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A podcast by Bernie Sanders and Briahna Joy Gray about the people, stories, and ideas that are driving this political revolution.

Hear the Bern Bernie 2020

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A podcast by Bernie Sanders and Briahna Joy Gray about the people, stories, and ideas that are driving this political revolution.

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5.0 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Cleggy182 ,

Bernie is a one in a million candidate

Bernie chained himself to an African American women protesting segregation getting arrested at 22 after being inspired watching Martin Luther King’s famous speech first hand. Bernie yelled at Alan Greenspan the head of the federal reserve six years before the global financial crisis questioning his moral fiber in regards to deregulation, Alan Greenspan after the GFC did say Bernie’s ideology was correct. Bernie got more votes than Trump and Hillary combined in states like Michigan, key states that gave Trump the Presidency as he was against the Free Trade Deals. He said that they were just an excuse for billionaires to hide money overseas and then the Paradise Papers came out, it turned out 21 trillion dollars have been hidden overseas in tax havens like the Cayman Islands. His ideas of free college, a green new deal, Medicare for all, 15 dollar minimum wage and breaking up the big banks were called impossible even though programs like Medicare for All save trillions as the Republicans, corporate Democrats and the media get billions of dollars from the Pharmaceutical industry, military industrial complex, the big banks and the NRA and therefore support their donors. These ideas now poll more popular than ever with over 70% supporting Medicare for all.

Bernie didn’t receive any money from corporate super PACs and his average contribution was 27 dollars and therefore can work for the people. But most importantly Biden and Obama decided to support the Saudi led war in Yemen while Bernie passionately opposed it. The United Nations have said over 10 million are on the brink of starvation and 85 000 kids under five have already starved to death according to the New York Times. It has taken Bernie three goes but finally congress has decided to no longer support this war in Yemen that the CIA highlighted would be impossible to continue without American support. Sadly, it took a bomb from an American company to land on a school bus and for the Saudi’s to chop up alive a critical journalist for congress to vote for Bernie’s resolution to stop the war as politicians love their Saudi money more than brown kids whose name they can’t pronounce. Without Bernie the world wouldn’t have a situation were each presidential candidate supports A Green New Deal as it took the youngest congress member ever elected, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, to protest with climate activists outside her boss’s office on her first day of work. She got elected because of Bernie Sanders’ ‘Justice Democrats’ organization and her first speech against corruption was the most viewed speech ever by a congress member. Bernie is also the most popular politician in America and would’ve 100% beaten Trump according to data if the establishment didn’t take 30% of the votes from the people and give them to Hillary Clinton. This time Bernie will win and the most influential country in the world will have a true progressive but we must have the take on the major industries and the corporate PACS. I’m 110% flying to the important states and going nuts!!!

Indergur ,

Feeling the bed

great to hear from bernie and looking forward to hear from the staff. the fun stories, the f ups and everything else

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