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The Live Your Own Fit Podcast is helping you see the big picture of health and performance.

Hosted by World Ironman Triathlon Champion Pete Jacobs and his wife Jaimielle Jacobs they bring balanced discussions and information to help you on your journey to finding increased energy, health, & performance.

With a focus on lifestyle and mindset tips & knowledge, Pete also brings his experiences of becoming Ironman World Champion & shares his journey of working through an undiagnosed fatigue/health issue over 20yrs, and how he has rebuilt his health & energy.

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The Live Your Own Fit Podcast is helping you see the big picture of health and performance.

Hosted by World Ironman Triathlon Champion Pete Jacobs and his wife Jaimielle Jacobs they bring balanced discussions and information to help you on your journey to finding increased energy, health, & performance.

With a focus on lifestyle and mindset tips & knowledge, Pete also brings his experiences of becoming Ironman World Champion & shares his journey of working through an undiagnosed fatigue/health issue over 20yrs, and how he has rebuilt his health & energy.

    Uplevel Your Massage

    Uplevel Your Massage

    What do you and elite athletes have in common?  You both need to build familiarity with being relaxed, and build awareness to be able to tap into the feeling of being relaxed.

    You should be getting massages more often;

    * to spend time being relaxed  - benefits your nervous system and thought patterns

    * build familiarity with being relaxed - so you can be more relaxed more often by choice.

    * Improve blood flow to low flow areas. Increased oxygen and efficient energy.

    Uplevel your massage ;

    * Become more aware and in control of your tension/relaxed states.

    * Become more present with 'no expectations' of pain/discomfort.

    * Uplevel your ability to control your perception with each tight spot touched. Every time you overcome the tension and overcome the expectation of tension, you are increasing your brains ability to control your perception of everything you experience.

    * Build awareness in the present - be aware of the connection between mind and body, and the change that occurs when you quiet your mind.

    An integral part of becoming a better, healthier higher performing human is building the awareness of your mind and body, when they are connected as one.

    If you would like coaching to build this awareness and all other aspects of preventing injury, improving energy, losing weight, breaking performance limits, then contact Pete or Jaimielle.  email   Hello@liveyourownfit.com

    Find out more about LYF Performance here



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    Carbohydrate | Pros & Cons

    Carbohydrate | Pros & Cons

    The main point to remember throughout this podcast is that everyone has a different level of aerobic capacity, and everyday one individual can have a better/worse aerobic capacity  [tolerance to carbohydrates].

    Everyone is different to everyone else, and everyone is potentially different to themselves each day also.

    I give a few examples that might help you solve an issue you've had, but if it does not make sense I can explain it personally to you so you can get the aerobic benefits of having increased oxygen all the time for better recovery, performance , less aches, more energy all day, lower health risks, less excess weight and so many other potential improved symptoms.

    If you want to feel better, contact me here and set up an consultation for health and fitness gains https://liveyourownfithealthandperformance.practicebetter.io/#/5ea248732a9c240a8cf8de6c/bookings?step=services




    * Carbohydrates are not essential.

    * Carbohydrates replace more nutrient dense foods.

    * Carbohydrates can lower your aerobic energy production more than other macronutrients.


    * Carbohydrates can increase perception of energy during exercise. --  Perception of energy -  - feeling safe - state of growth  - happy hormones - -relaxed -  efficient.

    * Carbohydrates can assist in performance through energy production during exercise.


    1 . What problem are you trying to solve?


    During exercise?


    Improve health? i.e. low aerobic capacity & nutrient deficiencies?




    How much can you handle depends on how aerobic you are?



    Have you ever not taken carbs during a race because of fear, or out of spite or dogmatism?  Listen here to learn how to approach life and carbs with a more rational thinking process.



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    How to Run Slow to Run Fast

    How to Run Slow to Run Fast

    Stop wasting your time running without knowing exactly how to improve.

    If your running still needs improvement after listening to this episode [and to my previous podcast on technique linked below], then it is time to send me your run video and have a talk about it :) It could be your aerobic capacity, or technique, or tension, and I've got a million ways to approach how to improve your running performance and enjoyment. Contact me @petejjacobs through social media, or through www.liveyourownfit.com



    Running slower - it’s harder technically, and easier to relax mentally and physically.

    You want to improve your running speed at the same effort, or you want to be able to run longer with less fatigue. You also want running to FEEL better mentally.

    If you cant run slow efficiently and relaxed, then you are limiting your running ability.

    Running slow with efficiency is not easy, it takes a lot of focus

    Running at your default pace and HR and tension physically and mentally is damaging.

    Running slow TRAINS you to release tension during running, to become more aware, relaxed, and in that state it is EASIER to improve technique. 

    Observations from running with a client - runs with tension, swings arms low, default pace, cant run slow with same technique.

    Look at the African Elite runners in their EASY runs. See the link below they are joking, running 5-6min /km, or 9min/mile, and SSOOOO relaxed.



    And then look at the best marathoners racing, they are also incredibly relaxed and efficient. In this video you can see Cherono looking the most efficient, with hands up high, a relaxed thoracic region twisting, relaxed face, etc. and he goes on to win by bringing in power with a bigger arm swing in the final 200m's.



    If you are tense running slow, of course you could never run at a high output without tension.

    Practice running slow. Really Slow. Really relaxed.


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    How to Improve Sleep for Health & Performance

    How to Improve Sleep for Health & Performance

    Sleep expert Devin Burke shares secrets to improve your sleep, and therefore improve your health and performance. If you have trouble with insomnia, or feel like you should have more energy, or your health or performance is not as good as you want it to be, this episode will give you tips and protocols for a routine that reduces stress and improves your sleep habits and quality.

    Devin has never shared his “Three P” approach publicly until this episode!

    Devin Burke and Pete Jacobs  cover amazingly helpful & interesting information, and Devin tells you some tips for improving your sleep you would have never considered. 

    Watch the podcast on youtube here

    Devin Burke is an international and TEDx speaker, the bestselling author of “The Sleep Advantage,” the founder of Sleep Science Academy, and one of the top health and sleep coaches in the world.

    His books, keynotes, programs and videos have inspired thousands of people to improve their sleep, energy, and life.

    Devin Burke helps high achievers and exhausted insomniacs get and stay asleep so they can wake up with more peace, power and presence. He was named one of the “Top 25 Health Coaches in America.” and has studied innovative holistic coaching methods from some of the world’s top health and human performance experts for over a decade. As a speaker and coach, he has inspired thousands of people to open their eyes to what is possible through creating new sleep, health and performance habits, and routines.


    What's the connection between sleep and stress?

    How everyone can improve their sleep?

    Why is sleep important?

    How can we fall asleep faster, rest deeper, and wake refreshed?


    Find more information about Devin below, or get in contact to work with him at The Sleep Science Academy.


    Check out his book “The Sleep Advantage”


    Devin Burke Social Media




    LYF Performance Podcast is hosted by Pete Jacobs, Ironman World Champion and Health and Performance Coach. 

    Co-Founder of Live Your Own Fit with his wife Jaimielle Jacobs, they are also Prekure Certified Health Coaches and work with clients on all aspects of health and performance to help people feel better and achieve their goals of living a better life, with more energy, more happiness, and more success.


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    Growth or Fear. Creation or Protection.

    Growth or Fear. Creation or Protection.

    Jaimielle and Pete have a great discussion that will uncover some of your underlying roadblocks to living your best life, in health and performance.

    Is your state of mind, or physical state, holding you back from making changes to allow you to be at your best?

    Creating a state of mind and body that resonates with Growth and Creation abilities allows you to be in control of who you want to be.

    A state of mind and  body that exudes qualities of being in Fear or Protection limits how your brain can think and limits your perception of the world you live in.

    Growth aspects

    * Posture

    * Confidence

    * Gratitude

    * Present mind (no ego)

    * Foresight

    * Love & Joy

    * Positive self talk

    * connected

    Fear state

    * Stuck with bad habits

    * limited perception

    * narrow thinking

    * sadness & anger

    * Disease

    * Stress

    * Disconnected

    This podcast has your keys to piecing together some of the puzzle you have not yet completed for your life to feel as you want it to! Don't waste any more time, figure out how to fix yourself, and what is not answered in the podcast we can answer personally when you become our client. Yes that means you :)

    Find out more and work with us @ www.liveyourownfit.com


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    Training a Competitive Mindset

    Training a Competitive Mindset

    If you only train in a certain way, with a particular mindset to practice being "present, calm and confident" does that mean you will find it hard to do anything but that same response in competition?

    In this episode I talk about the benefits of using my approach to training your mind and body to connect at high levels of power, efficiency, performance, and why this approach is best for most people.

    And the flip side to this conversation is how you can then still tap into the aggressive or adrenaline response of "fighting" in competition when needed.

    Key points are

    * a trigger phrase I use and recommend - "No effort, just movement"

    * Increasing your level of mental and physical thresholds require a very controlled approach

    * You can't train out your instincts and stress responses

    * when you change your story, you will respond as per your story

    This is a quick recap of some conversations with clients, but the pathway to understanding and implementing the benefits and further understanding the techniques and bigger picture is much broader and longer.

    Take the journey with me, I will help you understand performance and health like you never thought possible, but only if you dare . That's what the discovery call is for, to see if we align.  www.liveyourownfit.com


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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Ericat N ,

So many takeaways

I’ve loved these podcasts so far. I’m about to do my first triathlon in noosa and will take several things away from these. I can’t wait to keep Learning from the experts:)

Dan and Erica ,


Refreshingly humble, relevant & cutting edge all rolled into a great series of podcasts.
J and P are great people, talking about stuff that makes a difference in our quest to reaching human potential. From the athlete to the life-lete there is an abundance of gold nuggets in each show.
Thanks guys!

petejjacobs ,

Great Podcast ;)

So great to be back in 2021, with twice weekly episodes, one with Jaimielle, one with me (Pete Jacobs). And some short bonus episodes here and there.
Send us your questions you want answered or get in touch for health and/or performance Coaching.
Thanks for writing a review and subscribing too! :)

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