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A podcast based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/emerge/support

Emerge: Making Sense of What's Next Daniel Thorson

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A podcast based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/emerge/support

    Soryu Forall - Responding to Collapse: Virtue and Possibility at the World's End

    Soryu Forall - Responding to Collapse: Virtue and Possibility at the World's End

    Is it still possible to create a more beautiful future for life on earth, or are we now merely stewards for the dying process of our world? How do we live with the weight of this uncertainty? Soryu Forall responds to these questions during a recent lecture at the Monastic Academy.

    Soryu is the founder and head teacher at the Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life on Earth (MAPLE). You can hear my previously recorded conversation with Soryu by clicking here.


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    • 26 min
    Rob McNamara - Adult Development & Ensoulment

    Rob McNamara - Adult Development & Ensoulment

    Rob McNamara is an author, leadership coach, advisor and consultant with expertise in adult development and human performance. He is a co-founder of the leading consulting firm Delta Developmental, a faculty member for the Ivey School of Business' LIFT Advanced Coaching Program, and is a Senior Monk and Integral Zen Dharma Holder training with Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi. McNamara’s coaching focuses leaders on clarifying life purpose, growing critical leadership skills to advance value creation and fostering organizational development to enhance learning and innovation.

    MAPLE Fundamentals Online Training (Cohort Begins August 8th)

    Vision Quest at the Monastic Academy (September 10th - 19th)

    Show Notes:
    00:02 Who do we need to become to navigate this planetary meta-crisis?
    00:05 “Revolutionary enfoldment” / new vectors of development
    00:10 Limitations of just adding more complexity
    00:18 Takes 10 years. Do we even have that? XR: “sacrifice for future generation” — Hero frame
    00:26 Exploring other distinctions / sovereignty and surrender
    00:33 “If we’re not willing to die, we don’t get to touch the ineffable grace of life”
    00:36 The diversification of identity
    00:43 The illumined reality / world as image structure
    00:51 What needs to happen in public? / education
    00:55 How do we cultivate the capacity to attune to image? / image is prior to language
    01:04 Circling / need for community
    01:08 “giving someone an image that is not their own”
    01:11 Omniwin / “image structure is not an exhaustible resource”
    01:14 Finite and infinite games / “switching arena of pathos to soul-making” / “game on, forever”
    01:16 How to increase access to this?
    01:19 Organizational development / “If this is our last thing, what do we do?”
    01:22 How do we ground this in community? / problem-solving / play
    01:25 Robert = “bright counselor”
    01:28 Wrap-up


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    • 1 hr 39 min
    Zak Stein - The Eros of Ethics

    Zak Stein - The Eros of Ethics

    In this first conversation after a year sabbatical from the Emerge project I'm speaking with Zak Stein. This is a far ranging conversation about ethics, education, trauma, the erotics of moral understanding, and more. 

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    Show Notes

    0:00 Opening
    0:03 How to create the kinds of humans who can respond to the meta-crisis?
    0:08 “We’re not sure what it means to be good anymore” / what’s worth loving
    0:09 Eros and Ethics / Ensoulment
    0:17 Moral development
    0:23 “How do you get someone interested in what is truly good?”
    0:25 Linking / meta-psychology
    0:29 Community ethics feedback loops
    0:33 Objective ethics
    0:37 Embodied ethical sensing
    0:38 Intersection between Trauma & Ethics, desensitization, somatic de-armoring
    0:43 Trust, return of the Sacred
    0:47 The Moral Exemplar
    0:52 Exposure to the full ethical range
    0:54 “Trauma” in culture
    0:62 Evil
    0:68 Practices for Wellbeing
    0:72 “Enlightenment is your greatest disappointment”
    0:74 Eros & Ethics
    0:77 Human as ethical actor, intimacy and obligation
    0:81 Circling, following “aliveness”, co-discovering moral landscape
    0:85 Path = compromising moral integrity increasingly intolerable
    0:88 Ethics in Community, MAPLE’s advantage
    0:90 Closing


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    • 1 hr 34 min
    Emerge Returns: Solo Episode

    Emerge Returns: Solo Episode

    Emerge is back! This is a solo episode where I share a few life updates and thoughts about the evolution of the Emerge podcast.

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    • 23 min
    The End of Emerge (For Now)

    The End of Emerge (For Now)

    I've decided to put this project on hold and dedicate myself more fully my work and training at the Monastic Academy. In this episode I share some of the thinking and feeling that went into my choice.

    If you'd like to support me in my training and work you can do so through Patreon.

    A few recent pieces I've read that are relevant to this episode:

    Cutting Through Spiritual Colonialism by Vinay Gupta

    Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times by Jamie Bristow & Rosie Bell


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    • 19 min
    Zak Stein - American Culture's Psychotic Break (pt. 2)

    Zak Stein - American Culture's Psychotic Break (pt. 2)

    In the first episode after my 75 day silent retreat I sat down with Zak Stein to speak about the the current cultural moment and how we can respond to the chaos and uncertainty of the world with love and integrity.

    This is part two of a two part episode.

    In this episode we discuss:

    - An overview of Zak’s metapsychology

    - How the psyche is a triple of development, ensoulment, and transcendence and why one must work on all three

    - How much of the talk about ‘sense making’ is missing two thirds of the picture

    - The noetic function of love

    - The relationship between language, image and symbol

    - How ensoulment lags behind development and transcendence in terms of emphasis in transformational culture

    - Why working with image and ensoulment might be the most important work that can be done right now

    - What image has to do with the resolution of the meaning crisis

    - Zak’s theory that, at some point, a shared cultural image will spontaneously create collective coherence

    - How ethics is implicated in Zak’s metapsychology

    - How virtue ethics is the antidote to virtue signaling


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    • 59 min

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4.9 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

drjasonfox ,

Deeply insightful

This podcast is wondrous. Daniel provides a warm, deft and thorough exploration of complex and emerging domains of philosophy—with fluidity and aplomb. An exqusite synthesis, laced with kindness, curiosity, empathy and care. Highly recommended.

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