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Collaboratively Realising Permaculture’s Potential

Making Permaculture Stronger Making Permaculture Stronger

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Collaboratively Realising Permaculture’s Potential

    Living Design Process and the Tetrad of Regenerative Development with Pamela Mang

    Living Design Process and the Tetrad of Regenerative Development with Pamela Mang

    Sometimes I find myself inside a dialogue that deeply meets me where I am and lifts me up to a place with more clarity, more vitality, and more possibility. This episode with Pamela Mang was one of these. Pamela is long-term friend and colleague of past guests Carol Sanford, Joel Glanzberg, Ben Haggard, and Bill Reed. She has been working in the space of regenerative design, resourcing and development for many decades. Co-founder of Regenesis Group, she is co-author (with Ben) of the 2016 book Regenerative Design and Development. She is also part of the faculty that runs The Regenerative Practitioner (TRP) programme.

    In this dialogue Pamela helps me grok the tetrad of regenerative development that Regenesis works from in relation to my own work on Living Design Process.

    From this paper which in turn sourced it from Regenesis group.


    Upcoming TRPs in NZ and AU

    Enrolments for the next Australian programme for TRP are open July 15th - August 19, 2022 and the programme commences on September 7th, 2022. Contact me if you'd like to be connected to Drika, Alana or Lara who are the AU co-hosts.

    Enrolments for the next New Zealand programme are open July 15th - August 13th and the programme commences on September 2nd, 2022. I am considering enrolling myself so I may see you on the course. Contact me if you'd like to be connected to Lucy-Mary who is the NZ liaison.

    Quotable Quotes

    Now for a few things Pamela said that I was moved to write down here:

    Design should be a vitalising process. It creates new vitality, new energies that can source different orders of health, different orders of understanding and so onPamela Mang

    Pamela Mang

    The secret about these frameworks is that they don’t replace intuition. They hone itPamela Mang

    Living Design Process

    Find out more about the Living Design Process Pamela was resourcing me to look at through the tetrad framework here – the next online course of Living Design Process kicks off August 6th 2022 (why not complete before your TRP and make this a year of next-level learning!).

    Support the Making Permaculture Stronger Book Project

    This episode also marks the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to fund the creation of the Making Permaculture Stronger book – here’s the video and here's a link to the campaign page. Support us and feel the good vibes that follow :-).


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    Bringing Professional Permaculture Design Work to Life with Alec Higgins – Part Two (E78)

    Bringing Professional Permaculture Design Work to Life with Alec Higgins – Part Two (E78)

    Enjoy part of two of this rich dialogue about bringing Living Design Process to professional permaculture design consultancy. Will make more sense if you listen to Part One first.

    An aerial photo of the Mayberry project which is mentioned in this episode and is a good example of a design process that uses earthworks and trees to create beautiful organic spaces in between...

    • 50 min
    Bringing Professional Permaculture Design Work to Life with Alec Higgins – Part One (E77)

    Bringing Professional Permaculture Design Work to Life with Alec Higgins – Part One (E77)

    Many thanks to Alec Higgins for prompting this exploration. In the first of two instalments, we develop premises for transitioning into professional permaculture design work. Enjoy and to learn more about working with Living Design Process please visit www.LivingDesignProcess.org - the next course starts in August and you can learn more about it here.

    A photo of the early development of the project I explored with John Caruthers here. From drone footage by Peter Watts

    • 56 min
    Daniel Christian Wahl on Aligning with Life’s Regenerative Impulse

    Daniel Christian Wahl on Aligning with Life’s Regenerative Impulse

    It was an honour to connect in this episode with Daniel Christian Wahl to explore what it means to align with life's regenerative impulse.

    Here's Daniel's book Designing Regenerative Cultures, his Medium Blog and here's his wonderful youtube series Voices of the Regeneration.

    Early on Daniel mentions Christopher Alexander's Challenge to Permaculture. A few times he mentions Henri Bortoft's book The Wholeness of Nature.

    Daniel Christian Wahl

    Enjoy, thanks to Daniel for visiting Making Permaculture Stronger, and thanks to our mutual friend Clinton Callahan for connecting us.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Creating from Fear, Chaos, and the Groundless Void with Clinton Callahan (E75)

    Creating from Fear, Chaos, and the Groundless Void with Clinton Callahan (E75)

    In this lively second conversation (find the first here) Clinton Callahan and I dive right in to swap notes on the dynamics of living creation processes. We cover creating from fear, chaos, and the groundless void as well as feelings, the unknown, the phoenix process, surfing the wave you are are, and much else.


    You can find out more about Clinton at his website here and during our chat he mentioned fearclub.org, rageclub.org and possibilityteam.org

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Celebrating the Life and Work of Christopher Alexander

    Celebrating the Life and Work of Christopher Alexander

    On March 17, 2022, at 85 years of age, Christopher Alexander passed away peacefully in his home in West Sussex, England.

    This post celebrates his life, and for me, personally, the sheer magnitude his work has had on the course of my life, including Making Permaculture Stronger as a project. If any of you have been touched by this project, then you have been indirectly impacted by Alexander's life-long quest toward life, beauty and wholeness. Find out about who Alexander was here and here and here and here. Learn about Alexander's direct influence on my (Dan Palmer's) work, and on this very project here and here.

    A Poem

    Thank you to Ann Medlock, a past client (and hence collaborator) of Alexander's, for permission to share these photos and this poem here:

    Alexander sculpts a building

    out of air and wisdom

    waving his hands

    squinting his eyes

    to see what only he and God can see

    in this clearing on the bluff.

    Listening to something

    we cannot hear, he brings into being

    a house so solid, silent and calm,

    so embracing, consoling and inevitable,

    that it draws in and restores

    every open soul that finds its way here.

    And many do.

    Pilgrims who have heard,

    who’ve seen a photograph,

    who sense that here there is something

    mysterious, rare, perhaps even inspired.

    On a clear blue afternoon

    we sit at a long table in the sun,

    the house embracing this garden

    and all of us who bask here

    amid the calendulas and ferns.

    Feasting on tabouli and cold birds,

    we talk of poetry and paintings,

    of terraces in Tuscany and homemade wine,

    of our work, our passions, our quests.

    We are friends, gathered here

    by the grace that emanates from this holy place.

    At Christmas, the clan assembles.

    The tree, dressed in familiar ornaments,

    touches the coffered ceiling

    and sends the scent of balsam to mingle

    with fire, roast and cakes.

    Thick walls hold out the cold, the wind,

    and every danger of the world we know.

    Comets cut across the high windows

    as we are drawn in and held fast, together,

    blessed by the house that Alexander made,

    while listening to God.

    Three Examples of Directly Alexander-Inspired Design Processes




    Some Quotes

    Here I share a selection of some of my favourite quotes from Alexander's many books.

    The Timeless Way of Building (1979)

    You are alive when you are wholehearted, true to yourself, true to your own inner forces,

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4.8 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

LovingYoga223 ,

Insightful, deep and intelligent conversations

This podcast is touching on many issues from multiple angles. The depth of the discussions are enlightening and I’m grateful for the content. I would recommend this to anyone interested in permaculture, climate change, philosophical questioning of the self for the betterment of the whole.

T Homme ,

Deep exploration of ideas

Fantastic podcast focused on deep issues around improving permaculture design. sometimes it feels like this podcast is really teetering on the edge of the known world and that Dan and friends are really out there on the cutting edge in the business of humans designing things in the world; exploring, discovering and explaining the terrain as they go. This show will definitely expand how you think about the world

kenelmseiler ,

Certainly making it stronger

Certainly THE podcast if you are interested in the future philosophy and practice of Permaculture planning and practice. Dan’s own articulations on this discussion echo through the common experience of planners on the ground experience. His wisdom and open enquiry approach along with the amazing guests will have your mind buzzing for weeks . Just do it and subscribe. I would be so dramatic to say I can’t live without this now in my life!! Thanks Dan .

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