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Join world champion sailor and broadcaster, Nic Douglass a.k.a Adventures of a Sailor Girl, in her adventures around, in, but mostly on the water,

Adventures of a Sailor Girl Nic Douglass

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Join world champion sailor and broadcaster, Nic Douglass a.k.a Adventures of a Sailor Girl, in her adventures around, in, but mostly on the water,

    SailGP Finale: Sustainability in focus

    SailGP Finale: Sustainability in focus

    For the SailGP it starts from the top with management and in

    the SailGP office, to onsite at events; encouraging less single-use plastic

    with water fountains, no cable ties, no straws, re-useable glasses at the bar, no

    plastic tie downs, and branding changes.  

    With technology another focus of the SailGP, there is a big shift

    towards electric marks with technology that is being trialled through

    “Mark Bots”, even electric boats, and how the event can become zero

    carbon by 2025 in line with the World Sailing Event Charter and the UN Sport

    for Climate Agreement, both of which they have signed.

    In line with this, there has been a big focus on temporary

    power provisions and at the Cowes event vegetable oil was used in all generators,

    which reduced the SailGP footprint by over 90%. More use of alternative fuels

    and expansion of these technologies are expected in the future.

    The SailGP organisation is young, and tech focussed, so very

    different to other organisations in Alexandra’s opinion, especially in terms of

    sustainability, as crazy ideas are all positive and the doors are open to many

    things. Through this mindset and the implemented changes, SailGP wants to lead change

    in other sports.

    Alexandra herself is looking to get a solar panel for her

    wheelchair trike attachment, as a tetraplegic and Paralympic sailor for three

    Olympic games, her interests have always been as a self-professed “enviro nerd”.

    Her background was working in oil and gas, and environmental science and

    technology. Especially after Alex saw the impacts of a Games on a city in Rio

    in 2016, on retiring from Olympic sailing, the SailGP and helping to create

    change is an important position for her.

    There is also a big focus from sailors within the circuit,

    from joining the climate action marches and being activists themselves, to

    other organisations being created to help sailors. For example, Billy Besson

    suggested a sustainability start-up festival in the village in Marseille, which

    was a great success and the team of environmental warriors that are the sailors

    are making a lot more suggestions to the team in their local areas.

    Within SailGP itself, everyone is up for the challenge and I

    believe that this focus on sustainability is very positive for our sport, and a

    great example to all events to have the same foundation in driving the change

    towards carbon free events.

    More soon,

    Sailor Girl

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    Cowes Week catch-ups

    Cowes Week catch-ups

    While I am still collecting the majority of my Cowes Week adventures to share with you all, here is a little bonus! Yes the return of my podcast which started about 5 years ago, and dwindled off as I was asked by my followers for more video content, and of course more live coverage.

    But do you know what… there is something special about being able to “listen in” to a conversation with someone. So I thought it was high time that we got back into doing what adventures covered right back at the beginning…

    And so, at the end of Cowes Week I managed to catch up with Lucy Hodges MBE, who was in town as a guest of aql and Adam Beaumont, to chat about her sailing, about being blind, and about what she is also doing to give back to the sport that she loves.

    Lucy kicked off her own World Championships at the Blind Sailing World Championships just a few days ago. So have a listen and make sure that you cheer on Lucy, and all of the amazing sailors that are racing out of Kingston this week.

    More soon…

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    Rolex Sydney Hobart 2018

    Rolex Sydney Hobart 2018

    Ways to follow the Sailor Girl this Hobart

    Wrapping it up in Hobart for 2018


    Tasmanians claim Tattersall Cup in home port

    With all boats still racing now outside their handicap times Phillip Turner’s Alive Yachting representing Derwent Sailing Squadron Inc has won the double for the 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart; the George Adams Tattersall Cup for Overall Winner on IRC and the Charleston Trophy for Overall Winner on ORCi.

    Navigator Wouter Verbraak has won the Bill Owen Memorial Trophy – for the navigator of the overall winner on handicap and the City of Hobart Trophy – for the Navigator of the first Tasmanian yacht on handicap.

    Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design have won the Alan Payne Memorial Trophy – for the designer of the overall winner on handicap. They not only designed Alive but also 2nd placed Ocean Respect Racing, 3rd Placed Voodoo Sailing and the 1st and 2nd Line Honours boats Wild Oats XI and Black Jack Yachting.

    Next up the team will head to the USA.

    Other celebrations have started to happen, as the division winners are also becoming more concrete. I was on the dock yesterday to greet Grace O’Malley and her female trio including Zoe Taylor (skipper and owner), Wendy Tuck (winner of the Clipper Race and main/tactician), and Emma May who ran the bow. They have taken out division 3 on the Cookson 12.

    Meanwhile, we have spent a little bit of time exploring Tasmania, and I can’t wait for the 75th Anniversary of the Rolex Sydney Hobart in 2019. There is so much to see and do around here, I am just going to have to take more time next year.

    WOXI protest outcomes and comments from Black Jack Yachting

    Following a protest against Wild Oats XI by the Race Committee of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, which was held by the International Jury at Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania today, it was found that the protest was invalid and so Wild Oats XI retains her line honours crown.


    * The Race Committee’s investigation and subsequent protest arose from the report from the owner of Black Jack, a competitor in the Race and therefore a person with a conflict of interest within the meaning of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

    * The Race Committee’s investigation was prudent, however in these circumstances, for the protest to be valid under the Racing Rules of Sailing, a competitor with information about a potential rule breach must lodge the protest.

    Rules that apply: RRS60.2 (a), Definitions – Conflict of Interest.

    Decision:  Protest Invalid.

    My announcement at the Shipwright Arms in Hobart

    The full protest findings

    Comments from Black Jack Yachting skipper immediately after the announcement

    Timing is everything in the Derwent

    The Derwent can make or break anyone’s Rolex Sydney Hobart race, and yesterday was no exception.

    As the southerly built to 18+ knots mid afternoon, the two RP66’s, Alive Yachting and Wild Oats X – Ocean Respect Racing, came around the Iron Pot within two nautical miles of one another.

    Alive Yachting really stretched their legs into Hobart and the finish off Constitution Dock, and with an hour up their sleeve on handicap over Wild Oats X, looked good to take the top spot on Handicap.

    I was live with Wild Oats X from the Iron Pot, and into the dock to talk about the amazing Ocean Respect Racing team.

    One of the next to cross the line was Winning Appliances, the Carkeek 60 borrowed from Matt Allen. Some great stories out of this crew, including the sibling rivalry between the Spithills, but most importantly, the reason why the Winning family chose to sail the Rolex Sydney Hobart again, and together…

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    Rolex Sydney Hobart start!

    Rolex Sydney Hobart start!

    Wow…… that was definitely the slowest start I have seen for the Rolex Sydney Hobart, and consequently the start with the most mix ups in the pecking order to what was expected. The fleet are now headed down the East Coast of Australia in a gradient nor’Easter which is set to build and give the sailors some more “send it” conditions that are generally expected for the Hobart race.

    Check out my live commentary of the start below (in both audio or stills + commentary), or on our podcast but make sure you keep an eye on our dedicated blog to keep in touch with the updates!

    Title image by Carlo Borlenghi for Rolex.


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    Nic Douglass with Wayne Phillips on FIVEaa’s Saturday Arvo Sport

    Nic Douglass with Wayne Phillips on FIVEaa’s Saturday Arvo Sport

    This afternoon, 18 March 2017, I was invited to talk with Wayne Phillips on Saturday Arvo Sport, a live radio show on FIVEaa based in Adelaide, Australia.

    Check out our chat on the state of our (Australia’s) performance in sailing on a broad global scale, specifically in the Olympics and the America’s Cup.

    Thanks to Wayne, and his producer Josh for having me!

    Nic Douglass, #SailorGirl

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    First interview of 2017 – Port Stephens FM

    First interview of 2017 – Port Stephens FM

    While in Port Stephens for the 44th National Tasar Championships, Nic took the opportunity to chat with Clive on Port Stephens FM for his live Tuesday morning radio show on 3 January 2017.

    Awesome photo by www.sportsailingphotography.com – thanks Beth!

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