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Interviewing leaders in enterprise innovation.

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Interviewing leaders in enterprise innovation.

    Catherine Hills on design trends, developing people and building confidence in creative teams

    Catherine Hills on design trends, developing people and building confidence in creative teams

    Catherine Hills is a highly experienced leader of people and practice in design and transformation strategy. With a master’s degree in business research and over 22 years in the tech and design industry, she has extensive experience in capability strategy, design operations, and enablement in a variety of industry contexts both within Australia and internationally.

    A passionate pioneer of innovation and design strategy, Catherine joins us on the Naked Ambition podcast to discuss:

    • How our understanding and application of design has changed over the past 20 years and current changes to ways of thinking in the design industry
    • Why empathy is so important to create better communication and value exchanges for everyone in your system, leading to better outcomes both collectively and individually
    • How careers in the design space are changing beyond the traditional and the pathway for designers looking to step into the industry or elevate their career
    • Catherine’s reflections on her own leadership journey and her experience with leading a team strategically, while also tapping into individual motivations and needs
    • The local aspects of design and how First Nations culture and thinking can be integrated with Australia’s contemporary thought processes

    In recent years Catherine has been a finalist in the Women Techmakers Scholars Program and Victorian Premier’s Design Awards, has received a Peer Award in Teaching Communication Design Expertise – Digital UX at RMIT, and is a 2020 EMBA Scholarship Recipient at the University of Melbourne. Read more about her work with others in the design community via the links below.

    Catherine’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherine-hills-96a1b515

    Follow us: @_nakedambition

    A recent article Catherine wrote for Future Shapers UK https://thefutureshapers.com/why-continuous-reflection-provides-cultural-rewards-for-organisations/
    Career Architecture by Mags Hanley https://www.magshanley.com/career-architecture-book
    Transition Leadership Lab with Susanna Carman and Associates https://www.susannacarman.com/learning-lab

    Human Systems Dynamics at LAST Conference with Ahmed Avais https://www.hsdinstitute.org/

    First Knowledges Building on Country by Alison Page and Paul Memmot https://thamesandhudson.com.au/the-first-knowledges-series/

    Make Meaningful Work by Dan Szuc and Jo Wong https://www.makemeaningfulwork.com/

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    Transforming Salvos stores and innovation in the circular economy

    Transforming Salvos stores and innovation in the circular economy

    A highly skilled leader and strategist, Matt Davis is the CEO of Salvos Stores, servicing 350 stores across Australia with over 2000 team members and 10,000 volunteers. Previously holding roles in large NGOs and corporate retailers including ALDI and World Vision Australia, Matt combines his experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors to lead sustainable change and impact consumer experience.

    Passionate about social and environmental change, Matt joins us on the podcast today to discuss Australia’s circular economy, and where to go from here. We discuss:

    • How the sustainability movement has impacted the retail space and the innovative ways Salvos have improved their stores to diversify appeal and have more impact
    • Matt’s experience of the circular economy and how Australian businesses can better utilise resource recovery to both reuse and remake items
    • Salvos Store’s new collaboration, Moving the Needle, bringing together stakeholders across the textile space to discuss how to get consumers to be more conscious of the new items they purchase and donating more thoughtfully
    • How companies are using blockchain technology to follow their impact through their product’s life cycle
    • The strategic reset required for organisations to face the new COVID normal

    Matt currently serves as Chair of Charitable Recycling Australia, advancing the governance, innovation and impact of charities and their retail shops around Australia. He has also previously served on the board of EACH, an organisation providing health and disability services. Passionate about purpose, Matt continues to seek new ways to have a positive impact on the social and environmental challenges being faced by our communities.

    Salvos Stores Website: https://www.salvosstores.com.au/

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    Innovating against odds. How Kate Dillon bought together 20 makers mid-pandemic to save her business

    Innovating against odds. How Kate Dillon bought together 20 makers mid-pandemic to save her business

    Kate Dillon is the Founder and Creative Director of She Lion, a luxury handbag brand.

    Purposefully designed to organise and diversify women on the go, the She Lion range embodies the attributes that Kate believes are key to success – fierce elegance, premium practicality, and bold ambition.

    Kate is a true innovator at heart, joining us on the podcast to discuss her personal journey in the design industry and her mission to empower others. We explore:

    - How she worked with 22 Australian businesses to create a new, 100% Australian made product during the height of Covid
    - The future of Australian manufacturing and sustainable fashion, and the power of collaboration in the Support Local campaign
    - Her experience in the design industry, and how she went from corporate lawyer to handbag innovator with her motto “just do it!”

    Kate has over 11 years’ experience as a corporate lawyer and currently practices as a National Transformation Lawyer at Gilbert + Tobin. Balancing her corporate career with her growing company, Kate is also mum to 2 children and is a true representation of the fierce, determined brand she promotes. With a passion for design, transformation and innovation, Kate is a keen advocate for supporting local business and making a difference in the lives of others.

    She Lion Website: www.shelion.com.au
    Instagram and Facebook: @shelionbags

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    Turning a lived experience in a vehicle to improve people’s lives (and workplace cultures)

    Turning a lived experience in a vehicle to improve people’s lives (and workplace cultures)

    Conrad Tracey is the CEO of Addiction Coaching Australia, an organisation that utilises their unique Delta Path Method to help individuals break the cycle of addiction. Working with individuals, corporations, government bodies and organisations, Conrad and his team aim to create meaningful societal change in Australia, providing a platform for education and mentorship as well as offering bespoke services to individuals dealing with substance misuse.

    In our latest podcast, Conrad shares his lived experience of addiction recovery, and how he is helping others do the same, including:

    Conrad’s incredible journey battling his own addiction and how he came to develop The Delta Path, an 8 week program designed to break the cycle of addiction

    The importance of taking a holistic approach to addiction coaching and how Addiction Coaching Australia provides a modern, confidential experience for their clients

    The negative workplace habits and cultures that senior leaders and executives perpetuate, all of which may contribute to substance misuse

    The proven links between substance misuse and deteriorating productivity, and how Conrad and his team work with workplaces to educate employers and their employees on addiction

    Trained in psychology and with a wealth of experience as a coach and mentor, Conrad has successfully founded 3 companies, and has worked in senior management for some of the most innovative and culturally conscious organisations in Australia. With professional success coaching high-performance individuals and teams, Conrad uses his professional expertise with his lived experience of addiction recovery to help hundreds of Australians regain control of their life and choices.

    Addiction Coaching Website: https://addictioncoachingaustralia.com.au/

    Conrad’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/conradtracey/

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    The Future of Conversational AI with Versa CEO, Kath Blackham

    The Future of Conversational AI with Versa CEO, Kath Blackham

    "Kath Blackham is a global leader in AI technologies and the Founder and CEO of VERSA, a digital transformation agency powered by conversational AI. The first agency to operate a 4 day work week in Australia, VERSA has been named by Fast Company as one of the best workplaces for innovators globally. Specialising in the integration of conversational voice and AI technologies, Kath and her team are paving the way for digital transformation in Australia and abroad.

    Kath is a trailblazer for all things digital and new ways of working. She joins us today to discuss her vast experience with conversational AI and how it’s transforming communication and consumer experience globally. We discuss:

    • The future of conversational AI and the difference between automation and augmentation
    • Walking her talk - launching the Versa website using real time conversational AI to direct user enquiries and navigation (even when some of the team had their doubts!)
    • How the team at VERSA have honed their products to meet market demand, including working alongside global companies such as Google and Amazon

    Kath had an outstanding year in 2020, gaining national recognition for her innovation and leadership in the digital sector. She was named Media Executive of the Year by CEO Magazine, was a finalist for CEO of the Year, and won the Entrepreneurship Award for ARN’s Women in ICT Awards. Not stopping there, in 2020 Kath was also named Woman of the Year, Executive Leader of the Year, Mentor of the Year and Leading Entrepreneur/Founder in B&T’s Women in Media Awards.

    VERSA Website: https://versa.agency/
    Kath’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathblackham/

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    Design, Diversity and being positive about the future of our organisations with Prue Gilbert

    Design, Diversity and being positive about the future of our organisations with Prue Gilbert

    "Prue Gilbert was named by the Australian Financial Review as one of the top 100 women of influence for diversity and inclusion, Marie Claire calling her the “anti-discrimination guru” and Vogue naming her a “gamechanger”. As the CEO and Founder of Grace Papers, Prue has spent the last 10 years providing a platform for working parents to navigate their careers while challenging gender stereotypes and overcoming discrimination in the workplace.

    In this episode, we cover a lot of ground on the topics of leadership, design-led innovation and Prue's vision for our workplaces of the future including:

    - Why Prue and the Grace Papers team are using Human-Centred Design to expand the reach and impact of their market-leading and science-backed employee experience platform

    - The importance of agency for working parents and how leaders can work alongside their people to curate practical policies and positive culture for all staff to thrive

    - What prevention of gender inequality looks like and why this goes beyond supporting working parents

    Grace Papers Website: https://gracepapers.com.au/

    Prue’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prue-gilbert/

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5.0 out of 5
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13 Ratings

Sarah Elleray ,

Excellent insights

Listened to 3 podcasts in a row last night and got something (well lots of things) out of each one. Looking forward to attending Naked Ambitions Design Thinking course soon!

Leah Betts ,


Brilliant, just Brilliant... a wonderfully produced and executed podcast... I can't wait for more!!!

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