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Author Peter Sewell interviews inspiring goal setters, and shares helpful information on the science of gratitude and positive psychology.

Goals and Gratitude Peter Sewell

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Author Peter Sewell interviews inspiring goal setters, and shares helpful information on the science of gratitude and positive psychology.

    Minimal Next Steps - My Battle with Lyme Disease

    Minimal Next Steps - My Battle with Lyme Disease

    Episode #6: Minimal Next Steps– My Battle with Lyme Disease

    If you are currently battling physical or mental illness, or just lacking the energy to get things done, you will really find value in this episode.

    Today, I share some tips that really helped me when I was battling Lyme Disease. I spent months in bed, but still managed to celebrate many wonderful moments. I’ll also share about my mother and her battle with Lupus.

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    Gratitude in Lockdown

    Gratitude in Lockdown

    Welcome to Episode Number 5: Gratitude in Lockdown

    Today's episode will be especially interesting if you are experiencing a difficult season. You'll hear me break down my gratitude list from 2020, after spending almost a year in lockdown. I believe the lessons are applicable for any challenging season of life.

    I published part of my story online, and know you will find it really interesting. www.mylifeinlockdown.net/peter (photos included)

    I also published a story about my amazing visit to Rome in The Leipzig Glocal. Click here

    Follow my #1000quoteschallenge on Instagram. I publish one new personal quote a day.

    You can view some of the many wildlife photos I took while in lockdown on my traveling Instagram account. www.instagram.com/smileypete01

    To read stories of Australians who were or still are stranded overseas, visit www.removethecap.com

    For more photos of my life in lockdown, visit the website. www.petersewell.com/podcast

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    Peter Sewell interviews Jaemin Frazer

    Peter Sewell interviews Jaemin Frazer

    Episode 4: Interview with Jaemin Frazer

    Today, it’s my special joy to introduce you to one of Australia’s most influential life coaches, Jaemin Frazer.

    Jaemin has just published his latest book, Unhindered: the seven essential practises for overcoming insecurity.

    He’s a TEDx speaker and has a popular radio segment called the One Minute Coach, that’s on stations all over Australia.

    He’s a global leader on personal insecurity, and the founder of The Insecurity Project. If you haven’t listened to The Insecurity Project podcast, I definitely recommend it.

    I first met Jaemin in Germany about 4 years ago, and had the privilege of being interviewed by him, so it was really special to be on the other end of the conversation.

    Some of the topics we discussed in this interview were:

    · Life not being entirely fair.

    · Insecurity and its impact on individuals.

    · The impact of the people around us

    I especially like the way Jaemin unpackaged the whole topic of insecurity and know you will really enjoy today’s show.

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    How to Overcome Negativity Bias

    How to Overcome Negativity Bias

    Episode 3: How to Overcome Negativity Bias.
    A bias is a preference for one particular thing, when we’re given the choice between two or more things of equal value. A Negativity Bias means that even if we’re exposed to both negative and positive experiences, the negative experience has a greater impact on us. Here’s a few practical examples: 1. Not everything went to plan. 2. Too trivial to celebrate 3. It's just daily routine 4. I don't need to celebrate serving others 5. Partially completed goals That’s five practical examples of how we filter positive moments. Being more mindful of these five things, will help you add more joy to each day, by celebrating things that others might overlook. Maybe you have other examples that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them. Message me on the website or comment on this podcast. For photos mentioned in previous shows, click the link below. www.petersewell.com/podcast

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    How to Create a Lifestyle of Gratitude

    How to Create a Lifestyle of Gratitude

    Episode 2: How to Create a Lifestyle of Gratitude.

    Today, I will be sharing some tips to help you create a lifestyle of gratitude, and more specifically, I want to share how you can identify and journal special moments to celebrate for years to come.

    In contrast to goal setting, which is future focused, Gratitude Hunting, if I can call it that, is a reflective process that focuses on the past, so the opposite of goals setting, However, Gratitude Hunting it’s also an awareness, of what you can celebrate in the present moment.

    Links for this show are below.

    Photos of my Town Wurzen, in Snow


    My Instagram Page with Travel Photos


    The Empower90 Website

    www.empower90.com (still under construction, but with social media links)

    The past is often something people want to forget. Perhaps you’ve had a particularly bad year and you’d rather just forget it. I want to give you 3 benefits of reflecting on the past year:

    1. Gaining a bigger perspective of your life.
    2. Gaining a greater appreciation for the present.
    3. Greater clarity to plan the future.

    Here are the eight tips to help you create you own gratitude list.

    Reviewing your calendar
    Reflect on anniversaries
    Reflect on relationships
    Review social media posts
    Review your TO-DO lists
    Review any milestones
    Reflect on exciting opportunities
    Reflect on any big decisions

    That’s eight tips to help you explore some of special moments in the last year, or last 90 days if you’re working through my Empower90 workbook.

    If you’d like to know more about my 90 day goal setting program, called EMPOWER90, all the information will be on the EMPOWER90 website. 


    Thanks for listening, and I really look forward to joining you again next time.

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    My Personal Gratitude Journey

    My Personal Gratitude Journey

    Episode 1: Goals and Gratitude Podcast with Peter Sewell

    Welcome to the very first episode of my new podcast. I’m so excited to share about the topics of goals and gratitude, which I am really passionate about. In today’s show, I’ll be sharing my own personal story, and I’ve called this episode: My Personal Gratitude Journey.

    The aim of this podcast is to promote the benefits of gratitude, and help you set and achieve goals that really matter. I’m currently writing a book on this topic, and have decided that a podcast would be an excellent way to share some of the content along the way.

    Links for this show are below.

    Mount Kilimanjaro and African Wildlife

    On this link, you can view some of my favorite memories from Africa.


    My First 50 Countries

    I chose one photo memory from each of the first 50 countries I have visited, and created a special page on my website. You can view them on this link.


    My novel Hunting Susan

    On this link, you can view a trailer for my popular thriller, Hunting Susan. I am currently working on the sequel.


    My homepage

    For more photos and information about myself, you can visit my website.


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