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A podcast series providing Australia & the world with conversations & commentary on design.

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A podcast series providing Australia & the world with conversations & commentary on design.

    Ep145 Nightjar (TDC23)

    Ep145 Nightjar (TDC23)

    In our final episode of the TDC 2023 series, we hear from three heads behind digital product company, Nightjar. Listen in as Co-Founders Ahmed Meer, Christine Sultana & Bonnie MacTavish, discuss their studio processes, working towards effective collaboration across disciplines, detail their work on THE ICONIC, and more.Don't forget to let us know what you thought! We’ll be releasing new episodes and series soon.

    • 22 min
    Ep144 Robyn & Campbell Butler (Lovework Studio) (TDC23)

    Ep144 Robyn & Campbell Butler (Lovework Studio) (TDC23)

    Listen in as Robyn & Campbell Butler discuss starting a studio, branding process, remote collaboration and much more. Robyn & Campbell are the founders of Lovework Studio, a branding and digital design studio based in Redcliffe Australia.They’re two incredibly talented creatives and it’s fascinating to hear them share their journey with Lovework. We dive into the collaborative approach they adopt for working with clients and as a team.

    Recorded at The Design Conference 2023. If you liked the episode please leave a review, we’d love to hear from you!

    • 40 min
    Ep143 Evi-O & Yah-Leng Yu (TDC23)

    Ep143 Evi-O & Yah-Leng Yu (TDC23)

    Today we’re hearing from Evi-O & Yah-Leng Yu at The Design Conference in 2023. Evi-O is a multidisciplinary designer and artist at Evi-O.Studio and Yah-Leng Yu is the creative director of Foreign Policy. Listen in as they discuss connection and how we can foster a healthy, safe, and flourishing design industry. They cover a lot, from perceptions and myths around Australian design culture to shifts within the industry as a whole and how it can improve and grow. It’s been great to get feedback on this series and format, please keep it coming! You can reach out directly or leave a review on Spotify or Apple podcasts, or even send in a voice message.

    • 44 min
    Ep142 Alistair McCready (TDC23)

    Ep142 Alistair McCready (TDC23)

    In this episode we hear from Alistair McCready, founder of Monolith, a typographic design practice based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Alistair speaks with co-hosts Frankie Young and Matt Leach about about what type designers are like and the momentum you need when designing type.

    It’s a fascinating and wide ranging chat, covering everything from awards to embracing place and how ‘where you are’ feeds into the work. 

    This episode was recorded last year at The Design Conference. If you haven’t already snapped up your tickets for this year, now is a great time to do it!

    • 41 min
    Ep141 Andrew Ashton & Annette Harcus (TDC23)

    Ep141 Andrew Ashton & Annette Harcus (TDC23)

    In this episode we’re dropped into a conversation between two friends, Annette Harcus and Andrew Ashton. Annette is the founder, CEO and Creative Director of Harcus Design and Andrew is the CD of Ashton Design, previously with Edison Agency, Work-Art-Life and Studio Pip and Co. Their chat took us places you wouldn’t usually get in a design podcast. It’s a great conversation recorded at The Design Conference in 2023. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode and designer x designer format in general. You can leave a review or even send in a voice message, right here.

    • 45 min
    Ep140 Jasmin Bedir & Kevin Finn (TDC23)

    Ep140 Jasmin Bedir & Kevin Finn (TDC23)

    We’re back and beyond excited to share this fascinating conversation between Jasmin, CEO of Innocean Australia and Founder of Fck the Cupcakes, and Kevin from TheSumOf — friend of the podcast and branding expert.

    Listen in as they talk the culture of conferences, commercialising creativity and the silent war between design and advertising departments. Ultimately, the episode is about breaking down barriers, having more valuable exchanges and creating a willingness to learn.

    And of course, a big thank you to Matt for setting us up with our guests from The Design Conference 2023.

    • 42 min

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4.8 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

Matthew TDC ,


Big ups to Matt and Flyn. Love finding out about the raddest creatives in the world! Keep it ripping boys!

laeliner ,

Good listening

The best work alongside podcast for those that work in isolation- I really have a better sense of the design industry and community after trawling through these episodes- good work and good yarns.

SK_Pin ,


I love this show so much!

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