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Podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. This show features brewing industry news, tastings and interviews of novice and professional brewers.

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Podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. This show features brewing industry news, tastings and interviews of novice and professional brewers.

    E60 State of Home Brew, Xmas Beers

    E60 State of Home Brew, Xmas Beers

    Now that xmas gifts are opened and you're staring at that new brewing gear and gadgets to check out, it's time to brew some home brew for 2020! This episode we're joined again by Bob "my bud" Marske to explore the "State of Home Brew" in America, where we've been and where we're going as brewers of our own beers. Have you hit a lull? Has the excitement of a full boil lost its luster? Or are you entrenched in a brewing project nearly every weekend? No matter your brewing status, always try to remember that an active engagement with brewing is the best way to really understand and appreciate beer. The waiting is the hardest part (said Mr. Petty-RIP).
    The cast also reviews (and tastes) some awesome holiday craft beer that you'll wanna put in your fridge for the "playoffs"! What's that? Ah - Playoffs? Don't talk about - playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game! ...well a spicy xmas beer sounds like a good game plan! Tasters in this show include Anchor Christmas Ale, Deschutes Jubelale Winter Ale, Metropolitan Arc Welder Dunkel Rye, North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, and we couldn't help but chew on a little more of Brent's home brew Whiskey Stout...and a silent night calmly follows.
    Big thanks to Pig Minds Brewing, Artale & Co, 815 Gardens and Brewing #gotyeast, for all their suds and support of our fun hobbies in 2019. And may your 2020 be fun and focused on brewing your best beers ever! #drinkitup

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    E59 STARTUP: Home Brew Supply Shop

    E59 STARTUP: Home Brew Supply Shop

    There is no handbook to opening a brew supply store; no guides, no advice to seek out or business plans already generated. Welcome to an episode discussing How to Start Up a Home Brew Supply Shop with our guest BOB “my bud” Marske from 815 Gardens and Brewing. We get into the ins and outs, peaks and valleys, and rabbit holes of putting together a home brewing supply offering, including determining your demographics, suppliers, influences and clientele. It's all about word-of-mouth to get it going and find out what your customers really want, like tapping into the local home brew club, holding tastings and brew days and networking the community!
    Tis the season for Christmas Beers as we review a nice current and accessible list from 52brews.com thatincludes a wide variety of spiced up winter and dark treats for your holiday celebration. We also do some tastings from Pig Minds Brewing "The Jude Abides" Milk Shake IPA (Yum), Begyle Brewing Imperial Pajamas Stout barrel-aged with coffee (dreaminess!), Struise Pannepeut (Belgium) Old Monk Ale (2011) and Brent's home brew beauty Whiskey Stout (a night cap utopia for all your bourbon freaks).
    We'd be reminisced to adjourn without thanking our gracious sponsors for all of their support this year and want to remind you to check out both Pig Minds Brewing and Artale & Co. for all of holiday drinking needs. They have a plethora of new and exclusive holiday beers, wines and spirits to brighten up your holiday celebration...#drinkitup

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    E58 Extreme Beer Collectors

    E58 Extreme Beer Collectors

    We welcome back guest Ron Derry Jr., a.k.a. "Legenderry", to discuss extreme beer collecting. Ron is an avid collector, especially Barleywines and Barrel-aged by products. The Home Brew Rock Stars crew review a beer event bucket list in the US and abroad, and they dig in for an interesting, if not humorous discussion on how, when where and why beer collecting is such a big thing. Bucket list events include Russian River Intinction Sauvignon Blanc, Schönramer Pils, New Anthem Songs Unsung and Steez, Modern Times Barrel-Aged Stouts and Great Taste of the Midwest.
    We also do some beer tastings:
    Revolution Strawberry Straight Jacket - Barrel-Aged Barleywine 2nd Shift Liquid Spiritual Delight - Imperial Stout Brasserie de Rockefort Trappistes Rochefort 10 - Belgium Quad  Pig Minds Brewing Fall for Revenge- Winter Amber with Aged on Sour Cherries Fresh Hop Home Brew (Brente) California Lager -  features 33 ounces of Cascade and Chinook hops fresh off the bine that were added to just 5 gallons (Chinook in the mash)...yummy good! #drinkitup

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    E57 Honey and the Homebrewer

    E57 Honey and the Homebrewer

    Home Brew Rock Stars welcomes guest and fellow homebrewer, Ron Derry Jr., as this 'tis the season moment calls for a discussion on honey and its value to the many uses in beer and mead. Mr. "Legenderry" offers his experience with both brewing with honey, and seeking out some of the best honey-brewed beer and mead in the United States.
    One other interesting fact and coincidence is that beta acids found in hop cones kill mites, a major pest for honeybees. Some other honey history and factoids:
    The use of honey in something akin to beer could go back 9,000 years The U.S. alone produces more than 300 types of honey The Honey Board estimates there are between 115,000 and 125,000 beekeepers in the United States, most of them hobbyists with fewer than 25 hives. (c.2017) American brewers used 25.4 million pounds of American honey in 2015 Beer tastings include a couple of sweet "Legenderry" meads, Pig Minds-Good Ole Rye, Revolution-Honey Jacket, Hatch Distillery-Limoncello and Collective Arts-Audio/Visual Lager...speaking of...
    Our sponsors at Pig Minds Brewing and  Artale & Co. have also announced upcoming tastings for the fall season, including that Pig Minds is hosting the Black Wednesday barrel aged release party November 27th, BA Royal Bitch and BA Joe Daddy with a couple variants. And on November 22nd, Artale is teaming up with Culture Shock and Collective Arts Brewing for an evening of vinyl and beer. There’s a beer tasting featuring Collective Arts’ brand new Audio/Visual Lager. Joey Morris of Collective Arts will sample other selections from Collective Arts’ portfolio in addition to Audio/Visual and also spin some featured vinyl during the event.

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    E56 Fall Beers for Pumpkin Kings

    E56 Fall Beers for Pumpkin Kings

    Trick or Treat? That's what we're finding out in this show about Fall Beers, what to drink, brew, why and when. The dead rock stars of recent memory (Rick Ocasek, Eddie Money, Robert Hunter...) lead us into the temptation of Halloween 2019, and a fun revision of The Official Halloween Night Handing-out-Candy Drinking Game (revised for beer drinkers from the original from SheKnows). For example, kids that complain about candy selection...drink a "sour"!
    Remember our home-brewing commercial pilot pal, Jeremy Krieger, from episode 55? He rejoins Mike, Kent and Brent for an appropriate discussion of Fall Beers of 2019 and they talk about their favorite beers to brew, and/or have brewed, during the fall season. Featuring a tasty one-year aged Brown Sugar Porter (clocking in at 8%) and wood aged with whiskey soaked staves from Bardstown Bourbon "makers" that set the "mark"...tasty shit!
    We also drink some commercial beers, including:
    Pig Minds  - Oktoberfest 3 Floyds - Zombie Dust Burnt City - Two Headed Boy Goose Island - Bourbon County Stout 2014 Our sponsors at Artale & Co. have also announced upcoming tastings for the fall season, as well as Pig Minds will soon be releasing Fall for Revenge and Joe Daddy! #drinkitup

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    E55 Beer Flights and Pilot Brewers

    E55 Beer Flights and Pilot Brewers

    This podcast episode features a commercial pilot that homebrews, Mr. Jeremy Kreiger. We explore the history of beer flights (who's got the good ones around the world), flying with beer (how to pack it in your luggage) and talk to Jeremy about being a pilot and a home brewer...how traveling influences that hobby and where to find cool beers and breweries. Jeremy tells all about some of the best destinations to go drink beer, order beer flights and eat chicken sandwiches.
    We also drink beer (of course) featuring beer from our great sponsors and Jeremy's personal stash of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, including:
    Pig Minds - Down with the 815 (Hazy IPA) Goose Island - Bourbon County Stout (2013) Prairie Kraft Brewing - Paper Wings (NEIPA) Lanikai Brewing (Hawaii) - Pillbox Porter Our sponsors at Artale & Co. have also announced upcoming tastings for the fall season, as well as Pig Minds will soon be releasing Fall for Revenge and Joe Daddy! #drinkitup

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