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A show discussing the current aviation topics and the adventures of my family.

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A show discussing the current aviation topics and the adventures of my family.

    65 - Non-Standard Operations

    65 - Non-Standard Operations

    In this episode, 
    News: Spirit predicts Asco purchase will terminate, describes Bombardier buy as uncertain  Boeing lays off pilot group that supports service entry of new aircraft types FAA head Dickson to pilot the 737 Max next week https://simpleflying.com/boeing-787-ils-issue-warning How Boeing Lost Its Bearings WestJet Employees Could See Pay Cut By Half As Subsidies Change  9 out of 10 787s could have major manufacturing defect Topic- Non-Standard Flying Ferry flights Maintenance and position Charters Test Flights Patreon

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    64 - ETOPS

    64 - ETOPS

    In this episode, 
    News: YouTube- FedEx B763 Emergency Landing at LAX | LEFT MAIN GEAR NOT EXTENDED FedEx Boeing 767F Lands Without Left Gear Locked In Los Angeles May Turned Out To Have The Lowest Number Of Flights In US History Qantas CEO Says Vaccine May Be Necessary To Resume US Flights Cargolux Reveals Special Mask Livery On A Boeing 747 Cute: Delta Pilot Couple Retires On Same Flight ExpressJet to wind down operations on 30 September – PaxEx.Aero Topic: ETOPS AC120-42B - ETOPS ACAircraft Needs- https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/14/appendix-K_to_part_25 Balanced vs Unbalanced ETOPS

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    63 - Airline Dispatchers Federation

    63 - Airline Dispatchers Federation

    Flying and life Episode 63 – 
    News: United to drop contract with ExpressJet, dealing fatal blow FAA 737 engine AD Viva Las remote office? Allegiant Air to pitch 'work from Vegas' travel packages to boost bookings Topic:  Catherine Jackson President of ADF:  After years of hoping to find time and money for flight lessons, Catherine finally decided to stop waiting and walked into the pilot shack at Lee Airport in Annapolis, MD in June of 2000 and asked if anyone there would teach her to fly. That weekend, she took her first flight in a small aircraft to the AOPA fly-in. A month later, she was camping under the wing at EAA AirVenture and soon after started looking for an aviation career to support her recreational flying. In 2001 she applied for a scholarship offered by the Airline Dispatchers Federation and was awarded the scholarship at the Women in Aviation conference that year. By the end of the year she left a long career in private club management and secured an Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate.
    Catherine knew she wanted to work at Acme South so she returned to Baltimore and started applying for any job posted and started paying back by volunteering with the Airline Dispatchers Federation. It was not long before she had that Acme South job and a seat on the ADF Board of Directors.
    Hired into the Dispatch office in 2006 and elected President of ADF in 2018, Catherine is honored to serve the Dispatch community and enjoys the privilege of giving others the same opportunity. This year, ADF will award seven Dispatch Scholarships. Feedback: ADF Scholarships

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    62 - Skills to be a Dispatcher

    62 - Skills to be a Dispatcher

    News: Airline earnings week: American Delta JetBlue - reports tomorrow Southwest Spirit United  
    Cash on Hand
    Cash burn per day
    2.7 or 4.3 B
    10.2 B
    30 mil/day
    3.9 or 7 B
    15.7 B
    43 for Q 27M end of June
    915m or 1.5b
    14.5 B
    23 for q 16m end of june per day
    212m to 365m
    1.2 B
    9.5 to 1.5 M
    1.6 to 2.6B
    A Lot

    Qantas flew their 747 retirement flight Jetblue and American Codeshare  Alaska to join OneWorld NASA confirms plans for Crew Dragon splashdown Aug. 2, weather permitting   Topic:  Skills to be a dispatcher
    Book - Canada Book - United States Ethics of Dispatching Life: I got nothing.  Well at least nothing to share.  

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    61 - Highs and Lows of Aviation

    61 - Highs and Lows of Aviation

    News: FAA SAFO - Oceanic Airspace in COVID times  PIA 431 - Prelim report  End of the 747 Another airline bailout? Feedback Links Justin Cook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw3bo7PwZ5I https://www.eaa.org/eaa/eaa-chapters/find-an-eaa-chapter   Topic The ups and down of the industry and what lies ahead and really just conversation about what we are hearing and what we are feeling and an personal update You can find show notes for this episode at flying and life.com/2020/61
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    60 - Reporting Light Chop

    60 - Reporting Light Chop

    Fatal Atlas Air Flight 3591 Cargo Plane Crash Subject of Board Meeting
    Complex NAT planning due to alternate airport restrictions
    Faa Safety warnings
    Accident: Dynamic B762 at Fort Lauderdale on Oct 29th 2015, fuel leak results in engine fire (Final Report)

    Topic: Pireps: Dispatchers role in pirep reporting  14 CFR 121.561 What is  a PIREP? Where do they come from?  What are the different types of PIREPS?  How are they submitted? How do dispatchers  communicate PIREPS? How do dispatchers ‘see’ PIREPS?  The struggle to get a useful pirep. Objective PIREPS Vs Subjective  PIREPS Different Airlines, Different Policies Future of PIREPS / Discussion Life: How do you deal with stress? How do you manage rotating schedules AKA night shift to dayshift and vice versa changes. 

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