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The Talk of Santa Clarita is a podcast about issues affecting the city of Santa Clarita, CA and the surrounding valley.

The Talk of Santa Clarita thetalkofsantaclarita

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The Talk of Santa Clarita is a podcast about issues affecting the city of Santa Clarita, CA and the surrounding valley.

    Episode 141 Hollywood manager Joe Williamson and actor Vida Ghaffari

    Episode 141 Hollywood manager Joe Williamson and actor Vida Ghaffari

    Joe Williamson is a Santa Clarita Valley resident and a talent manager for film and television actors. Vida Ghaffari is an an actor with a long list of credits which include a great deal of independent films. Recently the two worked together on an independent film called "Eternal Code" which premiered Labor Day weekend at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The film is now available on Amazon Prime.

    This was a fun podcast for me as Joe is a huge film geek and Vida has been working in the industry on several different levels having done both a variety of independent projects and major studio projects. Joe had initially contacted me about doing a podcast with Vida to talk about the film but after speaking with him, I thought it would be interesting to have both of them on at the same time. We talked about making movies, the state of the industry today, the difference from big productions and independent projects and even what a Hollywood talent manager does exactly.

    I do want to apologize to both of them as this podcast was put on the shelf for an extended period of time for various reasons. It was not my original intention. But since the film is now available for streaming, there is once again a timely reason to put this podcast up.

    Forewarning: This is a movie geek podcast. So, just know that going in!

    A video version is available by clicking here:

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    Episode 139 Darrell Park, Candidate for Los Angeles County Supervisor, 5th District

    Episode 139 Darrell Park, Candidate for Los Angeles County Supervisor, 5th District

    Darrell Park is a nerd. He wears the tag with pride as he is obsessed with public policy and finding real word solutions to problems.
    Darrell is a graduate of Allegheny College and Georgetown University. He spent nearly a decade working in the White House during the Clinton administration where he watched the Federal Budget get balanced. He then attended Stanford Business School and got involved with a start-up. He is also the author of the book “Better Than We Found It: Simple Solutions to Some of the World’s Toughest Problems.”
    He is married and has one child and is currently a candidate for the 5th District position for the Los Angeles County Supervisors, a position currently held by Katherine Barger.
    At the top of the website ElectDarrellPark.com, there is a banner which says simply “Let’s Fix it.” A slogan which pretty much covers his entire campaign platform. Darrell believes it is possible t move to a greener and more environmentally friendly economy that he says will boom at the same time.
    I think I said this the last time I interviewed Darrell. I believe him to be either a visionary or a little bit crazy, or, maybe a little of both. What I found striking about Darrell though was his optimism. He is hopeful for the future of Los Angeles County and believes firmly he can help improve it for the betterment of us all. It’s a refreshing to be around a politician with that kind of attitude and so much confidence in his answers.
    I don’t know if what Darrell envisions is even possible, but he definitely left me feeling that the world needs more optimists like him.

    Click here to view the video version of the podcast:

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    Episode 140 Anibal Valdez-Ortega

    Episode 140 Anibal Valdez-Ortega

    Aníbal Valdez-Ortega grew up in the Antelope Valley and was the first in his family to go to college, graduating with honors from UCLA. He then went on to complete law school.
    As an attorney, he has specialized in providing access to legal representation to those who need it. He also has shown a dedication to community service having served on the Mexican Bar Association, Lawyers ACT and the Skid Row Running Club’s non-profit organization.
    As a candidate, he identifies himself as a Bernie Sanders progressive. He believes in Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. He is new to politics but takes his candidacy very, very seriously. Without a lot of name recognition, he faces a challenge in this race but Anibal has taken an approach of winning voters over one at a time, focusing on appearances at debates and forums to getting his message across.
    I met with him a few weeks ago and found him in good spirits and optimistic about his candidacy. He was good-humored and fun to talk to. I don’t know what will happen in this current congressional race, but my impression is that Anibal Valdez-Ortega has a very bright future in politics.
    Click here to see the video version:

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    Episode 138 Former Congressman Steve Knight

    Episode 138 Former Congressman Steve Knight

    This is Episode 138 with Republican candidate for the 25th congressional District, former Congressman Steve Knight.
    Steve Knight served as the Congressman for the 25th district from 2014 to 2018 until Democrat Katie Hill defeated him by 9 points in the general election. Congressman Knight has deep ties to the district and his family name is well-known here. He is a veteran, a former police officer and California lawmaker.
    His time in Congress overlapped between Barack Obama’s Presidency and the Trump Presidency and some have questioned his votes against the Iran Nuclear agreement, the vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act as well as supporting the Trump tax cuts.
    Still, Congressman Knight has always been fairly approachable to me at least and always kind and courteous. He first appeared on this show before we had even premiered our fourth episode and has appeared a multitude of times since making him an official friend of the show.
    I met with Congressman Knight on the week of Thanksgiving. He was alone and in good spirits when we talked. I found his thoughts on several issues extremely interesting. He admitted to making mistakes the last time he was in office and stated he wanted to be more open to meeting with different groups this time if elected.
    But there were three things that I found most fascinating about this interview which I hope you will pay close attention to. The first was while discussing health care. Congressman Knight stated he was not opposed to the public option-an interesting stance from a Republican. The second was about impeachment. He acknowledge that he thought what Trump did was wrong but refused to state if it were impeachable but really the most interesting thing to me was when I asked him what accomplishments he was most proud about while he was in Congress and I think everything he says is extremely telling about Congressman Knight and the type of person and politician he is.
    I want to thank him for his time to meet with me and coming on the Talk of Santa Clarita.

    Click here to see the video version of the podcast:

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    Eps. 137 Larry McClements

    Eps. 137 Larry McClements

    When I first started this podcast four and a half years ago, there was an immediate onslaught of suggestions for shows I should do and guests that I should have on.
    One suggestion which I got always stuck in my mind. I was told get “Larry from Yelp” and that was all they would say except that “Everybody knows Larry.” Except apparently me.

    Time passed, and eventually I met the legendary “Larry from Yelp” who is none other than local celebrity Larry McClements, it seems, “Everybody knows him.”

    Larry McClements has been a resident of Santa Clarita since 1985. He graduated from Hart High. He is known as part of the Santa Clarita foodies and is a big fan of cooking his own meals.

    As Larry describes it: “One day I discovered farmers’ markets and my mind was immediately blown.” Larry became a fanatic for connecting directly with farmers and having access to produce at high quality.

    He is now the current manager of the Newhall Farmers’ Market which happens on Saturday mornings at the Old Town Newhall Library parking lot. Larry has set a mission for himself to find only the best products for his market.

    Now, I am anything but a foodie. I put on The Food Network when I want to find something to put me to sleep. So honestly, I was skeptical about how much Larry and could talk about a farmers’ market, but hey, if I can do an entire show about bread with Scott Ervin, why not?

    I was truly surprised by how interested about food I became while talking to Larry. His passion for the subject is infectious and I walked away bound and determined to only buy at farmers’ markets in the future.

    Click on the link below to view the video of the podcast:


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    Episode 136 Cenk Uygur

    Episode 136 Cenk Uygur

    An interview with Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, and a Democratic candidate for the 25th Congressional District in election 2020

    • 1 Std. 36 Min.

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