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    Sunday 16 May 2021 AM - Ps Ashleigh Latter - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 4: ... Our Strength And Power

    Sunday 16 May 2021 AM - Ps Ashleigh Latter - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 4: ... Our Strength And Power

    Following an introduction from Dean Vickers, Ps Ash gives honour to Trevor and Virginia Versace. They were among the founder members of the Citicoast church and have been in service with faithful commitment ever since that time.

    She immediately then refers to Acts 1:6-8 where we are told that we are going to get strength and power from the Holy Spirit. She then delivers a personal testimony of a season where she lost her strength and power. She had been dedicated to regular weightlifting but, suddenly, she felt too weak to lift her weights. It was not anxiety and she realised she needed to be refreshed in the Holy Spirit to increase her power (1 Corinthians 4:20-21). She then gives an illustration about how weird it looks when a car is being pulled along on a trailer. The car has lost its strength and power. We do not want to be like that. The Holy Spirit will lead us to be where he wants us to go. That car had no choice. After a number of illustrations to happily ensure we know where we're going to today, Ash mentions 5 critical aspects of what can stop us from gaining and regaining our strength and power from the Holy Spirit:

    1. Listening to others over the voice of God.
    2. Seeking approval from the world over the approval of God.
    3. Chasing an idea over a vision from God.
    4. Spending time being entertained over being filled from God.
    5. Making poor excuses to avoid the people of God.

    Ps Ash elaborates on all those points, accompanied by Scriptures. And there's more! Have you been feeling weak and overcome in recent times? You need to regain your strength and power from the Holy Spirit. If you are unsure whether you ever had the power and strength of the Holy Spirit then you need today's message even more so. Be blessed by Ash's presentation.

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    he Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 4: ... A Fresh Wind

    he Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 4: ... A Fresh Wind

    Following our Mother's Day celebrations, Ps Katrina reads us a letter from the mother of our church, Ps Christine Riddell. Some months ago, Ps Christine was hospitalised with melanoma. She has had a long haul to be able to get to the point where she is now at home. She has written a letter to inspire and encourage the whole congregation. As Ps Katrina reads it, we hope that you will be inspired and encouraged as well.

    Ps Katrina then gets straight to the point of today's message: The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 4: ... A Fresh Wind. She reminds us that there are numerous Scriptures where the Holy Spirit is likened to a wind. She also reminds us that the Holy Spirit comes to set us free, to enlighten us, to have no fear, to give us strength and power, life and peace, and guidance. But there is also the spirit of the world - the wind of the world.

    She asks the question: Where are we getting our guidance from? Is it from the wind of the Holy Spirit or is it the wind of the world? She very cleverly uses acts 27, verse by verse, to show us exactly what happens if we are getting our guidance and support from the wind of the world. Shipwreck! And how can we be saved from such a shipwreck? Listen and see .....

    She finishes with a brief description of how our diaphragm acts to give us the breath of life. That wind of our natural breath can be knocked out of us by various negative situations we encounter in our lives. We can recover from that, but what is it that will prevent that recovery? It is something that is hard to do and can hurt. What can that be? We could all suffer from this limitation but there is a way in which the Holy Spirit can revive us .....

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    Sunday 2 May 2021 AM - Ps Gary Hourigan - Pleading For Us

    Sunday 2 May 2021 AM - Ps Gary Hourigan - Pleading For Us

    Ps Gary gives us a welcome and then gives a bit of his background. He was first invited to preach at Citicoast church in 1997. He has been back numerous times since then. Gary is currently still an Associate Pastor at a church. He is also a member of the INC National Executive. Today, he was invited once more to preach but also to perform a National Executive function. He officially set apart and ordained Jeanette Perry. Welcome, Ps Jeanette.

    Ps Gary then reminded us of the incidents related to Easter. He emphasised that the whole purpose was because of God's love for us. He then passionately elaborates on just how deeply God loves us. So, Jesus ascended into heaven, sat at the right hand of God and then rested. Rested? No way! Ps Gary uses several scriptures to show that Jesus is active all day, every day, and especially in each individual's life. He describes how Jesus is both an intercessor and an advocate. So, what's the difference, then? And why? What's happening?

    If you ever feel alone, or that God has withdrawn from you, or you wonder where your faith stands, then this message is for you, to give you confidence, hope, and peace.

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    Sunday 25 April 2021 AM - Ps Danny Ollis - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 3: ... At War With The Flesh

    Sunday 25 April 2021 AM - Ps Danny Ollis - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 3: ... At War With The Flesh

    Ps Ash introduces Ps Danny and then he introduces ..... ANZAC Day! He gives credit to all our military forces over the many decades and compares the sacrifices of Jesus with the sacrifice of the deceased of those who served their country on our behalf. Of course, even those who made it through could have also been deceased and are honoured as well.

    Ps Danny moves into the main part of our message by confessing how much he lived in the flesh (selfish human nature) before becoming born again with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He also pointed out the reality that the flesh keeps trying to fight and regained status. It points out that there is a blindness when we are not born again. We think we are observing the reality of our life as it is but, when we receive the Holy Spirit, our eyes are open and we can see everything differently. But the flesh rises up to try and make us back step on that journey.

    Ps Danny then uses numerous aspects of the apostle Peter's life as illustrations. He was so acting in the power of the Holy Spirit that he identified Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus pointedly told him that he could not have done it in his own flesh nature but it was the Holy Spirit who revealed it to him. Nevertheless, Peter was overcome by the flesh nature even a number of times after that. This is an exciting message for us all! Who does not strive, even though being a born again Christian, against our flesh nature? We all do.

    Using numerous Scriptures and many examples from the Bible, Ps Danny gives us all hope of growing in the Lord, with the Bible leading the way as the Word fills us.

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    Sunday 18 April 2021 AM - Ps David Fenton - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 2: ... Always With You And For You

    Sunday 18 April 2021 AM - Ps David Fenton - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 2: ... Always With You And For You

    Today we have guest speaker Ps David Fenton. David has over thirty years of experience being a Pastor, Coach, Mentor and Teacher. David is gifted in the areas of leadership, pastoral care, prophetic, dream and vision interpretation and missions. He has authored the book, "Dreamers of God". It is our great honour to have him speak for us today.

    Ps David begins with a summary of his amazing background of 30 years of ministry. He started very young indeed. In talking about the Holy Spirit he points out that, to our natural mind, many of the aspects of God and the Holy Spirit will seem quite weird. He lists some of those aspects so that we can find ourselves in all of God. He then uses the phrase, "Be careful where you are eating from" and points out that chocolate sauce and liver don't really go well together. Listen to the podcast to resolve this mystery!

    He despairs that the modern church has started to illustrate symptoms of despondency, confusion, and apathy. It's prophetic that the church will look different in the last days. Ps David goes into this in details to show how we can grow in the Lord and get more confidence in Him and increase our passion for His ways. To do this he relates numerous aspects of the weaknesses of our humanity and how it is fully true that the Holy Spirit is always with us and for us. No matter what we do, or how we fail, God always still loves us and the Holy Spirit always continues to empower us. You will recognise yourself as you listen to all this. Guaranteed.

    He uses the Apostle Peter and the significant number of times that he blew it and yet he persevered through to the first outpouring of the Home Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. Thereafter he was a mighty man of God through to the end. Ps David gives us confidence that even if we don't know where to go and how to get there before you just step forward in what God wants us to do he will be with us and we will succeed in obeying Him. He finishes with some words of knowledge about people in the congregation who have certain pains and prays for them.

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    Sunday 11 April 2021 AM - Ps Hugh Perry - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 1: ... A Gift

    Sunday 11 April 2021 AM - Ps Hugh Perry - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 1: ... A Gift

    An exciting new series starts today ..... An in-depth look at the Holy Spirit. But before that .....

    Ps Hugh begins with announcements, notably that on this coming Saturday, 17 April, there will be a workshop held at Citicoast church, run by Dave Kenton. The title is "Dreamers of God". It will commence at 2:00 p.m. and is likely to end at 4:30 p.m. if you would like to attend please ring the Citicoast Office on 4153 2577.

    He then moves quickly into Acts 19:1-5 after which he asks us all a question: "Who's ever heard stuff about the Holy Spirit, about speaking in tongues maybe - and it's been confusing - maybe it's even put you off thinking about or investigating the topic?" Several people put up their hands. Are you one of those people? Then this message today is certainly for you. Ps Hugh's message will un-confuse you and clarify many things about the Holy Spirit. There are many aspects of today's message and below are just a few ......

    - The Holy Spirit is not a force, He is a person.

    - Jesus spoke of Him and His future coming and the several roles that he would be here for.

    - Jesus told the disciple to wait until the Holy Spirit eventually came upon them. We need to be prepared to wait, also.

    - He points out that believing comes first and that can be followed by the coming of the Holy Spirit in each of our personal lives. That is, become saved, born again, a Christian, a believer, and then we will be ready to receive the Holy Spirit (often called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit). It is a 2nd experience.

    - We will receive Power from the Holy Spirit so that we will have the courage and the ability to preach the gospel.

    - And much more.

    Numerous references are made to various chapters and verses in Acts, John, Jeremiah, Luke, and 1 Corinthians. This is an opportunity for you to make a great leap in your walk with Jesus. You will be transformed into a higher level of your Christian experience. You will benefit but it's also all those around you will benefit as well.

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