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The dialogue around money can get quite awkward and sticky. We know that. We're here to create a safe and comfortable space to have these important discussions about money. We believe that having a healthy relationship with money is extremely important, and can be the solution to many underlying problems. We’re here to talk about all the things! Earning it. Saving it. Investing it. Do you have questions? We do too. Join us as we learn all we can about money. We want to make money easy to understand and easy to talk about. We're talking about it all - the good, the bad and the money!!

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The dialogue around money can get quite awkward and sticky. We know that. We're here to create a safe and comfortable space to have these important discussions about money. We believe that having a healthy relationship with money is extremely important, and can be the solution to many underlying problems. We’re here to talk about all the things! Earning it. Saving it. Investing it. Do you have questions? We do too. Join us as we learn all we can about money. We want to make money easy to understand and easy to talk about. We're talking about it all - the good, the bad and the money!!

    36: Becoming Debt Free and What's Next

    36: Becoming Debt Free and What's Next

    We’re welcoming back to the show today one of our favorites - Kate who is @thatdebtfreelife on instagram to talk all about becoming debt free and what’s next.

    Of course, we wanted to hear about how if felt to be free of debt. Kate shared that it felt free and made her feel invincible.

    First, Kate and her family went on a dream trip to New York at Christmastime. After their trip they then got back into their financial goals pretty quickly.

    Saving up a bigger emergency fund was their biggest goal. Kate really hasn’t changed much in the way she manages her finances.

    She still creates a zero based budget for every paycheck and she budgets it down to the penny. Kate can’t live without it because she knows exactly where her money is going when she has it done.

    Kate is still working overtime to reach her financial goals. Catching up on retirement contributions and funding the 529 for her son are both important and they also made a 6 year plan to pay off the mortgage.

    Kate feels the most important things that helped her payoff her debt were the zero based budget and 15 no spend days every month. With 15 no spend days per month that translates into 6 months of not spending but in bite sized chunks. She uses the HabitShare app.

    This year, they were able to pay cash for their fence. Kate also opened a Roth IRA for the first time in her life and funded that. They also purchased kitchen appliances and redid their laundry room. Kate also paid cash for Invisalign.

    Spending more time at home becomes more enjoyable. Angelica share how another one of our former guests, Lupe Prado, talks about tolerations. Little things that crowd our mind and how getting those small things taken care of make our life more enjoyable.

    When first starting to pay off her debt, Kate realized if she spent her money with intention and allocated it properly she would be able to do it. She could meet all the goals she thought were out of reach before.

    Starting @thatdebtfreelife on Instagram and making the promise to herself to post something once daily about something finance related made her think about it and focus on it. The accountability of that also helped keep her on track.

    Even just checking your bank balance every day can make you more aware and intentional. Starting with the small things and giving yourself grace can really help you not get overwhelmed and make forward progress.

    Let yourself be a beginner, resist those impulse purchases, make mistakes and give yourself some grace - you’re not going to be perfect ever. Kate has never written a perfect budget.

    To budget on an irregular income, list your expenses from most important to least important and then as your money comes in you pay your bills in that order. Then after paying the things you have to take care of you can make your debt payments and other things.

    If you have irregular income, Kate also recommends creating a buffer or a cushion fund. in addition to your emergency fund, set aside some money so if things fall short or you’re hit with an unexpected expense, you have a bit of a buffer or cushion to carry you through.

    If you have trouble with impulse shopping, then going through your house and looking for things to sell can help you buy more intentionally. One of Kate’s favorite quotes is, “Look around you, all of that stuff used to be money.”

    Kate thinks if you have money, you need a budget. You need to know what can you do with your money. Where some people might feel living with a budget is stressful, she feels it’s freeing and so much less stress.

    You can find Kate on Instagram at @thatdebtfreelife -


    Kate’s blog -


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    35: Introducing our Quarterly Book Club

    35: Introducing our Quarterly Book Club

    Hello friends and welcome to episode 35 of the podcast! We are very excited to announce…(drum roll please…)… our QUARTERLY BOOK CLUB!

    Why you may ask? As you know, our sole purpose of this podcast is about educating ourselves and building a community of individuals who feel comfortable with talking about money. What better way to further our education with a book club that keeps us accountable and helps foster these conversations!!

    We are excited to announce our very first book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness by Bari Tessler. Bari Tessler does an incredible job of diving deep into our money traumas and finding the root cause of our money struggles. This inner work will then push our motivation and knowledge to make better money decisions. Bari Tessler is a financial therapist, which is so inspiring and something I think we all need in our lives. This book is filled with important questions that will get us to reflect on our money habits and the relationship we have with money.

    So follow along and be a part of this community with us! Your knowledge and expertise is valuable and we want to hear from you!

    Join our facebook group here:


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    34: Examining Our Money Blocks with Katy Chen Mazzara

    34: Examining Our Money Blocks with Katy Chen Mazzara

    Today we dive deep into examining our money blocks with Katy Chen Mazzara. She is a certified financial coach who helps creative types make more money, pay off debt, and achieve financial freedom.

    Katy started off as a journalist then became a television producer for 15 years, working on shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Real Housewives, Love and Hip Hop. Then she became certified as a financial coach, a life coach and she is a graduate of the UC Berkeley Program in Personal Financial Planning.

    Growing up with parents who were at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to money gave Katy an interesting view. Her father did not want to spend money and her mother spent it freely.

    For a while, Katy had a few issues of her own with money, spending it on cabs when she should've been walking or taking the subway. Then she became passionate about learning more though, reading books, even stock prospectuses.

    After three of her family members felt like they had to stay in abusive relationships for money, one of Katy's missions became to empower people to make decisions in spite of money, not based on money. And this is whether it's staying in a bad relationship or in a job you don't enjoy.

    In this episode, Angelica volunteers to be the example for examining our money blocks. Katy asks Angelica about her background with money and they dive deep into childhood experiences with money.

    Katy shares how a simple moment isn't wrong or right but it does teach us and it's important to observe that. Does it create abundance or scarcity? It's important to ask yourself - where do these beliefs come from?

    Clarity is very important around money. Be clear about what is coming in and out. Our minds like clarity. The more unknown, the more you'll worry.

    Work on what you truly want to achieve. Where do you want to go? What does money look like for you in terms of your core values?

    Katy suggests tracking down your emotions around your spending like a food diary. How did you feel -before, during and after your purchase?

    Every time you get abundance, make a note of it. Either write it down or put it in the notes section on your phone. Some examples Katy gives are time on the parking meter, a friend buys you a cup of coffee or for waiting so long, we're giving you a free muffin. Abundance and gratitude are a powerful duo.

    Katy feels it's important to have balance between the spiritual and the earthly, more practical. It's still important to do the work - having savings and paying off your debt. After paying off your debt, it's important to pay attention to where the debt came from.

    She explains the snowball effect and why it can be such a powerful way to pay off debts. Katy shares how paying on time is so important for your credit score.

    As always, we asked Katy to share her definition of success. She feels success is an inside job and it's so important to do the inner work so we can create outward changes. The more you have self worth, the more you can be successful in the outside world.

    And when asked about the 3 words that come to mind when you think about money, she first said, "Freedom, freedom, freedom." Then she went on to add - freedom, energy and values.

    But wait...there's more for our listeners...Katy Chen Mazzara has launched her membership course - Financial Freedom for Creatives Club. This is a year long program that will help you build HABITS you need to create the results you want with your money. If our listeners sign up, you will receive some pretty rad bonuses:  1. You will get access into the money block group coaching program on 1/2  2. Access to You Can Negotiate Anything Mini Courses  3. 1 day Retreat on 1/31

    If you sign up, let them know you're a MME listener! 



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    33: Speaking Up To Make More Money with Helena Bowen

    33: Speaking Up To Make More Money with Helena Bowen

    Speaker Coach and Speech Writer Helena Bowen wants to help you speak up for your business. She believes storytelling is the best way to lead, inspire and persuade.

    Helena Bowen has over 150 TED and TEDX Speaker Clients who have over 65 million views online. 20 of these have been featured as the "Talk of the Day" on TED.com and they've been translated into 35 different languages.

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    32: Becoming Boss with Kristen Boss

    32: Becoming Boss with Kristen Boss

    Kristen Boss has a name made for business. She is a Mindset and Business Coach who specializes in helping women build their influence and grow their business that deeply aligns with their purpose. Pivoting from celebrity hairstylist to boutique owner to business coach has given Kristen a unique perspective. When she asked herself - Is this what I was meant to do? - she thought to all of the deep conversations she would have with those in her chair and realized she had been coaching for years. Questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to decide what to do - What would you do for free? What energizes you? What do I love? What brings me joy? When you don’t feel comfortable charging, make it about the people you’re helping. Your customers are worthy of spending money on their own transformation. Investment in themselves is a gift to your clients. What creative solutions can I bring to the market right now? Her Facebook group is called Becoming Boss - Online Sales & Social Selling and it’s very active. She finds a lot of very successful women in her group asking - Is this it? Is this all? And what’s next? Instead of being spammy, she talks about how important it is to sell solutions to their customers problems. People always want to buy solutions to their problems. If people feel like they deeply know you and resonate with you, they’ll want to buy from you. Provide value and then they’ll want to show you how much they value. Kristen says, “Every business needs a purposeful platform that speaks to an ideal audience that gives them great value and positions themselves as a problem solver.” We all have a money story and to help discover yours, Kristen recommends the book, ‘Money: A Love Story’. The 3 things she suggests you look for are - What are your feelings around money? Do you have emotions around money? What thought is creating those feelings? Look at if it is fear or gratitude. What ways can you add more value and more impact where people would thank you monetarily? Find out what thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have around money. We discuss what thoughts and beliefs Kristen had around money and how she addressed them. There’s money shame, just like poverty shame and this made her feel uncomfortable and she had to work through those beliefs. Kristen feels money amplifies who you already are. Generous people become more generous. After working through her money stories, Kristen started working with a high level coach. Her new money story became “When I invest, I always make it back.” You have the power to create your own results. Self doubt can really bring you down. When you choose to put your money down, you’re saying you believe you’ll make it back and you believe in yourself. When you invest big in yourself you know you are the business owner who does this. It’s not an amateur, side hustle move, it’s a career move. Kristen’s definition of success is knowing she is living fully, with purpose and with impact. She always measures it by how many others she is helping. The three words that come to mind when Kristen thinks of the word money - neutral, abundant and available. 

    Instagram - www.instagram.com/_becoming_boss 

    Facebook - Becoming Boss Business https://www.facebook.com/becomingbossbusiness 


    Check out her Becoming Boss Podcast, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/becoming-boss-podcast/id1517235074

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    31: Your Vote Matters with Amanda Montgomery

    31: Your Vote Matters with Amanda Montgomery

    Amanda Montgomery is a business lawyer who helps small businesses and entrepreneurs with all of their legal needs. She truly believes your vote matters. Amanda shares that message with all of our listeners today. A passion for helping women and small business owners led her to serve this group. We talk about how growing up, she was paid for her grades and that worked for her. It was 33 days till the election when we recorded this episode. Now it’s 22 days till the election when this podcast airs. Amanda shares about how she came to be interested in politics and why she enjoys talking about it. KnowYourVote.io - shares different issues and where the candidates stand. It’s not just the presidential election, the house and senate elections are ongoing. ballotpedia.org - if you don’t know what your ballot looks like, go here. They provide profiles on each individual. These sites make it easy to find out more info about who is running in the elections and what is their background. Trying to discredit the integrity of the election process is a form of voter suppression. Voter fraud is not a prevalent problem. We talked about how we vote with our money every time we spend our money. Choosing to shop small is a form of this type of voting with our dollars. Your vote matters here too. Websites for looking at companies - bcorporation.net voteplus10.org It’s important to think about ways we can give back and take a bigger interest in our cities and underserved areas. Amanda shared the quote, “Fortune favors the prepared mind” and talks about how it can be modified to help us educate ourselves. Change favors the prepared mind. Budgets for education favors the prepared mind. Whatever side you decide to vote for, remember - your vote matters. Her definition of success - putting her kids to bed, getting to see them a lot, family time. The more you get of time with your loved ones, the luckier you are. The 3 words she thinks of when she hears the word money - security, vacation, freedom. 

    You can find Amanda - instagram.com/amontgomerylawyer/


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