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My Wellness Pie is your weekly dose of wellness tips, tricks, hacks and how-tos from leading experts in their fields. We cover topics across health, fitness, mindfulness, self-care and so much more. Discover the tools, mindset, and habits to take action and create your best life.

My Wellness Pie Monika Pietrowski

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My Wellness Pie is your weekly dose of wellness tips, tricks, hacks and how-tos from leading experts in their fields. We cover topics across health, fitness, mindfulness, self-care and so much more. Discover the tools, mindset, and habits to take action and create your best life.

    Become a Badass Unicorn with Alice ter Haar

    Become a Badass Unicorn with Alice ter Haar

    Alice ter Harr's career spans 10 years in high-growth businesses and most recently four years at one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, Deliveroo.
    Alice spent the first decade of her career as a commercial marketer, but thanks to the magic of personal development, two years ago she realised that her calling is to inspire people to find and be their best selves. In November 2019, she moved to Deliveroo’s People Strategy & Development team so that she can pursue this passion and purpose more closely. Alice works here four days a week alongside which she’s building up her side hustle – Badass Unicorn.
    Badass Unicorn shares what we can learn about hyper-personal growth from Unicorn ($1bn) scale-ups. Alice evangelizes about this as a keynote speaker – at events like Ad Week and The CIPD’s Festival of Work – and through in-company training programmes and partner and public workshops. Alongside this, Alice shares her growth story and learnings through candid writing, vlogging and blogging.
    She joins me to share her story and all things personal development. We discuss;
    How Alice the Hair priorities her daily tasks  How Alice became passionate about personal development How she developed Badass Unicorn The four stages of Badass Unicorn  How to hold yourself accountable when it comes to your self-development How to be more productive and get into flow  How you can use discomfort as a positive personal development tool So much more…

    • 32 min
    Make Your Side Hustle Happen with Helena Wilton

    Make Your Side Hustle Happen with Helena Wilton

    Helena Wilton is a London based yoga teacher, trained in Vinyasa Flow & Ashtanga, she also works in the world of personal development with a company that uses Olympic success strategies to help businesses achieve their goals.
    In fact, her yoga classes combine personal development themes to bring a new edge of developing our minds whilst practising poses. Helena is always coming up with new ways to turn her passions into profitable businesses and in the last 6 months, she has set up a second side hustle in the corporate event space so there is no stopping her. She joins me today to chat about
    Her path to entrepreneurship How she has made not one but two side hustles happen How she balances her energy and her finances The driving force in her journey so far For anyone who is thinking about starting up their own business - Helena spills the beans on what it takes to make it a reality sharing loads of great tips and resources with us. 

    • 27 min
    The Power of Journaling with Jamie Lee

    The Power of Journaling with Jamie Lee

    Jamie Lee is the co-founder of The Kind Friend, a wellness company that aims to help people live a more mindful life through uplifting content, mindfulness journals and a like-minded community. They partner up with movements like The Kindness Movement Singapore, MNCs and influencers across the globe to promote wellbeing, kindness and self-care for the wider community. 

    Throughout her professional journey, she has received several accolades including 30Under30 Anthill Young Entrepreneur Award, Global Youth Best Work Experience Provider and Australia's Favourite Edutech Startup. 
    Jamie is on a mission and in the notion of giving back to society, she also mentors younger generations and advocacy work for women.

    She joins me to talk about the power of journaling. We discuss:

    Jamie's story and how she came to create The Kind Friend The struggles that so many entrepreneurs face resulting in high levels of stress The powerful benefits of journalling Why it’s making such an impact in the workplace So many insights, statistics and fabulous wellness hacks!

    • 28 min
    Mindful Sustainability with Liz Rutledge

    Mindful Sustainability with Liz Rutledge

    Liz Rutledge is deeply passionate about the environment. She has been doing Mindfulness in one form or another since she was 10 years old. She teaches Mindfulness at schools in the Denver area and believes that Mindfulness is about taking care of Ourselves, Our Community, and Our Planet.
    Liz teaches people how to compost, garden, recycle and other sustainability activities. She is a blogger and has written the blog on SustainableThree.com since 2014. 
    She joins me today to chat about how through Mindfulness, we can feel better about ourselves, more focused, have better concentration. reduce stress, sleep better. And, we can be more mindful about the actions we take in our environment.
    We discuss:
    What one of Liz’s mindfulness session entails
    The difference between teaching mindfulness to children vs adults
    How Liz incorporates sustainability into her mindful teachings
    How mindfulness helps us make actionable changes
    Some of the ways we can be more mindful with ourselves, our community and our planet
    Liz’s favourite wellness hacks

    • 21 min
    Yoga Beyond the Mat with Kelly DiNardo

    Yoga Beyond the Mat with Kelly DiNardo

    Kelly DiNardo is a freelance journalist, an author and owner of Past Tense Yoga Studio in Washington DC.

    Her latest book is Living the Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat, which gives readers a modern, accessible and personal look at ancient yogic philosophy and the wisdom found within. As a freelance journalist, she specializes in exploration – whether it’s internally through yoga and meditation, physically through health and fitness, culturally and socially through profiles, or the myriad ways travel brings all of that together.

    She has written for O: The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Health, The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler and others.

    Kelly joins me for a genuine and gorgeous conversation around the wonderful elements of yoga that we can achieve beyond the mat.

    We chat about;

    How Kelly has built a successful business doing what she is deeply passionate about How Kelly uses Yoga both on and off the mat for a thriving lifestyle The reason behind Kelly’s latest book and how it can help us figure out our purpose, live with ease and live with joy The 5 practices of sustainable habits that look at off-the-mat yoga practices - all backed up by science What is gratitude meditation What does it mean to specialise in exploration

    • 31 min
    The Evolution of Health with Dr Stephen Hussey

    The Evolution of Health with Dr Stephen Hussey

    Dr Stephen Hussey is a board certified Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner.

    He is the author of two books The Health Evolution: Why Understanding Evolution is the Key to Vibrant Health and The Heart: Our Most Medically Misunderstood Organ. He is passionate about the natural world and applying the natural sciences of ecology and evolution to understanding our chronic disease epidemic.

    Stephen has worked with many people over the years and has seen the power of food, lifestyle change, and personal environment modification transform lives every day,

    Our conversation includes:

    Stephen’s story, and how he became interested in health and eventually evolution, based on his own experience with illness and auto-immune disease. The 4 principles of evolution that, when Stephen understood them, gave him more clarity as to why he suffered from chronic disease as a child. How these 4 principles shed light on why we have chronic diseases. Some examples of how the mismatch between our evolved physiology and our current environment leads to disease (5 imbalances that cause disease). What our chronic disease epidemic has in common with the loss of diversity of species we are seeing on the planet. How each of us can create better individual health and a healthier planet at the same time. The concept of structuring water How Stephen uses these principles in his own health coaching.

    • 31 min

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5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Walaad ,

Balance your energy with Amanda Adey

I listened to your interview with Kinesiologist, Amanda and was inspired by her enthusiasm, passion and sincerity. It has given me hope and will be definitely looking to book myself into a Kinesiology appointment
Thank you for your insight Amanda 🙏

Areo bar ,

Entertaining, educational, and hits the spot☀️

Great work with your interviews, inspiration and wellness hacks. It’s a great listen.
Keep up the great work !!🙌🏽


Gigi_54 ,

Wonderful from start to finish 👏

So many amazing guests with so much wisdom and great messages to learn from. I can’t wait to see where you take this! Thank you for creating this podcast 🙏🏼

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