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Authentic stories and practical advice from awesome, innovative women from around the globe.

Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast Claire Hatton & Greta Thomas

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Authentic stories and practical advice from awesome, innovative women from around the globe.

    Future Proof Me - Mastering Your Ego

    Future Proof Me - Mastering Your Ego

    This week’s Future Proofing mini episode is all about not letting your ego get the better of you.

    We were blown away by the maturity and wisdom of young New Zealand entrepreneur, Brianne West, the founder and CEO of Ethique, the global and sustainable cosmetics company. We spoke to her on the show last year. 

    Brianne’s mission is to rid the world of single-use plastics and Ethique replaces bottled products like shampoos with solid bars of concentrated product.

    Brianne has won all kinds of honours including New Zealand’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and she was named an Obama Leader for Asia Pacific.

    With these accolades Brianne could be forgiven for running her global business exactly as she pleases. But what’s so refreshing about this entrepreneur in her 30’s is that she’s well aware she’s never worked in any other business and so she knows she needs other people's expertise to help her succeed. 

    And that’s where mastering your ego comes into it. Brianne is so authentic and open about what she does and doesn’t know. 

    In a world where it’s so easy for all of us to think we have to role play and claim more experience and capability than we may have, one of the secrets to Brianne’s success is that she’s learnt her business needs her to listen to the recommendations of others in order to succeed. She leaves her ego at the door when she goes to work and so do her colleagues.

    Take a listen and be inspired how vulnerability really can be the best way forward.

    Useful Links

    Brianne’s Full Interview with us - Brianne West – Running the World’s most Sustainable Cosmetics Company
    Ethique Website
    Brianne on Instagram
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    Taylor White - The Art of Creating

    Taylor White - The Art of Creating

    This week we talk with the entrepreneurial and talented American artist, Taylor White. Taylor has worked around the world creating incredible street murals and fine art. You may have seen her work in Melbourne, Oslo, Berlin, LA, Miami, and her hometown of Raleigh in North Carolina. We talk to Taylor about her career journey, how to be more creative, why focusing on what you can control is so important and why she believes almost anything is possible today, plus much more ..

    Taylor spent a lot of last year driven by the goal to create and produce her own solo exhibition (The Pursuit of Happiness) inspired by her observations of life in the time of Covid. As you’ll hear, producing your own exhibition is no small undertaking.

    Being a professional artist is a tough gig - a recent study showed that only 17% of artists make most of their income from their actual art practise. So Taylor’s experiences make this all the more interesting. 
    In this episode you’ll learn: 
    - How Taylor creates large scale street murals
    - Her advice for anyone who wants to be more creative
    - Why focusing on what you can control is so important 
    - And, why she believes almost anything is possible today.

    So don’t miss this great conversation with the thoughtful and creative Taylor White.

    Useful Links 

    Taylor’s Instagram - @taylurk
    Taylor’s website
    Taylor’s Exhibition - The Pursuit of Happiness
    Shaun Hussack - Melbourne street artist agency - Juddy Roller
    Silo Trail in Australia (very cool murals in regional areas
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    Future Proof Me - What Great Ideas Need

    Future Proof Me - What Great Ideas Need

    This week’s Future Proof mini episode is all about what it takes to get a big idea signed off. 

    We’re excited to share very wise advice from senior Microsoft exec, Mitra Azizirad, who heads up their AI and Innovation division. Mitra speaks about what you should do when that fantastic idea or innovation you have gets knocked back.  (Hands up who knows that feeling!) 

    Mitra is someone who’s had plenty of practise selling-in new ideas and approaches, and one of her top pieces of advice from our conversation was all about how you should react to being told “no” when you pitch an idea in a big corporate.  

    It’s important advice and we’re excited to revisit this with you here. Enjoy! 

    Useful Links

    Mitra’s Full Interview with us - Mitra Azizirad – How Resilience and Persistence Can Make All The Difference
    Mitra on LinkedIn - see her speeches here too! Well worth a watch!
    Microsoft Innovation - Mitra’s team
    Microsoft AI - also Mitra’s team
    Mcirosoft’s AI Business School - Free Course
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    Allison Kent-Smith - Not your Typical Entrepreneur

    Allison Kent-Smith - Not your Typical Entrepreneur

    Our episode this week features an American woman who abandoned the security and prestige of working with some of the world’s most sought after ad agencies to start her own businesses.

    Her name is Allison Kent Smith and one thing that really stands out about her is that she has consciously refused to pretend to be someone she’s not when trying to find VC investors for her startup.   

    That startup, giide.com, is a new platform for creating rich audio learning experiences featuring a host of multimedia options such as links, articles and graphics.

    In our conversation you’ll hear how
    - Allison has experienced a few seminal moments when she just knew she had to leap out of her comfort zone work-wise
    - What a Silicon Valley VC told her when she met with him for funding that nearly made her give up
    - Why she asks herself how can she do less when she wakes up 
    - And how she’s found her tribe of investors and supporters by staying true to herself  

    So sit back and enjoy this episode with the not so typical entrepreneur, Allison Kent Smith. 

    Useful Links

    Giide Website
    Allison on LinkedIn
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    Future Proof Me - Courage for All Things

    Future Proof Me - Courage for All Things

    Our mini episode this week is packed with wisdom from one of our most thoughtful guests. 

    Social entrepreneur, author and one of Forbes Magazine ‘100 Greatest Living Business Minds’, Jacqueline Novogratz, blew our socks off with her inspiring purpose and thoughtful wisdom when we spoke with her last year.

    We particularly loved how Jacqueline spoke inspiringly about courage and creating change, and she uses the analogy of bulls and doves in a brilliant way. At the time she was releasing her latest book, Manifesto for a Moral Revolution. 

    Jacqueline starts by stressing how important it is not to spend ages thinking about doing something but to make a start, even if it scares you. 

    You’ll also learn how she channels her inner bull and dove and how she overcame her fear of public speaking.

    Enjoy this episode. 

    Useful Links 

    Our full interview with Jacqueline Novogratz
    Acumen Website

    Jacqueline’s Books: 
    Manifesto for a Moral Revolution – Practices to Build a Better World 
    The Blue Sweater
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    How to be a Great People Person

    How to be a Great People Person

    This week’s episode is all about becoming a great ‘people person’. It’s something we believe is probably the most important trait of a great leader. 

    Of course, it’s not always easy to do, particularly these days when many of us are working from home at least some part of each week. 

    Thanks to Covid, we’re all losing a bit of ‘muscle tone’ when it comes to building and maintaining healthy working relationships with our colleagues, direct reports and networks.

    But fear not as we have just the info you need to hear to reinvigorate your working life! 

    In this episode you’ll hear: 
    - How one CEO was advised not to think she was running a company and instead to think of it as managing a group of individuals;
    - Great advice on the key ingredients for strong working relationships even when everyone is working remotely;
    - What mistake younger women make in particular when it comes to interactions at work; 
    - And the one special ingredient you need to build enduring relationships in ways that are otherwise impossible.

    So rediscover the ‘people person’ you want to be, and enjoy this episode!

    Useful Links

    The Trust Equation by Charles Green
    Link to Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas Interview
    Link to Connie Mckeage Interview
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4.5 out of 5
140 Ratings

140 Ratings

Olive__Oil ,

Absolutely Brilliant!

I love, love, love this podcast. Insightful, helpful and generous, I can’t wait to hear more.

Jenpodcastlistener2223 ,


A motivating and inspiring podcast that sparks your curiosity! I’ve been listening to the podcast for a few months now and have been picking up new knowledge and skills throughout my time as a listener. As someone going through a career pivot, whenever i’m in need for some advice this is the podcast that I’ll turn to. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get career advice or simply eager to learn something new!

jjmklkkllppZThjoooooujy ,

True gem!! Must subscribe!!

There’s a lot of podcasts and female entrepreneur kinda stuff out there but Claire and Greta are waaaay above the rest!! The guests they feature are truly inspiring individuals, down to earth, happy to share practical tips on moving forwards, getting involved and getting things done. Both hosts add to the conversation with own rich experience, tips from the coal face and personality that shines. A true gem that you don’t want to miss!!
Thank you Claire and Greta for your stories, thought provoking questions and generosity with your own time to foster a community that matters.

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