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My Wellness Pie is your regular dose of wellness tips, tricks, hacks and how-tos from leading experts in their fields. We cover topics across health, fitness, mindfulness, self-care and so much more. Discover the tools, mindset, and habits to take action and create your best life.

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My Wellness Pie is your regular dose of wellness tips, tricks, hacks and how-tos from leading experts in their fields. We cover topics across health, fitness, mindfulness, self-care and so much more. Discover the tools, mindset, and habits to take action and create your best life.

    Break Free of Trauma with Christina Cannes

    Break Free of Trauma with Christina Cannes

    Christina Cannes is a trauma-informed hypnotherapist and nutritionist helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives uplevel their life and business. 

    She founded BIG BEAUTIFUL SKY after a decade of personal development, training, research, and healing her own emotional and physical wounds, to help others radically improve their health and wellness.

    Christina has developed a one-stop-shop, stream-lined method called Belief Hacking, to quickly transform the physical and mental health of those who want to take their performance to the next level. 

    She joins me to talk all about trauma and we delve into:

    -What exactly, is trauma and how affects us

    -How tapping into your subconscious can help you deal with trauma 

    -What does hypnosis therapy entail?

    -What are some of the other strategies we can employ to release trauma

    If you’re ready to drop the subconscious programs, trauma, and emotions that prevent you from being who you truly are, creating an amazing life, and achieving your goals, then this is the episode for you!

    • 37 min
    Preparing for Postpartum with Meg Murray Jones

    Preparing for Postpartum with Meg Murray Jones

    As a reflexologist, Meg Murray Jones has helped many women through periods of stress, trauma, and imbalance, but found that the time women most needed her support was just after birth. Yet, this was often when many clients ceased treatment as all their energy and love was focused on their baby. Meg would then be called upon around six months postpartum to help new mums treat a host of issues, including burnout, PTSD, insomnia, and other more severe emotional and physical problems. 

    Because of this, Meg founded the Postpartum Plan – a holistic online program laying the emotional and physical foundations for a lifetime of parenthood. Meg has gathered all the experts that she believes we should all have access to postpartum: women's physiotherapists, breathwork, yoga, and pilates instructors, nutritionist, postpartum doulas, GPs etc. It is a powerhouse of all things postpartum to support women and their partners in navigating through early parenthood.
    She joins me to talk about how to prepare for postpartum and we delve into:

    -How our bodies and brains change in the fourth-trimester

    -What your baby needs in the first four weeks of their life

    -How society gets the fourth trimester wrong but what we can do about it

    -The role of the father or partner in postpartum

    -How you can support your friends, family in their postpartum period

    -How to approach postpartum body image

    -Plus much more.

    • 44 min
    Break your addictive habits with Sophie Aghdami

    Break your addictive habits with Sophie Aghdami

    Sophie Aghdami is an Addiction Recovery Coach. She and works with clients online around the world, in her coaching practice, The Wolf You Feed. She is passionate about helping others to strengthen and maintain long-term recovery. 

    Sophie uses her personal transformative experiences to help others encounter long-term, rewarding personal growth, and life satisfaction on the other side of addiction. She knows from her own experience that it is possible to attain, and maintain, a life of meaning, purpose, and joy in recovery. 

    Sophie thrives on helping others find their experience of 'flow' – a state of being in which we are fully immersed and at one with what we are doing. 

    Our chat today is all about how to break free of your addictive habits and we cover:

    -How to identify our addiction triggers and build onto better habits

    -The role of routine in addiction recovery

    -The role of flow in addiction recovery

    -How relapse happens 
    -So much more

    If you’ve got an addictive habit you're trying to break free from - whether that’s getting off social media, cutting down on alcohol, working too much, or anything else that's distracting you from living your best life - this is the episode for you.

    • 34 min
    Setting Boundaries when WFH with Dr. Frank Chow

    Setting Boundaries when WFH with Dr. Frank Chow

    Today I am joined by Psychiatrist and workplace mental health expert, Dr. Frank Chow 
    Dr. Frank specialises in organisational and occupational psychiatry consulting both individuals and organisations on dynamic and interpersonal difficulties.
    With many years of experience and focus on workplace-related mental health issues, he is passionate about advocating early intervention, education, and rehabilitation for all individuals so they can get back on track with improved clarity, motivation, and fulfillment at work.
    His focus is to empower the workforce, providing skills to improve well-being, mental health, and workplace relationships to assist people to achieve their potential, within a holistic approach. The past 15 months have shown that one of the main challenges of remote employment is the “blurring of boundaries” between work and home. Dr. Frank joins me today to talk about:
    How to recognise work burnout in yourself and others Setting boundaries when working from home What managers and organisations can do to support their employees to avoid burnout  The long term impact to organisations from employee burnout  And much more...

    • 32 min
    Happiness is a Conscious Choice with Carla Maree

    Happiness is a Conscious Choice with Carla Maree

    Carla Maree Simpson is a sought-after happiness coach, author, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, podcast host, and professional speaker who is on a mission to help people live a happier life. 
    Through life experience, she has learned that happiness isn’t guaranteed but it is something we can consciously choose and create if we are taught the right tools.
    She is all about helping people to bring more happiness into their life, how to help them make that conscious choice, and Say Yes to Life!
    She joins me to talk about:
    -Discovering what makes you happy
    -How to control your happiness
    -How to make sure the goals you’re going after will actually make you happy
    -How you can uncover happiness in your existing routine
    Plus much more…

    • 36 min
    Become a Badass Unicorn with Alice ter Haar

    Become a Badass Unicorn with Alice ter Haar

    Alice ter Harr's career spans 10 years in high-growth businesses and most recently four years at one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, Deliveroo.
    Alice spent the first decade of her career as a commercial marketer, but thanks to the magic of personal development, two years ago she realised that her calling is to inspire people to find and be their best selves. In November 2019, she moved to Deliveroo’s People Strategy & Development team so that she can pursue this passion and purpose more closely. Alice works here four days a week alongside which she’s building up her side hustle – Badass Unicorn.
    Badass Unicorn shares what we can learn about hyper-personal growth from Unicorn ($1bn) scale-ups. Alice evangelizes about this as a keynote speaker – at events like Ad Week and The CIPD’s Festival of Work – and through in-company training programmes and partner and public workshops. Alongside this, Alice shares her growth story and learnings through candid writing, vlogging and blogging.
    She joins me to share her story and all things personal development. We discuss;
    How Alice the Hair priorities her daily tasks  How Alice became passionate about personal development How she developed Badass Unicorn The four stages of Badass Unicorn  How to hold yourself accountable when it comes to your self-development How to be more productive and get into flow  How you can use discomfort as a positive personal development tool So much more…

    • 32 min

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4.8 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Walaad ,

Balance your energy with Amanda Adey

I listened to your interview with Kinesiologist, Amanda and was inspired by her enthusiasm, passion and sincerity. It has given me hope and will be definitely looking to book myself into a Kinesiology appointment
Thank you for your insight Amanda 🙏

Rob Colo ,

Unable to listen

Looks great but unable to play interview with Kinesiologist Amanda

Areo bar ,

Entertaining, educational, and hits the spot☀️

Great work with your interviews, inspiration and wellness hacks. It’s a great listen.
Keep up the great work !!🙌🏽


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