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Authentic stories and practical advice from awesome, innovative women from around the globe.
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Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast Claire Hatton & Greta Thomas

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Authentic stories and practical advice from awesome, innovative women from around the globe.
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    Revealing Their Secrets, Protecting Ours - Abigail Bradshaw

    Revealing Their Secrets, Protecting Ours - Abigail Bradshaw

    If you’re thinking the title of this week’s episode sounds distinctly like it’s describing modern day espionage and intelligence agencies you would be right! 
    We are super excited to share this exclusive conversation with Cyber Security leader, Abigail Bradshaw. Abi is Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) which is part of the national Foreign Intelligence agency known as the Australian Signals Directorate. 
    Abi describes her job as “revealing other peoples’ secrets whilst protecting our own”. The agency she heads, the ACSC, is tasked with protecting Australia’s communications and technology networks, and all Australians, from malicious cyber activity. That includes threats from both sovereign nations and cyber criminals.
    Suffice to say, Abi is a very busy person! 
    Abi has had a fascinating career and is passionate about serving her country. She’s also really passionate about seeing more women in leadership roles and is proud of the number of women who are working with her at the agency. 
    In this episode you’ll hear: 
    How Abi’s career journey took her from being a lawyer in the Navy to a key role in an intelligence agencyWhy Abi realised she had to change her leadership style significantly when she started her current role, The pros and cons of having to lock your mobile away all day; andHer seriously informed tips of how we can all protect ourselves from cyber crime. 
    This really is a special episode so synchronise watches, put your phones on silent, and enjoy this conversation with the dynamic and patriotic Abigail Bradshaw.

    Useful Links
    Australian Signals Directorate website  
    Australian Cyber Security Centre website
    Free cyber advice 
    Link to TAFE Cyber Essential 8 course 

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    How To Be Heard

    How To Be Heard

    We’ve all been there, sitting in that meeting trying to get our point across and becoming infuriated because someone we work with repeatedly ignores what we say in meetings. 
    Being heard at work isn’t as simple as just speaking up. Research shows that particularly if you’re a woman or a minority it’s harder to have your ideas, your comments and contributions acknowledged and accepted.
    But there are things we can do to help overcome the challenges we sometimes face and in this episode Claire and Greta take you through numerous ways you can improve your influence at work and ensure your messages and communications are landing as well as they can. 
    They look at tactics and tools you can use before, during and after important meetings, plus share stories from some of the most senior guests we’ve had on the show including a member of the House of Lords in the UK and the President of a large global health business.
    In this episode you’ll learn:
    When, and with whom, Claire typically finds it difficult to be heard How to piggyback off someone else in a meeting when you’re having trouble finding the moment to speakWhy you have to stand up for yourselfAnd, an important meeting tactic everyone should use. 
    This episode is jam packed with tips and tools that can help us all increase our influence, and that we use regularly. If you know someone who’s complained of not being heard at work then why not share this episode with them as well. 

    Useful Links
    Martha Lane Fox episode   
    Que Dallara episode

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    Passionate about Stories and Play - Anna Rafferty

    Passionate about Stories and Play - Anna Rafferty

    Our guest on the show this week is Anna Rafferty who runs a global team of more than a thousand people at Lego, the company with play at the heart of its DNA. 
    Based in London, Anna and her large team oversee Lego’s consumer relationships including digital and social engagement, apps, websites, memberships, magazines, community management, digital safety, and events. Phew! 
    Anna’s had a remarkable career journey starting out of university with early dotcom ‘rocket ship’ Last Minute.com, where she worked for one of our former guests, Martha Lane Fox.
    Her career has also seen her work with Penguin Books, the BBC and blockbuster author JK Rowling’s company, Pottermore. To this day she retains her links to the publishing world as Chair of the Women’s Prize for Fiction. Suffice to say, Anna is one busy woman! 
    In this episode you’ll hear how:

    She had a career epiphany at 23 years of ageWhat working for author JK Rowling was likeHow one question helped her deal with overwhelm; and  The 3 behaviours that Lego values most in its leaders.
    Anna’s worked with some truly amazing brands and organisations in her career to date so we think you’ll love hearing more about her impressive journey. Enjoy this episode with the passionate and playful Anna Rafferty.  
    Women’s Prize for Fiction
    Anna on LinkedIn
    For Anna's Book Recommendations - go to our episode webpage and scroll down ....there are some fantastic recommendations here and we hope you enjoy them!

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    Inspiring Others with Her ‘Why’ - Lina Xu

    Inspiring Others with Her ‘Why’ - Lina Xu

    If you’re inspired by people who have a worthy and clear purpose or mission then you’re going to love our episode this week. 
    Our guest is Lina Xu, co-founder of a Medtech startup called Telecare which offers under-served people living in regional and rural areas virtual access to specialists and other healthcare professionals.
    When Chinese born and raised Lina moved to Australia seven years ago and became a mum shortly after, she felt very isolated, out of touch with her new country and alone. 
    Whilst still breastfeeding her second son four years ago, Lina realised she needed to make a change and do something more in her new country and so this quietly spoken and determined woman, along with her husband, co-founded Telecare. 
    Two doctors joined them as co-founders and all were inspired by the potential of Telecare to fill a vital healthcare gap by enabling regionally based patients to have affordable access to city based specialists and allied healthcare professionals. 
    As luck would have it, Telecare was founded just 6 months before Covid happened, so their foresight and careful stakeholder management has really paid off. So much so that Lina was awarded a Cartier Women’s Initiative Fellowship this year as one of Oceania’s leading female entrepreneurs. 
    In this episode you’ll hear how:

    A family tragedy helped Lina develop the resilience and adaptability that’s so valuable as a female founderHow having a clear and impact-focused Mission has made it much easier for Telecare, and Lina personally, to garner supporters How she and her co-founders are making headway with innovative technology in what is a very conservative and risk averse healthcare sector; and  Why relationships are so important to her. 
    What struck us about this inspiring conversation with Lina is how clear she is about her ‘Why’ and how that’s morphed into becoming something much bigger and even more meaningful with her business. 
    We think you’ll love this episode with the humble and mission-driven Lina Xu. 

    Useful Links
    Telecare Website 
    Lina Xu on LinkedIn
    Cartier Women’s Initiative 

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    Taking on Goliath - Sue Fennessy

    Taking on Goliath - Sue Fennessy

    We have a truly incredible guest in this week’s episode. We don’t think we’ve ever met someone with so much drive and conviction as serial entrepreneur, Sue Fennessy. 
    Sue’s vision for her latest, purpose-led-business ‘WeAre8’ is absolutely epic. So large is the vision, that she’s spent the past 8 years building the technology platform required to take on the social media giants of the world. Yes, this one woman ‘tour de force’ is taking on the goliaths of social media with a determination to make social media better for all. 
    She’s also invested more than $11 million of her own money to get WeAre8 to where it is today. She’s been able to do this because of her phenomenal track record building and exiting businesses. To date, she’s scaled and sold three previous businesses. 
    The last business that Sue co-founded and then sold in 2022, the global Standard Media Index, was bought for $200million. SMI, as it’s also known, was a pioneering data and technology business recording global media spends across different advertising channels. It required years of persistence and serious influence skills to get all the world’s largest media agencies on board to have access to all that data. Sue has these in spades!
    These days, after numerous years living in New York, Sue is based in London where we visited her at her HQ  in central London.
    In this epic conversation you’ll learn : 
    How Sue thinks about her Purpose in lifeHow she plans to transform the worlds of social media AND digital advertisingThe high personal cost of Sue’s single minded focus on making WeAre8 a success; and The crazy and sexist things Venture Capitalists have said to her.
    In short, this is a truly memorable conversation so please enjoy this episode with the purposeful and driven, Sue Fennessy. 

    Useful Links 
    WeAre8:  https://www.weare8.com/
    Sue on LInkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/sue-fennessy/

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    Deep Tech Community Builder - Sally-Ann Williams

    Deep Tech Community Builder - Sally-Ann Williams

    We’re really excited about the wonderful guest we have for you on episode 169 this week: Sally-Ann Williams. 
    Sally-Ann (aka Sally) is CEO of Cicada Innovations, Australia’s leading deep tech incubator for startups and scaleups with everything from quantum computing to life sciences, ag-tech, space and hydrogen startups. Cicada provides office space, custom labs, specialised equipment and training. 
    Over the years, Cicada has helped its resident companies raise 1.7 billion dollars in funding and they’ve also had 1.4 billion dollars in successful exits. 
    And right at the heart of the Cicada ecosystem is Sally. 
    Before joining Cicada, Sally spent nearly 13 years at Google in diverse roles mostly in the engineering team. There she was responsible, amongst many other things, for bringing street view to Australia and influencing school curriculum to ensure better teaching of technology and STEM subjects. She’s also always been a huge proponent for the start up ecosystem and women in particular.
    In this episode you’ll hear how
    Sally coped working with Google’s tech engineers without any technology backgroundHow she goes about building or harnessing diverse systems to deliver positive long term changeThe biggest challenge Sally faces running a deep tech incubator Why she thinks seaweed is actually more exciting than generative AI; and Her strategies for coping with chronic imposter syndrome. 
    Sally definitely sits in the box seat of what’s happening at the forefront of tech so we’re confident that you’ll find this conversation with her super interesting. 
    Enjoy this episode with deep tech and community champion, Sally-Ann Williams.
    Useful Links
    Sally-Ann on Linkedin
    Cicada Innovations website

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
152 Ratings

152 Ratings

Elizabetheastland ,

Brilliant - glad I found it!

I was recently recommended this practical, funny, insightful and quite powerful podcast full of advice, inspiration, and fascinating and inspiring stories from ‘women on the go’. Quite wonderful to listen to. When a recent guest (Anna Rafferty, 9 Aug episode) revealed she too had always wanted to be a witch I knew I had found something worthwhile to be inspired by! I wish I had had this to listen to at the beginning of my career, but it is equally fascinating and helpful as I begin my ‘third’ career. Thank you Claire and Greta and please don’t stop!

Dub-W ,

What a great podcast!

Stumbled on this as I saw Sue Fennessy’s interview on LinkedIn. Started with this episode and I’ve since binge-listening to the podcast! It’s inspiring, the content is short and concise with lots of great tips, I learnt something new from every interviews done here. Great work! 🫶♥️

Raquellish ,

Smart, thought provoking and well paced

Only just discovered this podcast- it’s the thinking woman’s crumpet. Smart, interesting guests and well structured episodes. Highly recommend to any professional women in Australia.

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