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Authentic stories and practical advise from awesome, innovative women from around the globe.

Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast Claire Hatton & Greta Thomas

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Authentic stories and practical advise from awesome, innovative women from around the globe.

    Brianne West - Running the World's most Sustainable Cosmetics Company

    Brianne West - Running the World's most Sustainable Cosmetics Company

    Our guest on the podcast this week is Brianne West, the New Zealander serial entrepreneur and founder of global sustainable cosmetics company, Ethique.
    Brianne has a bold and pioneering mission, to rid the world of single-use plastics. She started Ethique to replace all those bottled products we use in our bathrooms, from shampoos to moisturisers, with solid bars of concentrated product.

    We’ve been so impressed with the degree of sustainability and ethical practices that Brianne has baked into her business, from sourcing her products directly from around the globe, to being a B Corp, to donating 20% of profits to charitable causes. It really is a business that walks the talk. 

    In this episode you’ll learn:
    - How Brianne displayed the entrepreneurial gene very early 
    - How she’s funded Ethique with two very successful crowdfunding campaigns, as well as what it takes to crowdfund successfully
    - What Brianne does to manage her anxiety; and 
    - How Huffington Post and Britney Spears changed everything for her business overnight!

    We hope you come away as inspired by this conversation as we were. It’s a real demonstration of what’s possible when a business decides to make a reasonable profit whilst also caring for planet and people.

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    Future Proof Me - Lasting the Distance

    Future Proof Me - Lasting the Distance

    Do you get impacted by all the negativity in the News? Are you feeling pretty disheartened about COVID-19’s continued impact on our lives and routines?

    If you’re nodding your head right now, then this week’s mini episode on ‘Lasting the Distance’ could be just what you need to shake off that cloudy feeling. 

    Here at Don’t Stop Us Now HQ, we both felt we needed a pick-me-up this week and so this episode is designed to help us all last the distance with whatever challenges we may be facing right now.

    Hear Claire and Greta talk about how they’re feeling, stories of what they’re actions they’re taking to stay resilient, and hear three key tips to get through these tricky and uncertain times.

    Remember we’re in the midst of a (COVID) marathon and not a sprint, so being sure to take time out to be kind to yourself and to build your resilience is so important. Don’t miss this episode to get some ideas to boost your mindset now.
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    Hayley Markham - The Unflappable Entrepreneur

    Hayley Markham - The Unflappable Entrepreneur

    Our guest this week is one of the co-founders of an international venture all about teaching the younger generation to code.

    Hayley Markham is co-founder and COO of Code Camp, which to date has reached 90,000 children with their holiday and after school camps, and online programs, in Australia and also the UK.

    Hayley co-founded Code Camp seven years ago and as you’ll hear this hard working pragmatist and efficiency queen got started in the business when her third child was just two weeks old! Little did she know what she was getting herself into then but there’s no doubting Hayley is an unflappable master at juggling life and building a startup.

    Code Camp was named one of Smart Company’s top three, fastest growing businesses in Australia in 2018 with 510% revenue growth. It was also nominated as a Deloitte ‘Fast 50 Rising Star’ in 2019 and Hayley herself is a recent winner of Australian Mumpreneur of the Year. 

    In this episode you’ll hear: 

    - How Hayley found her forte and niche in people leadership and operations after years of trial and error in different jobs not knowing what she wanted to do,
    - The career advice she has for others who aren’t sure what their dream role looks like, 
    - How Code Camp overcame the challenges involved with scaling the business,
    - And the one thing Hayley credits with helping her juggle running a business and having a busy family life.

    So if you’re looking for inspiration on how to tackle the challenges and juggles in your life, then you’ll love this episode with the unflappable and humble Hayley Markham. 
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    Future Proof Me - How an Innovator Stays Creative

    Future Proof Me - How an Innovator Stays Creative

    Welcome to this week’s mini Future Proof Me episode all about how to stay creative in a busy world.

    We loved the advice that serial Canadian entrepreneur and founder, Vicki Saunders shared with us when we spoke to her last year.

    Vicki is CEO and Founder of SheEO. SheEO is an international network of women who support, finance and celebrate female innovators who run ventures solving important world problems. (Check out our feature interview shownotes page for a link if you want to learn more about SheEO.)

    As a serial entrepreneur and true original thinker, Vicki has learnt she needs to create space for ideas to flow. As you’ll hear in this episode, she’s very conscious of ensuring she has a routine and practices that give her that space and stimulus despite facing, as we all do, the demands of a hectic busy work life and all the usual stresses we all experience. 

    You’ll hear how Vicki carves out time in her schedule to consume a wide variety of different topics in order to fuel her creative thinking, and you’ll hear how she’s found meditating makes a big difference.

    If you’re struggling to have fresh ideas or see old problems from new perspectives, then this mini episode is just what you need.
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    How to Change Career

    How to Change Career

    Welcome to our latest How To episode!

    We’ve had numerous people ask us recently if now is the right time to change jobs or even careers. It got us both thinking and before you knew it, we had a new ‘How To’ ready to go!

    In this episode we explore why you might want to change careers, when is the best time to change careers, and finally how you go about changing career. We also explain what we mean by ‘changing careers’ versus simply changing jobs.

    You’ll hear step-by-step examples of how both Claire and Greta have each changed their careers. (Hint - we’ve had a fair bit of practise!)

    Plus you’ll also learn:
    - The key timing and financial considerations you need to take in to account before you change careers
    - Why we think now is a time to be cautious and conservative before leaving your current job
    - Advice from a resume expert on how to change industries (a potentially common scenario for people working in COVID-affected industries such as Travel and Hospitality right now);
    - Examples of how to think ‘outside the box’ to make that career change easier
    - And a checklist of things to consider and plan for.

    So without further ado, enjoy this How To episode on changing careers
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    Future Proof Me - Advice on Getting Out of Your Own Way

    Future Proof Me - Advice on Getting Out of Your Own Way

    Our latest Future Proof me mini-episode this week shares invaluable lessons from an entrepreneur who’s truly experienced the highs and lows of building a global business.

    For this week’s mini episode, we return the spotlight to Jodie Fox, the Co-Founder of the iconic online retail brand Shoes of Prey.

    Jodie and her co-founders went on an incredible journey over a decade building Shoes of Prey to be a global brand, only to be forced to close it all down in 2018.

    The advice Jodie shares here isn't just relevant for a budding entrepreneur; it’s actually about how to navigate your way through your chosen career and not short change yourself by holding yourself back or getting in your own way of progress. 

    Jodie has really thought deeply about how we can hold ourselves back and how we like to keep ourselves safe and has some great advice to share. 

    She also shares her views on how we all think too judgmentally about failure - both when it comes to ourselves as well as others.

    Don’t forget, if you love this taste of Jodie’s invaluable lessons then we encourage you to listen to our full interview with Jodie here and check out Jodie’s book called ReBoot - More Than You Ever Probably Wanted to Know About Starting a Global Business.

    Enjoy this mini episode and be sure to practise getting out of your own way! :-)
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4.5 out of 5
127 Ratings

127 Ratings

Jenpodcastlistener2223 ,


A motivating and inspiring podcast that sparks your curiosity! I’ve been listening to the podcast for a few months now and have been picking up new knowledge and skills throughout my time as a listener. As someone going through a career pivot, whenever i’m in need for some advice this is the podcast that I’ll turn to. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get career advice or simply eager to learn something new!

jjmklkkllppZThjoooooujy ,

True gem!! Must subscribe!!

There’s a lot of podcasts and female entrepreneur kinda stuff out there but Claire and Greta are waaaay above the rest!! The guests they feature are truly inspiring individuals, down to earth, happy to share practical tips on moving forwards, getting involved and getting things done. Both hosts add to the conversation with own rich experience, tips from the coal face and personality that shines. A true gem that you don’t want to miss!!
Thank you Claire and Greta for your stories, thought provoking questions and generosity with your own time to foster a community that matters.

Andy Crowden ,


Well produced informative and inspiring interviews. Thank you

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