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I share the voices of awakening humans who serve the collective evolution of earth. We have been silenced for too long and these are the voices that humanity needs to hear so that together we can usher in a new vibration, a paradigm of heart centred unity consciousness.

Generation Wild Woman Belle

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I share the voices of awakening humans who serve the collective evolution of earth. We have been silenced for too long and these are the voices that humanity needs to hear so that together we can usher in a new vibration, a paradigm of heart centred unity consciousness.

    EP 6 - The Wounds Cannot Heal Unless They Are Open

    EP 6 - The Wounds Cannot Heal Unless They Are Open

    At this pivotal time on planet earth, the earth needs us to tell our stories so that she can heal and transform. The earth needs to hear our pain, our triumphs, our celebrations, our betrayals, and our successes. 

    Our brothers and sisters of Earth need to hear our stories because when we heal ourselves we offer an invitation and a direction for others to walk where we have been, to follow our path to healing.  When we heal ourselves we heal the planet, and in doing so we raise the collective vibration of the earth. 

    In this episode, I give voice to a powerful magic weaver, storyteller, wild woman, shamanic midwife, healer, mother, lightworker, and warrior woman.

    Jasmin shares her story, a powerful tale of betrayal, shame, heartache, resilience, beauty and mind blowing expansion and transformation. This is not a story for the meek or for those who can not witness another's pain.  

    This story will move you beyond measure and activate the cells in your body that have lain dormant until this point. A compelling tale that will guide you toward your own healing so that you too can transform yourself and create magic in a new paradigm of consciousness.   

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    EP 7 - Tara Caetano ~ Spoken Word Poet ~ Mother ~ Mentor

    EP 7 - Tara Caetano ~ Spoken Word Poet ~ Mother ~ Mentor

    In Today's episode, I have an electrifying chat with Tara Caetano who is a Spoken word poet, writer, mother and mentor. Tara is currently pregnant and in this episode, she opens her heart and shares the story of her process of conceiving and bringing forth her star baby. 

    Tara's Words

    2021 will forever be felt in the depths of my being as the year I let myself truly live and create a world of my own..⁣

    Where I let myself become the ultimate creator that my cells were designed for.⁣

    Where I truly attuned to the frequency of divine guidance. ⁣

    So much of what I did was done because something bigger than me was directing me to.. drenched in a level of mystery most refuse to marry, and yet I never stopped trusting. ⁣

    I conceived the greatest desire I had and the most delightful creation of my life.. this little one in my womb. The one who has brought me to tears of joy most days.⁣

    I launched myself into the world as a poet, an ancestor, a voice of my lineage, a truth teller, a business woman and a mother who refuses to settle for a life that falls short of deep enrichment and self intimacy in all ways.⁣

    I reclaimed my vision for my family. We held the line, we held each other to new standards and we’ve exceeded every single one of them. We’re moving into a new year with deeper levels of intimacy, freedom and excitement than we’ve felt in a while and I’ve never been so in love with US

    And as I celebrate us, me and this online world I’ve created, I know that I’ve only scraped the surface for just how much I let myself truly celebrate and LOVE OUT LOUD the life we’re living and creating. I know my capacity to receive this precious life I have is growing every minute and it’s going to explode in 2022 as I expand into the word that moves me more than anything else right now… BEAUTY

    If you would like to follow Tara on her journey you can find her on the links below.



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    EP5 - The Rise of The Divine Man

    EP5 - The Rise of The Divine Man

    I make no secret of the fact that I serve the rise of the divine feminine on this planet and it often surprises people when I say I am not an advocate of sayings like " The Future is Female". I do not support moving towards a future where women become leaders whilst the men take a back seat. 

     The men of today are equal victims of the patriarchal culture we find ourselves living under and in my opinion, we cannot truly have a rise of the divine feminine without the rise of the divine masculine. I hold the vision of a future where both the divine masculine and the divine feminine rise in unison; with this, each of our gifts come forward at the right time when required.

    I am no expert on supporting the rising men on this planet however I wanted to give voice to an amazing man who is. I have been watching Blase from after for some time and I was so honored that he agreed to share his voice on my show. 

    Blase Grinner is a mens transformational coach who is on a mission. This mission is that by 2025 he holds the vision that the planet is grid with 1 million empowered men who live life on THEIR terms; in their business, relationships, fatherhood, and LIFE itself. And by doing so lead an impactful, meaningful, and purpose-filled existence, giving to this world and making it a better place for our emerging elders.

    Blase says Mens work in Australia and the globe pulses through his veins, He has devoted his entire life to this path. Blase is here to show you that you can live a meaningful life, doing what you love. That the “new way” of being a man is integrated, you can be deeply spiritual whilst also saying words like “fuck”. You can be a father and have a career/business that all flourishes. You can deeply love your partner and speak of that, your emotions, finances, and vision to other brothers.

    To read more about Blase or to find out about one of his transformational mens retreats I invite you to have a look around his website.


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    EP 4 - The Way Shower

    EP 4 - The Way Shower

    In today's episode I share the voice of Kate Street, a wonderful woman and pioneer of the new paradigm of consciousness that humanity is stepping into.  Kate shone a bright torch on my own path towards 5D consciousness at a time when I was still stumbling in the darkness. 

    Kate a former spirit baby intuitive and author of the book 
    What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know
    In todays episode we speak about the awakening in global consciousness that is occurring on the planet right now. We are in a process where a new world is being birthed and it looks very different than the world we've been living in. This new world is one of limitlessness, fearlessness, amazing creativity, joy, and play. At the foundation of this world is unconditional love. 

    As a current spirit baby intuitive and a former spirit baby intuitive we chat about the babies coming onto the planet right now and how they carry within them the frequency of the new world.  In addition to this we cover topics such as birth, dogma  around parenting, food in the new paradigm and the bodies ability to heal its self.

    This conversation will activate you and trigger your remembering ~ the remembering of your true nature, which is so much more expansive than you've ever imagined.

    It was a great honour to have Kate on the show and if her words resonate you can find her on her website https://afterenlightenment.com/

    Or if you wish to purchase a copy of her book you can find it on Amazon. 

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    EP 3 - Warrior At Law

    EP 3 - Warrior At Law

    Today as my home state QLD Australia enters another 3 day snap lock down I have had enough. We the people will tolerate this no longer. We will no longer tolerate the totalitarian policing and suppression at the hands of our government who are in bed with the globalists, the same globalists who are pushing for the new world order and total control over the people.

    The power and control our governments have over we the people will come to an end when we the people stand in our sovereignty and take our power back, the power we were tricked into giving away. 

    Today I chat with an Aussie Hero who supports everyday people like you and me to stand in our sovereignty and to live our best life outside the control of the government. The Warrior at Law has been a passionate and active human rights advocate, and environmentalist since 1996, with extensive applied experience and success in the  legal and lawful arenas.
    The Warrior at Law has worked closely with many environmental groups and organisations, as well as our original tribal custodians of the lands. This involvement has given the Warrior at Law a deep insight into the fraud, deception and corruption that our government operates under. 

    We do not consent. 

    We are placing our government on notice that their reign is coming to an end.  We the people are rising with the intention to return to natural law, and in doing so our corrupt governments will fall.

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    EP 2 - Together we are a mighty force

    EP 2 - Together we are a mighty force

    As a collective we are at the precipice of a new humanity where we sit on the fringe of the old way, the 3D consciousness and the new way 5D consciousness. At this fork in the road we are presented with the opportunity of birthing a new paradigm of consciousness which will collectively take us on a journey of awakening. 

    What is it going to take for us to collectively choose the new paradigm, one of the ways is to use our voice, stand in our sovereignty and to live our best life.

    No topic is off limits and today Belle and Jane discuss the wild woman archetype, the gender agenda, false idols, the cabal and satan worshippers. 

    It was through accessing our wild woman that we began to start asking questions and in doing so we took the scales off our eyes so that we could truly see.

    There has never been a more important time to find your voice and to connect with your wild soul. If you are not waking yourself up then the collective energy is going to do it for you.

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