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The Christian Podcast Community: A people working together for a common goal: Exalting Christ as truth.

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The Christian Podcast Community: A people working together for a common goal: Exalting Christ as truth.

    ”All Israel will be Saved” Part 2 Episode 298 – Romans, Part 87 (Romans 11:27-28)

    ”All Israel will be Saved” Part 2 Episode 298 – Romans, Part 87 (Romans 11:27-28)

    Join us on Life Song as we continue our study in Romans.

    # 26 Christians and Voting Part 2

    # 26 Christians and Voting Part 2

    The Stop and Think crew and Guest: Dillon discuss the criteria Christians should use to vote: Focusing on the minor and major issues we should focus on. (Part 2 of 2)

    Show Notes

    0:00 Opening

    2:20 Vice president Debate thoughts

    8:30 Dillon's conversion and bio

    12:30 Danger of Political Echo Chamber?

    17:50 Dillon's Top political vote issues

    20:00 One issue voter?

    23:00 Biblical purpose of Government

    28:20 Importance of local Government

    33:30 Importance of Census

    40:50 Electoral college vs popular vote

    50:50 Liberal professors and cancel culture

    1:00:50 Voting and God’s Sovereignty

    1:05:00 Conclusion

    Resources mentioned by Dillon:

    Vote.org  - Gives Voting updates

    Check out Ballotopedia.com to view what Ballot will look like on election day.


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    Martin Luther: The World Through Jesus Eyes (Feat. Wolfmueller, Cooper, Bond)

    Martin Luther: The World Through Jesus Eyes (Feat. Wolfmueller, Cooper, Bond)

    This episode features a special interview with Barry Cooper and Douglas Bond! These two men have come out with a new podcast, "Luther In Real Time," with Ligonier which goes through the life of Martin Luther exactly 500 years from the events of his story. These two men give us insights into why this Reformation Leader has stood the test of time as a hero to so many.

    In this sermon, "The World Through Jesus Eyes," we see two miracles through the lens of Jesus Christ. The healing of the woman who touched the hem of his cloth and the little girl who had died. Luther gives incredible insight into these often preached subjects and breathes fresh life into them.

    Special thanks to Bryan Wolfmueller for preaching this sermon. Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller is pastor of St. Paul and Jesus Deaf Lutheran Churches in Austin, TX. He is the author of A Martyr’s Faith for a Faithless World (CPH 2019), and other works. He is the co-host of Table Talk Radio podcast and has a number of other theological projects that all end up on his blog, www.wolfmueller.co. He and his wife Keri live with their four children in Round Rock, TX.

    And a big thanks to Barry Cooper and Douglas Bond. Check out their new show, "Luther In Real Time," by looking up: Luther In Real Time or through any podcast app!

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    Michael Tait of Newsboys

    Michael Tait of Newsboys

    We had a chance to catch up with Michael Tait. He was a founding member of the legendary DC Talk and is now the front man for Newboys. This week, we have a special prize for you win...a Newsboys Untied tour book autographed by all the members of the band! Listen to find out the answer to this question....What is Michael's favorite type of movie?E-mail your answer to: steveandbethanyshopecast@gmail.comPat Davis is Your Health Plan Man! Schedule a time with Pat that fits into your schedule and he’ll show you how you can take back control of your health care!30-50% off premiumslow-to-no deductibles*no copays!http://www.yourhealthplanman.comRegister to win a customized corn hole game from Chip-a-Wade Custom Woodworks at our websitehttp://www.steveandbethany.comCheck out Chip-a-Wade Custom Woodworks on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Chip-A-Wade-Custom-Woodworks-106328224108843/Hope Dealers on Patreon get a special video version of the Hopecast every week. It includes a special preshow and The Aftercast. Plus, they unlock rewards like our radio archives, videos, and more.http://www.patreon.com/steveandbethanyshopecastFind links to our social media sites, online store, sign up for our weekly eblast, and more at our websitehttp://www.steveandbethany.com

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