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A podcast for parents trying to build sustainable businesses during school drop off and pick up.

Business Between Bells Kate Maynes

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A podcast for parents trying to build sustainable businesses during school drop off and pick up.

    A long time between bells

    A long time between bells

    Today I share a little update with you on what I've been up to (spoiler not a lot haha!) and life in Lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne.

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    Finding Joy with Annie Love

    Finding Joy with Annie Love

    Hello and welcome to today's episode with the delightful Annie Love.

    I hope this finds you all well and managing the juggle. We are now a few weeks into home schooling here in Vic which has been quite the roller coaster ride. Some days are good and some are bad. In some ways I think us business owners have been training for this a long time,let's face it, we are used to the juggle, working in the spare pockets of time that we have and having to pivot and be agile when things don't' go to plan. That is not to say things are easy but it's something I've been reflecting on when I look around at my business owner friends who I'm so proud of at the moment.

    As business owners we don't have the luxury of tucking into any carers or annual leave, many of us don't have colleagues who can support us on tough days and the future of our business rests on our shoulders yet the courage we showed when we started our businesses is shining through now and I just want to let you all know that it may not feel like it but you are doing an amazing job.

    I have to warn you that you will need to listen to today's episode with tissues handy, however you will also leave the episode with a smile on your face looking at your life with a new perspective which couldn't be more timely. I also wanted to thank Annie for sharing her story, as you will hear it is not an easy story to tell but Annie is determined to share so she can help others find the light during difficult times.

    I first came across Annie Love's story a year ago and it is safe to say it stopped me in my tracks. How Annie and her family had experienced everything they had in a few short years felt unjust and unfair but there was something about Annie, that this remarkable women could not only still find the positives in life but radiate love and light the way that she does was incredible to me. I feel incredibly honoured that Annie came into my life a few months ago. I have been coaching Annie but I have to say in the short time we've worked together the roles have been reversed and she has changed the way I look at my life.

    Based in Brisbane, Annie wears many hats - wife, mother to three beautiful boys, co-owner of Grassroots IT with husband Ben, writer on the Mummalove blog, life coach and I'm thrilled to say new podcaster. After a rollercoaster of a parenting journey, she is well placed to help women find joy and create their best life even through difficult circumstances.

    In the episode Annie discusses:

    - How Annie and Ben created a business that was flexible around family
    - How Annie has navigated indescribable grief through her life
    - Down syndrome awareness - how Annie and her husband worked through the diagnosis of down syndrome of their youngest son Nicholas
    - How Annie and Ben dealt with the diagnosis of leukaemia and the chemo treatment of their eldest son Sam
    - How Annie is helping other mothers through life coaching

    I'm so proud of Annie who has just launched a new podcast called 'The Mummalove Podcast'. The podcast is about finding light even in the midst of darkness. I've been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some of the episodes and they are amazing. I would be so happy if you could jump on over to the podcast and give it a listen and share with any friends who you think it may help. Here is a link, https://mumma-love.com/podcast/

    So now let's get on with the show.

    Here is the video I mentioned in the podcast of the gorgeous Nicholas, a href="https://mumma-love.com/2016/10/05/a-little-snip...

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    Nurturing female friendships with Michelle Broadbent

    Nurturing female friendships with Michelle Broadbent

    Today's episode is with the beautiful and wise Michelle Broadbent. We recorded this well before iso life began and I have to apologise for being so behind with my episodes this year. I'm going to be changing things up a little which I'll share with you soon just to make this more manageable while juggling business and now home schooling!

    Michelle supports female entrepreneurs as they navigate their way through to the next stage of business growth. Michelle is a trusted confidant and sounding board. She is tuned-in to what her clients need and prides herself on providing balanced advice with a big dose of TLC.

    During this chat Michelle and I must have been able to see into the future as there was so much we discussed that will be able to help you navigate this period that we are currently in.

    In the episode Michelle discusses:

    - How to get really organised in your business and become a master of your own time
    - How a Career Coach helped her change careers
    - How she has created a business that supports her lifestyle as a Mum of two daughters
    - Some amazing productivity and time hacks
    - The importance of creating systems within your business
    - A great tip on how to manage your wardrobe which is something we can all do at the moment and will help with our budgets!

    And finally Michelle discusses the importance of nurturing and maintaining female friendships. This is something we haven't covered on the show before an d it is so timely as I've found for myself I've been leaning on my female friendships more than ever before the last few weeks.
    I thoroughly enjoyed myself recording this but also learnt a great deal which I know you are going to as well. So now let's get on with the show.

    You can find Michelle at https://www.michellebroadbent.com.au and on Instagram @michbroadbent

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    Business after Matrescence with Tracy Harris

    Business after Matrescence with Tracy Harris

    Welcome to today's episode of Business Between Bells with Tracy Harris from Mums with Hustle.

    I hope today's episode will provide you with a bit of relief in light of covid-19, we recorded this two weeks ago when it felt as if circumstances were very different and it was a really enjoyable chat.

    I've been following Tracy's journey since the very beginning, her eldest son and my daughter are a few months apart and I started my business not long after hers. It has been an absolute joy to see her and her husband Karl grow it into the empire it is today helping Mums from all over the globe design their life first and business second by harnessing the superpower of Instagram as part of a complete digital strategy. I'm a founding member of the Social Method Society and I have to say it is a community like no other.

    In today's episode we discuss:

    - How Tracy and Karl have walked the talk and created their business around their values and life vision
    - How their son Ethan and the family are transitioning into his first year of school
    - How matrescence transformed Tracy into a new person and was the catalyst for her starting her successful business
    - How we all need to keep our 'future selves' in mind when designing our businesses
    - How Tracy developed a membership model for her business 'The Social Method Society' and her decisions behind going all in on this and how it has paid off
    - The importance of seeking out mentors in business

    Tracy's energy is infectious, and I think this will be such a great pick me up for you at the moment. I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

    You can find Tracy at https://mumswithhustle.com/ and on Instagram @mumswithhustle

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    Let's be real with Natasha Stewart

    Let's be real with Natasha Stewart

    Today's episode is with the awesome Nat Stewart from Business Jump who can I just say is a total Mum boss, recording this episode while her 8 month old twins had their nap!
    Nat is a mother of four and the strategic powerhouse behind Business Jump; an online business that provides a platform for other mothers to jump start their dreams of running a profitable business from home.

    Nat regularly bares all with her tribe of a collective forty thousand mothers and business owners, sharing stories of not just her learnings in business but the real and raw events that shaped who she is today.

    In today's episode Nat discussed:

    - How she manages the family/business juggle with two children at primary school and twin baby girls
    - How Nat's remarkable business growth has been mostly an organic process
    - How she keeps her business and its systems simple
    - The importance to Nat of sharing all elements of her story - warts and all
    - A really important discussion around mental health and how Nat manages it as a business owner and Mum
    - And how Nat has used PR in her business

    This was a refreshingly honest chat and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    I also just wanted to say we talk about Post Natal Anxiety and Depression and just general mental health in this episode. Please do know that you are not alone and if this conversations brings up anything for you, there are amazing organisations out there like PANDA, Cope, the Gidget Foundation and Beyond Blue.

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    Embracing our one life with Tina Tower

    Embracing our one life with Tina Tower

    Welcome to this week's episode of Business Between Bells! Today's episode is with Tina Tower.
    Tina Tower wears many hats she is Mother of 2, entrepreneur, author, and high performance business consultant.

    After investing in her first property at aged 18 and founding early childhood tutoring franchise Begin Bright by aged 20, Tower credits her achievements to an unbreakable desire to succeed and believes all women can create a plan for their ideal life and absolutely commit to working towards it - no matter who they are, or where they currently stand on their path to success.

    In her new book One Life - How To Have The Life of Your Dreams,Tower reveals she is no stranger to adversity, hardship and the agonising guilt associated building a business while raising a family, and believes inevitable difficulty must be embraced and handled effectively in order to enable growth.

    In today's episode Tina discusses:
    - How as parents and busy business owners we need to be super diligent at planning out our time
    - How Tina tackles big projects and how she wrote her book in one week!
    - The importance of preserving energy
    - Tina's thoughts on Mum guilt
    - And Tina's experience of taking her family on a 9 month worldwide adventure last year

    I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did! So now let's get on with the show.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Ainslie_Young ,

Like having a friend in the trenches with you!

Such an informative, inspiring and personable podcast! I love tuning in to Katie’s conversations with other mum’s who are juggling business, motherhood and life. This is such an important conversation to have - showing others that successful entrepreneurship IS possible while being a mother and we all have similar challenges (and they shouldn’t be down played!). Thank you Katie 👌🏻🙌🏻

Kristy at Zockmelon Consulting ,

Just what I need!

Picture this, I’ve just walked the kids to school and on the walk home I pop my ear phones in for a few minutes of podcast time to get me ready for the day. I get through and episode and by the time I’m home I’m ready to start the day knowing business between the bells IS possible and there are heaps of people doing it. This little gem is like a water cooler chat with other mums in business trying to fit 8 hours in 5. Thank you!

Soliver88 ,

Beyond Business and Bells

Well done on your podcast Katie Maynes! It’s always incredibly professional, informative and polished.
What I find most interesting about Business Between Bells, is that even as someone who does not have children or a business it is still impacting. While business and kids is its core, the interesting guest’s stories go beyond that to connect with everyone.

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