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Get ready to hear all about living a clean, green, energetic life!

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Get ready to hear all about living a clean, green, energetic life!

    Episode 0206: Plant-Based Dad Life

    Episode 0206: Plant-Based Dad Life

    Anthony has been working in healthcare for more than 20 years. His career started as a computer scientist working on the Human Genome Project. After 6 years he transitioned into pharmaceutical research where he was able to more directly contribute to the development of new disease treatments. Years later, after reversing several serious health conditions of his own, he learned that there is a better way and shifted his career focus once again. Anthony now works as a health coach, speaker, educator, and consultant, helping individuals to prevent and reverse disease through lifestyle intervention.

    He recently co-founded the Healthy Human Revolution project to bring awareness, education, and support of these healthy lifestyle interventions to people all over the globe.

    Anthony is on the podcast today to talk about losing weight and keeping it off as a busy parent. In this episode, we cover:

    our tendency to push our health aside if there is no imminent threat

    the shame of obesity

    dangers of the body positivity movement

    the importance of accountability

    the key to making sustainable changes

    the power of healing our bodies from within

    how to decipher between fad and fact

    transitioning your kids to a healthy lifestyle

    • 1 Std. 49 Min.
    Episode 0205: Weight Loss for Life

    Episode 0205: Weight Loss for Life

    Dr Richa Mittal is an internal medicine and obesity medicine physician with her own preventive health and weight loss practice in the Dallas suburbs.

    Dr. Richa is on the podcast today to talk about weight loss for life. In this episode, we cover:

    helping people transform behaviorally as well as physically

    the use of appetite suppressants

    the truth about BMI and how to truly measure obesity


    leading a plant-based lifestyle as a mother

    • 1 Std. 4 Min.
    Episode 0204: Live Your Most Authentic Life

    Episode 0204: Live Your Most Authentic Life

    In 2012, Adam Sud’s life was completely out of control. Once weighing nearly 350 pounds and struggling with multiple addictions, serious chronic diseases, and mental health disorders, his life nearly came to an end when he attempted suicide by drug overdose. He checked into rehab and with the help of his parents and a plant-based diet, he began a journey that led to a remarkable recovery.

    Adam is on the podcast today to talk about living as your most authentic self. In this episode, we cover:

    Finding hope in the stories of others

    Adam's story and how he found his way out of disease and despair

    How our culture and upbringing shape our futures

    Recovering from addiction

    Reversing diabetes + heart disease

    Having the right mindset for sustainable change

    the most human experience that any of us can have

    • 1 Std. 18 Min.
    Episode 0203: Balancing Your Hormones

    Episode 0203: Balancing Your Hormones

    Dr. Laura Belus is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Toronto, Canada. She helps women get to the root cause of their health concerns in order to balance their hormones, clear their skin and improve their digestive function. She is the creator of the 21 day whole body detox and Healthy Hormone Reset plan.

    Dr. Laura is on the podcast today to talk about balancing your hormones. In this episode, we cover:

    The move towards a more well-rounded Canadian diet and how it compares to the Standard American Diet

    How to get the RIGHT guidance what what YOU should be eating

    The benefits of having an MD + an ND working together for your optimal health

    How stress affects our hormones and throws everything off balance

    The power of advocating for your OWN health

    Understanding supplementation based on bloodwork

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    Episode 0202: Health Starts on the Farm

    Episode 0202: Health Starts on the Farm

    Board-certified in internal medicine, Ron Weiss, MD is a primary care doctor in New Jersey, who serves as Executive Director of Ethos Health and as Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Weiss is not only a physician but also a botanist and farmer, and he offers an evidence-based, food-as-medicine approach to healing from chronic illness and optimizing wellness. To this end, he has presented at national whole-foods, plant-based gatherings including Plantstock and VegFest, and he has been featured in top media, including The New York Times and The Today Show.

    Dr. Weiss is on the podcast today to talk about his own theory that a whole foods plant-based diet can prevent and reverse disease. In this episode we cover:

    Anecdotal evidence of reversal of disease patients in his own practice.

    How fitness, mindset, sleep, emotional health fit into a reversal of chronic illnesses

    The readiness for change model

    The biochemical aspect of food addiction

    The cost of illness

    Tricks for saving money on fresh produce

    The actual cost of conventional produce

    • 1 Std. 3 Min.
    Episode 0201: Reduce Your Risk

    Episode 0201: Reduce Your Risk

    Dr. Eleonora Teplinsky is a breast and gynecologic medical oncologist at Valley Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Care in Paramus, NJ. Her main focus is young women with cancer. She is passionate about cancer research and clinical trials, women's health, and the importance of wellness and cancer prevention. Dr. Teplinsky hosts the "Interlude: Women's Cancer Stories with Dr. Teplinsky" Podcast where she interviews women who have lived with or are living with cancer in order to share their incredible and inspiring stories and provide support to other women who are going through similar experiences.

    Dr. Teplinsky is on the podcast today to talk about reducing your risk for breast cancer. In this episode, we cover:

    How Dr. Teplinsky links her love for nutrition and fitness with her passion for taking care of her oncology patients

    The toll that chemotherapy and cancer treatments take on the body

    The struggles that people go through after breast cancer

    The role of social media in doctor-patient relationships

    Understanding and reducing risk factors in breast cancer

    What's the healthiest diet to follow?

    • 53 Min.

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