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Education and development for new and aspiring company directors and board members.

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Education and development for new and aspiring company directors and board members.

    Boardroom Insider Of The Month with Rod Buchecker | Ep. 38

    Boardroom Insider Of The Month with Rod Buchecker | Ep. 38

    Welcome back to another edition of boardroom insider of the month. Today I am joined by Rod Buchecker. Rod is a marketing & brand strategist, CEO coach, and board member.

    Amongst many other roles he holds, Rod currently serves on:
    • The Advisory Board of Think 180 Pty Ltd
    • The Board of Burnside War Memorial Hospital and is Chair of the Burnside Hospital Foundation, and
    • The Board of Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park, where he is also Chair of Risk and Governance.

    Rod’s board career extends back to 1994; so he has a lot of wisdom to share and he does so in this episode.

    Rod shares
    • His pathway to the boardroom
    • What he thinks are the essential skill(s) of great board members
    • How he sees his professional expertise benefiting organisations via board service.
    • The value he gets personally from serving on boards; and
    • How he overcame his biggest board career challenge.

    Connect with Rod at https://rodbuchecker.com/
    Full show notes at https://getonboardaustralia.com.au/boardroom-insider-of-the-month-with-rod-buchecker-ep-38/

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    Creating A Sustainable Board Career with Brad Waldron | Ep. 37

    Creating A Sustainable Board Career with Brad Waldron | Ep. 37

    My guest today is Brad Waldron. Brad is known for his room-filling energy, infectious humour and battle-proven insights with immediate real-world applications. He has a proven record of helping others to succeed, through harnessing a rare combination of insight, humour and practical strategies to increase performance whilst enabling people to gain more fulfillment from their professional roles. He’s a speaker, CEO, executive chairman, strategist, coach, champion, author and winner across sport and business.

    I came across Brad when I searched LinkedIn using the phrase ‘Corporate Athlete’; as you now know, Brad really does embody that mental image of a corporate athlete. I invited Brad onto the podcast because I know that many of you are playing multiple roles: full-time professional, parent, partner, family member, friend, and board member. Amongst other things. I want to support you to be successful across all of these roles, and that you maintain the high energy, high output, that you are likely known for, without burning out so that you have a long-term sustainable board career.

    I am sure that this conversation will inspire and motivate you to be intentional about the roles you choose to play, and that you play them from a 10.

    Full show notes: https://getonboardaustralia.com.au/sustainable-board-career-brad-waldron/

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    I Had A Stroke. Here's My Story. | Ep. 36

    I Had A Stroke. Here's My Story. | Ep. 36

    Six years ago I had a stroke. It taught me some valuable lessons.

    This episode is in recognition of National Stroke Week in Australia (2-8 August 2021). You can donate to the Australian Stroke Foundation at https://strokefoundation.org.au/

    I am also donating 1% of all August course revenue. Visit https://getonboardaustralia.com.au/academy/

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    Boardroom Insider Of The Month with Sunita Miranda | Ep. 35

    Boardroom Insider Of The Month with Sunita Miranda | Ep. 35

    As part of diversity month, I have invited Sunita Miranda onto the podcast to have her share her experiences in the boardroom as a young female of Indian ethnicity with an expertise in marketing and communications.

    Sunita has served on boards for nearly 13 years, starting, like many of us, in the NFP sector while working full time and with a young family.

    Sunita is a testament to sharing your career goals with your partner so that you’re all working together, why it’s critical as a board member (current or aspiring) to always be educating yourself, and the simple and practical way a board can approach improving its diversity.

    Find all of the show notes here: https://getonboardaustralia.com.au/boardroom-insider-of-the-month-with-sunita-miranda-ep-35/

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    Welcome To The Boardroom | Ep. 34

    Welcome To The Boardroom | Ep. 34

    What should one expect from a new director induction / on-boarding program?
    If there is no formal new director on-boarding program in place, for example, in the case of smaller NFP's or private companies, what should one ask from the Chair and CEO to get yourself up to speed as quickly as possible ahead of your first board meeting?

    My answer to these questions addresses the two main aspects of board life: the business and the board. I also include the questions that I would be asking the CEO and Chair to get me up to speed and contributing to the board and business ASAP.

    For full show notes (including links) visit: https://getonboardaustralia.com.au/welcome-to-the-boardroom-ep-34

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    The Five Dysfunctions Of A Board With Paul Lloyd | Ep. 33

    The Five Dysfunctions Of A Board With Paul Lloyd | Ep. 33

    When I first read 'The Five Dysfunctions of a Team' by Patrick Lencioni I was struck at how the five dysfunctions of the management team presented in the book are reflected in teams of all kinds, from the sporting field to the boardroom. It’s actually one of the best “business books for the boardroom” that I’ve read.

    When I ran into Leadership and Team Development Specialist, Paul Lloyd, recently at an event and he mentioned he was newly accredited in the Patrick Lencioni CAPAPro network, I jumped on the opportunity to invite him onto the podcast to have a conversation about the five dysfunctions of a team as it applies to the boardroom. Thankfully he accepted and, as suspected, we had a great discussion; covering how dysfunction shows up in the boardroom, how a board begins to overcome their dysfunctions, and what teams who think they’re not quite in the dysfunction zone can do to get better. We also digress into other areas, because when you start to unpack group dysfunction you start to realise that it comes a lot from our personal issues that we bring to the boardroom, our assumptions, and unmet expectations.

    It doesn’t take long into a board career to realise that boards are more about people than they are about pure governance; so I’m certain that any board member (or aspiring board member) will find this conversation valuable.

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