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The Centre for Public Christianity aims to promote the public understanding of the Christian faith. The Centre offers free comment, interviews, and other web based material. For more information go to publicchristianity.org.

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The Centre for Public Christianity aims to promote the public understanding of the Christian faith. The Centre offers free comment, interviews, and other web based material. For more information go to publicchristianity.org.

    We are all Christian now!

    We are all Christian now!

    Author Tom Holland explores the revolutionary and enduring influence of Christianity. 
    British writer, Tom Holland, has written many books, both fiction and non-fiction, on subjects ranging from dinosaurs to medieval history to vampires! 
    His latest book Dominion: The making of the Western Mind is a 500-page masterpiece. It's a story of how we came to be what we are, and how we think the way that we do. It recounts the history and enduring influence of Christianity.
    Holland is not a believer himself but argues that our western moral and social instincts are traced inexorably to early Christianity and the writings of the Apostle Paul. “I can't think of any piece of writing that has kind of had a more seismic influence on the world, almost everything that makes the Western society what it is and certainly makes me what I am, when I trace it back, it goes back basically to Paul,” says Holland.
    Dominion by Tom Holland

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    Wrestling with Paul

    Wrestling with Paul

    Renowned Australian author Christos Tsiolkas talks about the personal experiences that lead him to choose early Christianity and the Apostle Paul as the subject of his latest book Damascus.
    In this episode of Life & Faith Christos Tsiolkas, author of provocative and disturbing stories like ‘The Slap’ and ‘Barracuda’, speaks with Simon Smart about his latest novel, Damascus. Tsiolkas grew up in a Greek Orthodox family – his Mum a devoted believer - but as a young gay man - Tsiolkas felt he could not reconcile faith with his sexuality. He has had a life-long wrestle with the Apostle Paul. At a time of deep personal despair in his 20s he came back to reading Paul and what he found was “solace, compassion and understanding.”
    Tsiolkas says he no longer believes the central myths of Christianity but retains a deep interest in its influence and central concepts.  His book is confronting and controversial—extremely so in parts. But it provides a compelling and stunning imaginative life in the 1st century Graeco-Roman world and what happened when that world collided with the teachings of an obscure Jewish Rabbi, who’d been executed on a Roman cross.
    Damascus by Christos Tsiolkas

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    She’s the Business

    She’s the Business

    Women excel in one of two habits of successful entrepreneurs. But they’ll need guts for the other.
    “As one of my mentors says, ‘“When you come to the edge of mystery and you don’t quite know what to do, there’s like a little thing in you that can jump.’”
    Michaela O’Donnell Long graduated from college in the middle of a recession. No jobs were available, so she and her husband founded Long Winter Media, a branding and video production company, six months into their marriage.
    Today, the company counts Google, YouTube, and NBC Universal among its roster of clients. But in its early years, Michaela and Daniel just kept taking the next step to grow their business, even though they didn’t fully know what they were doing. 
    That process led Michaela to embrace risk as a mark of the entrepreneurial life - and it’s a key finding of her doctoral research into the habits of successful entrepreneurs. Today, she also is a Senior Director at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership where she leads initiatives for entrepreneurs and women in leadership.
    In this episode of Life & Faith, we talk about the barriers women face on their way to becoming entrepreneurs, as well as the way people long for spiritually satisfying work - desires that Michaela says tap into Christian ideas of vocation and calling.
    “Everybody I've met is hungry to have a purpose, is hungry for the ways they spend their days to matter - whether that’s, ‘I hunger to matter to the people in my family’ or ‘I hunger for my work or my job to have meaning’. It takes different shapes for different people. But I certainly think that humans are hardwired to long for meaning.”

    Long Winter Media
    Max De Pree Center for Leadership

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    Ode to Nurses

    Ode to Nurses

    In 2020 more than ever, they’re everyone’s heroes: a celebration of the highs and lows of nursing. 
    Vasiliki planned to be a mechanical engineer, but put down the wrong code when she filled out her uni application. Lucy, who’s been a midwife for 20 years, fell in love with the idea of nursing when she was just six years old.
    Jesse has just started out his nursing career - in the middle of a global pandemic. And Emma S, who works with kids, arrived in the UK to start a new job just as everything went into lockdown.
    Emma M, a Baptist pastor as well as a nurse, speaks of the intimacy and the privilege of being there with people right at the end. And Kelly speaks from quarantine of her concern for the patients she had to leave behind in Senegal. 
    200 years on from the birth of Florence Nightingale, on International Nurses Day, in the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, in the midst of coronavirus ... Life & Faith brings you a celebration of nurses and nursing, in their own words, and in five parts: The Call, Pandemic, Death, Humans, Salute. 

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    Don’t Waste a Crisis

    Don’t Waste a Crisis

    Possibilities and dangers from corona chaos.
    Will we emerge from the Corona crisis with stronger bonds and more united communities? What will it take to preserve solidarity and the re-ordering of our priorities?
    In this episode of Life & Faith Simon Smart checks in with Tim Costello as to how he is surviving ISO. Simon and Tim then talk to Tim Dixon, enduring Covid19 lockdown in London. Tim is the co-founder of More in Common, and leads a team seeking to build civic bonds and strengthen democracies by doing research and telling the stories of what we share, as opposed to what divides us. Tim sees some fascinating possibilities in what might emerge from our experience of the virus. Observing renewed community solidarity both online and from local initiatives, as well as a concern for the most vulnerable, he wonders if we can find ways to maintain this once the crisis has passed. The conversation also considers the possibility that when faced with mortality and an inability to control our lives, more people might turn to spiritual answers to life’s deepest questions. Growth in online church “attendance” may provide a clue.  

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    Covid Costs, Questions and Community

    Covid Costs, Questions and Community

    We might be “all in this together” but what does the Covid19 crisis mean for those on the margins of society?
    In this Life & Faith Simon Smart and Tim Costello discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on individuals and communities. Will it change our priorities and what will be the lasting impact? Tim considers the very real and detrimental effect of the economic downturn on the charity sector. And Simon and Tim talk to Neil Smith from Planet Shakers church in Melbourne about their “Empower” initiative that provides food and necessities for people in need and in a manner that gives them dignity and agency. Neil explains how demand for their services has spiked and how they’ve welcomed some unexpected clients in recent days.
    Tim's article in the Guardian:
    Planetshakers Empower:

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4.8 out of 5
187 Ratings

187 Ratings

Bamei 200 ,


I love these podcasts! Topics are fascinating and discussion always very thoughtful and measured. Thank you!

AliMcFally ,

Exercise for the mind

Very thought provoking , challenging and insightful. esay to listen to. I listen to it on my way home from work in the car. Makes sitting in traffic enjoyable

wendywew19 ,

Challenging and thoughtful conversation about Faith

I so value the challenging and thoughtful conversation about faith and its application to real life and contemporary issues, every week in this podcast. Like with all the output of the Centre for Public Christianity it is an undefensive apologetic of Christianity and a rigorous investigation of how a huge range of people understand and apply it.

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