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The Internet's premiere Michael Jackson podcast. We offer news and discussion on Michael Jackson, his family and special interviews with people who knew and worked with the King of Pop.

The MJCast - A Michael Jackson Podcast The MJCast

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The Internet's premiere Michael Jackson podcast. We offer news and discussion on Michael Jackson, his family and special interviews with people who knew and worked with the King of Pop.

    Episode 114 – Season Five Mixtape

    Episode 114 – Season Five Mixtape

    Are you ready to party? It’s that time of year when The MJCast gives their listeners a special treat: the fourth annual MJCast mixtape! This curated collection of tunes is made up of our favourite Michael Jackson and Jackson Family songs from Season Five. While the team is on their break before launching the next season, take a moment to turn up your speakers and celebrate the artistry of the King of Pop. Enjoy!


    * Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Nick Party People Remix)* Michael Jackson – Remember the Time (Nick* Deep Mix)* Michael Jackson – Take Me Back (Regrooved by Parker)* Michael Jackson – Another Part of Me (Regrooved Fire Remix)* The Jacksons – Walk Right Now (Nick* Redux)* Jackson 5 – I’ll Be There (DJ Hasebe Remix)* Taryll Jackson – Make You Mine, available on Apple Music* Jaafar Jackson – Got Me Singing* Michael Jackson – Privacy (Reconstructed NOT GUILTY Remix)* Michael Jackson – Tabloid Junkie (Michael Jackson vs. Will Smith Mix)* Janet Jackson – Son of a Gun (P. Diddy Explicit Radio Remix)* Michael Trapson – F*ck Wade* Omer Bhatti – Life Is a Movie* Dane Thomson – Smooth Criminal (Instrumental Acoustic Cover)* The Jacksons – Lovely One (Groovefunkel Remix)* Michael Jackson – Thriller 35th Anniversary (SWG Remastered Extended Mix)* Michael Jackson – Beat It (Mute Mutant Remix)* Michael Jackson – Why You Wanna Trip On Me (DJ MGR Trip On Mix)* Janet Jackson – Escapade (Nick* Maui Sunset Mix)* Michael Jackson – Man In the Mirror (30th Anniversary (SWG Extended Mix Overture)

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    Episode 113 – Season Five Christmas Special

    Episode 113 – Season Five Christmas Special

    It’s that time of year when Jamon, Q and Elise come together to celebrate the holidays and reflect on the year that was…it’s The MJCast’s annual Christmas Special!

    The team wraps up Season Five (a season filled-to-the-brim with major highs and lows) with discussion of developments in the world of Michael Jackson, including updates on the MJ biopic, the Estate’s 2020 MJ Broadway musical, as well as a bizarre and potentially very negative MJ-inspired musical told from the perspective of his glove, and much more. The MJCast Correspondents also chime in with news on charity efforts, Janet Jackson, the Jackson family, and more.

    It’s been a whirlwind year, and a tough one for many in the worldwide Jackson fan community. And yet, as the trio revisits clips from Season Five Specials and reflects on the past year, it is clear that this has also been The MJCast’s best season ever, with incredible guests, and a real sense of love and community.

    This is Q’s final episode as a regular host of The MJCast. Q has been integral to the identity of the show since its inception, and he will be missed. Jamon and Elise send their love and thanks for all of Q’s contributions as well as his friendship. And not to worry, listeners: Q will appear on The MJCast in the future, just less regularly. There will be Q-rants to come in 2020 and beyond!

    We want to thank our listeners for all your support throughout the year and hope that you enjoy our episodes coming up in Season 6! Happy holidays, #MJFam!


    * A Michael Jackson biopic is reportedly in the works, from Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King.* A very strange stage musical, For the Love of the Glove, supposedly based on Jackson’s life, is opening in Los Angeles in January.* Ephraim Sykes has been cast in the MJ role for the upcoming Broadway show, “MJ: The Musical.” (Skykes’ recent interview in Rolling Stone.)* The French MJ fan lawsuit against ‘Leaving Neverland’ has been postponed due to strikes.* The Game a href="https://www.complex.com/music/2019/12/the-game-describes-how-michael-jack...

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    Episode 112 – Oiling Lanes

    Episode 112 – Oiling Lanes

    The holidays are upon us, which means it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and an excellent time to hang out with MJ mates! In this regular episode, Q and Jamon have invited some of their friends on board for a good ol’ MJ fan hangout.

    Marni Cochrane, Dane Thomson, Dr. Raj Zaman, and Bjørn Hannibal join the guys for a discussion about everyone’s fan stories, how they have coped through the events of this year, how Michael has impacted and changed their lives, and how they think Michael should be remembered.

    What’s better than hanging out with MJ mates and sharing great MJ moments and memories? The MJCast hopes you enjoy this ultimate fan chat!


    * Q* Jamon* Marni – Jamon’s long time MJ friend and Friend of the Show, who is a lifelong fan who became obsessed while watching the video for “The Way You Make Me Feel” in ’87. She got involved in the online MJ community in 2006, became a moderator on MJNO in 2007, and created Max Jax in 2008 with 5 fans from the UK. She even won an award for “the official #1 Fan Australia of Michael Jackson” in 2008! Marni is always attending MJ events and saw The Jacksons twice this past year, as well as seeing Janet Jackson once.* Dane Thomson – Jamon’s recent MJ mate has been a Michael Jackson fan since the age of 4, and is now a musician and fellow whistleblower of the infamous “Cascio tracks”. * Dr. Raj Zaman – Q’s local fan friend, who has been a lifelong MJ fan since watching a bootleg VHS copy of the “BAD Tour In Yokohama”. He is currently training to be a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon after being directly inspired by Michael’s humanitarian work to make a positive difference in the world.* Bjørn Hannibal – Q’s fan friend, a Danish MJ megafan currently living in the Canary Islands. Bjørn is a vegetarian, sugar creations aficionado, lifelong MJ fan, Big Brother winner, opinionated AF and a big ol’e homo. And also: Humble.

    Main Discussion Topic

    * MJ mates, new and old hangout! Fan stories, coping with Leaving

    Neverland fallout, how MJ has inspired our lives, and reflections on how

    Michael should be remembered.


    of the Week

    * Jamon – Michael Jackson MTV 1995 early rehearsals* Q – Best Selling Music Artists 1969-2019* Dane – @christophervg3 Instagram account * Marni – CrowdDJ app,which lets you choose your favourite songs in your favourite places. Available in the Apple App Store, and a href="https://play.

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    Episode 111 – It’s Not a Hangover

    Episode 111 – It’s Not a Hangover

    In this regular episode, Jamon and Q are joined by Friend of the Show Jason Garcia, co-host of MJRadio, the Spanish-language Michael Jackson podcast. It’s been a busy fall, and the trio has lots of news to discuss related to Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. The guys chat about an upcoming documentary focused on MJ’s artistic legacy, next summer’s launch of the official Michael Jackson musical, the Estate’s (misguided) release of a 10th Anniversary This Is It package, the HBO documentary about the Apollo Theatre, and more. For their main topic, Jamon and Q tell discuss seeing Janet Jackson live in Australia, and then have some big news to announce about changes at the The MJCast next season.

    This episode also includes updates from The MJCast correspondents Charles Thomson (Legal Correspondent) and Janneke van der Linden (Jackson Family Correspondent).

    Follow Up

    * MJRadio* Square One happened


    * Another MJ documentary is on the way, this one focused on his artistic legacy.* Elton John calls Michael Jackson ‘mentally ill’ and a ‘disturbing person’ in his new book.* Lil Kim sort-of samples MJ in her new single.* The official Michael Jackson musical has a new name (“MJ The Musical”) and will open July 6th at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York.* The Michael Jackson Estate and Sony Music release their first product since Leaving Neverland, a 10th anniversary edition of This Is It.* Michael Jackson was, yet again, the top earning dead celebrity of 2019.* HBO’s “The Apollo” documentary excludes the Jackson 5 as a significant part of the venue’s history.

    Main Discussion Topic

    * Q and Jamon’s Janet


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    Episode 110 – Thriller Night Special with Paul Black and Adam Green

    Episode 110 – Thriller Night Special with Paul Black and Adam Green

    Happy Thriller Night 2019! It’s the podcast team’s favorite night of the year, and, in this special episode, Q leads a deep dive discussion into Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “Ghosts” short films. He’s joined by regular guest and film editor Paul Black, as well as first-time guest Adam Green, who is a well-known filmmaker, podcaster, and expert on the horror genre.

    The guys discuss Paul and Adam’s professional backgrounds in the film world and how Jackson inspired aspects of their careers, as well as their memories of first seeing “Thriller” and “Ghosts”. Paul Black wins, as usual, for having the best “Ghosts” fan story ever! Their main discussion topic examines these two iconic short films from a filmmaking perspective: Paul and Adam compare filming techniques, cinematography, special effects, the different tone of each film, horror genre elements, what sort of impact they might have if they had been made today, and much more. For anyone interested in looking at these films from a technical perspective—or simply with the love of horror, or of Michael Jackson’s amazing creativity—this chat will be your ghoulish dream-come-true.

    The MJCast wishes all of our listeners a

    great Thriller Night!

    Additional Links

    * Paul Black’s previous appearances on The MJCast:* Episode 025 – Right Place, Right Time… Black Magic* Episode 034 – June 25th Special feat. Kevin Stea* Episode 041 – Michael Jackson & Prince Roundtable (Part 1)* Episode 042 – Michael Jackson & Prince Roundtable (Part 2)* Episode 066 – Long Hair Don’t Care* Adam Green’s Twitter, Instagram, official website, IMDB page, and iTunes page for his podcast, The Movie Crypt (co-host...

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    Episode 109 – Michael Trapson Special

    Episode 109 – Michael Trapson Special

    Q and Jamon are joined by fellow Michael Jackson podcaster and host of Moonwalk Talks, Jankins, to interview none other than Dean Morrow Jr., AKA Michael Trapson. Trapson, has been releasing music since as early as 2010, but more recently has evolved into a director, videographer, filmmaker and recording engineer who brings to fruition creative reinterpretations of Michael Jackson as a southern rapper and trap artist, called Michael Trapson.

    Catchy, hilarious, provocative and featuring incredible production value, Trapson has released a range of hit songs and videos that have garnered millions of clicks on YouTube. From ‘Billie Jean and I Dab’ and ‘If Michael Jackson Was a Mumble Rapper’ to his most recent work, the phenomenal ‘Trapson EO’, the MJ community just can’t get enough.

    In this episode, Q, Jamon and Jankins interview Trapson about his fascinating career, Michael Jackson’s history and the reality of being a Michael Jackson fan in 2019.

    Additional Links

    * Michael Trapson’s YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter* Jankins’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter* Moonwalk Talks Instagram and Twitter* Moonwalk Talks on the web, Apple Podcasts and Spotify* The Jacksons Victory Tour Live in Dallas (1984)* Trapson EO* Michael Trapson’s New Vibration (Pepsi Remake 2019)* TriumphTour1981’s Instagram

    Ad & Music Breaks

    * Michael Trapson – All This Glow* a href="https://www.

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