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Abandon Average & Uncover the Hero Within.

I equip fathers to abandon average and find discipline, confidence, and purpose by uncovering the hero within.

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Heroes Wanted Joe Prim

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Abandon Average & Uncover the Hero Within.

I equip fathers to abandon average and find discipline, confidence, and purpose by uncovering the hero within.

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    Add Value Attitude | Gerard "Nico" Cerameau

    Add Value Attitude | Gerard "Nico" Cerameau

    My guest in this episode, Nico was born and raised in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Nico left Haiti in 2006 after dropping out of 2.5 years of Med School via an asylum petition. After testing life in the states, Nico joined the US Air Force in Sept 2008. His main goals were citizenship, travel, and education. Nico has been assigned to Ohio, Florida, South Korea, and New Mexico, and going back to Florida in the summer of 2022. During his tenure in the service, he’s obtained an AAS in Food and Nutritional, and another AAS in Education and Training Management. Nico also managed to gather a few more credentials like Certified Fitness Coach with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), and Certified Manager with the Institute of Certified Professional Manager (ICPM). Other training in Instructional System Design, Curriculum Development, and lastly in 2020 Certified Life Coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Nico was first introduced to personal development in 2015 when he was recruited to be in the direct sales industry. After attending one major event, things have changed and shifted a lot. He really saw where he was lacking and was ready to learn more and be more in order to serve more. Married in 2017 and divorced in 2019, Nico fell into a black hole. After spending 6 months living in a dark space, he reconnected with the world by choosing to live his gift. And his gift is to inspire and empower other men into becoming a Man of Substance otherwise known as Man of Value. Nico loves weightlifting, reading, listening to podcasts, enjoying hoping for here and there, and definitely values time with friends and family."

    WEB: https://www.WinWithNico.com/freereport
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/winwithnicolson

    Heroes Wanted: heroeswanted.us/coaching

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Are You Holding Yourself Back?

    Are You Holding Yourself Back?

    Are others "cheating" or are you limiting yourself?

    There seem to be many instances today of people playing soccer with their hands or playing by a different set of rules.
    When we encounter a situation where we feel this way we have a few options.

    1. Pout and go sit in the bleachers.
    2. Nobly stick to our guns and your rules and play harder.
    3. Evaluate why you are playing by your set of rules.

    You may be lined up on the football field rather than the soccer pitch and limiting yourself while pointing at others not only makes you look foolish but makes it almost impossible to win.

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    • 6 min
    EV ReRun | Return to the Fight | Scott Smith

    EV ReRun | Return to the Fight | Scott Smith

    In this episode, we go way back to episode 34 of the Ever Vigilant podcast to a conversation I had with a man who has become a friend, Scott Smith. He says his calling is to see Christian men properly restored to God's expectations. Men of action. Healed, restored, and ready to Disciple the next generation. I hope that you are challenged and encouraged by our conversation.

    Find Scott here.

    Heroes Wanted

    • 52 min
    Finding Your Path to Living | Ben Killoy

    Finding Your Path to Living | Ben Killoy

    My guest is Ben Killoy is a Marine Veteran, speaker, and a coach focusing on helping dads rebuild confidence on the other side of generational trauma.

    Ben transitioned out of the Marines and was spending a great deal of time running on the typical path in life, college, getting a job, start a family, all towards American Dream. In 2014 he dropped out of the College of Engineering and left with a big question, what next? From this point, he reconnected with a love of leadership, and a desire to become a better husband and dad.

    He launched his first podcast Military Veteran Dad In 2019 and now his second podcast The Business of Fatherhood in 2021. He is currently a stay-at-home dad and coach spending quality time with his family while still working hard and helping others. Ben now helps other dads come home, by redefining the parameters for living and creating a legacy of change.


    Heroes Wanted

    • 39 min
    What to Expect in Season Two

    What to Expect in Season Two

    After starting out season two of Heroes Wanted with a powerful episode. This episode will set the expectations for season two, much will be the same with a few changes and a new opportunity if you are ready.

    Weekly episodes focused on helping men level up as husbands, fathers, and leaders. This will include the occasional great guest, and solo episodes with yours truly.

    The solo episodes will be much shorter finishing out at 10-15 min. and I will be bringing back many of the interviews and favorites from the Ever Vigilant podcast archives.

    These changes are to give me the opportunity to get back some time, for myself and for my friends and family. I am enjoying my time in one on one strategy calls and coaching calls and I prefer using my time in this way. I also have other projects that I want to invest in, including a new podcast on the horizon with a co-host. I have wanted to do a podcast with a co-host for a long time now and I believe that this combo will be a winner. Stay tuned as we leak info on this new project.

    I also have a new group coaching option that I am weighing interest in, give this episode a listen and if you are interested email me directly at jprim@heroeswanted.us

    • 22 min
    Out of the Ashes | Myles Francis

    Out of the Ashes | Myles Francis

    Welcome to Season Two of Heroes Wanted, we are going to start this season out with a BANG. Myles was not only a multiple-time guest on Ever Vigilant but I am proud to call this man a friend. Some have wondered what happened to the Snake Doctor, and he is ready to tell his tale. We start out talking about his business and first aid like we have many times before, but that is just the beginning of this epic podcast episode. Myles goes deep and shares the trials and tribulations of the last two years, but this is not a story of defeat. It is a story of a man rising from the ashes a better, stronger man, driven by his faith and a resounding purpose. This is a story of hope for all, a testimony of God's faithfulness in the midst of the storm. Whether you are in the middle of a storm or you see one on the horizon this is an episode that you do not want to miss.

    Archangel Dynamics & Myles

    Heroes Wanted

    • 1 hr 58 min

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5.0 out of 5
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1 Rating

Dan 2458 ,

Becoming a better person!

Well worth a listen!

I’ve listened to Joe Prim for a long time, firstly with the ‘Ever Vigilant’ podcast and now with Prepare, Defend, Lead.
Joe has some amazing insights, not only only preparing and homesteading but how to become a better husband/wife and parent, but also an outstanding citizen for the local community.

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