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    Jazz Vibes with Mick O'Donnell Affininy DAB 18.5.11

    Jazz Vibes with Mick O'Donnell Affininy DAB 18.5.11

    Mattew Halsall "Music for a dancing mind" (Gondwana)

    Jazz mix From Steve Dolan
    The AMC Trio with Ulf Wakenius - "Cakanie Na Vika" (Waiting For A Wolf) taken from the CD "Waiting For A Wolf" on the Slovakian Hevhetia label.

    Maciej Fortuna Quartet "Lost Keys" from the CD "Lost Keys" on the 4Tuna label from Poland

    The Core - "Invitation" from the CD Party on the Moserobie label.

    Jacob Karlzon 3 - "In Gods Country" from the CD The Big Picture on the Stunt record label

    Cedric Hanriot - "Mambo" from the CD French Stories on the Plus Loin Music record label

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Jazz Vibes 4.5.11

    Jazz Vibes 4.5.11

    Dana Hall “Black Mountain” (Origin)
    Tassilo Deller Jazz Quartett “Let me tell you” (Tormusic)
    Tomek Grochot feat: Eddie Henderson “Headprints” (Zaiks)
    Donald Byrd “Onward ‘til morning” (Blue Note)
    Gregory Porter “Black Nile” (Motema)
    Alex Tassel “Buzz” (Naïve)
    Tom Rainer “I miss you” (First American)
    Matthew Halsall “The journey home” (Gondwana)
    Matthew Halsall “Music for a dancing mind” (Gondwana)

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Jazz Vibes 23.3.11

    Jazz Vibes 23.3.11

    Playlist 23.3.11

    Scan-AM Quartet “Purple and orange” (Connective)
    Gregory Porter “1960 what? “ (Motema)
    Peter Hum Quintet “Sojourner’s truth” (Peter Hum)
    Simple Acustic Trio “Simple Jungle” (Not Two)
    Nat Birchall “Guiding spirit” (Gondwanna)
    Pha Sanders “Tina” (Venus)
    Gregory Porter “Wisdom “ (Motema

    • 57 min

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