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The Business Wisdom Podcast is the space where Business Strategist Clive Enever shares his inner business wisdom with you. Each episode is packed with his experience to help you grow and develop your own business wisdom.

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The Business Wisdom Podcast is the space where Business Strategist Clive Enever shares his inner business wisdom with you. Each episode is packed with his experience to help you grow and develop your own business wisdom.

    Managing Growth

    Managing Growth

    Growth is happening all around. Even as some businesses are shrinking, others are experiencing strong and continuing growth.
    Growth can equal more jobs; if it does, it can also mean higher staff costs.

    But sometimes well-handled growth can be about better utilising and training your staff, implementing the right systems, procedures and lines of communication to take the business to the next level.

    Size doesn't necessarily equate to success. There are plenty of businesses where proprietors have invested heavily in making their business bigger, only to find at the end of the day the financial return doesn't meet their expectations.

    The solution is to know exactly where your growth is occurring or is likely to and invest strategically when required.
    Growth can equal more revenue. But the likelihood is it will also require a financial response, whether that's larger premises, higher staffing levels or an investment in better tracking technology.

    Growth can be organic in nature but sometimes it needs a concerted effort. This is where intimate knowledge of your market, emerging trends and growing areas pays off. That way instead of just responding to growth, you make a calculated estimate of what will happen and put yourself at the forefront of the game.
    Of all the things to consider - and there are many - when asking, "will I grow the business, or will I keep it the way it is", the most important consideration might be the advice from someone not directly involved in the business.

    There are many myths around growth and seeing the business as it really is compared to the dream, can save much heartache and have you achieve where you want to be. Seeking advice from someone not directly involved can shine a light on many things which might otherwise slip by under the radar.

    Therefore, planning is the key, to know what to expect, what will be required and to budget for the growth leap period.

    Increasing your activity to achive your goals

    Increasing your activity to achive your goals

    Whatever your goals happen to be an activity schedule is relevant and essential to achieving them.

    If you are accustomed to setting goals and then achieving them, you are probably well versed in establishing an activity schedule directly related to the goal. If you are not, then it is time to identify what activity will deliver the goal and then begin the activity.

    Or perhaps you are one who doesn't understand setting goals and how to achieve them. If this is you, choose something you really, really want to have as an outcome. Now set about the how to achieve part. Begin with a time frame. When do you want this? Is this time frame realistic? That is, is it possible to achieve the outcome you desire within the time you have set? If not, set a realistic time. If it is you are already well on the way to understanding what activity is required to achieve the goal.

    If you are having difficulty following the above, then just find something you want. Set your mind to achieving it and take action - any action that will take you toward the goal. As you take more actions toward the goal you will begin to relate outcomes to the action taken. This will allow you to be more precise in establishing the right actions to deliver the goal you set yourself.

    Set yourself some goals and a plan to achieve them.
    • What are your top 5 goals?
    • What actions do you need to take to achieve them?
    • What are your key performance indicators to ensure you are on target to reach these goals?
    • What will you measure (KPI), or what have you already measured and what are the adjustments you'll make?
    • How do you intend to simplify your role, prevent overwhelm and expand your goals?

    Are you seeing opportunity in changing cirumstances?

    Are you seeing opportunity in changing cirumstances?

    What do you see when you look at changed circumstances?

    Some see problems and issues while others see challenges and still others see opportunity.
    The interesting thing about changing circumstances is that they all carry opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity is for you and sometimes it is for someone else. The skill is in knowing you and your business so well that you can tell the difference.

    Recognising whether circumstances are carrying an opportunity for you or for someone else is the difference between taking action and advantage from the situation or understanding there is no need for you to do anything. Not recognising this can lead to procrastination, poor decision making and stagnation.
    Remember that circumstances only appear as challenges if we doubt our ability to overcome them. And what is, is. What is, really doesn't matter. What matters is how we react to what is.

    Knowing what you are about and seeing the circumstances around you from that perspective allows you to move toward your goals with a minimum of fuss.

    Want to work with me to make the most of your change

    Strategies to overcome business overwhelm

    Strategies to overcome business overwhelm

    More and more small business owners are talking about overwhelm. Quite simply, they're feeling the strain of trying to accomplish too many tasks in too little time.

    And they're far from alone in this sentiment. A National Australia Bank survey found just under half of all small to medium business operators felt overwhelmed by the day-to-day of running a business.
    3 talking points:

    •What is overwhelm
    •The seven strategies to address it
    •The benefits to your business of nipping overwhelm in the bud

    If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's time to work out where your attention should be focused. You can book a discovery call with me at enevergroup.com.au/booking-clive to discuss where to from here.

    The art of listening in business

    The art of listening in business

    Listening is a very important skill in business and is essential to every conversation we have. Good listening skills allow us to hear what is actually being said and open up the door for even more communication from the person we are conversing with.
    Verbal communication involves both speaking and listening. Listening is key to effective working relationships among employees and between management and staff. Listening skills also impact a company's interaction with customers and other businesses.

    3 talking points:

    •The business benefits of really listening to both staff and customers
    •The three ways to improve your listening skills (don't pre-judge, don't interrupt, listen for ideas not just words)
    •How to foster a listening culture in your business

    Why Goals and Values share a relationship in your business success

    Why Goals and Values share a relationship in your business success

    In both life and business, when it comes to setting goals they are not created in a vacuum. They should be viewed within the context of the values you espouse.

    Why? Because when the goals align with the values, they are more achievable. They become the stepping stones that get you where you want to go. So, let's delve a little deeper into the relationship between goals and values, and how you can ensure they align.

    In this episode we will explore:

    •The difference between values and goals (definitions)
    •Defining your personal and business values (questions to ask yourself)
    •Translating that into SMART goals then actionable habits

    For more insight into the art of defining your values and setting goals book a discovery call with me here https://www.enevergroup.com.au/booking-clive/

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