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The Professional Organizer's Think Tank podcast is for any professional organizer who wants to start or grow their professional organization business. Professional Organizer and business coach, Lisa Woodruff, shares how she started and is growing her professional organization business, blog and brand.

Professional Organizer's Think Tank podcast Lisa Woodruff

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The Professional Organizer's Think Tank podcast is for any professional organizer who wants to start or grow their professional organization business. Professional Organizer and business coach, Lisa Woodruff, shares how she started and is growing her professional organization business, blog and brand.

    Interview with Organize 365 Lead Organizer Carol

    Interview with Organize 365 Lead Organizer Carol

    In this week's podcast episode, Lisa talks with her former partner, Carol Lahke of Carol Lahke Interior Design, Home Organization and Home Staging.
    Carol worked with Lisa over several years when Lisa's Professional Organizing Business grew too big for just her!
    Carol and Lisa talk about what it's like to tag team projects, how to effectively use a team to organize homes and large spaces and just in general, what it was like to work with Lisa.
    Are you looking to grow a team?
    Are you wanting to work for a Professional Organizer on their team?
    If so, this podcast is for you!
    You can listen to the podcast here. 

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    PO Workbox

    PO Workbox

    This week on the podcast, Lisa dives deep into the Professional Organizer Friday Workbox like: 
    What's in it? How does it work? What online communities do you receive with your purchase to keep you on track, accountable and to answer any questions you might have? She talks about when and how to follow up with your clients and leads and gives you a look into the mindset of your potential client and how to approach them. 
    The Professional Organizer Friday Workbox contains 
    A 22 page "playbook"  Two (2) sets of rainbow slash pockets - one set that matches your Sunday Basket slash pockets and one set for each day of the work week  One (1) set of 2.0 slash pockets - Five (5) each of pink, purple, green and blue to organize your leads, clients/sales, money/finances and team/growth/professional development A Workbox in the color of your choosing On demand videos in your dashboard on Organize365.com Membership in the Organize 365 Workboxes Facebook group where Lisa answers your questions live on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 9:30 am EST. 
    You can learn more and/or purchase the Professional Organizer Friday Workbox here. 

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    Lighthouse Organizer - Suzanne Lindsey

    Lighthouse Organizer - Suzanne Lindsey

    Suzanne Lindsey of Lighthouse Organizing is a Professional Organizer in Canton, Mississippi, nearby to Jackson and has owned Lighthouse Organizing for almost 2 years. 
    When she started looking for a business she could start, she had no idea that Professional Organizing was a business.  She was looking for something she could do to serve others and make a difference in their life.  Around that same time she started to "binge listen" to Lisa's podcast. 
    She has a long time friend that mentioned the Sunday Basket while they were exercising together.  
    She started at the beginning and listened all the way through.  She learned that Professional Organizing was a business she could start that would also help people change their lives.  She learned about the mentorship program Organize 365 had at the time and she decided to invest. Since then she has become a Certified Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer and is also Certified to teach all four (4) binders through Organize 365 - the Medical, Financial, Home Reference and Home Operations. She has also attended both boot camps! (She just hired this same friend that introduced her to the podcast 2 days prior to this podcast recording as a contractor to help on a large job and she could not believe how well they worked together.)
    When asked for her advice to anyone considering being a Professional Organizer, she says, "I would suggest 2 things.  First, offer to organize a friend’s space for free and see that you love it. Then if you decide to start your own business, you could possibly use before and after pictures from that job.  Your friend could give you a review as well. Second, I wouldn’t go at it alone.  Learn as much as you can from the leaders in the industry.  Listen to podcasts, read books, read POTT Facebook posts- join in and ask questions. 
    In addition to doing those things I made some great friends at the first Bootcamp you had in Cincinnati. From that circle of friends I have 2 mastermind groups where we meet regularly to set goals, discuss business issues and hold each other accountable."
    Suzanne and her husband, David, have been married for 26 years, and they have 5 children - ages 21, 19, 17, 16 and 14 along with 2 dogs and a cat and she focuses on helping people during a home renovation or move. 

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    Her Kind By Design - Lauren Wolf

    Her Kind By Design - Lauren Wolf

    In this week's podcast episode, Lisa Woodruff interviews Lauren Wolf of Her Kind By Design. Lauren has been a Professional Organizer for almost a year, is Certified by Organize 365 as a Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer and she is Certified to teach the Direct Sales Workbox and all of the Organize 365 Binders.
    She lives in Leland, NC with her husband and two pre-teen children, Jack and Lily. 
    Lauren found Lisa when she was Googling how to organize kids school papers and stumbled upon her blogpost and podcast. She has been a faithful listener ever since.
    When asked what her advice is for anyone who is thinking about starting a Professional Organizer, she says, "Just start. Right where you are. Live the methods you teach and talk to people. The
    websites, logos, newsletters, etc. will come. Just go for it!"
    Lauren is passionate about helping parents of children with medical needs, helping them find "control over the chaos."
    Listen in this week as Lauren shares her story of her first year as the CEO of Her Kind By Design! 

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    HAP Organizing - Holly Perez

    HAP Organizing - Holly Perez

    Holly is a Certified Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer, promoting her Professional Organization Business, as a partner with Organize 365. 

    In this week's podcast episode Lisa poses many questions to Holly, who is now in her second year in business. Holly decided to become a Professional Organizer working full time for a corporation, doing a job she loves. She never intended to set out to own her own business,but has been inspired by women who retired "from corporate life" in their 50s to work on their own businesses full time. She was a huge fan of Lisa Woodruff and Organize 365. She was feeling good and getting her house under control, and it made her curious to see what other organizing podcasts were out there. She stumbled on this podcast, when it was first released, was a listener and thought it would be fun as a career after she retired. Inspired by Organize 365, she decided to take the plunge! 
    Her advice for anyone considering becoming a Professional Organizer? "Listen to POTtank and suck up as much knowledge from that as possible to get started. Come to Lisa's live events to hear her motivate you in person and network with other POs. But really if you're starting a business yourself and you want to be your own boss you have to look inward, find your passion/your "why" and everything else can fall into place. Like Lisa says 'you are enough' - you have it in you to be what you want to be, so you have to find the confidence to know you're worth it and deserve it. Get to know yourself so you can develop a unique personal brand and go after clients that you will work with well. Having your own business means you don't have to work with anyone and everyone. Hiring a coach you can have one-on-one sessions with really helps with this personal development. Oh and don't compare yourself to the what everyone else is doing. There is no 'right way'. It does help to find a mentor/model who is only a tiny bit further than you in the process of starting the business."
    One thing that Holly feels is unique about her business/services is her name. "I picked my name HAP Organizing Solutions to mean various things. On one hand it stands for my initials Holly A. Perez, but it really stands for Happy and Productive. This is the emotional base for what I'm offering to clients. It also can abbreviate Home offices and Paper. :) I use my corporate experience to focus on efficiency and streamlining the home's operations as if you were improving processes at work. It's about gaining savings of time and money. My philosophy is that we don't need to waste time/money on organizing products in order to make a significant impact. It's all about prioritizing the client's most impactful project to build momentum and experience the benefits right away."
    Listen in as Holly and Lisa share what it's like to be a Professional Organizer today! 
    You can listen here!
    You can learn more about Holly's business here!

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    Photo Organization Services

    Photo Organization Services

    Lisa talks about adding photo organization services to your service offerings in this episode. 
    To learn more about Organize 365's photo organization services, click here: https://organize365.com/photos

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