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Hailing from Wollongong, I use Feld Notes on Micro.blog to write quick thoughts, share photos and publish a podcast on family history. Visit martinfeld.info to discover my other links and projects.

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Hailing from Wollongong, I use Feld Notes on Micro.blog to write quick thoughts, share photos and publish a podcast on family history. Visit martinfeld.info to discover my other links and projects.

    'An Eye for an Ear' at Micro Camp March 2022

    'An Eye for an Ear' at Micro Camp March 2022

    I had the pleasure of giving a video presentation online at Micro Camp March 2022, titled ‘An Eye for an Ear’. Micro Camp is an opportunity to meet and learn from users of the Micro.blog service, which enables open and accessible blogging and podcasting. This is a podcast version of the video presentation!

    Some Further Explanation

    In the presentation, I asserted the importance of paying attention to sound, whether in creative projects, while using digital technology or when moving physically through any given environment. To show the difference in experience that you can have when focusing on sound—with visual elements being secondary—I exported and transformed the audio from that video into this podcast episode. Micro.blog is the host of the Feld Notes podcast, so it made sense to publish it here!

    While listening, here are some things for you to consider:

    If you already watched the video, does this audio-only version enhance or detract from the message?
    If you haven’t seen the video, do you feel like you’re missing something here, in what was made originally to be visual?
    Which digital affordances does podcasting offer that aren’t present in video, written blogs and other visual formats?
    How can you tailor your messaging and presentation style to fit audio?

    Stay tuned for a link to the video presentation on YouTube and in the meantime, you can learn more about Micro Camp and find my other work at martinfeld.info. Thanks very much to Jean, Manton, Pete, Vincent and Jason for having me as a presenter at Micro Camp!

    Links and Show Notes

    Introduction 00:00

    My research

    Part 1: Media Ecology 01:25

    Media ecology
    Media Ecology Association — What Is Media Ecology?
    Marshall McLuhan (image credit: MP3 chapter artwork taken from this page)
    Global village
    The medium is the message
    Neil Postman
    An eye for an ear (more info at open.podir.com)
    The Medium Is the Massage (1967) by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore
    Walter J. Ong
    Orality and Literacy: the Technologizing of the Word (1982) by Walter J. Ong.
    Primary and Secondary Orality
    Queen (band)
    Radio Ga Ga (1984) song by Queen
    Freddie Mercury

    Part 2: My Story in Three Podcasts 06:33

    Wavelength for Micro.blog
    Feld Notes
    Lounge Ruminator
    Hemispheric Views
    North Macedonia
    Penka’s Veritas clock
    68. On a Country Road with Andrew McLuhan (podcast episode)
    Jason Burk
    Andrew Canion
    Ferrite editing timeline example from episode 50 of Hemispheric Views
    Hemispheric Discord

    Part 3: Give Up an Eye for an Ear 13:21

    Phonograph record (vinyl)
    Compact disc (CD)
    Cassette tape
    AirPods Pro as an example of a device with noise cancellation and transparency mode
    Augmented reality
    Logic Pro
    Ferrite Recording Studio
    Apple Pencil
    Martin’s Stadium USBKIT podcasting microphone
    iBook and Wolfgang the flamingo
    Bookshelves at home

    Conclusion 16:57

    Micro Camp March 2022 on Vi.to
    Find me on Micro.blog or Twitter for any feedback!

    This podcast episode was originally edited as a video in Final Cut Pro, then edited as exported audio in Ferrite Recording Studio. The initial video-editing timeline can be seen below.

    S1 E11: Remembering Penka and Petar

    S1 E11: Remembering Penka and Petar

    This time, I’m joined by my sister, Jodie, to share memories of our grandparents, Penka and Petar. Unfortunately, we lost our Baba Penka earlier this year before I had the chance to record the final interview, so this acts as the conclusion of this season.

    North Macedonia
    The Odyssey on YouTube

    S1 E10: A Daughter Married

    S1 E10: A Daughter Married

    This time, Penka shares thoughts and memories of seeing her daughter Tanya (Tatjana) becoming engaged and married to an Australian, named William.

    S1 E9: Remembering Toni

    S1 E9: Remembering Toni

    Penka bravely and generously recounts the loss of her son, Toni.


    S1 E8: Working as Migrants

    S1 E8: Working as Migrants

    This time, Penka shares what it was like for her and Petar to work in Australia with limited English. Also her ever-present clock makes its loudest contribution so far.


    Baba’s treasured clock

    S1 E7: A Home on White Place

    S1 E7: A Home on White Place

    Penka describes the family’s experience of buying land and building a new house in the suburb of Figtree.

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