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Fascinating interviews, teaching tips and inspirational God-stories feature in the God Conversations podcast series. Be equipped to recognise God's voice more clearly and consistently in your life!

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Fascinating interviews, teaching tips and inspirational God-stories feature in the God Conversations podcast series. Be equipped to recognise God's voice more clearly and consistently in your life!

    (065) For Those who Find it Hard to Hear God’s Voice with Pernille Liland

    (065) For Those who Find it Hard to Hear God’s Voice with Pernille Liland

    In church life, there seems to be two groups of people. There’s the group who seem to hear from God easily… God’s speaking about this; God’s speaking about that. It’s like God is speaking every day! Then there’s another group who struggle to hear God’s voice. They heard God speak five years ago and there’s been silence ever since. 

    Which group do you fall into? 

    If you find it hard to hear God's voice, this episode is for you. We have the perfect guest to learn from! Ps. Pernille Liland is a prophet, teacher, author and business leader from Denmark who has many years of ministry experience and prophetic expertise.

    On the show, Pernille distinguishes between two types of experiences - the first - a distinct voice that seems to interrupt your thoughts and comes on God’s initiative; and second - the experience that seems to occur on our initiative when we create space to connect with God through the imagination. During the process, we take time to wait on the Spirit and develop our spiritual senses, including hearing, smell, taste, touch and feeling. We become aware of our thoughts, meditate on Jesus and allow the Spirit to take it from there. 

    Some may have questions about using our imagination in the process of hearing God, but all this means is that we are engaging the Spirit in the realm of our minds. Scripture itself alludes to this process (eg. Daniel 7:1,15). Where our spirit meets with God, revelation comes.

    Pernille takes time to break down the experience simply and clearly, making it accessible to everyone. She reiterates how personal God is and how the gift of the Spirit is for everyone, not just a prophet, priest, pastor or pope. We can all hear the Spirit for ourselves!


    Gregory A. Boyd, Seeing Is Believing: Experience Jesus through Imaginative Prayer. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 2004.

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    About Pernille


    Pernille has been preaching and prophesying in Northern Europe for 25 years. She has been involved with the planting of several local churches and a bible school. She leads the Nordic Prophetic Apostolic Network, runs the Danish School “Prophets In Training”, serves on the “European Council of Prophets” and the “Global Council of Prophets”. And just recently, her and her husband Andreas, launched a new church in the city of Sorø, Denmark.

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    (064) Dreams of Jesus in the Muslim World – Tom and JoAnn Doyle

    (064) Dreams of Jesus in the Muslim World – Tom and JoAnn Doyle

    God is speaking to Muslims all over the Middle East and he’s doing it through dreams of Jesus! You may have heard the stories. In a vision, Jesus appears in a robe of blazing white. The dreamer is filled with a deep sense of love and is drawn to follow him. Missiologists tell us that between 1 in 2 and 1 in 3 Muslims have become Christians because of a dream. The Spirit is at work drawing people to himself and it’s all happening while they are sleeping!

    In today’s podcast, we have two special guests all the way from Texas, USA. Tom and JoAnn Doyle have been reaching out to the people of the Middle East for 20 years. Their ministry inspires the church to share the good news with Jews and Muslims in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinian territories of Israel.

    On the show, you will hear some of the incredible stories coming of the Middle East. Many of them are hard to believe! Tom and JoAnn tell of how a dream of Jesus often marks the beginning of a journey for Muslims to discover more about the man they call Issa. For Muslims, Jesus is an important prophet, but not the Son of God. They also believe the Bible has been corrupted. But when they experience the love of Jesus for themselves, these arguments are instantly dashed and they become motivated to find out more.

    One woman had been having dreams of Jesus for 30 years and was waiting for someone to tell her what they mean. She finally received answers when she met Tom at a petrol station and prayed a prayer of submission to Jesus. Another woman said “I have never felt so safe with a man in my life as I have in dreams of Jesus. He loved me like a father.”

    This episode will not only inspire you to worship the God who is constantly reaching out to people, but to become like him in connecting with Muslims in your own neighbourhood. A great way to start the conversation is, “Have you ever had a dream of Jesus?"!

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    About Tom and JoAnn Doyle

    Tom Doyle fell in love with the Middle East on his first Bible tour of the Holy Land. 

    In 1995 he became an official tour guide for the state of Israel and developed a passion for ministering to the Israeli people, Arabs and Jews alike. He and his wife, JoAnn, felt a call from God to full-time ministry there in 2001. In 2017, the Doyles launched Uncharted Ministries, which seeks to inspire the church to reach Jews and Muslims in the Middle East and uncharted territories around the world.  They serve in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Palestinian territories of Israel and often lead groups to the Middle East through their Lands of the Bible tours.

    Tom is a master storyteller with several books highlighting God’s miraculous work among the Muslim people. His best-known books are Dreams and Visions, Killing Christians and Standing in the Fire.

    Learn more about their ministry at https://unchartedministries.com 


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    (063) Making God Real – with Andrea di Meglio

    (063) Making God Real – with Andrea di Meglio

    "My Mum was clinically dead for 8 minutes. She saw a beautiful light and moved towards it, but then she heard a voice say, 'you don’t have access here.'"

    "An inmate who was deaf in one ear prayed for his friend who was blind in one eye and they were both healed."

    How is God real for us? Stories like these reveal the reality of God and his heart for people. But how does this work for us? I can still remember how at 21, I sat on a beach in New Zealand reflecting on my life up until that point. I believed in God, Jesus and the Bible, but God wasn’t real to me - I couldn’t put my finger on a single incident where I’d experienced God's reality in a tangible way. Thankfully, since then I’ve witnessed God in action and it’s changed my life. But I’ve also watched as others have lost their faith, particularly as they’ve moved from childhood into adulthood. How do we help people experience the reality of God?

    In this episode we’re talking with a man who's made it his life mission to make God real for people. Pastor Andrea di Meglio is a local church pastor, itinerant speaker and film-maker who oversees several ministries focussing on the supernatural in his hometown in Bern, Switzerland and beyond. Andrea and his team have made two life-changing documentaries about the reality of God. The first, Christ in You, depicts ordinary people experiencing signs and wonders and healing on the streets. The second, The Voice, looks at how to hear God’s voice for others, including those who don’t know God. Both films are full of inspiring stories and interviews with world leaders like Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker and Randy Clark.

    Andrea also shares the story behind the movies and their unlikely beginnings in a Filipino prison. His own journey began as a child being raised in a home where unusual and frightening spiritual happenings were part of the norm. He tells the story of his Mum, who began her spiritual search after a near death experience and dabbled in witchcraft and New Age practises before she found the source of light in Jesus. Andrea also shares how to experience God’s reality in your own life and in the lives of others. You’ll be encouraged to seek after the God who continues to show himself powerfully to those who seek him!

    You can find out more about Andrea’s ministry at https://andreadimeglio.com.

    The Film: Christ In You - The Voice

    The voice of God changes everything! This documentary features a captivating exploration of the power of prophecy. It shows ordinary Christians, who set an example by partnering with the Holy Spirit and releasing God’s perspective wherever they go. Amazing interviews with Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Lisa Bevere, John Bevere, Graham Cooke, Bob Hazlett, Raniero Cantalamessa and more provide wisdom in navigating towards a prophetic lifestyle.

    Check the films out here: https://www.christinyoumovie.com

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    Andrea di Meglio is an author, filmmaker, leader and itinerant revivalist. He is on pastoral staff within his local church, the Vineyard Bern, where he has served since August 2012 and leads, coordinates and oversees several ministries related to the supernatural. He is passionate about equipping the Body of Christ to live supernaturally.

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    (062) Christmas – Three Men and a Baby

    (062) Christmas – Three Men and a Baby

    “Everybody’s looking for something,” the Eurythmics once sang. Augustine referred to a “god-shaped hole” within each one of us that longs to be fulfilled. There seems to be a universal human need to find meaning and purpose in our lives. But where do we find it?

    During the time of the first Christmas, people were searching too. The wise men, King Herod, Simeon and Anna were all “looking for something” around the time Jesus was born. As we celebrate the festive season, this podcast reflects on the journey of each of the Christmas characters to see if they found what they were looking for. Their stories give us insight into our own.

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    (061) A Conversation with God about Disappointment

    (061) A Conversation with God about Disappointment

    "The root of disappointment is misplaced expectations. The question is, what should our expectations of God be?" - Lynn Moresi

    What does God promise when we sign up to follow Jesus? I still remember as a young woman dreaming of the future. We had such expectations for "greatness." God was going to give us the desires of our heart. He was going to make all our dreams come to pass. The future was guaranteed and it was bright. But, then the future hit and it was full of disappointment. Death, sickness, loss, divorce. We felt attacked, let down and betrayed. Did God fail us? Or was our disappointment due to misplaced expectations about what God had promised in the first place?

    On the show this week, Rev Dr Lynn Moresi from Melbourne Australia joins me to talk about disappointment and what God is saying in the midst of it. Lynn is a preacher, prophet, lecturer and someone who knows how to hear God’s voice. She is also a biblical scholar who has experienced all the joys and disappointments of life and has thought about these questions for a long time.

    We talk about:

    Lynn’s journey hearing from God and some of the God conversations that have defined her life and ministry

    Why we are often disappointed by the challenges of life and how they begin with misguided expectations

    The “abundant life” (John 10:10) Jesus promised and what it actually means. We compare the meaning of "success" in our current culture compared to the meaning of success in God's kingdom.

    Some great advice for those who are going through a time of disappointment.

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    Dr. Lynn Moresi is a popular itinerate minister and bible college lecturer with a prophetic edge that opens ministry moments in people’s lives. Lynn has the unique ability to combine strong biblical teaching with relevant personal stories that ensure her messages are always challenging and engaging. Her meetings are characterized by fun, laughter and a deep awareness of God’s presence where people are encouraged to engage personally with the Spirit. She is based out of CityLife Church where she pioneered the "School of Ministry” internship program, and travels regularly to teach and minister in seminaries and churches both here in Australia and overseas. She is married and has two adult children.

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    (060) Three Surprising Insights from my PhD on Hearing God’s Voice

    (060) Three Surprising Insights from my PhD on Hearing God’s Voice

    Recently I completed my PhD in practical theology, examining the theology and practice of hearing God’s voice. Since then, people have asked me about my thesis and what I’ve learnt from it. As with all PhDs, it’s a long and sometimes complex read, so instead of you having to fossick through 80,000 words, we’re bringing you the highlights!

    In this podcast, I look at three surprising theological insights from my PhD on hearing God’s voice. I first of all introduce the thesis itself including its general approach and methodology. The research involved approximately 100 people from three different Pentecostal churches on their hearing God experiences. A major focus was on experiences that occurred directly, without the mediation of other people or objects such as books, sermons or nature. These are the experiences that tend to cause the most problems in the church, but can also be the most life-changing!

    Here are the three major insights from the thesis that stood out from the many discoveries I made:

    1. The Neglect of Revelatory Experiences in the Protestant Academy and its Place in Catholicism

    One of the most surprising insights I discovered in my research was the neglect of the topic of hearing God’s voice in the Protestant academy. While, there’s plenty of related material available (such as the gift of prophecy, tongues and Spirit baptism and hermeneutics (the effect of revelatory experiences on Biblical interpretation)), there’s very little on the experience of hearing from God through experiences like dreams, visions and voices (also called “auditions”/“locutions”). In fact, it took four years of reading before I finally found a theologian whose work aligned with the experiences of participants in the study! Even more strangely, this theologian hailed from the Catholic tradition. This unexpected discovery only makes sense when you realise that Protestantism originally rejected revelatory experiences in their debates with the Catholics back at the Reformation in the 16th Century. This way of thinking has formed a trajectory that has shaped scholarly and popular works ever since.

    2. The Central Place of Revelatory Experiences in the New Covenant and Discipleship

    The second insight in my research was the central role hearing from God plays in discipleship. Often in churches today, we see hearing God’s voice as kind of an “optional extra” to the Christian experience. But when we understand that the primary feature of the New Covenant was the ability for every person to hear God’s voice in the same manner as the Old Covenant prophets (Acts 2:16,17) and how Jesus described the role of the Spirit as a continuation of his ministry (John 16:7), we see how important hearing from God is for discipleship. Like the disciples of Jesus’ day, we recognise God’s voice and follow (John 10:27). This connection between Jesus’ ministry and the Spirit’s outpouring at Pentecost is missing in both the academic and popular literature (read any book on hearing God’s voice and see if you can find it). That means we don’t always link our Spirit experiences to the work of sanctification and mission. The Spirit speaks today to lead us to the cross, to crucify our old selves and make us into new creations. That means I’m more likely to hear God speak about forgiving my father than showing me the new red sports car I’ve been dreaming of. Hearing from God will always lead us down the path of discipleship and make us more like Jesus.

    3. The Unnecessary Conflict Between the Scriptures and Spirit

    The final insight in my research provides an explanation for the conflict that people often see between the Bible and ongoing experiences of hearing God’s voice. This conflict is so significant that many churches around the world reject extra-biblical Spirit-encounters altogether (a position known as “Cessationism”). This was the position of the church I grew up in.

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5.0 out of 5
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21 Ratings

prayer person ,

Great Wisdom

Fabulous wisdom clearly presented. Love the pastoral advice about dream interpretation. Thank you Tania.

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Very helpful

So much to be learned from just one episode. Will definitely listen to more.

melissa ruff ,

Great teaching

Thanks for this podcast Tania. So much wisdom - loving the advice about dreams. Keep up the great work

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