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X-Fade Podcast with Alex Ogrodnik Alex Ogrodnik

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    X-Fade Episode 19

    X-Fade Episode 19

    Progressive and techno! A ravey melange for the soul.

    Stay tuned for next month's episode, got a vurry special episode for number 20!

    Subscribe, download and enjoy :D

    DJ Xannik

    1. Ad Brown - 20 Seconds (Original Mix)
    2. Get People - Careless (Max Cooper Remix)
    3. Pig & Dan - The Beast (Original Mix)
    4. Egbert - Groovegg (Original Mix)
    5. Lutzenkirchen - Spec Ops Two (Original Mix)
    6. The Advent - Higher Learning (Original Mix)
    7. 777 System - Noms (Original Mix)
    8. Citizen Kane, Phuture Traxx - Lemonade (Da Fresh Remix)
    9. Jerome Isma-Ae - Speed (Original Mix)

    • 53 Min.
    X-Fade Episode 18

    X-Fade Episode 18

    Heavy dose of techno to start off your October!

    Enjoy :D

    DJ Xannik

    • 56 Min.
    X-Fade Episode 14

    X-Fade Episode 14

    A little techno house for your eardrums :D

    • 57 Min.
    X-Fade Episode 11

    X-Fade Episode 11

    First hour of this one is from my techno/house set featured over the past couple weeks on danceradio.ca. Then we've got a sick proggyhouse guestmix from Tom Molloy (Athenry, Ireland), not to mention the amazing remix of deadmau5's Raise Your Weapon. Download, subscribe, and enjoy! :D

    • 1 Std. 44 Min.

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