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Create your own life to enjoyce and reach your highest potential by taking actionable steps on everything health & happiness

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Create your own life to enjoyce and reach your highest potential by taking actionable steps on everything health & happiness

    073: How to build emotional resilience? (part 1)

    073: How to build emotional resilience? (part 1)

    Emotional resilience is the way we adapt to stressful situations in a healthy way. Especially because of lockdown and Covid, our emotional resilience has been tested. In this episode you will learn what emotional resilience is, why is it important to have, how you can recognise your level of emotional resilience and how you can respond to stressful situations in a healthier way. 


    This is episode one in the series of emotional resilience. 

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    If you want to learn more about emotional resilience and become more resilient to be able to live a more fulfilled and joyful life without life events affecting your life too much? 

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    072: How to improve your mental health & emotional fitness w/ Clare Davis

    072: How to improve your mental health & emotional fitness w/ Clare Davis

    How is your emotional fitness?

    Just like when we exercise our body to become strong and fit and healthy, we also need to work on our emotions and mental health. And just as if we stop exercising in the gym, we also will become less emotionally fit when we stop doing the work.

    Mental health is more important than ever and needs to be discussed more than ever. I hope to get to a point where conversations and asking for help on a mental part will be as 'normal' as talking about physical problems where you would go to the doctor for or that it is considered 'normal' to exercise for your body.

    I had an amazing conversation with Clare Davis of Mental Health Chats (www.instagram.com/_mentalhealthchats_), who is a mental health trainer and gives workshops in the workplace to improve mental health.

    We discuss what emotional fitness is and how we can recognise within ourselves and others when our mental health is suffering before it is too late, so we can take the appropriate actions and things to do to look after ourselves and others in a kind way.

    We look at tips and tricks to take care of our mental health in the workplace and we talk about getting a conversation started with others when it comes to addressing their mental health and looking after them in a way they need.

    Clare shares an amazing tip on how to talk when you are stressed and are mentally triggered, which is simple yet so effective. I am so happy to be sharing this podcast episode with you as this shares everything I am passionate about and feel like we need to address in this beautiful world. 

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    Useful links:
    1-on-1 coaching, courses and working with me: www.lifetoenjoyce.nl
    Clare's website: https://www.novaassociates.co.uk/
    Clare's book, Emotional Fitness: A-Z for positive mental health: https://www.amazon.com/Emotional-Fitness-Z-Positive-Mental/dp/B08KM8YV26
    Mental Health Chats podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/6RZvLEk0YTWaIgulMPEgz7

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    071: How to reconnect to love when things don't go your way

    071: How to reconnect to love when things don't go your way

    Ever had a conversation or a situation where you felt let down, felt like the other person didn't understand or misunderstood you? And that conversation kept on playing in your head for hours, leaving you frustrated and angry with yourself and/or the other person? 


    Even when things don't seem fair or you feel mistreated, in the end it doesn't help you if you stay agitated. I share some personal stories and 5 tips that will help you center back to yourself and to love. Because the world is and feels so much better when you see it through love. 

    If you want to try this for yourself and learn more techniques that will help you to feel better about yourself, build your confidence and deal with situations where things don't go the way you have planned, book in a free chat with me to learn how I can help you in my coaching. Send me a DM on www.instagram.com/lifetoenjoyce or have a look at www.lifetoenjoyce.nl. 


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    070: Stepping up as the true you in dating and social situations

    070: Stepping up as the true you in dating and social situations

    Have you ever been in a social situation where you felt uncomfortable and unsafe? Where you actually wanted to leave but stayed because that is what was socially expected of you? Or because you wanted to please other people? 

    When you want to please other people, you give in to their needs. But what about your own needs? How can you set better boundaries for yourself and act as your best version? 

    I'll be sharing a dating story that I've been through and where I did something I have never done before. I will be sharing some tips on how to become more aware of your own actions and thoughts and grow as a person, despite that society or other people are telling you. You'll be hearing insights on what to do as a people pleaser, empath and someone who finds it hard to set boundaries for themselves. Because who says that you can't do certain things?!

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    If you are keen to learn to embrace your qualities as an empath, set better boundaries for yourself and find balance in the power of a people pleaser, go to www.lifetoenjoyce.nl or www.instagram.com/lifetoenjoyce to book in a chat with me to talk about how I can help you as your coach. 

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    069: Body positivity & finding your inner confidence with Ashtyn Gloury

    069: Body positivity & finding your inner confidence with Ashtyn Gloury

    How a plussize dancer became an icon for many other women and found her inner confidence with herself and her body. @ashtyngloury and I talk about positive body image and our mental health. A topic that has shifted in a great direction, yet isn't talked on it enough. ⠀

    We both share our personal stories when it comes to our negative body image and how we changed it so that we are truly happy with how we look, no matter what the standard is or people think of us. ⠀

    In this podcast with Ashtyn, you will learn about:⠀
    💕 How to talk better to yourself, like you are your best friend and your cheerleader⠀
    💕 How you can learn to be full and happy by doing and being you instead of comparing yourself with others⠀
    💕 How no matter what other people will tell you, if you don't truly believe it yourself, it will never sink in and tips to believe in yourself more⠀
    💕 Tips on creating a better mental health for yourself and much much more!⠀

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    068: How to set priorities

    068: How to set priorities

    If you have many things on your plate to do, it is hard to see what needs to come first. Or even to get super focused on it. It can get overwhelming and you can feel stuck in knowing what to do next. We often then decide to do nothing at all, focus on the wrong things, or say that we don't have time for it. If you know how to prioritise, whether it is in work or in your health, things will become easier. I will show and tell you a model that I use for work, but that also perfectly works to prioritise your health and selfcare. We probably not prioritise this enough or exhcange it for something else. 

    I exchanged looking after me and my health for many years. For the sake of work and helping others. In the end, it was my health and my self care that needed more attention to be able to perform better in other areas of my life. This model will help you to do the same. 

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3 Ratings

Joyce - Life to Enjoyce ,


This is my most favorite podcast at this moment. I love how raw she is, telling her own personal stories that I can relate to as well as supereasy and fun tips that shift my mindset!

Prashiii ,

The best!

Joyce’s podcasts has changed my life! They have taught me how to be happier and be focused towards my goals in life. They have helped to fix the underlying issues of my past. Thank you joyce! You’re the best!

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