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Leaders in conversation: the biggest names in the global business of sport sit down (or stand up) with Leaders Editorial Director James Emmett.

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Leaders in conversation: the biggest names in the global business of sport sit down (or stand up) with Leaders Editorial Director James Emmett.

    Rules of the Game: Negotiation

    Rules of the Game: Negotiation

    Billy Beane, Barry Hearn, Michele Roberts, and Jonathan Barnett join Leaders Founder and Chair Jimmy Worrall to discuss the art of negotiation.
    In the second episode of Rules of the Game, Leaders Founder and Chair Jimmy Worrall explores the art of negotiation and what it takes to do it effectively. He sets out his five golden rules to follow, and offers a practical set of tips to reinforce your own negotiating style.
    To unpack this fundamental skill, he's joined by four of the finest exponents of deal-making from across the world of sport:
    - Oakland A's EVP of Baseball Operations Billy Beane - Mr 'Moneyball' himself - who pioneered data analysis in baseball to gain an edge in player trade negotiations;
    - Serial sports promoter Barry Hearn, Chairman of Matchroom Sport and one of the most successful all-round commercial operators in any number of sports and across any number of revenue streams;
    - NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts, who has spearheaded several rounds of successful negotiations between the NBA and its players, and was a key factor in the league's ability to come back from the pandemic to complete its season in the Disney 'bubble'.
    - 'Super agent' Jonathan Barnett, Founder and Chairman of Stellar Group and the architect of some of world football's most eye-catching deals, including Gareth Bale's 100 million euro transfer from Tottenham to Real Madrid in 2013.

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    One Careful Owner: Marc Lasry x Milwaukee Bucks

    One Careful Owner: Marc Lasry x Milwaukee Bucks

    In conversation with the billionaire co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.
    One Careful Owner is a new series from the Leaders Sport Business Podcast that features exclusive conversations with the people who invest billions into teams. Who have a unique handle on where the industry is going. On media rights. On globalisation. On asset creation. On trading players. On the risks, rewards and the pitfalls. On the pressures and demands. The unique challenges and often downright weird situations that only sports owners have experienced. And all while they’re doing their day job.
    Our first guest on One Careful Owner is Marc Lasry. In 2014, Marc bought the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise from long-time owner Herb Kohl. Kohl had paid $18 million for the team when he bought it in 1985. Marc – alongside his partners Wes Edens and Jamie Dinan – paid $550 million for it. According to the latest Forbes list, the franchise is worth $1.6 billion today.
    Marc founded Avenue Capital Group in 1995, building the hedge fund over time to the point at which it now has $11 billion under management. He lives in New York with his wife Cathy and they have five children. Leaders Chair Jimmy Worrall spoke to Marc towards the back end of 2020, with the NBA having just completed its truncated 2019/20 season.

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    Inside Facebook's monetisation plans for sport

    Inside Facebook's monetisation plans for sport

    One-on-one with video monetisation guru Yoav Arnstein | Olympics in peril | First thoughts on Clubhouse.
    Episode 104 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast sees us delve deep into the mechanics of Facebook's monetisation machine with the social giant's Director of Product Management Yoav Arnstein (conversation starts at 15:30).
    Video monetisation is arguably the top priority for any of the major sports publishers - including rights holders across the sporting spectrum - on Facebook, and Arnstein leads the development and roll out of the monetisation tools that the platform provides. He is one of the key internal stakeholders informing - and being informed by - the sports strategy that Peter Hutton and his team have been developing as Facebook has evolved its formal relationship with sport.
    On the conversational agenda:
    - The role video plays in fostering community; and the role community plays in monetisation strategies;
    - How Facebook currently monetises video, and why in-stream ads and pay-per-view are about to get big on the platform in 2021;
    - How the product roadmap is developed and implemented at Facebook, and the reason that traditional sports media products might not yet have been developed;
    - Arnstein's view on the video monetisation strategies in play at Amazon, YouTube and Facebook's other major competitors;
    - How Facebook attempts to find the balance between commercialisation and positive user experience.

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    Rules of the Game: Networking

    Rules of the Game: Networking

    Leaders Founder and Chair Jimmy Worrall introduces the pilot edition of Rules of the Game, a new series unpacking the skills required to be an effective leader in 2021.
    In this edition, Jimmy explores the art of networking, identifying and explaining the keys to doing it well, adding value and forging connections that turn into longstanding relationships.
    Through extended conversations over several months with some of sport’s leading figures and expert networkers, and Jimmy’s own personal experiences with Leaders in Sport over the past 12 years, this is the ultimate practical guide to how to build and nurture your professional network – quick-fire tips and golden rules to network by.
    You’ll hear from:
    - Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Scott O’Neil on asking questions, surrounding yourself with smart people and helping others to connect.
    - Kathy Carter, Chief Revenue Officer at LA 2028, on finding commonality, building trust and earning respect.
    - Former UK Sports Minister Tracey Crouch on treating everyone with respect and finding the right relaxing networking environment.
    - FA and Premier League ambassador David Dein on sticking your neck out, the importance of humour and how relationships were at the heart of the formation of the Premier League.

    Presented by Jimmy Worrall
    Produced by James Emmett
    Edited by Danny Garlick
    Music by Wataboi and lrobinson_sds (via Pixabay)

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    Opening up modern day trading cards

    Opening up modern day trading cards

    The trading card ecosystem and its rapid growth | How team and player licensing agreements work | Working with athletes and maximising their value
    Episode 102 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast lifts the lid on the inner workings of trading card licensing agreements, featuring conversations with Panini America’s VP of Sales and Product Development DJ Kazmierczak (starts at 1.55) and Malaika Underwood, SVP of Licensing at OneTeam Partners, the organisation that helps the likes of the NFL Players’ Association and other player unions maximise the value of athletes’ names and images (starts at 24.30).
    On the conversation agenda:
    - How licensing agreements between teams/athletes and companies like Panini actually work;
    - The growth of the trading card ecosystem and the emergence of breaking;
    - The biggest challenge for licensees like Panini;
    - The importance of rookie cards;
    - Panini's production decisions around high value cards;
    - How OneTeam Partners is aiming to build more comprehensive partnerships and unlock new revenue streams for the player unions it works with;
    - What athletes want from licensing agreements;
    - The trading card from 2020 you ought to have in your collection.

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    At home with Leaders: Chris Walsh

    At home with Leaders: Chris Walsh

    Making a brand impact with Arsenal and Manchester United | Using influencers to authenticate and embody your brand | Breaking through the noise in a busy 2021.
    Episode 101 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast features a conversation with Adidas VP of Brand for North Europe, Chris Walsh (starts at 2:41). Working across product range planning, brand marketing, advertising, creative and retail marketing, Walsh plays a key role in bringing the sportswear giant's sports and culture partnerships to life, chief among them the global deals with Arsenal and Manchester United, and new local partnerships with Glasgow Celtic and Leeds United.
    The episode also includes a brief discussion with Andy Childs (starts at 16.27), who leads 'connection planning' for Facebook in Europe, consulting with the top 100 brands on the platform on how to use digital marketing to drive business growth.
    On the conversation agenda:
    - The three pillars supporting all Adidas partnership marketing efforts;
    - The 18-month design-to-sales lifecycle of a 21st Century football kit;
    - How Adidas works with influencers to embody and authenticate the brand;
    - Andy Childs' tips for using digital marketing to break through the clutter in 2021;
    - Building Arsenal campaigns around the strengths and skillsets of Ian Wright;
    - Lessons in marketing from a tumultuous 2020.

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