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Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where mompreneurs and women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. With host Dana Malstaff

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Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where mompreneurs and women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. With host Dana Malstaff

    The Ultimate Black Friday Guide for Boss Moms w/Jill Gilbert

    The Ultimate Black Friday Guide for Boss Moms w/Jill Gilbert

    Black Friday is upon us, giving us the opportunity to spoil our loved ones (and ourselves!) without breaking the bank. With everything from anti-aging skincare to high-tech gadgets on sale, now is the time to get a headstart on the holidays.

    With so many products out there, sorting through the options can get overwhelming quickly. How can we be sure we’re getting the very best of what’s available?

    As Boss Moms, we’re busy as is, so wouldn’t it be great to have an expert pointing us in the right direction? 

    In this episode, Founder of Wicked Awesome You, Jill Gilbert shares her top picks from this year’s curated Black Friday Gift Guide. 
    3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
    How to shop for gifts that prioritize our health:

    Tools like thermometers may have been deemed boring in the past, but in 2020 they’ve become essential. This Black Friday, look for gadgets that keep loved ones safe. 

    Why skincare masks are always a winner:

    At-home masks are a great way to indulge when we can’t get to a spa, and that makes them a great choice for the busy moms in our lives. The great thing is, masks aren’t limited to our faces anymore, and with options like foot masks we can make sure our loved ones feel truly pampered from head to toe, all from the comfort of their own homes. 

    The gifts that help our loved ones stay on track with their goals:

    Going into the new year, we all want to build better habits, and luckily there are gifting options that make that possible. Health-related gifts like high-tech water bottles and brain-sensing headbands that improve our meditation practices are a fun way to help our friends and family achieve their goals for 2021.  
    Guest Bio- 
    Jill Gilbert is the Founder of Wicked Awesome You, a platform dedicated to helping accomplished women in the 40-50 something age range map out the next chapters of their journeys. She is also the host of the Anti-Aging Uncensored Podcast, and author of the Wicked, Ageless, and Doing Epic Sh*t eBook. Jill is also a breakthrough industry conference curator, and over the last decade she’s produced Digital Health Summit at CES, Sleep Tech, Baby Tech, and Beauty Tech showcases. 
    To find out more, go to:
    And to access the amazing holiday gift guide mentioned in this episode, go to:
    Products mentioned in this episode:

    Withings Smart Temporal Thermometer- https://www.withings.com/eu/en/thermo
    Comper Smart Forehead Thermometer- https://www.amazon.com/Comper-600748082711-Smart-Forehead-Thermometer/dp/B06XKR28GY 
    Patchology PoshPeel™ Pedi Cure- https://www.patchology.com/collections/poshpeel-pedicure 
    Peach and Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask- https://www.peachandlily.com/products/super-reboot-resurfacing-mask 
    Summer Fridays Overtime Mask- https://summerfridays.com/products/overtime-mask2 
    Muse S Brain Sensing Headband- https://choosemuse.com/muse-s/ 
    Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle- https://hidratespark.com/products/black-hidrate-spark-3 

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    How to Boost Your Energy & Create Healthy Habits On Your Own Terms w/Jennifer Nagel

    How to Boost Your Energy & Create Healthy Habits On Your Own Terms w/Jennifer Nagel

    Getting healthy is about more than losing weight, it’s also about gaining energy. When we lead healthy lifestyles, it’s easier to wake up energized and excited about running our businesses.
    Most of us see exercise and eating well as something we need to do, but we never seem to get around to it. We all know we need to drink water, eat our vegetables, and get our bodies moving, but for some reason turning those things into habits is easier said than done.
    As Boss Moms, we’re driven to succeed in other areas of our lives, so what’s stopping us from committing to our health? How can we change the way we motivate ourselves to stay on a healthier path for good?
    In this episode, Owner of Figured Out Fitness LLC, Jennifer Nagel shares that by developing solutions that fit in with our everyday lives, we’ll be more likely to commit to our health in the long term. 
    If you want to stay committed, your health and fitness “why” has to be 100% about YOU and no one else. - Jennifer Nagel
    Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
    How a shift in mindset creates a sustainable health journey:

    Our health is a long-term asset we need to live our best lives. We have to stop thinking in terms of eating well or exercising for the sake of it. Start looking at it as a way to get the strength and energy we need to do the things we love.
    Why we need to start small with health:

    As business owners, we know that small habits accumulate to big results over time. However, when it comes to our health, we tend to take an all-or-nothing approach. If we really want our habits to stick, we have to start with small, manageable, and reasonable actions that can be incorporated into our daily lives.

    The importance of realizing there’s more than one way to be healthy:

    Not everyone will want to sign up for 6 CrossFit sessions in a row or stick to eating a diet of only Kale, and that’s okay. To set ourselves up for sustainable results, we have to commit to small changes that fit in with our lifestyles. 

    How to stop letting guilt hold us back from our fitness:

    A lot of Boss Moms want to embrace healthier lifestyles to feel connected to their old selves, but that can feel indulgent when we’re already juggling kids and careers. We have to remember that committing to our health isn’t selfish, it’s self-love, and that sets a great example for our children.  
    Guest Bio- 
    Jennifer Nagel is the owner of Figured Out Fitness LLC, and a coach and certified trainer for women over 30 who want simple fitness solutions. Through her signature 1:1 online coaching program, The Body Blueprint, and her free online community, Modern Women Getting Fit, Jennifer is here to shake up what you THINK you know about health and fitness. 

    To find out more and to connect with Jennifer on social media, head to:
    And to find out more about The Body Blueprint, Jennifer’s unique program that combines guided coaching and goal phasing to transform your body, visit: 
    Books mentioned in this episode:

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    How to Create Freedom & Luxury Through Intentional Minimalism w/Meg Nordmann

    How to Create Freedom & Luxury Through Intentional Minimalism w/Meg Nordmann

    Our world is moving away from an emphasis on accumulating possessions as a measure of success, and towards the understanding that time is the true luxury. 
    Having more time gives us the power to pursue the things that matter most, and an excess of stuff robs us of that luxury. 
    Minimalism is one of the most impactful ways to get more out of our time, especially as we head into the holiday season. This is the time people struggle the most with stress as marketing messages pressure us to buy and accumulate more stuff. 
    The stress of excess possessions affects our kids too. By simplifying and paring down, we make their lives better and teach them to value what truly matters. 
    How can we apply minimalist principles to our lives, homes, and gift receiving? How do we set the stage for our kids to see time, not possessions, as the true gift? 
    In this episode, I’m joined by the author of Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas, Meg Nordmann. We discuss how to navigate the emotional side of decluttering and why intentional minimalism benefits our children and gives us the space and time to focus on what we love. 
    The word to focus on isn’t minimalism, it’s intentionality. It’s about trying to be more intentional about our stuff by simplifying, curating, and editing things down to what truly matters. -Meg Nordmann
    Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
    How clutter affects our children:

    An excess of stuff in our places causes stress and higher cortisol levels. Our children also get just as overwhelmed, if not more when their rooms and our homes are cluttered. They aren’t built to manage the cortisol levels that come with clutter. 

    The true meaning of minimalism:

    Minimalism doesn’t mean getting rid of things we love. It’s all about being more intentional about what we own and buy. By paring down to what’s essential and what we truly love, we experience the luxury of having more time to pursue what matters. 

    How minimalism can improve our holiday season experience:

    The tradition around Christmas has been built around the anticipation of gifts and getting more stuff. Through minimalism and intentionality, we can teach our children to focus more on making memories as a family, rather than what we’re going to get. 

    How to talk about minimalism with our friends and family:
    Don’t use the word minimalism or decluttering because it might trip them up, scare, or confuse them. Lead them to understand that having more stuff means overwhelm, stress, and a lack of time. Once they understand this, we can steer them towards experience gifts and consumable gifts instead of things that create clutter.   
    Guest Bio- 
    Meg Nordmann is the author of Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas, a new book that was published on September 1st this year in print, ebook, and audiobook formats and is intended to be read in the fall months in preparation for Christmas. Meg is also the mother of two messy little girls who were the catalyst for her becoming a minimalist, along with her goal to achieve financial independence in order to retire early. A former newspaper and magazine journalist and editor, Meg is now a full-time mother who writes, blogs, and speaks about minimalism and creating the luxury of time to pursue the things that matter the most to her. She recently launched a podcast on this topic called Journey to Freedom that explores how minimalism and frugality can lead to financial freedom and time freedom. She’s excited to share her tips on how to have a simpler, less expensive, and more intentional holiday this season. 
    Visit http://megnordmann.com/book/ to learn more about Meg and her book. 

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    Don’t Multiply, Amplify: How to Streamline & Simplify Our Way to a Scalable Business w/Brittany May

    Don’t Multiply, Amplify: How to Streamline & Simplify Our Way to a Scalable Business w/Brittany May

    Entrepreneurs are bombarded with the persistent push to be everywhere and do all the things. This often comes from the mindset that creating more and multiplying what we sell will bring us better results
    This way of thinking only causes unnecessary complexity and confusion. Doing more doesn’t increase our chances of success, it actually diminishes our impact.
    Running a simple, streamlined business is the key to a chaos-free, scalable system that allows us to do what we’re passionate about more efficiently.
    The key is dropping what’s not working and amplifying what is through evergreen content, automation, and honing in on the essentials.
    How do we shift our mindset so we can let go of what’s not working? Why is evergreen content the key to simple stress-free scaling? In this episode, digital strategist and business coach, Brittany May shares how she helps women accomplish more in their businesses by doing less and amplifying the right things.
      Things You'll Learn In This Episode  
    The power of evergreen:

    Evergreen content and products allow us to leverage something we put our heart, knowledge, skills, and soul into once, and get it to do the work for us over and over again. Leveraging evergreen beats starting from scratch every single time, and it gives us the time to really hone in on what’s working.  

    How to determine what we need to eliminate:

    Our feelings about what’s truly working in our businesses might lie to us, but the numbers never lie. By paying attention to our metrics, it quickly becomes clear what’s getting results, what needs improvement, and what we need to eliminate to amplify our impact. 

    Why consistency without insight creates frustration:

    The key to a simple and streamlined business is not consistency for consistency’s sake. We’re told to be consistent to build a successful and profitable business, but there’s a caveat. If we’re consistent in the wrong thing, we waste our precious time and effort. What makes the biggest impact is being consistent in the things that actually work and serve our businesses.  
    Guest Bio- 
    Brittany is a digital strategist and business coach for women entrepreneurs focused on helping them create smarter systems to scale simply. After running her first seven-figure business (the wrong way!) and having it take over her life, she is now passionate about helping moms structure their businesses in a way that is not only profitable but in a way that works FOR them and their families!
    For more information, visit https://www.simplyhappylife.com/ for more information and to sign up for Brittany’s Accomplish More Masterclass. You can also follow @simplehappybrittany on Instagram.

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    Feminine Energy in Entrepreneurship w/Jocelyn J. Kopac

    Feminine Energy in Entrepreneurship w/Jocelyn J. Kopac

    The world of entrepreneurship is dominated by masculine energy. For female entrepreneurs, learning about business from the perspective of masculine energy can cause burnout, self-sabotage, and not running our businesses on our own terms. 
    Masculine and feminine energy clash because they are distinctly different. Facing this clash internally often leads to us feeling disconnected and misaligned with our own businesses. It can also make us struggle to find a pricing model that is true to what we care about. 
    How can we run better businesses and lead happier teams by leading with feminine energy? What are some of the key parts of feminine energy we can bring into our businesses? How can we set boundaries from a feminine energy perspective? 
    In this episode, I’m joined by entrepreneur, DEI educator, and CEO of The Digital Market.co, Jocelyn J. Kopac. She shares how to improve our businesses by changing the energy we lead them with, and how that helps us create a more aligned financial model. 
    Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
    How pricing structures affect how we feel about our businesses:

    If we don’t believe in the pricing structure and the financial model we’re using to scale our businesses, we may end up sabotaging ourselves and our businesses. Instead of pricing according to everyone else’s model, we have to find the model that’s in alignment with our values. 

    How to establish a pricing structure that aligns with our energy:

    Our pricing shouldn’t be about charging for our time, it’s about charging our worth. No one can ever pay us enough for our time because it’s too valuable. Charge according to your values, boundaries, and how much time you can spend on a task. Charging by account, rather than by the hour, also gives us the time and space to nurture our projects without feeling overwhelmed. 

    What stops women entrepreneurs from setting more boundaries:

    Feminine energy prioritizes helping others, and as a result, many women end up feeling guilty for setting boundaries. Boundaries can also feel harsh if we’re viewing them from a masculine energy perspective. It is possible to create boundaries that don’t exclude, eliminate, or reject people.

    How to identify the activities we should be outsourcing:

    It’s easy to slip into the habit of overworking ourselves when our energy is driven towards helping others. To avoid taking on too many tasks, keep a record of every activity done in a day and rank them in terms of enjoyment. After 2 weeks, we’ll have a good idea of what we should be delegating to others.  
    Guest Bio- 
    Jocelyn J. Kopac is the CEO and Strategist at The Digital Market.co. A serial entrepreneur, Jocelyn started her first business at the age of 7. Knowing from a young age that running and growing businesses would be a huge part of her future, today she is also a business coach who helps leaders become confident in their growth plans, make sales, and build an audience through unfettered honesty, positivity, and doable strategies. Her ingenuity and positive attitude represent true leadership, but she attributes a lot of her success to the power of abundance, paying it forward, and a great cup of coffee.
    To learn more about Jocelyn’s agency visit https://thedigitalmarket.co/. To sign up for her Business Readiness program visit https://www.jocelynjkopac.com/program/ and follow @jocelynjkopac on Instagram and Facebook. 

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    How Abbey Ashley Went from Virtual Assistant to 7-Figure Entrepreneur

    How Abbey Ashley Went from Virtual Assistant to 7-Figure Entrepreneur

    Virtual assistants are in high demand because they provide an important service to busy entrepreneurs. Working as a virtual assistant is also a gateway to your own entrepreneurial journey. It prepares us for launching our own products and building businesses that fulfill us and give us freedom.
    Some of the most successful online entrepreneurs started out as virtual assistants and worked their way up to become CEOs in their own right.
    Offering our services online allows us to uncover what we’re good at, what we love, and where we can offer the most value. This allows for us to build something that will make an impact. How do we get into the world of virtual assistance? What kind of services can we offer?
    In this episode, I’m joined by Abbey Ashley, founder of The Virtual Savvy. She shares how she went from VA to CEO, and how she found success by focusing on one product.
    The best way for me to make money is to improve on the things I already have, instead of creating new things. -Abbey Ashley
    3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
    There is a huge market for VAs:

    As businesses grow, it stops making financial sense for the owner to spend their time on tasks that don’t make more money or move the business forward. More and more entrepreneurs are realizing they need help, and the virtual assistant niche is thriving as a result.

    How to go from generalist VA to niched down entrepreneur:

    Being a VA is an entry point to offering services online. It gives us the launching pad to figure out the problem we can solve, which becomes the service we offer. Starting out as a generalist allows us to attract clients, build our confidence, and then we’ll start seeing what we’re good at. Gradually that will lead to the development of a valuable service.

    How building upon one product/service gives us time freedom:

    It takes longer to get traction on a new product and marketing avenue than it does to pour our time and effort into perfecting a product that already exists. By pouring fuel on a product and service we already have, we can prioritize better, maximize our time freedom, and build something that has long-term value.  
    Guest Bio- 
    Abbey Ashley is the Founder of The Virtual Savvy. She helps aspiring virtual assistants launch and grow their own at-home business from scratch. Abbey started her own virtual assistant business as a new mom and was able to double the salary from her full-time corporate job, working only 20 hours a week... in just 30 days! She's since gone on to grow a seven-figure business and retire her husband ALL from her at-home business. It's now her passion to help others start their own VA business so they can taste the freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship as well. 

    To register for Abbey’s free training on Becoming a Booked Out Virtual Assistant visit https://boss-mom.com/abbey/.

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2 Ratings

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