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TMG Radio gives you monthly insider tips and tricks - for buyers, sellers, and industry pros - on how to up your real estate game. We help you learn about the real estate industry in Canada.

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TMG Radio gives you monthly insider tips and tricks - for buyers, sellers, and industry pros - on how to up your real estate game. We help you learn about the real estate industry in Canada.

    012: The Trend Towards Tiny Homes

    012: The Trend Towards Tiny Homes

    It’s happening in many parts of the country – tiny homes are popping up in laneways, in backyards and on acreages, and demand for them is growing. There are even tiny house communities being built. Prices are also getting higher – one tiny home sold recently in Oshawa, Ontario for $200,000.
    Whose buying them? People who are retiring and downsizing, and first-time home buyers who are living in expensive cities, and who want to get into the housing market.  
    While interest in tiny homes is high in Canada, especially in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec, municipalities have been much slower than other parts of the world to accept them. Many set a minimum square footage requirement, while others have bylaws that go so far as to specify the colour and type of building materials.
    However, tiny homes could be a sign of future times. Some of them are the same size as a small square-foot condo. I would not be surprised to see a few mortgage lenders jump on this bandwagon, especially for the tiny homes that are sitting on foundations.
    On today’s Podcast we talk with Kenton Zerbin, an advocate for tiny homes, who owns a tiny home, and offers workshops on sustainable living.
    Much of his tiny home workshop is devoted to teaching participants to champion the idea with their municipalities, encouraging them to stress the quality of their projects while pitching the ideas of densification, increased tax revenue and attracting new residents to the city.
    You can visit Kenton’s website for more information at https://kentonzerbin.com/

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    011: Let’s Feed the Children

    011: Let’s Feed the Children

    One in five Canadian children is at risk of starting school on an empty stomach. Canada is the only country in the G7 that does not offer a national food program in schools?The impacts of hunger reach far beyond a single child. Hunger affects classroom learning (60% of which is done before lunch), behavioural issues such as bullying and social exclusion, as well as overall health and wellbeing.More than 20 years ago, Breakfast Club of Canada started its mission to nurture the potential and grow healthy students, giving an equal chance of success to all kids, one breakfast at a time.  Operating from coast to coast, the Club now helps feed over 200,000 students in 1,600 schools every school morning.
    Today we talk to Benjamin Neumer form the Breakfast Club of Canada about its programs and services and ways you can help.
    TMG The Mortgage Group is a proud supporter of the Breakfast Club of Canada and our brokers have donated over $300,000.

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    010: Confused About Your Credit Score?

    010: Confused About Your Credit Score?

    You’ve worked hard to build up your credit score. You pay all your debts on time, have focused on getting out of debt –maybe even closed a few of those accounts because you don’t need them or want them anymore. Then one day you apply for a mortgage and there are issues. What???
    Everyone understands the need to pay down debt and pay bills on time but there are other factors that affect your credit score. Today we speak with Julie Kucmic from Equifax who will help shed light on the mysteries of a credit score.
    Julie is the recognized authority in consumer credit. Having served as an expert witness on credit scores in provincial court, she often speaks to industry groups, government, clients and consumers to shed light on the credit lifecycle.
    In her role as Director of Consumer Advocacy for Equifax Canada, Julie brings fresh insight to the entire business, while recognizing the important role credit plays in both society and the economy. She is currently focused on implementing a consumer-centric strategy to help Canadians realize their financial dreams and secure their financial futures.

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    009: New to Canada?

    009: New to Canada?

    New to Canada? Need a mortgage?
    As a new Canadian, you may lack a robust credit history that is usually needed to obtain a mortgage. For that reason, New to Canada clients are given special considerations.
    Two things that need to be proven are income verification, either from an employment contract or deposits to a bank account; and a valid work permit with an expiry date at least a year away or landed immigrant status.
    In this month’s Podcast we discuss new Canadians with Courtney Kencher from Genworth Canada, and explore how they can get a mortgage.

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    008: Reverse Mortgages

    008: Reverse Mortgages

    What is a reverse mortgage? Is it right for me?
    Saving enough for retirement can be a challenge.  As people continue to live longer, retirement savings are being stretched further over many more years. However, there is an option that is increasing in popularity – a reverse mortgage.
    All too often homeowners are not fully aware of all their financial options — some have accumulated a lot of equity in their homes and may be house rich but cash poor. They consider downsizing their home and leaving the community they love in order to make ends meet.
    In some cases, a reverse mortgage option might make sense. So, what is a reverse mortgage and how does it work?
    In this month’s podcast we speak to Sue Pimento from HomeEquity Bank about reverse mortgages.

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    007: Unleash Your Power of Yes

    007: Unleash Your Power of Yes

    Unleash Your Power of Yes
    Saying “yes” to anything – an idea, a project, a trip – anything, has power. Many of us are burdened with un-nameable fears that we say “no” to opportunities, even when our gut instinct is screaming “Yes”.
    Enter Graham Neil and Donovan Workun, a journalist and a champion improviser, respectively. Together, they have created a series of Power of Yes workshops that teaches creative techniques of improv and how to apply them to improve your business, work and life.
    Improv training is a proven skill-building resource with a lot of positive applications. A recent Forbes article reports that more Fortune 500 companies are using improv to inspire creativity, communication and productivity in their workforce.
    In this month’s Podcast, we talk to Graham and Donovan to learn more about the Power of Yes and how it can change your life.

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