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A podcast dedicated to the table-top game Blood Bowl, that focuses on local tournaments, fluff, and house rules.

Both Down - Blood Bowl Podcast Both Down - Blood Bowl Podcast

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A podcast dedicated to the table-top game Blood Bowl, that focuses on local tournaments, fluff, and house rules.

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4.2 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Mark-Irvine ,

Favourite podcast

Easy to listen to and full of great content. Keep up the great work!

Chunker_Butt ,

This podcast actually means a lot to me. Seriously.

Steve and Scott,

I am an ex-warhammer player from way back in the day (transitioned from Hero’s Quest and Space Crusade if your memory goes back that far!). Played some blood bowl as well and designed lots of my own board games when I was younger.

As I’ve got older I’ve got the wife, the kids, the mortgage, the demanding career and all the stresses that come with growing up. I’ve also developed tinnitus and live with a constant buzzing in my ears.

I write this not to complain, but instead to highlight how important the unimportance of Both Down has become in my life. I love escaping into the Both Down podcast when circumstance allows. None of what Steve and Scott discuss really matters out in the real world, but that’s why it actually matters a lot to me in my world.

Many nights I fall asleep with the podcast playing on sleep timer... Steve and Scott’s voices helping to mask the buzzing in my ears and letting me fall peacefully to sleep. When I mow the lawn or do the washing up after a stressful day I put Both Down on in the head phones. The worries of the day wash away and suddenly I’m in a world where discussing the name of a Goblin coach is the most pressing issue at hand.

There are plenty of hard issues and problems for everyone to deal with in this life, no matter who you are. Having somewhere like Both Down to escape to from time to time is thus so so valuable. It’s not a world I can live in all the time. But it is a world I can periodically escape to, get lost in and return energized and refreshed from. I truly honestly thankyou guys for doing this podcast and hope you keep it going and going and going for years to come.

I’m leaving this review as my small way of saying thankyou guys for all that you’ve done for me.

PS: I’m in Australia and hence will likely never play Blood Bowl against you guys. But I still follow your adventures regardless.

PPS: Good luck Steve with your Elf Union team in the World Cup! I’ve also been loving your World Cup podcast series. Hoping you guys smash it!

JKurosawa ,

Great show!

Highly entertaining!

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