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Celebrating crushes and unrequited loves in all their intense and embarrassing glory.  Margaret Cabourn-Smith chats to funny people like Sara Pascoe, Rachel Parris and Rosie Jones about the crushes they can't forget.

Crushed by Margaret Cabourn-Smith Margaret Cabourn-Smith

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Celebrating crushes and unrequited loves in all their intense and embarrassing glory.  Margaret Cabourn-Smith chats to funny people like Sara Pascoe, Rachel Parris and Rosie Jones about the crushes they can't forget.

    Dan Tetsell

    Dan Tetsell

    It's the Mr Margaret Cabourn-Smith episode. Happy Birthday Crushed - it's a whole year since we released the first episode.

    • 50 min
    Sanjeev Kohli

    Sanjeev Kohli

    Still Game's Sanjeev Kohli is Margaret's guest this week. 

    It's a bit of a tearjerker, looking back at Sanjeev's primary school crushes.  As he says - for the first 30 years of his life, all his love was unrequited.  Except for his mum. (Life was tough for a Glaswegian metalhead in the 1980s). 

    Sanjeev and Margaret talk about first love, 1980s hedge porn, and running into your old flames at a school reunion.

    Admin klaxon -

    We have finally sorted out our first live date - head to Substack for details, we'll post a link to tickets.  It's going to be very exciting. 


    As always, you can email us at crushedbymcs@gmail.com

    It's a big one next time - Crushed's first anniversary.  Margaret's husband Dant will be popping in to shed some light on what it's like living with someone who has so many crushes, and sharing some of his own stories from his teenaged years.  Absolutely glorious. Look out for that. 

    Til then, 

    Team Crushed x 

    • 49 min
    Rosie Jones

    Rosie Jones

    The magnificent Rosie Jones drops in this week to talk to Margaret about her crushes.  And it's a doozy.  Or should that be doozie?  Please advise.

    Rosie is so prone to crushes that she likes to think of them like a trifle - layers of custard, cream, jam and strawberries.  But no sponge fingers.  We always knew she was a maverick.

    It's a wide-ranging episode from the deep to the dippy, with Rosie talking about having to overcome internalised homophobia and ableism to feel worth of love, and why she just can't resist a very good British actress.  Who can?

    We had an email from Susie who heard Alison Spittle's story in episode 24 about "winning" a sweat drenched t-shirt Morrissey threw into the crowd by holding on to it with her teeth and thinks she can top it.   She says - "In the late 90s I was a huge Robbie Williams fan, and kept a bottle of water from a Take That gig because it had been in the same room as him, and might have had his breath in it".  If you can beat that for either optimism (surely this is not scientifically possible?!) or devotion, let us know.

    As ever you can email us on:


    or find our Substack at:


    Rosie's website is here, if you want to find out more about her, or join her mailing list.


    Transcript here: https://www.mightybunny.co.uk/crushed-transcripts

    Til next time,

    Team Crushed x 

    • 55 min
    Alison Spittle

    Alison Spittle

    In this episode, Margaret Cabourn-Smith interviews comedian, and little legend Alison Spittle about her crushes and unrequited loves.  We don't want to say she picks badly, but Morrisey and Kanye West both get a mention.

    Listeners of a sensitive nature may like to know that there are frankly filthy discussions about Bob Hoskins's hairy back.  Listener discretion is advised.

    Find us on substack or email us: crushedbyMCS@gmail.com

    Check out Alison's tour dates here: https://linktr.ee/alisonspittle

    And her podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/wheel-of-misfortune/id1525520717

    And we'll leave you with some more hot Bob Hoskins action - here's that clip Margaret and Alison were talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTgqHsJ4410&themeRefresh=1

    see you next time!

    Team Crushed x

    • 37 min
    Sooz Kempner

    Sooz Kempner

    Actress, singer, comedian, Twitter star and all round good egg Sooz Kempner is Margaret's guest this week, with crushes that manage to encompass Top Cat and Bruce Forsyth.  I'd like to see that Venn diagram.

    Note to keen listeners - the science this week is... inaccurate, due to Margaret not counting the Vs correctly in this weeks Maths.

    For those of a more precise nature (as fans of Sooz's big Crush might be), the correct score is 84%, and not, as stated in the show, a measly 17%.  Congratulations Sooz!

    Admin Klaxon
    We've started a Substack for the show, as a way of sharing fun bits, and a place to build a leaderboard showing which guest is scientifically most compatible with their Crush.  For posterity. 

    You can find it here:

    We're planning some live shows later in the year - if that sounds like the sort of thing you'd like, come and follow us on Substack as we'll announce them there first.  More info will follow soon. 

    It's free to sign up - do come and say hi! 

    See you in two weeks! 

    Team Crushed xx

    • 38 min
    Rachel Parris

    Rachel Parris

    Comedian, musician and improviser Rachel Parris talks to Margaret about Leonardo di Caprio, Spike from Buffy and fills in the gaps on how she got together with last week's guest; crush-turned-husband Marcus Brigstocke.

    • 40 min

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4.7 out of 5
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13 Ratings

jennny1111111 ,


Margaret has such a great voice, could listen for hours! And So funny! And a lot of wisdom in there too…Love Dolly too

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