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On the Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast, we share tips, insights and recommendations from leading Bariatric specialists to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals and live a life of health and vitality.

Qualified Nutritionist Jacqui Lewis and her guests dive into aspects of diet, fitness, wellbeing, mindset and lifestyle that come together to achieve great results on your Weight Loss Surgery journey.

Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast Jacqui Lewis

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On the Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast, we share tips, insights and recommendations from leading Bariatric specialists to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals and live a life of health and vitality.

Qualified Nutritionist Jacqui Lewis and her guests dive into aspects of diet, fitness, wellbeing, mindset and lifestyle that come together to achieve great results on your Weight Loss Surgery journey.

    Enlighten Me with Dr. Angela Kwong

    Enlighten Me with Dr. Angela Kwong

    When patients come to see General Practitioners for support and care for their weight management, yet, all they feel is stigma and discrimination. General Practitioners just throw the blame back on them, which is supposed not to be the case. 

    In this episode,  we are joined by Dr. Angela Kwong, a General Practitioner with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss. Today she will talk about how she handles her patients, especially if they are not yet ready to talk about weight loss. Dr. Angela’s Enlightened Me program has helped many clients understand their body needs. Instead of restrictions, it’s about sustainable eating. 

    She also discusses the medication option and problems of weight medication for weight loss. 

    Reach out and don’t guess your situation, Dr. Angela Kwong will definitely enlighten you about it. Listen now! 

    Get access to all the Bonus learning materials that Dr. Angela Kwong mentions in the Podcast for the listeners, including: HERE

    The Weight Assessment Tool
     Free Facebook Group called Medical Weight Loss for Australians
     The replay of the Weight Loss Masterclass held on 16/11/22 called Weight Loss has NOTHING to do with restrictive eating, burning calories or fighting cravings
     A link to book a free Weight Loss Breakthrough Call
     Social media links to my Facebook, Instagram and Website

    Episode Highlights:

    Dr. Angela’s thoughts on the current weight management
    The importance of close follow-up for weight loss
    Long-term view when making healthy changes
    How Dr. Angela moves around the conversation of having chronic disease onto a weight-based conversation
    What’s included in the Enlightened Me Program
    What’s changed in the realm of weight loss medications

    About Our Guest:

    Dr. Angela Kwong is a General Practitioner with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss.

    She is one of only 19 GPs in Australia with SCOPE Certification from the World Obesity Federation.

    She is the Director and Principal GP at Upliftmed and the creator of the Enlighten Me program.

    Enlighten Me is a medically supervised weight loss program that provides individualised medical care, and specific nutritional advice, alongside support, coaching and understanding.

    She is a mother of one, and in her spare time, she enjoys learning to dance ballet online and finding creative ways to fix things!

    Connect with Angela Kwong:

    LinkedIn | www.linkedin.com/in/drangelakwong/
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    Finding Your Metabolic Balance with Cherry Wills

    Finding Your Metabolic Balance with Cherry Wills

    When it comes to the topic of care, most of the time, we put ourselves at the bottom of the list. But this isn't how it should be, especially after Weight Loss Surgery. While you are healing, your body needs more care than ever! After surgery, part of the self-care journey is nourishing your body with the right food. 

    In this episode, I am joined by Nutritional Therapist and CEO of Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand, Cherry Wills, as she talks about the metabolic balance program. She explains what metabolic balance is, how it works, its benefits, and why you need it.

    It's not a weight loss program, but more of getting back the balance in your body program. The metabolic balance program helps you understand what food list and meal plan are right for you. However, your willingness to commit to consistency is key to making this happen.  

    No other person can do this for you, practitioners may help you, but you have to want it yourself. Finding your metabolic balance begins with your commitment to searching for it. 

    Episode Highlights:

    Promoting the Metabolic Balance program in Australia
    The Metabolic Balance Program 
    MB Program through the eyes of practitioners
    The key foundation of the metabolic balance program 
    36 Parameters of the program 
    Tailoring personalised plans 
    The benefits of the MB Program 
    Cherry's journey to finding her passion for nutritional therapy and the MB program 
    The value of having a true analysis of yourself 
    The key to keeping the weight off
    Cherry's non-negotiables to help keep her consistency 
    Approaching health programs with the right support 
    How the MB program helps to keep the weight off 
    The impact of metabolic balance after surgery 
    Being creative with your recipes 
    Empowering practitioners
    Creating a genuine support system in the MB Program Community

    About Our Guest:

    Cherry Wills is a degree-qualified Nutritional Therapist passionate about helping clients have their best life. As a functional nutritional practitioner, she is passionate about supporting clients with whole food and personalised nutrition. 

    She is the head practitioner and CEO of Metabolic Balance ANZ. She and her team support and train fellow natural medicine practitioners across  Australia and New Zealand to implement personalised nutrition with metabolic balance in their practices. 

    Cherry loves learning, reading, research, personalised nutrition, metabolic balance, pottery, yoga, cats, word games, good friends' company, and good food.

    Connect with Cherry Wills:


    Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

    Find a Metabolic Balance Practitioner near you

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    Prepping Good Food for Your Dietary Needs With Adam Rice

    Prepping Good Food for Your Dietary Needs With Adam Rice

    After surgery, usually comes staying at home and preparing your meals. Part of the weight loss surgery journey is preparing and eating good food, even when you have specific dietary needs to look out for.

    This also applies to the mums, our home cooks, who often have little time to sit down and are expected to come up with something for the family meals. Considering each family member's dietary needs and budget, create food everyone will enjoy. My guest for today will give you tips on planning, shopping, and preparing chef-quality food while staying within your budget and saving time.

    Adam Rice, experienced chef, Founder and Culinary Director of Better Food Bureau (BFB), is joining me today to address concerns about catering to specific dietary needs for you and your family. It doesn't need to be time-consuming and expensive; you just need to know your ingredients and dietary restrictions, add variety, and refine your techniques to get the most out of food.

    Through Adam's programs and services in the BFB, you can have easy and top-level nutrition accessible right from the comfort of your home!

    Episode Highlights:

    How Better Food Bureau (BFB) came to be
    BFB on coaching busy mums 
    Reasons why people need to follow certain dietaries
    Food Fear
    Providing resources to help make recipes fit for everyone in the family
    Supporting people's dietary needs even outside the house
    The Home Cook 
    Creating variety around dietaries
    Planning, shopping and prepping 
    Staying inspired as a home cook
    Keeping records of recipes 
    Becoming a "Pro Prepper"
    Bulk buys
    Making use of in-season produce 
    The lost art of preserving 
    Sensory impact model 
    Feeding the whole family while saving money and time 
    Serving as a personal chef for someone with low fodmap 
    Embarking on the better food journey 
    Non-food based contributing factors that affect weight loss
    Broader diets lead to better health pane
    Coaching people to create amazing food in the comfort of their own homes 
    Planning for the days, you’re not feeling it 
    Helping you win 

    About Our Guest:

    Adam Rice is an Experienced Chef, Founder and Culinary director at Better Food Bureau who, together with his team, has cultivated and developed 20 years of culinary arts and nutrition into modern and interactive training packages.

    Beginning as young as 11 years old, Adam already had experience in the kitchen as a kitchen hand. At 16, he became an apprentice chef alongside Evan Seaward, where he found his passion for cooking exceptional food.

    In his early 20s, Adam trained at Ezard (a 2-hat modern Asian restaurant) and worked under Dallas Reilly, Dylan Roberts, Mark Briggs and Andrew Harmer, Head Chefs at Vue De Monde. He later went on to become a personal chef for exclusive clients on luxury yachts and in some of Melbourne's most exclusive homes.

    Now he wants to share the knowledge he's gained throughout the years by providing mentorship and support to help people enjoy better food despite their dietary limitations.

    He also has a passion for and extensive training in wellbeing. Including an NLP Practitioner, Martial Artist and Health Enthusiast.

    Connect with Adam Rice:


    Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

    Better Food Bureau FB Page
    The Nourish Cookbook
    Work with Me
    BFB Food List
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    The Science Behind Weight Loss with Ruben Meerman

    The Science Behind Weight Loss with Ruben Meerman

    To understand weight loss, we need to understand chemistry. You’re probably wondering what chemistry has to do with weight loss. It's a massive part of the journey because we are chemical machines ourselves!

    Thankfully, we have great educators, such as our guest today, to demonstrate and explain the scientific side of losing weight in simple, fun, and understandable ways. 

    Out of curiosity about where fat goes after weight loss, Ruben Meerman, a Science Educator and Author, made an amazing discovery. He found that the answer was that it turns into Water (H20) and Carbon Dioxide (C02). And he also discovered that C02 contributes the most to losing weight.

    Weight loss is happening right under your nose! Ruben has shared this new knowledge across the country and even the world through his TedTalks. His amazing demonstrations visualise these molecules that can't be seen by the naked eye and show how these work together in our bodies. 

    The atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions in our body are crucial information to know how we can properly go through our weight loss journey without harming our own bodies. This power of knowledge needs to be shared with people because when you know how your body works internally and how it loses weight, you'll know where to begin. 

    Episode Highlights:

    How Ruben began this journey with simply curiosity 
    The big fat question: Where does the fat go? 
    The myths and facts of where does the fat go
    Water and Carbon Dioxide
    Ruben's Liquid nitrogen demonstration 
    Publishing Ruben's discovery in an article in the BMJ with Dr Andrew Brown
    Introducing this knowledge to the school level 
    How breathing out helps to lose weight 
    The Alphabet of what everything is made of 
    Iron deficiency can slow down your weight loss
    How to effectively get back into physical activity
    Don't breathe off more than you need to 
    Calculating the carbon atoms, you put in and breathe out 
    3D Animation of glucose molecules
    Addressing the obesity epidemic properly 
    Bringing more awareness 
    The contribution of sleep to your weight loss journey 

    About Our Guest:

    Ruben Meerman is a Science enthusiast, educator and author passionate about health literacy and STEM education. He teaches children, adolescents and adults where the carbon atoms they exhale come from and why that's important.

    He believes that primary school children should learn about atoms, molecules and the Periodic Table because leaving it until high school is manifestly too late.

    He uses liquid nitrogen, dry ice and colourful chemistry to explain how food is converted into the CO₂ we exhale. He can explain the physical difference between matter and energy using thermal imaging cameras and laser beams. Ruben even created 2D and 3D animations to explain chemical reactions and the difference between a vitamin and a mineral.

    Connect with Ruben Meerman:

    Website | rubenmeerman.com 

    LinkedIn | au.linkedin.com/ruben-meerman 

    Twitter | @surfnscientist 

    YouTube | www.youtube.com/Ruben_Meerman 

    Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

    Big Fat Myths by Ruben Meerman: www.amazon.com/Big-Fat-Myths 
    The Mathematics of Weight Loss: https://youtu.be/vuIlsN32WaE?t=602 
    When somebody loses weight, where does it go?:  https://www.bmj.com/content/349/bmj.g7257 
    How Breathing and metabolism are Connected: https://youtu.be/nM-ySWyID9o 
    When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go?- Article: https://www.bmj.com/content/349/bmj.g7257 
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    Building Your Bariatric Surgery Support System with Jane Stoltze

    Building Your Bariatric Surgery Support System with Jane Stoltze

    Any type of surgery is no joke. However, it could be someone's turning point in life, and an integral part of having a successful surgery is having the right support. 

    Today, I am joined by Jane Stoltze, Bariatric Dietitian and Weight Loss Surgery Coach. She talks about her experiences implementing the common trends to support her clients during surgery until their recovery. Jane also emphasises the benefits of having the right people to surround you on this journey.

    Your weight loss journey only begins after surgery, so make sure to arm yourself with the people and tools you need. 

    Episode Highlights:

    Common trends in the recovery and nutritional needs of patients after Bariatric Surgery 
    The need for the right support system before and after surgery 
    Benefits of building habits in the first year of post-surgery 
    The 4 key areas people struggle with and need support around after surgery
    What a dietitian can do for you 
    Learning how to manage eating cycles and difficult eating situations 
    Understanding your bodily queues and how to respond to these
    Bariatric Nutrition Boot Camp 

    About Our Guest:

    Jane Stoltze is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), Mindful Eating Educator and Certified trainer.

    Over her career, she has provided clinical nutritional management of patients covering many areas. Still, she has decided to specialise in caring for people before and after their Bariatric Surgery.

    Jane is passionate about educating and coaching people to reach the full benefits of their Weight Loss Surgery and establishing healthy lifelong habits.

    She also loves snorkelling, a nice glass of vino, and is a mum to a gorgeous 6-year-old boy!

    Connect with Jane Stoltze:

    Facebook | facebook.com/bariatricnutritioncoachcommunity 

    Instagram | instagram.com/bariatricnutritioncoach 

    LinkedIn | Jane Stoltze 

    YouTube | youtu.be/bariatricnutritioncoach 

    About Bariatric Nutrition Bootcamp:

    The Bariatric Nutrition Bootcamp is an online coaching program headed by Jane Stoltze. It combines education and coaching with the community for support.

    Through this boot camp, Jane focuses on the 4 key areas known to be a challenge post-surgery. These are: 

    Learning what and how to eat (connect to managing hunger and cravings)
    Identifying and managing weight regain habits
     Meal planning
    Trusting body and food

    If you'd like to try out Jane's program, we offer a 10% reduction by simply placing the code AWLSpodcast! I believe this program is worth investing in, so try it out!
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    Skin Care and Confidence Boost After Surgery with Natalie Roberts

    Skin Care and Confidence Boost After Surgery with Natalie Roberts

    After Weight Loss Surgery, most people's concerns revolve around excess skin and the risk of scars. However, competing in the bodybuilding arena might be an entirely different story.

    Rejoining us today is World Beauty Fitness Fashion- Australia Transformation Winner 2022, Natalie Roberts. She shares how her reconstructive surgery not only reshaped her body but also boosted her confidence. With research, systematic planning, and the right mindset, she overcame her fears and became who she is today.

    While surgery isn't the answer to everything, we'll show you how it creates bigger opportunities for you, just like Natalie did. 


    Episode Highlights:

    ● Natalie's story from weight loss to reconstructive surgery

    ● Choosing between a cosmetic surgeon vs a plastic surgeon

    ● The importance of working closely with your surgeon

    ● Choosing between her skin or her scars

    ● Being methodical to have a healthy recovery mindset

    ● How the surgery challenged her to open to more opportunities 

    ● Her definition of a healthy body

    ● Advice for people planning to undergo reconstructive surgery


    Connect with Natalie Roberts:


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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

jennyfalls ,

Good, needs improvement

Good, informative podcast for those with WLS and for those without. Couple of areas of improvement- The background music of the latest episode was very distracting. The quality of the host's recording in most episodes is poor. Looking at these points would be greatly appreciated.

MrsDel2022 ,

Informative and educational

I have learnt so much from this podcast! The broad range of interviewees cover a wide range of WLS topics, and I’m often finding I relate to every topic covered. The sound quality is sometimes a little hard to listen to, but the content quality is tops!

Kym OGorman ,

Great, easy to understand information

Jacqui shares insights into a range of aspects of weight loss surgery and how patients can have success in the long-term. Interesting guests.

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