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Do you want to know more about how to improve your table tennis game? Then this is the show for you. We take questions from players of all levels and discuss them so we can all learn how to become better.

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Do you want to know more about how to improve your table tennis game? Then this is the show for you. We take questions from players of all levels and discuss them so we can all learn how to become better.

    Show #349 - SPIN: Tips and tactics to win at table tennis

    Show #349 - SPIN: Tips and tactics to win at table tennis

    Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Tom Lodziak about his new book "SPIN: Tips and tactics to win at table tennis". You can win a free copy of his book by watching the video and answering the question we pose! In the interview Tom discusses his journey into table tennis and how it helps him now as a coach. Tom believes that age is no barrier to improvement and with work and effort most people can improve. His experience helps him relate to adults who have started to take the sport more seriously and wish to become better.

    You can find out more about Tom by visiting his website and here is a link to more information about his exciting new book.

    For your chance to win a free copy of Tom's new book you can enter our competition.

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    Show #348 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Show #348 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Thank you to everyone for your support of the podcast in 2020. In this episode we announce the winner of our first ever "Who am I" segment and answer a couple of table tennis questions. We also have two fun OMG facts relating to the holiday season.

    It's been an incredibly tough year for many people around the World and we hope 2021 will be the year the pandemic is brought under control. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Shoulder Pain
    Loren - I am 46 years old and having a hard time keeping up with the younger guys. My biggest problem is my shoulder pain. Is there any exercises I can do to strengthen my muscles? Am I using bad form? I don’t want to quit. I love the game so much. Thanks for the videos.

    Chop Block Against Topspin
    Garth - Is it worth pursuing a chop block? I seem to have invented a new shot that appears to me to be effective, but my robot can't tell me if it is!

    Links in this Episode

    Long Pimple Chop Block

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    Show #347 - Who am I?

    Show #347 - Who am I?

    We introduce another new and exciting segment to the podcast today! It's called "Who am I". We will be giving you a clue as to who the mystery table tennis player is and if you correctly guess you will go into the draw to win either a one month PingSkills premium membership or 1 hour of online coaching. We also answer the following table tennis questions:

    Backhand Block
    Pedro - I have trouble in blocking a strong top spin loop into my backhand corner. I find it more difficult against spinny slow and high loop than with fast, less spinny strokes. In fact, what I find is more challenging is all the body to ball coordination, and the timings, but also finding the right moment when to meet the the ball after the bounce. Sometimes I try to turn and counter with a FH topspin, which is effective when it works but risky. I feel that I prefer this risk though, than to try the BH block, which I feel is just a passive stroke from my side, and often the ball goes over the table.

    Forehand Counterhit
    Atharva - Sir I cant really get better in Forehand Counterhit. Either the ball stuck in net or get off table. Sir please suggest some drill or practise to master it.

    Blade Question
    John - Im a recreational player (although I think Id like to join a club).  Anyway I recently bought a Palio Legend 3.0 and I love it.  I know its technically a premade racquet but I figured it was part way to getting my first custom racquet.  Anyways as I said I really like the speed and control I have with it and Im getting much more spin etc.  Eventually I think id like to move up to a better custom racquet but there's almost no information on specs for the blade that is used in the Palio Legend 3.0 other than its a 5 ply wooden blade so its hard to compare.  Ive looked at Yinhe Earth 3 which is supposed to be much like the Stiga Offensive Classic. Both are All + to Off - 5 ply blades with some flex.  Do you think they would be a nice upgrade with similar specs?

    The Best
    Robert - I'm sure you've been asked this before, however in a serious match (best of 7) with Jeff, who comes out on top?

    Links in this Episode
    Who Am I Competition

    Forehand Counterhit Tutorial

    PingSkills Touch with Mark V

    Little Bat vs Big Bat

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    Show #346 - Ask More Questions

    Show #346 - Ask More Questions

    In another astounding OMG fact, we learnt that 4 year olds ask an average of 437 questions a day. Should we be asking more questions as we get older? We discuss this and some table tennis as we laugh our way through the show. Here are some of your questions that we answer:

    Dropshot off High Chop
    DK - How can I play a dropshot off a high chop?

    Correcting Technique Flaws
    Gruia - I have already identified several flaws in my FH counterhit technique:

    1) Not holding the paddle loose between hits

    2) Not tracking the ball enough with my eyes

    3) After salute, too slow to retract/lower the arm to the Ready Position

    Right now I am practicing with a robot, but soon can have a partner. My first question is: do I correct these flaws one at a time or should I try all? And how soon, in hours trained with robot, before I can try to see if my technique improved vs a practice partner? Thank you

    Bat Falls on the Table During Rally
    Ujjal - While playing (right handed player), the bat slips and falls on the table. Can he pick up the bat with his left hand and continue playing?

    Returning a Low No Spin Serve
    Rohan - Hi guys.  I haven't needed to ask a question for a while but now have a new experience to explore. A guy I play regularly at work is introducing a new serve.  He is attempting to be deceptive with his bat angle to switch between topspin and backspin serves but hasn't quite got it yet.  They are difficult to read despite me watching the contact closely, because his intention is clear but the execution doesn't deliver the intent. As a result he is very inconsistent and ends up delivering a lot of low/no spin serves that look like they are spinny. They are usually quite low and mainly mid-long but sometimes very short. When I do get it right, a simple fast BH counter hit down the line or a FH cross court flick beats him every time, but I inevitably end up pushing when I should flick or topspin and visa versa so consequently net the ball or put it over the table.  I think the main issue is I'm treating a no spin ball as if it had spin. So, what return should I try next to deal with a no-spin or low BS/TS, mid-long low ball? Cheers, Rohan.

    Links in this Episode
    Dropshot off Chop Tutorial

    Rules Tutorials

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    Show #345 - Getting On

    Show #345 - Getting On

    We have a big show for you today where we discuss many topics including World Table Tennis and getting older! There's all the usual segments and of course we answer your table tennis questions!

    How to Hit the Ball with Power
    Vic -  I am a penholder. How can I hit the ball with power? It seems when I play with friends I found that my strokes are not powerful enough.

    Attacking a Low Backspin Serve
    Ryan - Is it possible to attack a low backspin serve which is on the table? I can Flick the ball backhand when it bounces a little bit over the net. But, I tend to lift it or push it when I get a low backspin serve.

    Winning the Toss
    Jasper - Normally when winning the toss, I heard the player normally would choose to receive first but why?

    Backhand Smash
    Jasper - My friend says that he think he can do backhand smashes but he missed pretty much every backhand smash then i told him that it isn't reliable but he still wants to try backhand smashes. What should I say to him?

    Links in this Episode
    Basic Strokes Tutorials

    Advanced Forehand Topspin

    Advanced Backhand Topspin

    Banana Flick

    Backhand Sidespin Flick

    Backhand Smash Tutorial

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    Show #344 - Be Born Earlier in the Year

    Show #344 - Be Born Earlier in the Year

    In another exciting yet normal episode, we discuss how being born later in the year may be a big advantage in your sporting career. Of course we answer your table tennis questions and have some fun along the way.

    Playing Leftie's Pendulum Sidespin
    Ryan - How should I return a Left-Hander's Pendulum side Spin or Side-Top Spin Long Serve. I have been struggling to return it during Doubles. Any idea? Kindly suggest any idea. I have been returning them using a weird backhand flick which is not so consistent. This make me concede cheap points.

    Lobbing Playing Style
    Jason - I’ve watched Adam Bobrow play table tennis, his style is quite more different. His style is more defensive,  a lobbing playing style. Is this an really style you could play, or a risky one? You almost never see his style anywhere.

    Thick or Thin
    Phil - Can you say when purchasing new rubbers which way do you go as a moderate newbie i look at the different thicknesses & a" MIST " arises, is the choices too much or do they all have a purpose?

    Clipping the Net
    Kwokching - I was left frustrated since if I had win that point I might have won but their argument was that it clipped the net and it shouldn't be my point  and I know that as long as it's cross the net it's fine with two bouncesand lucky a qualified sport teacher came across later to point out to students that if it clips the net it a point or that they just got lucky but as long as it cross the net it's fine. So what's your view on that should the rules be changed or kept the way they should as the rule book says. Frustrated when I lose playing by the rules... It's also very frustrating that most of my friends don't throw the ball high enough and with a close palm and I lose when they do that. 

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    The Relative Age Effect

    Investigating the Relative Age Effect

    Table Tennis Rules Videos

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