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Two zookeepers talk weird animals. Informative, irreverent, and sometimes funny. Learn about animals in a way you never have before, with all the dirty details from two people who aren't afraid to call animals out on their junk.

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Two zookeepers talk weird animals. Informative, irreverent, and sometimes funny. Learn about animals in a way you never have before, with all the dirty details from two people who aren't afraid to call animals out on their junk.

    Quick & Dirty Ep: 26

    Quick & Dirty Ep: 26

    Back at it again with some questions and advice. This week we answer the question:
    - What types of animal-related career fields are out there and how do I get involved?
    We also talk quesadilla mishaps, our future career plans, Jeff Corwin, and more! 

    • 42 min
    131: Hellbender

    131: Hellbender

    Tag yourself: Snot otter, lasagna lizard, or devil dog? Are you ready to slip into something wet and talk about North America's biggest salamander!?
    We answer questions like: Where can I find the Hellbender? Are they really from hell, and what is up with the name? Is this guy gonna steal my girl? What do they like to eat? Do Hellbenders smash or make love? How many species of hellbender are there? Is this an endangered species?

    • 1 hr 7 min
    130: Tawny Frogmouth

    130: Tawny Frogmouth

    Big eyes...big mouth...flat head...who is she? The tawny frogmouth! Join us as we learn about another really great bird.
    We answer questions like: Is this the week Flora finds love? Is this thing a potoo...does anyone know what a potoo is? Where does the frogmouth get its name? What is your Furby up to these days? How does the frogmouth use cryptic plumage to blend into its environment? And what are your most cringe middle school memories?
    As a bonus you get some wild anime recs, some riveting Survivor discussion, and a special appearance from Fauna's playful kitten.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Quick & Dirty Ep: 25

    Quick & Dirty Ep: 25

    Time for another quicky! Tune in to get some fun information straight from these two horses mouths. Wanna rant about Star Wars? Wanna hear about weird things Flora found? This is the place for you. But we also answer an email from Abs!
    What is some advice we have for Keeper Talks and dealing with unruly guests?! We gotchu guys.

    • 51 min
    129: Geoduck

    129: Geoduck

    Geoduck? More like geoyuck! (or geoyum ;) ) This abomination is the subject of many exasperated sighs, intermittent revulsion, and general body horror. Come learn about it, won't you?
    We answer your questions like: Where the heck is this thing located so we can avoid it? Why on earth are people eating it and even more importantly why is it crunchy?? How is this a clam and how has the rest of Class Bivalvia not kicked it to the curb? What is broadcast spawning? And is this the by product of a geodude and golduck sin? 
    Mukbang if you dare.

    • 49 min
    128: Puffin

    128: Puffin

    Lil puffin boy! It is your time to shine. However, we are already onto your Illuminati ways. Did you know, there are three species of puffin?! All three are very cute, and possibly working to steal the declaration of independence.
    Are puffins related to penguins? How do puffins feed their chicks? Where are puffin found? Does their body hold a lot of secrets? What do puffins have to do with monks? Can puffins use tools? Did you know there are puffins in Star Wars?

    • 1 hr 8 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Zookeeper Stacey ,

Honestly the best podcast ever <3

I am a Zookeeper from Australia that works with Australian native animals and I have recently stumbled upon this amazing podcast - and I am absolutely in love with it!!
Love the humor, the total relatable content about life as a zookeeper, the amazing insight into all sorts of amazing animals and zookeeper issues - pretty much just everything about this podcast is awesome! Thank you so much for keeping up the most amazing work - I have been happily binge-listening to this for the last few weeks and am thoroughly enjoying every minute :)
I honestly wish I could give more stars because your podcast totally deserves it!

CharysseF ,

Funny and informative

Love listening to the Keeper Chat podcast. Listen to it every morning when getting ready for work and just sets the mood for the day! So informative and it’s like having a conversation between friends, especially with the random tangents!

Emily Rose R ,

Odd teats

I love this podcast, my new go-to when I need some laughs but also want to learn some new things about animals. Flora and fauna are relatable in so many ways. Had my friend and I PISSING laughing while listening to the red fox episode yesterday and now she’s subscribed too.
Also, Fauna - you’ll be disturbed to know that echidnas also have no teats like the platypus, youre welcome.

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