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In the Creating Space Project, Ruth Nelson asks women to share a moment from their lives. The moment is used to uncover their personal values and beliefs. From ordinary women, come stories that are real and inspiring.

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In the Creating Space Project, Ruth Nelson asks women to share a moment from their lives. The moment is used to uncover their personal values and beliefs. From ordinary women, come stories that are real and inspiring.

    We Need Water

    We Need Water

    The Creating Space Project interviewed Miria and Ziggy, two young people on the Yaama Ngunna Baaka Corroborree.
    We were travelling with the Water for Rivers convoy in outback NSW, camping in the river towns from Walgett to Menindee. The purpose was to learn about the plight of the rivers from a First Nations perspective. 
    The rivers are empty or near empty. This isn't just about the devastating drought or the climate emergency. The rivers are literally being sucked dry by big corporations. It is a death sentence for Aboriginal communities, for whom the rivers are life itself.
    Miria and Ziggy reflect on the impact that Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth has had on them, as well as the theft of water and climate change.

    • 15 min
    People Not Gender

    People Not Gender

    When is about people not gender? 
    Sahra and Ruth explore patriarchy as a system of oppression that affects all genders. 
    Far from experts on the matter, we are two psychologists sitting with self-doubt and the discomfort of critically examining what it is that we value, and how we bring that into a therapy room. 

    • 34 min
    Asylum Seekers on PNG

    Asylum Seekers on PNG

    Trillions of dollars have been spent by the Australian government detaining asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea for six years. It would be far better governance to bring about an end to this situation. 
    Cathy McGowan is the former Independent member for Indi, in rural Victoria. She talks to the Creating Space Project and asks each of us, right now, to email our local Member of Parliament and our state Senators and ask for answers to the following questions:
    What are the Government's plans for the asylum seekers on Papua New Guinea who can't go to the USA?
    What would it take for the Government to agree to New Zealand's offer?
    If you are an Australian citizen, you can find the relevant email addresses on www.aph.gov.au and it only takes about 15 minutes.

    • 16 min
    Creating Space Project

    Creating Space Project

    The Creating Space Project is currently exploring feminist psychology and intersectionality, through asking listeners the question “What would you ask a feminist psychologist?”
    In this episode, Sahra O'Doherty and Ruth Nelson talk about Tanya's question regarding how you weave feminism into counselling, about being a values-based therapist, and the embodiment of values.

    • 35 min
    Patriarchy and mental health

    Patriarchy and mental health

    What would you ask a feminist psychologist? Ruth Nelson and Sahra O'Doherty respond to Jess's question about the effect of patriarchy on women's mental health, and how many problems stem from inequality.
    "I should look good."
    Ruth and Sahra explore the ways feminist values inform their psychology practice. They also explore systems of oppression, layers of privilege, intersectionality, who is allowed to get angry, cultural expectations of women, pain and motherhood, unrelenting standards and the male suicide rate. 
    Photo 'Tern with a Fish' by David Noble

    • 36 min
    Uncomfortable Feelings

    Uncomfortable Feelings

    It’s very hard to find the words, “I have experienced this.”
    What brings people into counselling?
    The Creating Space Project talks about therapy and mental health with psychologist Sahra O’Doherty.
    People can spend a lot of time squishing uncomfortable feelings back down, and get worried that if they lift the lid, they’re not too sure what’s going to emerge.
    We can be pretty afraid of our emotions. Society teaches us to fear failing. Shame and guilt feel painful. Vulnerability is frightening.
    So to come and talk to a psychologist can take a lot of courage.
    And what’s it like to be a psychologist sharing space with clients? Sahra talks about the ways that providing counselling has shaped her and how if we, as therapists, can’t sit with our own discomfort and vulnerability, how can we expect it of anyone else?
    The research tends to show that 70-80% of the effectiveness of therapy comes from the relationship between therapist and client. It’s the relationship that heals.
    So if you have a really fantastic and strong therapeutic relationship, that can facilitate positive change.

    • 39 min

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