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Podcast by Katee Pedicini

    Why I hurried slowly this year - A message from your host, Katee Pedicini

    Why I hurried slowly this year - A message from your host, Katee Pedicini

    Why I hurried slowly this year

    This is a story about reaching the depths of your soul, questioning who you are, your values, what you stand for & WHY you do what you do- THEN rising strong.

    A story that I feel needs to be told and that I want to tell...

    You can read the feature blog on our website, alternatively I've also recorded it as a sound bite so you can hear these words with greater meaning.

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    Mindset & Mindfulness | Fraser Carson

    Mindset & Mindfulness | Fraser Carson

    Fraser is a lecturer in sport coaching, while also running Melbourne Endurance Sport Hypnosis. He has over fifteen years delivering coach education and psychological skills training to high performance athletes and coaches. He currently provides psychological support for the Deakin Melbourne Boomers. He has previously been employed as performance psychologist, providing mental skills training, with a number of professional teams, coaches and athletes. He has a strong research background with a number of publications in performance psychology, mental toughness, wellbeing, stress and coping, and coach education.

    In todays conversation we talk about an integral element of performance, mindfulness. We talk about how to integrate mindfulness into an athletes daily training environment with very simply strategies to create calm, focus, manage pain or difficult sensations.

    We discuss:

    What is mindfulness?
    Mindfulness vs Meditation
    Mindfulness for athletes
    Mental skills and focus
    Managing pain or discomfort
    Using mindfulness to reach your maximal potential
    Using lyrics and music during a race or training
    Using the 5 senses to design your own mindfulness practise that works for you
    Show note links:

    Website: www.meshhypno.com

    Audio Packges for Mental skills and performance: https://www.meshhypno.com/audio-packages

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meshhypno/


    TED talk - Being brilliant everyday - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRItG9G1rb4

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    Exploring A Sense Of Adventure | Adam Pedicini

    Exploring A Sense Of Adventure | Adam Pedicini

    You are in for a treat! Today I chat with Peter Pan.

    Well, not exactly. I chat with my big brother, Adam Pedicini, the closest you will ever come to meeting Peter Pan.

    Adam lives in LA, running his business Lifestyle By Adam Pedicini, fondly known as L.A.P. He has never stood still, exploring the many facets of his talents which has lead him to pursue careers in outdoor education, modelling, dancing, acting and personal training.

    This was certainly a different tact to the rest of the interviews on the podcast to date. We knew we wanted to share our love of adventure and how it has shaped both of our lives, and how it has helped us both in the pursuit of athletic goals and exploring human potential.

    Adam shares insightful experiences of how his childhood shaped his natural desire to explore and how the challenges that present themselves through adventure have shaped his life for the better.

    I hope this podcast inspires you to step outside your comfort zone in the pursuit of expressing your human and athletic potential. Or to simply find the joy in your everyday.

    We discuss:

    Adam's up bringing and how it cultivated a sense of adventure 
    How to overcome fear and adversity with a sense of adventure 
    Engaging in education in a way that works for YOU
    Self sabotage and diminishing one's goals for fear of community expectations 
    Finding JOY in simplicity 
    Find the opportunity for beauty in nature 
    Running in the dark
    Our Mum's influence & Adam's adventure with her to Africa. 
    Raising resilient kids and how adventure is shaping Adam's parenthood role
    Show note links:

    Adam's website: www.lap.life.com

    Adam on Instagram: @lap.life

    Our Mum's story of Adventure: https://virtusperformance.podbean.com/e/33-pat-pedicini-a-life-of-adventure/

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    Accidental Under Eating in Athletes | Kirsty Taylor

    Accidental Under Eating in Athletes | Kirsty Taylor

    Despite our best efforts, accidental under eating is quite common in athletes. I have brought in our resident health and nutrition coach with Holistic Endurance. Kirsty Taylor is qualified health and nutrition coach, and currently in her 2nd study year of nutritional and dietetic medicine. Kirsty is immensely passionate about gut health, & hormone balance for the integration of optimal performance and wellness in athletes.

    Today's conversation covers all things nutrient timing, daily caloric intake, metabolic efficiency testing, how to identify under eating and prevent it.

    We look forward to hearing what your favourite tid bit of knowledge that you take away from today's episode.

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    Fertility Considerations For Athletes | Nikki Butterfield

    Fertility Considerations For Athletes | Nikki Butterfield

    Nikki's story may feel familiar to many people, and we were cognisant that it can be a sensitive topic. The purpose of todays conversation was to kick start the dialogue amongst athletes, practitioners, doctors and coaches in regards to athletic longevity, and in particular fertility considerations for athletes.

    Nikki Butterfield has a long and impressive athletic history. Starting Triathlons back in 1997 under the guidance of Jackie Fairwhether. She was in good company, training with the likes of Annabelle Luxford, Miranda Carfrae and Emma Snowsill.

    During her athletic career she described it as "flogging herself day in day out."

    During that time female Triathlete's were dominating the sport and Nikki found her strength in cycling, switching over to the bike as a professional in 2005. After being on the Aus team and missing Olympic selection, she was disheartened and devastated.

    Her husband Tyler Butterfield had always wanted to kids so Nikki shifted her focus from being an athlete to being a Mum, but her journey wasn't a smooth one, and that's the story you're going to hear today. Nikki will share what she discovered lead to her difficulty in maintaining a pregnancy. (Note, we did leave off the 3rd reason and I have expanded on this as an additional audio at the end of the podcast)

    Both Nikki & I felt that this topic was very important to raise awareness of fertility and the menstrual cycle in athletes, especially in the formative years. So if this podcast simply starts the conversation, for athletes of all ages, we have done our job for today.We discuss:

    Nikki's Professional Career highlights
    What her professional career training load looked like
    Her 3 children, from 10 pregnancies
    The medical maze she entered to get answers
    The relationship between being an athlete & fertility considerations
    Menstrual cycle irregularities
    Ovarian reserve
    Advise for future mothers and athletes
    Show note links:

    Nikki's Instagram for Triathlon: https://www.instagram.com/butterfieldracing/


    Nikki's Instagram for the family & farm:



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    Thriving as a Vegan or Vegetarian Athlete | Elly Mclean

    Thriving as a Vegan or Vegetarian Athlete | Elly Mclean

    Elly Mclean is a Holistic Nutritionist & Real Food lover who works with the team at The Natural Nutritionist.

    Elly is a Marathon runner, wannabe yogi and yes, her favourite food is kale. Elly believes that food is fuel, but above all else, should be enjoyed.

    She has followed a vegan protocol on and off for some time, but more recently has found it not conducive to thriving while competing in marathons. In search of understanding why, Elly pursued comprehensive gut health testing which revealed parasites and bacterial imbalances were the underlying cause.  Her own experience has not diminished her passion for assisting vegan athletes in refining their nutrition needs in order to thrive – an example of precisely why good nutrition is relative to the individual.

    Today’s conversation gets into the nitty gritty of what it takes to thrive as a vegan or vegetarian athlete. It’s conversation very much relevant to all athletes, whether they eat animal protein or not - as we dive into nutrient density, nutrient timing and gut health, too.

    Our hope is that vegan and vegetarian athletes listen up to learn about the parameters they can address and measure in order to perform and feel vital. And that athletes eating animal proteins gain a greater understanding of the importance of ‘eating yo-greens‘ and maintaining a healthy gut balance.


    We discuss:

    Why is Elly so passionate about Vegan and Vegetarian athletes?
    Nutrient density
    Vitamins and minerals that are a priority on a vegan protocol
    Nutrient timing & fat adaptation
    Gut health, digestion & testing
    Pathology testing specific to vegan or vegetarian athletes
    Hurdles and complications often seen in clinic; mood, cognition and  inflammation
    Vegan Bulletproof Coffee!
    Show note links:

    You can find Elly at:


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5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

zar001 ,

A breath of fresh holistic air

Katee has tapped into a unique approach here. If you are an athlete who wants to improve your overall wellbeing, performance and quality of life in all areas then Healing the Grumpy Athlete is for you. Katee's wealth of knowledge and experience comes to the fore in this podcast. Her natural inquisitive and adaptive style makes for a really entertaining and educational experience.

Tassiesar ,

For the love of lego - listen to this

Insightful and relatable - do yourself a favour and tune in before you burn out.

laniebananie86 ,

Honest and Real

Honest and real accounts of athletes journeys. Tips and tools on how to train smarter not harder particularly when it comes to endurance training. If you're looking for advice on living and training more holistically than this podcast is for you!

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