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ExtraVirgin is a podcast for gourmands who love to travel and travellers who love good food. Join your host, food and travel journalist Natascha Mirosch, who has eaten her way around more than 60 countries, as she meets the passionate people who make wandering the world so rewarding and so very delicious.

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ExtraVirgin is a podcast for gourmands who love to travel and travellers who love good food. Join your host, food and travel journalist Natascha Mirosch, who has eaten her way around more than 60 countries, as she meets the passionate people who make wandering the world so rewarding and so very delicious.

    How I Found My Missing Travel Mojo in Italy & France

    How I Found My Missing Travel Mojo in Italy & France

    I nearly cancelled the whole thing, I really did. Mid-2022 and I'd booked a trip in September to France and Italy and it was causing me high anxiety. 
    The world is in turmoil. The Covid crisis seems to be easing, but is it? Will I get stuck away from home like so many others? What about the war in Ukraine? What about work, how can I be away that long?
    But I went and found the world still a beautiful place and that I still loved to travel.
    Join me for this episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel, where I tell you a little about my recent trip.
    And keep an eye out for an upcoming newsletter about places to stay, where to eat, and what to do in all of the places I visited. You can subscribe via the website: www.extravirginfoodandtravel.com

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    Postcard from Amalfi

    Postcard from Amalfi

    Laura Thayer is living a life most of us could only dream of.
    An American by birth, Laura is a travel writer based on Italy's Amalfi Coast.
    In this postcard, Laura shows us around her Amalfi, a place that won her heart in 2007. She shares everything from her favourite beach, to where to buy the best pastries, how to get around to avoid the traffic and some surprising history about Amalfi. 
    As you'd expect from a guidebook writer, this postcard is rich with expert tips, so if you're planning a trip to this beautiful part of Italy, you'll definitely want to listen to this first.
    A few of the places Laura mentions are:
    Aceto family lemon farm
    Pasticceria Pansa
    Ristorante Marina Grande
    Lido Azzurro:
    Arsenale and Museum:
    Paper Museum:
    And go to the show notes on the ExtraVirgin Food & Travel webpage for info on how you can follow Laura.


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    Italy for Culture Lovers

    Italy for Culture Lovers

    Italy. Art, culture, history. They're some of the topics Natascha Mirosch discusses with Dr Kathleen Olive, cultural historian, university lecturer and tour leader. 
    They discuss her first trip to Florence as a young PHD student, the best places to visit in Italy for art and culture lovers, how she'd spend 10 days in Italy and much more, 
    If you love Italy, art, history and culture, this is the episode for you. 

    • 28 min
    Postcard from Toronto, Canada

    Postcard from Toronto, Canada

    This ExtraVirgin Food & Travel Postcard wings its way to us from one of the world's most multicultural cities, Toronto, Canada.
    Our guest is lifestyle journalist Maryam Saddiqi who shares everything she loves about her city; from its lively art scene, to heritage districts and green spaces, its residents’ love of sports, the live music scene, and of course, with the city about to get its own Michelin Guide, the fantastic food scene.
    Maryam recommends everything from a local wine you should try, to a farmers’ market to visit, tells us why you should jump on a ferry to explore Toronto’s islands and the best spot for a sunset view of the city.

    We also learn a few fascinating facts - Toronto’s Young Street is the longest street in the world. And if you want to pass as a local, you’ll drop the second ‘t’ in ‘Toronto’ and pronounce it “Tor-on-o.”
    Here are just a few of the places Maryam mentions - listen for the comprehensive guide full of her insider tips.
    Bar Pompette https://www.pompette.ca/barpompette
    Evergreen Brick Works https://www.evergreen.ca/evergreen-brick-works/
    Bang Bang https://bang-bang-ice-cream-bakery.square.site/
    Good Behaviour https://goodbehaviourto.ca/
    Ba Noi https://ba-noi.myshopify.com/
    Alo https://alofoodgroup.com/
    Terroni https://www.terroni.com/
    Patois https://www.patoistoronto.com/
    Distillery District https://www.thedistillerydistrict.com/

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    Kirsten TIbballs - Chocolate Queen

    Kirsten TIbballs - Chocolate Queen

    Her classes sell out within minutes of being open for bookings; she is a regular guest chef on Masterchef and she has her own television programme, The Chocolate Queen.
    In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food & Travel, Natascha Mirosch talks with "The Chocolate Queen" herself, renowned patissiere, owner of Savour Cooking School and international pastry judge, Kirsten Tibballs.
    Kirsten talks about how she started at business at the tender age of 12, how she established her cooking school, now celebrating its 20th year and shares some very useful tips for wannabe bakers- from a breakdown of different chocolate types to her favourite cream; common mistakes cooks make and what equipment you need in your home kitchen to be a better baker.
    So, cut yourself a nice big slice of chocolate cake, grab a a coffee and have a listen.

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    Postcard from Sydney, Australia

    Postcard from Sydney, Australia

    Travel writer Ute Junker travels all over the world, but it's Sydney, Australia she comes home to. 
    In this ExtraVirgin Food & Travel "Postcard," Ute generously shares her insider knowledge of one of the world's most beautiful cities; from its architecture to the culture, history, and of course, Sydney's fantastic food and drink scene. You'll hear about:
    The best coastal and bush walks, right in the city Where you'll find a revamped historic precinct packed with great bars and restaurants Sydney's coastal swimming pools Where to find a former reservoir turned into a garden The city's rich cultural life Eating and drinking: from catching a seaplane to lunch, to fish and chips by the sea Where to find deserted beaches and a secret garden And so much more.
    Ute's genuine love for her city is evident in every word and we reckon wherever you are in the world, you'll be looking up fares to Sydney by the end of this episode.

    • 19 min

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4.6 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

saraiceland ,

Media 101 in easy to understand sentences

This podcast covered the essentials and dotted the conversation with some really great & practical tips.
Especially helpfully and great listening

CarolHaffke ,

Influencers ... I had no idea

I found your latest podcast so interesting. I had no idea about the extent that some food influencers go to and hadn’t heard about the couscous for comment hashtag. Thanks for having a look at it from all sides. I’m now following Kerry and John, too! Looking forward to your next episode. 😀

Tiffinbitesized ,

A Scotsman in Japan

No surprises that a tall blonde man with a Scottish accent stands out in a crowd in Japan. This is a delightful thumbnail sketch for the life a Gaijin (or any outsider in any country really). Fun to listen to and has encouraged me to seek out Ian’s book.

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