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Authentic stories and practical advice from awesome, innovative women around the globe. Our aim is to uncover the human behind the success story to show that these women are achieving great things despite their doubts, fears and tough times.

Plus, look out for bonus ‘How to’ episodes sharing practical and proven tools to help you deal with common career challenges and become that little bit more unstoppable.

Look for new episodes every 2nd week.

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Authentic stories and practical advice from awesome, innovative women around the globe. Our aim is to uncover the human behind the success story to show that these women are achieving great things despite their doubts, fears and tough times.

Plus, look out for bonus ‘How to’ episodes sharing practical and proven tools to help you deal with common career challenges and become that little bit more unstoppable.

Look for new episodes every 2nd week.

    Que Dallara – Unlocks What It Takes to Be Successful

    Que Dallara – Unlocks What It Takes to Be Successful

    From extreme disadvantage in her childhood, Honeywell Connected Enterprise (HCE) President and CEO, Que Dallara, has been driven all her life to ensure she and her family are far from the memories she has of begging for rice as a child refugee. 

    We’re in awe of what Que has so thoughtfully achieved over the years taking her from supporting her family and herself through school and uni, to reach the highest echelons of corporate America.

    Que grew up in Australia and worked there for McKinsey and numerous corporates before moving to the US almost 20 years ago via an MBA at Insead. She worked in senior roles for Microsoft, TE Connectivity and now is running HCE for Honeywell. Que is leading the industrial giant’s transformative push into software sales and the Internet of Things. 

    Alongside all of this, she’s also the mum of three kids!

    We urge you not to miss this episode which shares not only Que’s incredible life story but also some of the finest career advice you’re likely to hear. 

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    What impact Que’s dramatic and dangerous escape from Vietnam has had on her life

    How having to pay for her education and support her family, saw her running a successful business by the age of 16!

    The one key thing Que realised she (and others) need to develop to keep progressing in their careers

    How she goes about leading a major innovation play within a huge conglomerate.

    Enjoy this episode with the humble, yet ever so impressive, Que Dallara. 


    Useful Links

    Que's LinkedIn

    Honeywell - click on Honeywell Forge to see Que's Division


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    Michelle Garnaut AO – Fabulous Stories from One of Asia’s Most Celebrated Restaurateurs

    Michelle Garnaut AO – Fabulous Stories from One of Asia’s Most Celebrated Restaurateurs

    Our guest this week has taken the road less travelled, and pioneered her industry in Hong Kong and China for more than 30 years. We’re talking about one of Asia’s most celebrated restaurateurs, and a philanthropist as well, Michelle Garnaut AO.

    Michelle grew up in Australia but always knew she wanted to travel. The fact she founded and launched her business, the M Restaurant Group, in Hong Kong in the late 1980s makes her one of the first independent restaurateurs to set up shop anywhere in Hong Kong or China. 

    Time Magazine has even described Michelle as an ‘industry celebrity’ and someone who ‘pioneered the fashionable-dining scene in China’. 

    Michelle is well known for the upscale restaurants and bars she’s created and launched in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing - including M on the Bund restaurant still delighting diners in Shanghai. 

    She’s also committed to giving back, and founded the Shanghai International Literary Festival the M Literary Residency, the Village People Project and the women’s initiative, Mentor Walks, which she started in Beijing. 

    Michelle has won numerous international entrepreneurial awards and accolades, and last year was awarded an Order of Australia for her numerous contributions to business and society. 

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    How Michelle became one of the most successful fine-dining restaurateurs in China 

    Her hard fought lessons about starting and running a business

    Why she started out with her cash locked in a fridge, and

    How she had to fight to win back control of her business.

    We think you’ll just love Michelle’s amazing stories and all-round fabulousness. 

    Happy listening! 


    Interesting Links

    Michelle's Restaurant in Shanghai - M on the Bund

    M on the Bund on Facebook

    M on the Bund on Weibo

    Mentor Walks China

    Mentor Walks Australia

    Scan to Follow M on the Bund on WeChat




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    Laura Anderson – On A Mission to Mars

    Laura Anderson – On A Mission to Mars

    This week’s guest has an insatiable passion for learning and the future and she has the career portfolio to prove it! We’re talking about international company director, entrepreneur and global philanthropist, Laura Anderson.

    Laura grew up near Chicago in the US. She found out early on that she was good at maths and loved ideas and set about immersing herself in areas that fascinated her. As a girl she wanted  to be an astronaut and to this day is convinced the Space Program is critically important. And yes, she’s passionate about humans getting to Mars!

    Laura’s “why not?” attitude ultimately led her to a career in the technology industry where she worked around the world for companies such as HP, KPMG and Perot Systems, as well as starting her own successful supply chain company. 

    Laura is now based in Australia where she has a full and fascinating portfolio of local and international interests and directorships including being Chair of LaunchVic (a Government organisation to foster a start-up ecosystem), the Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology in Schools, and SVI Global Pty Ltd. 

    She’s also on the boards of: the Fulbright Commission, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Epworth HealthCare, the National Basketball League, and the Defence Science Institute. 

    In this episode, you’ll learn:

    How Laura goes about influencing people, particularly in a male dominated environment

    What tools and tactics she uses to manage her mindset

    How she thinks about her global network

    Her advice to entrepreneurs

    And the reasons why she’s on a Mission to Mars!

    Sit back, buckle up and enjoy this episode with the very accomplished and delightful Laura Anderson.



    Links of Interest

    Laura's Website

    Laura on Twitter

    Laura on Instagram


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    June Dally Watkins – Redefining What’s Possible for Women Even at 92!

    June Dally Watkins – Redefining What’s Possible for Women Even at 92!

    This week’s guest is a woman who at the age of 92 is still inspiring thousands of women to be the “best they can be!”. We’re talking about the incredible doyenne of etiquette and deportment, June Dally Watkins.

    Miss Dally, as she is known, grew up on a sheep farm and attended a one teacher bush school in regional Australia. Her teacher told her mother that she “would be an absolute failure in life”. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

    At 22, June became Australia’s Fashion Model of the Year and soon became Australia’s first supermodel. She lived the high life as part of the global jetset becoming great friends with Hollywood stars Audrey Hepburn, Bing Crosby and Gregory Peck (who asked her to marry him!).

    When she came back to Australia she started her now famous etiquette and deportment business which made her one of Australia’s first female entrepreneurs. The June Dally Watkins School has gone on to change thousands and thousands of people’s lives. 

    She is now, at 92 years of age, an absolute sensation in China where she goes for weeks at a time to teach thousands to be “the best they can be”.

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    How hard it was to be one of the first business women in Australia when women were expected to play the traditional housewife role

    Why June pushed through condemnation and criticism to build her business

    How she came to be so in demand in China in her 90’s

    And her advice on how to stay young.

    Enjoy this episode with the delightful and determined June Dally Watkins.


    Useful Links

    June Dally Watkins Website (JDW)

    Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend Article on June Dally Watkins

    JDW on Facebook


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    How to Have a Difficult Conversation

    How to Have a Difficult Conversation

    We get it, no-one likes having a difficult conversation do they? 

    Yet, it’s a fact of life that we all need to instigate them at different times both at work and at home. And if you want to be successful at work, it’s fair to say that having constructive difficult conversations is a skill you just need to master.

    But difficult conversations are hard because they often illicit emotion. Hence many of us procrastinate or dodge conversations that we know we really should have, which can lead to resentment and festering emotions.   

    Procrastinate no more! This week we provide you with some simple tips and tools to help you navigate these tricky situations.

    In fact, we teach how to have difficult work conversations in our leadership programs at companies around the world, including Google, Pinterest, Uber, etc, and our participants tell us that these skills really help. 

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    Practical steps you can take to ensure your difficult conversations go as well as possible 

    Why it’s so important to have difficult conversations

    A super useful way to give feedback well 

    And, how to say No 

    Plus, you get to hear an, almost, Oscar-winning feedback role-play (if we say so ourselves)! 

    So don’t delay that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off - click below and have a listen and then try it for real!

    You've got this!

    Oh and email us at claireandgreta@dontstopusnow.co if you’d like us to send you our Values Assessment Exercise.


    Useful Links

    The SBI Feedback Model

    Additional Reading:

    Crucial Conversations - Tools for Talking When Stake are High by Kerry Paterson

    Radical Candour by Kim Scott Malone

    What's Worst Than Having a Difficult Conversation? Avoiding One! by Deborah Rowland - HBR article


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    Jodie Fox – The Rise and Demise of Her Global Business

    Jodie Fox – The Rise and Demise of Her Global Business

    Our guest this week has been on an incredible journey in the past decade - building an iconic online retail empire to global heights and then having no choice but to close it all down last year. We’re talking about Shoes of Prey co-founder, Jodie Fox. 

    The trailblazing Shoes of Prey became a global start-up and fashion darling during its nine years in business - offering shoes that its customers could personally design and customise online. It was a truly innovative concept. 

    Big name VC firms thought so too, and Jodie and her two male co-founders raised around $30 million over the life of the business before coming to the heart-wrenching decision to cease trading in August last year. The problem? Despite a stunning launch years earlier, they simply couldn’t get the scale to make the business sustainable in the long term. 

    Jodie was the Chief Creative Officer and public face of Shoes of Prey, so coming to terms with having to shut down the business, and its global offices, has been particularly confronting for her in the past year having spent the past ten years living and breathing the brand. 

    In this episode you’ll learn :

    How and why Jodie went from being a risk averse young lawyer to a start-up co-founder 

    What it was like to be married and then divorced to one of her co-founders whilst still having to work in the business together

    The three key lessons she’s taken away from the high profile failure of their venture

    And, how vulnerable she feels sharing so much of her personal story in her new book.

    This is Jodie’s first podcast interview since Shoes of Prey was shut down and it comes as she’s launching her book about the incredible journey she’s been on: ‘Reboot - More Than You Ever Probably Wanted to Know About Starting a Global Business’. 

    We loved this discussion and Jodie’s generosity in sharing what she’s learnt. Be sure not to miss this one and be among the first to hear her fascinating stories. Plus, enter our competition to win one of ten copies of Jodie’s book that we are giving away to lucky subscribers. 

    Happy Listening!


    Jodie with co-Founders Michael Fox and Mike Knapp; the early days of Shoes of Prey; a Shoes of Prey concept store in the US; Jodie

    Links of interest

    Jodie's website

    Win one of 10 of Jodie's new book

    Jodie's Youtube Channel

    Jodie on Insta

    Jodie on Linkedin

    Buy Jodie's new book - Reboot, More Than You Probably Ever Wanted to Know About Starting a Global Business

    Booktopia - Australia

    Amazon - US

    Amazon - UK


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Sarah.Syd ,

Inspiring, unconventional life & career pathways, shared by powerhouse women

This is the first podcast I have ever truly engaged with, enjoyed, and consistently follow! Each story is so insightful and filled with unexpected truth bombs, anecdotes, and facts. The topics discussed are relevant to any woman at any point of her career as this podcast will in some way uplift and guide you through your journey. Thank you Claire and Greta for finding these amazing women and sharing their stories!

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Smart, inspiring and real

I love the honest conversational style of these podcasts, and every single one has an unexpected gem, idea or laugh-out-loud reality check. It makes me realize just how much we can achieve, and that behind every woman who has put herself out there in the world there are some genuinely inspiring stories. I have to say the one with Mia Freedman is a treat - and I’m passing her career advice onto my teenagers.

StephW09 ,

Very enjoyable

I love the topics Greta and Clair discuss and the insights they bring. I also love that the podcast is a neat 30min. Not too long, not too short! Great work!

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