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    Sustainability but make it fashion with Arizona Muse

    Sustainability but make it fashion with Arizona Muse

    Brexit getting you down? Fear not, it’s Fashion Week! 
    But wait.. lest you forget, fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet. Bummer.
    Makes a week of shows, parties, and sartorial reportage slightly more difficult to enjoy.

    But fear not Fashion No Filterites. Your hosts are determined not to let the world coming to the end completely kill the magic, whilst addressing head-on the shiny pink elephant on the catwalk. Enter the world’s most fashionable activist: the brilliant and beautiful Arizona Muse. In this episode, Arizona, Monica and Camille discuss the practical ways in which we can all make a difference in our daily (and fashionable) lives… so we might continue to enjoy getting dressed in the morning without that niggling guilty voice in our heads.
    As Arizona puts it, the key is to educate yourself so as to cast the correct vote with your wallet. Hopefully this episode will provide some useful tips and tricks...  For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy

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    Clara Cornet on bringing back bricks and mortar in the digital age

    Clara Cornet on bringing back bricks and mortar in the digital age

    In this episode, Monica and Camille head to Paris’ most famous shopping street to meet Clara Cornet, the creative and buying director for the new Galeries Lafayettes at 60 avenue des Champs Élysée. Clara cut her teeth as a buyer at Opening Ceremony in New York before taking over the new space that has been transformed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to lure big-spending tourists and trendy Parisians back to the tree-lined avenue. She is responsible for the store’s unique, often exclusive selection of brands and products as well as its intensely modern visual identity and digital content. 

    Clara is well-known in the industry for her confient eye, her knack for spotting and nurturing young designers and her ability to always be ahead of the game in an industry forever in search of something new. For example, she was among the first to work with Jacquemus. Now longtime pals, Clara and Simon Porte (Jacquemus) have teamed up again to create Citron, the shop’s foodie destination, a restaurant and cafe boasting Southern French flavours and ingredients that has fast become one of the most Instagrammable destinations in the capital. Your hosts sit down with Clara to discuss how she climbed the fashion ladder to end up in such a coveted role by the age of thirty, what it really takes to be a great buyer, and the highs and lows of opening a physical experience-led concept store in the age of e-comm. 

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