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Energetic Radio with Dale Sidebottom is a fantastic tool for people looking to bring fun play and happiness into each and every day. Listen along as Dale interviews world renowned expects and shares his own experiences with you in this weekly podcast.

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Energetic Radio with Dale Sidebottom is a fantastic tool for people looking to bring fun play and happiness into each and every day. Listen along as Dale interviews world renowned expects and shares his own experiences with you in this weekly podcast.

    #197: Kirsty & James Greenshields | Taking Yourself Beyond Resilience

    #197: Kirsty & James Greenshields | Taking Yourself Beyond Resilience

    This week's podcast has been taken from a recent webinar that Kirsty and James did for our healthy minds positive vibes summit. The content was so powerful and uplifting that I had to share it with you all on the podcast. In today's episode, you will explore a holistic approach to shifting any situation towards a harmonic outcome. Kirsty and James use their experience from the family home, battlefield to boardroom to provide a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual platform to take you Beyond Resilience.

    Kirsty and James Greenshields, are co-founders of Resilient Leaders Foundation.

    Together as a dynamic team, they have touched 1000's of Australians with their open-hearted approach to life, and their positive example of how to live a life of impact. They've also reached 1000's internationally through the power of social media, others' podcasts, and have been regulars on some international radio and internet radio platforms.

    They met while both serving as officers in the Australian Army. Kirsty left her career as an intelligence officer in 2002 to pursue a career in health and created a successful naturopathy practice.

    James retired from military service in 2010, after returning from service in Iraq in 2006/7, as the commander of over 100 troops. During his tour, his armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. When he returned, aside from his shrapnel wounds, most of his wounds were unseen. He experienced severe depression and post traumatic stress. This began the couple's process of healing, which inspired them to eventually help others to heal.

    Their feel-good story of recovery, and relationship growth in the face of adversity, has featured on the Huffington Post, ABC News, The Australian Weekend Magazine, Marie Clare, and Queensland's Courier Mail. They've helped transform the lives of 100's of individuals who have attended their workshops, and they continue to assist small to large Australian organizations and associations best manage transition, leadership, communication and relationship processes.

    At Resilient Leaders Foundation, we use the term 'Harmonic Leadership', which is not a model, but a paradigm of leadership for a new world, outside of outdated systemic practices.

    The Resilient Leaders Foundation was recognized as a national harm prevention charity in 2017, and all activities are aligned with the charitable purpose of the foundation. All programs and activities have been developed as a result of the desire to contribute to the prevention of domestic violence, youth suicide, depression and familial dysfunction.

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    #196: Natalie West | Love, Life & Connection

    #196: Natalie West | Love, Life & Connection

    This week I have the pleasure of sharing Natalie West with you who is an intimacy and relationship coach as well as a life long entrepreneur. We discuss everything from sex, love, career, social life, spirituality and nutrition. All these aspects of our lives are intertwined. Natalie is passionate about life, relationships, wellness and health coaching.

    Natalie has qualifications in clinical behavioural science and applied clinical hypnotherapy. She is also qualified in the areas of neuro-com programming, clinical hypnosis, public speaking, group meditation facilitation, physical & psychological conditioning and performance coaching. She also holds experience in the areas of orthomolecular nutrition, mindset coaching & holistic health.


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    #195: Dana Kerford | The Power of Friendships

    #195: Dana Kerford | The Power of Friendships

    Welcome to another week of the podcast with an episode that EVERYONE needs to listen to at the moment. 2020 has not been the easiest of times for anyone, and that's why today's guest Dana Kerford is here to help. Not only is Dana full of energy and fun, but she is also one of the best in the business with building, fostering and creating lasting and meaningful friendships.

    Dana Kerford is a friendship expert and the Founder of URSTRONG.

    Dana's career as a teacher began in 2004 when, after settling into grade 4 at a private school in Canada, she quickly identified the intensity and complexity of friendships for young girls. Inspired by her students, Dana began researching relational aggression, conflict resolution, and the inner workings of female relationships.

    In 2009, Dana developed and launched the first-ever GirlPower friendship program, teaching her students how to foster a community of kindness and support. The girls embraced the program and learned how to have a voice in their friendships, improving the overall culture of the school. Dana knew she needed to devote her life to this and her husband, Michael, believed in her dream and turned GirlPower into a company.

    Since then, Dana has worked with tens of thousands of girls, parents, and educators in schools and community-based venues across Canada, the United States, and Australia. In 2012, Dana wrote and published her first book, The Friendship Project – a workbook for parents and tween girls.

    During that time, every co-gendered school she went in, the #1 question she heard was, "What about the boys?" After extensive research on the social dynamics of boys, Dana created a pilot program and conducted sessions with hundreds of tween boys in 11 schools across three countries. In 2014, she launched GirlPower's brother program, GoodGuys – the first-ever friendship program for boys. In 2016, Dana and Michael were invited to an exclusive conference on gender equality at the White House to share the successes behind GirlPower & GoodGuys. This experience led them to rebrand the company to URSTRONG, a friendship program for children.

    Dana has a team of Presenters that she trains and coaches and is involved in every aspect of the business. Media outlets around the world regularly interview her; in magazines, newspapers, and been a guest on numerous television and radio programs. Dana speaks at International Education Conferences and has presented at the Positive Education Schools Association Conferences around Australia, the Positive Schools Mental Health & Wellbeing Conferences in Asia and Australia, The International Conference on Education in Hawaii, and the Girls Empowerment Network 'We Are Girls Conference' in Austin, TX. Dana has been nominated for awards such as the Top 40 Under 40 and won awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, Mompreneur Momentum Award, and Girl Advocate of the Year. URSTRONG was also recognized in 2017 by the Government of Alberta, winning the Inspiration Award for URSTRONG's leadership in bullying prevention in schools.


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    #194: Mark Williams | The Master Coach

    #194: Mark Williams | The Master Coach

    Mark Williams is regarded as one of the best coaching minds and mentors in the land. An All Australian AFL Player & Coach, 200 AFL game player, Captain of Collingwood and a Premiership Coach with Port Adelaide, AFL Life Member and most recently Mentor to Dustin Martin.

    Mark is an Experienced Teacher who presents engaging, insightful and challenging workshops that will delight your diverse workforce. He makes difficult concepts easy to understand by his use of unique practical, inner sanctum visual aids.

    After more than 30 years of Coaching and Mentoring, this Master Coach will inspire you to be better and at the same time, entertain your team.

    Business of Winning www.championteams.com.au
    One on one football Coaching – Promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBds2IfxWc8
    Booking https://www.oneononefootball.com.au/coaches/1081
    Footy Videos - Mark Williams Champion Teams on YouTube or https://www.sherrin.com.au/precision

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    #193: Sam & Sam But Different | Covid19 Superstars

    #193: Sam & Sam But Different | Covid19 Superstars

    Let's face it, just about all 7,788,330,051 (This is pretty close guess) of humans have been affected by Covid19. With this being said, lately, when you talk to people about it or watch the news, it is always the adverse effects that this pandemic has had on us. That's why today I wanted to share two absolute shining lights and incredible humans in Sam Russell and Sam Ludeman. The lads were on the podcast a while back for episode 160, which gives you a great insight into their journey to where they are today.

    This episode is to celebrate kindness and how giving people hope when it doesn't seem like there has been a lot to celebrate. Sam & Sam But Different have entertained and dominated on the big screen for families and individuals all over the globe for the past eleven weeks. Join me this week as I share this incredible act of kindness and service to others.

    Sam and Sam have unique stories that have lead them back to the one thing they both have in common with their names, the love of music, and working together. If they are not selling out gigs around Australia and Asia, then you can expect these two legends to be singing and recording and mastering their craft.
    https://www.instagram.com › samsambutdifferentband

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    #192: Angie Greene | Stand Up As ONE

    #192: Angie Greene | Stand Up As ONE

    If you are looking for inspiration, passion and energy, then you simply can't afford to miss my chat this week with the super impressive Angie Greene. Angie is the founder and CEO of Stand Up Events (SUE) Melbourne Inc, which is a not-for-profit incorporated association dedicated to fighting sexual and gender discrimination in Australian sport.

    Angie shares her journey and family story behind the idea to create a company to help so many people around the world who feel they don't have a voice. We talk about travelling, the struggles of creating a start-up, and so much more. This episode is an excellent reminder that you can achieve anything with passion and hard work. Angie is an inspiration, and her energy is infectious.


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4.8 out of 5
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20 Ratings

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Fantastic listening

A podcast I love listening too each week. Excellent discussion and an opportunity to reflect, learn and build on yourself and others

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I love this

I love this podcast, each week Dales guests and questions are outstanding. Must listen.

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