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ExtraVirgin is a podcast for gourmands who love to travel and travellers who love good food. Join your host, food and travel journalist Natascha Mirosch, who has eaten her way around more than 60 countries, as she meets the passionate people who make wandering the world so rewarding and so very delicious.

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ExtraVirgin is a podcast for gourmands who love to travel and travellers who love good food. Join your host, food and travel journalist Natascha Mirosch, who has eaten her way around more than 60 countries, as she meets the passionate people who make wandering the world so rewarding and so very delicious.

    From Gauchos to Glaciers - Adventures in South America

    From Gauchos to Glaciers - Adventures in South America

    Is South America on your wish list but you worry it might be too challenging or unsafe?
    In this episode, ExtraVirgin host, Natascha Mirosch  who has just returned from 3 weeks in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, shares her experiences. Her trip, travelling by plane, car and boat, starts in Santiago in Chile, where she visits an extraordinary museum and wanders the vibrant Yungay and Lastarria barrios.  From there, she explores the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, with its unique architecture and excellent restaurants, as well another fascinating museum dedicated to a famous and tragic incident in Uruguayan history.
    Then it’s onto a ferry across the widest river in the world, the Rio de la Plata to Buenos Aires.  Here Natascha discovers the origins of the tango, visits Eva Peron at Recoleta cemetery and the balcony of ‘the pink palace’ where she gave her final speech to the Argentinian people. She does a walking tour of the colourful La Boca district, takes i a beautiful bookshop in a theatre and more.
    In Patagonia, Natascha visits a glacier, attempts to hike up another one, gets up close with the iconic Fitz Roy, eats the world’s best lamb and drinks a liqueur made from a local berry in a bar at -15c.
    From there, it’s onto the province of Mendoza, where she stays in a ‘dome with a view’ overlooking the Andes, visits a couple of wineries and has an unforgettable horse ride with a gaucho.
    If you’ve thought of visiting South America, you’ll want to have a listen as Natascha shares the details of her new favourite destination.

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    Uncharted Paths: The Joy Of Small Group Adventures

    Uncharted Paths: The Joy Of Small Group Adventures

    Group travel needn't involve being shuttled around on 50-seater coaches, taken to the major sights to snap your instagram pics, then...back on the bus to do it all again.

    In this podcast, host Natascha Mirosch talks with Lisa Pagotto, founder of Crooked Compass who offer small group trips to some destinations that are definitely off the well-trod tourist path.
    But, if you're usually an independent traveller, why would you consider group travel? It's one of the questions that Natascha poses to Lisa. They also discuss how the pandemic has shifted the way many people want to travel, who are the people who take small group tours, the cultural, economic and environmental advantages of travelling this way, as well as the destinations her company covers and more.

    Lisa's just returned from Georgia, a country that's high on Natascha's bucket list, so they chat about it, including the top sights (turns out Georgia's mountains outdo the Swiss and French alps for hiking and wildlflower spotting.)
    And wait until you hear what intrepid traveller Lisa's favourite travel experience ever is - we can guarantee it's somewhere you don't expect! 

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    Episode 102: How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World

    Episode 102: How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World

    Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when we travel, but what if you could travel almost anywhere in the world and stay for free?
    Our guest on this episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel tells us how. Fiona Ryan has done more than a dozen exchanges, temporarily swapping her home in Brisbane, Australia for one in cities such as Helsinki or Barcelona.
    Fiona, who's a volunteer regional coordinator with the world's oldest home exchange program, the not-for-profit "Intervac," chats with host Natascha Mirosch about how it's done; the multiple benefits of changing homes with someone and gives us her tips, gained from fifteen years’ experience. 
    So if you've got itchy feet, but not necessarily the budget for that holiday you’re dreaming of, this episode is for you.

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    Postcard from Dublin, Ireland

    Postcard from Dublin, Ireland

    This episode of  Extra Virgin Food and Travel's "Postcards,"comes to you from the Republic of Ireland's capital, Dublin. 
    Our guide is Louise Slyth, who's originally from Scotland but has made this enchanting city her home. 
    Louise shows us around 'her' Dublin, her favourite galleries and museums, parks and pubs. She tells us the best places to shop and shares with us her recommendations of where to eat and drink  - from simple fish and chips to sophisticated modern Irish; a pint of guiness to a classic cocktail.
    So, whether you're planning a trip to Dublin or simply daydreaming of a future visit, have a listen, as our guide Louise shows us where to find the craic in Dublin. You can also follow Louise on instgram at @louiseslyth_writer. 
    And if you've enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and rate us on your favorite podcast platform.

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    Postcard from Istanbul

    Postcard from Istanbul

    Welcome back to another episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel Podcast. In this episode, we're embarking on an extraordinary journey to an enchanting travel destination, where east meets west (literally) and history and flavours are equally complex -  Istanbul, Türkiye.
    Chatting with host Natascha Mirosch, is intrepid travel writer and cultural connoisseur, Lisa Morrow. Lisa has spent more than 15 years living in and exploring this captivating city, and today, she's here to be our guide through Istanbul’s culinary and cultural treasures.
    The city, which spreads across two continents, is a top travel destination that entices with its aromas, seduces with its history, and leaves an indelible mark on visitors’ hearts. It’s a place where ancient traditions collide with modern trends, and where every bite tells a story.
    So, join us as we explore this city's rich history, vibrant culture, and, of course, its irresistible cuisine with Lisa Morrow. It's a journey full of wanderlust-inducing experiences, from traversing the bustling bazaars, to learning about Lisa’s favourite places to eat and drink and how she likes to spend her time in this most enigmatic of cities.

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    Creating a Hospitality Empire - Tony Kelly

    Creating a Hospitality Empire - Tony Kelly

    Being credited with having "the Midas touch" is one thing that riles the seemingly unflappable Tony Kelly. His journey from young apprentice to owning ten successful Sunshine Coast hospitality businesses has been far from easy, nor linear - there have not only been set-backs and hard times, but also periods of intense self-doubt, the chef-turned-restaurateur admits.
    Today though, Kelly is recognised as a tour de force, a game-changer on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, where he employs around 400 people across his group's businesses, that include the incredibly popular "Rice Boi." "Bocca Italian" and newly opened "RB."
    In this episode, ExtraVirgin Food and Travel host Natascha Mirosch talks to Tony about his earliest years working in hotels, cruise ships and fine diners. They discuss how he manages to steer his hospitality juggernaut and his most memorable meals, she canvasses his opinion on hats, stars and the Michelin Guide, the best advice he's ever received and finds out who he'd invite to dinner.
    Even if you've not heard of Tony Kelly or dined in one of his establishments, it's guaranteed you'll enjoy listening to Natascha's chat with this modest and very open chef-turned-businessman.

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

saraiceland ,

Media 101 in easy to understand sentences

This podcast covered the essentials and dotted the conversation with some really great & practical tips.
Especially helpfully and great listening

CarolHaffke ,

Influencers ... I had no idea

I found your latest podcast so interesting. I had no idea about the extent that some food influencers go to and hadn’t heard about the couscous for comment hashtag. Thanks for having a look at it from all sides. I’m now following Kerry and John, too! Looking forward to your next episode. 😀

Tiffinbitesized ,

A Scotsman in Japan

No surprises that a tall blonde man with a Scottish accent stands out in a crowd in Japan. This is a delightful thumbnail sketch for the life a Gaijin (or any outsider in any country really). Fun to listen to and has encouraged me to seek out Ian’s book.

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