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Welcome to Decoding Purpose, the podcast where we speak with influencers, celebrities, industry leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, wise sages and everything in between to explore how life's turning points act as catalysts for a more meaningful and purpose-driven life. In Decoding Purpose, we unlock how choice, crises or even chance can ignite personal, professional or even planetary transformations. The kind of change that helps, heals and builds hope for life on the planet, in creation of a more peaceful and abundant future.

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Welcome to Decoding Purpose, the podcast where we speak with influencers, celebrities, industry leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, wise sages and everything in between to explore how life's turning points act as catalysts for a more meaningful and purpose-driven life. In Decoding Purpose, we unlock how choice, crises or even chance can ignite personal, professional or even planetary transformations. The kind of change that helps, heals and builds hope for life on the planet, in creation of a more peaceful and abundant future.

    Melissa Neighbour: Reimagining The Purpose Of Cities

    Melissa Neighbour: Reimagining The Purpose Of Cities

    Last Friday I was excited to have my first interview live in the studio for quite a few weeks as restrictions started to ease off just a little. I was even happier for that person to be a friend, a colleague, and one of the world changing members of my work family from Future Crunch. That guest was none other than the queen of all cities - Melissa Neighbour.

    To give you some context Mel is an environmental town planner, community builder and sustainability specialist. She is the Managing Director of Suburban Town Planners, a purpose-driven town planning consultancy and she has developed and implemented award-winning sustainable development projects across Australia. Mels mission is clear and that is to to activate sustainable forms of living in urban spaces of the future. She believes in a 21st century that works for everyone, and every thing, and that cities will be at the heart of that revolution.

    In an age where we have seen cities completely isolated, or in some cases filled with violence or destruction (and that is not making any comment on the importance of why which is undeniable) - Im focussing only on the cities themselves - I very much hope that today's conversation about the purpose of cities is one that fills you up with love, hope and a sense of optimism about the power of our cities to create a more peaceful, abundant and beautiful world for all of humankind.

    So without further delay - lets welcome Melissa Neighbour to the Decoding Purpose Podcast.

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    Wouter Bakker: GoodUp - The Bottom's Up Purpose Initiative For Organisations

    Wouter Bakker: GoodUp - The Bottom's Up Purpose Initiative For Organisations

    Welcome to another episode of The Decoding Purpose Podcast.

    Over the last few weeks, I have taken part in a few webinars or podcasts where I have been asked one question. How can a company go about creating a purpose? My answer every time is that purpose in business is an HR function, rather than a CSR function. Unless the organisation has taken the time to understand the purpose of the individual within an organisation, claiming to be a purpose-driven company lacks a foundation. There is a return on investment, and there is a return on impact, both which are components of socially conscious business. But purpose itself is human, and that is why taking a bottoms-up approach to corporate purpose is at the heart of the next economy.

    Today, I am excited to introduce our next guest. Wouter Bakker is the Chief Commercial Officer of Good Up based out of the Netherlands. GoodUp empowers companies to bring their social mission to life with technology to build an impactful, innovative, purpose-driven business with an engaged workforce. Their focus is to create bottoms-up purpose initiatives within corporate organisations.

    Through the Good Up Tech Platform Employees and partners start initiatives that they are passionate about within the platform. These initiatives are linked to the company purpose but also incorporate the skill set and talents that are unique to what creates meaning for the individual. On a personal note, this solution addresses one of the missing pieces for me in a conversation about purpose.

    Before diving into today's conversations, I also want to let you know that I am excited to be hosting a webinar this Monday called Uncovering Purpose in the Turning Points as a part of the Get On Purpose Global Virtual Summit. Much of the conversation will be focussed around the tool I share to help people discover their personal purpose - The DNA of Purpose. My session will be at 8.00 pm Eastern Standard Time in Sydney, or for those of you in might tuning in from Amsterdam (or surrounding countries) that will be noon this Monday.

    To register free of charge log on to https://getonpurpose.co/#schedule.

    Also, if you are loving this podcast please also join our tribe on our new instagram pager at the @decodingpurposepodcast.

    In the meantime, let's get ready to good up with the awesome Wouter Bakker all the way from Amsterdam. Welcome to the podcast.

    To check out Good Up: https://goodup.com/

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    Dr Kate Raynes Goldie: The Curiosity Quotient - Pioneering Purposeful Futures

    Dr Kate Raynes Goldie: The Curiosity Quotient - Pioneering Purposeful Futures

    Welcome to another episode of the Decoding Purpose Podcast.

    We are standing on the precipice of change. We all know that, but knowing what that change will look like tomorrow, next week, next month or next year is completely unknown. None of us really know what to expect.

    The thing is, in accepting that we don't know we somehow counter intuitively put ourselves in a purposeful position where we are empowered - because we are able to make a choice about what it could look like. We are able to play, touch, feel or imagine the possibilities....Ultimately it's time to get purposefully curious about a brave new world.

    That is why today, I'm so excited to get curious about curiosity - with one of the most curious cats I have worked with, and today call a friend. Her name is Dr Kate Reynes Goldie. Dr. Kate is a speaker, consultant and a passionate creator of curious environments. She is also the host of The New Future Podcast, a brand new podcast exploring what could and should be our new future in a post-pandemic environment.

    Today, Kate is a speaker, designer, innovation columnist and researcher. She is a Producer of XR:WA, Australia's largest immersive reality (VR/AR/MR) conference series which ran for the first time in 2019. She's a Certified Facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play®, a methodology that boosts innovation, creativity and curiosity used by global brands such as IKEA, Virgin and Samsung.

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    David Burkus: Find A Purpose That Is Worth The Fight

    David Burkus: Find A Purpose That Is Worth The Fight

    Welcome to another episode of The Decoding Purpose Podcast. This is the Turning Point, a new series of Decoding Purpose dedicated to helping you and your business to navigate this pandemic with purpose.

    A few weeks ago, an email landed in my inbox with a quick note insisting that I track down and interview today's guest. I followed the lead and discovered an incredible thinker and thought leader by the name of David Burkus, and the title of his new book is called 'Pick A Fight: How Great Teams Find A Purpose Worth Rallying Around'. Now, this is a book that would have jumped off the shelf at me in any context given my obsession for Decoding Purpose, but this book was a real stand out. It offered a new perspective, unlocked personal motivations, and looked at what it takes to form a passionate army around a world-changing mission.

    And let's face it, the timing of this book couldn't be better. After all, we are in a war. We have through no fault of our own had to pick a fight against a virus where there is no human enemy, and where the only way forward is together. See this is the first time where we are not fighting over race, religion, political agendas or land. We are fighting for health, for freedom, for our right to exist and engage in human tribes - and for the first time ever we are fighting with one dream united. To stop the virus. This human army is real, and human purpose - our desire to stay alive and well - is at the forefront of this mission.

    So who is David Burkus? David is one of the world's leading business thinkers. His ideas and bestselling books are changing how companies approach innovation, collaboration, and productivity. He is also a skilled researcher and inspiring communicator, an award-winning author and his TED Talk has been viewed over 2 million times. David's writings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, USA Today, Fast Company, and more.

    David believes that from battlefields to boardrooms and everywhere in between leaders who frame their mission as a fight to be won against a threat that must be removed, have been able to bring together even the most divided teams and push them to the highest levels of performance. Let's hope this same approach is precisely what drives us to get through this trying time and to come out victorious in this age of corona. An era where our ability to fight with a purpose is exactly what will enable us to live through one of the most challenging periods of time in this century.

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    Amrit Sandhu: The Purposeful Pathway To Peace (Mindfulness & Meditation)

    Amrit Sandhu: The Purposeful Pathway To Peace (Mindfulness & Meditation)

    Welcome To Another Episode of The Decoding Purpose Podcast.

    Symbolically people have for many years referred to purpose as the north star. The bright and prominent light that is guiding us in the right direction. Now this is a beautiful analogy and in some ways this is true of purpose, but I learnt an interesting lesson in the wake of Covid19.

    For months I have personally felt and spoken so many times about purpose as being something that existed in the future. The caterpillar representing the present and the butterfly my future. Like a north star purpose was a light guiding me forward, igniting transformation and propelling me into a new tomorrow.

    This narrative is lovely and there is truth in this - but there was more truth for me to discover on my journey in decoding purpose. See I didn't factor in what happens when a cloudy storm dulls the brightness of the north star - or the feeling of the caterpillar in the cocoon who cannot yet see. And right now in isolation we are in the cocoon of Covid 19.

    And that brings me today's interview - because this interview helped me to awaken and to realise a new truth about purpose. I realised something beautiful - and that is that as much the north star lives in the future, the brightest star of purpose lives inside of me and inside of you. In the future yes - but also RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. I didn't need to look beyond to find purpose. I needed to look within. I didn't need to look to the future to live with purpose - all I needed to be was purposeful right now - in this present moment.

    Today's guest is none other than Amrit Sandhu whose light beamed through the airways into my recording studio the day of this conversation. Amrit is the director, founder and podcast host of the Inspired Evolution - a movement dedicated to supporting people on 'How to live the life you love'. He is a master of purpose and health - although he would believe they are one and the same.

    Amrit is a teacher of meditation and mindfulness working with individuals, the community and corporate organisations all over Australia. He is a Mindvalley Certified Master and the Founder at Mandala Moments. His work results in people experiencing more clarity, creativity and productivity through stillness, insight and meditation.

    Without further delay, kick back, if you're not driving of course, light your candle or and grab your meditation cushion. Get ready to journey with us through the purposeful pathway to peace with the one and only Amrit Sandhu.

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    Penny Locaso: Happiness Hacking & The Intentional Adaptability Quotient

    Penny Locaso: Happiness Hacking & The Intentional Adaptability Quotient

    Today's guest came into my world towards the end of last year when I was blessed to meet her at The Singularity U conference in Sydney. Her name is Penny Locaso and when we started working together - I knew that the right person had entered my life at exactly the right time.

    At that time, on a personal level I was working around the clock and I was struggling to balance the long list of priorities that came with being an entrepreneur, along with being a relatively new mum, a fionsai, daughter and friend. In many ways I had never been more 'successful' in the traditional sense of the world - but in other ways I was tired and feeling pretty overwhelmed.

    I want to use a galloping horse here as a metaphor. Let's call this galloping horse quote unquote 'busy'. While dismounting from a standing horse is easy getting off a galloping one feels dangerous and scary. It is a landing that is undeniably going to hurt. Sometimes it feels easier just to hang on for dear life....but that choice is stressful. I know that feeling! And while I leave you pondering the galloping horse - lets add some context. I am on the galloping horse and covid 19 hits. It's a crisis yes - but it is also the one thing that makes that horse come to a halt. Finally I can get off the horse.

    I use this busy horse metaphor today because if you are like me....you may not want to get back on that galloping horse without any breaks. And definitely not with the same speed or in the same way.

    For me - I want to use this time to adapt and to build the foundations of what happiness is in my world and then I will be ready to ride again. But this time on a horse where I feel safe. This is the exact reason why I knew Penny Locaso was the person I wanted to get some advice from on what that horse looks like. After all it's not often we get the chance to choose again.

    Voted one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Australia Penny is the world's first Happiness Hacker, on a mission to teach 10 million humans, by 2025, how to intentionally adapt in order to future-proof happiness.

    Penny Locaso is the Founder of BKindred and the creator of The Intentional Adaptability Quotient. IAQ is a world-first education program and measurement tool that decodes the skills required to thrive in an age being redefined by two trends: the busyness epidemic alongside the impact of disruptive emerging technologies.

    In order to take IAQ out into the world Penny founded Bkindred in 2015 which is a 'do tank' with a core focus on unleashing the power of Adaptability. Since its inception, Penny has grown BKindred from a one-woman show to a tribe of unlike minds, entrepreneurs, pioneers, researchers and visionaries who deliver a selection of keynote presentations, workshops and long term training programs within corporate and educational organisations.

    Alongside Penny's entrepreneurial endeavours, she is a faculty member at the esteemed Singularity University. This position has her working alongside some of the best technology and Artificial Intelligence innovators in the world enabling her to gain valuable insights into emerging technology in addition to decoding the human implications of rapid change. She has partnered with prestigious brands including Google, Atlassian, Microsoft, Bookings.com SalesForce, Deloitte and KPMG, to name a few.

    Today Penny is an International keynote speaker, educational innovator, and author preparing to release her debut book in 2020, titled Hacking Happiness. On stage Penny has an aura of authority, born from in depth research and acquired mastery on the subject of Adaptability. She has a natural charisma and her message will strike a chord with any audience addressing one key question. How do we cease reacting and start intentionally adapting?

    Welcome to the podcast Penny Locaso.

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

MJHockley ,

Thought provoking stuff

Thanks for doing this podcast. I especially feel that it is so relevant in today's current societal context. It seems every where i turn, people are overwhelmed and looking to find a sense of purpose. It's great that you are exploring this topic with lots of different speakers from different backgrounds. It helps to be able to explore it from lots of different angles.

Megsyq ,

Love this podcast!

Rebecca has a great way of explaining purpose. I love how deep she delves into interviews with these amazing people exposing to us the many faces of purpose.
I look forward to each episode, more please!

Daffa1 ,

Amazing series!

Rebecca is articulate and breaks down purpose in an easy to understand way, with practical ways to apply her thinking. And such interesting and diverse people interviewed!! Such a great series!

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