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An A-Z Resource for Entrepreneurs, Inventors & Innovators.
Do you want to commercialise your idea or invention and create a saleable product? Want pragmatic advice about how to get your idea to market?
From brainwave to the shelf, Hamish and Scot will help you get Off To Market™.

Off To Market‪™‬ Hamish Chadwick

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An A-Z Resource for Entrepreneurs, Inventors & Innovators.
Do you want to commercialise your idea or invention and create a saleable product? Want pragmatic advice about how to get your idea to market?
From brainwave to the shelf, Hamish and Scot will help you get Off To Market™.

    Special Guest: Helen Brown

    Special Guest: Helen Brown

    Hamish speaks with Helen Brown from Living Spaces™ about Interior Design and what people should be thinking about if they need to ‘work from home’. Helen’s design philosophy is “You are the living expert on you and your life”. Helen talks about the misconception that interior design is simply about what the designer thinks will look good. Although aesthetics play a vital role in the process, it’s imperative that the interactions people need to have within a space are carefully determined.
    Helen works with both commercial and private clients. Please contact Helen if you would like to discuss your next project or to book a consultation.
    Helen Brown | Living Spaces™ 
    0406 544 702

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    Special Guests: David Cotton and Stewart Gow

    Special Guests: David Cotton and Stewart Gow

    In this episode, we introduce David and Stewart and their company New Venture Australia. 
    Stewart Gow and David Cotton are long term Investors and Serial Entrepreneurs. They have held many successful roles in many different areas of the business world and have been kind enough to offer us the opportunity to tap into their lifetime of experiences to bring you some golden nuggets of information about how to successfully raise funds, run your business and succeed as an entrepreneur.
    If you have any questions for either David or Stewart their contact details are;
    Stewart Gow 0403 310 520David Cotton 0424 025 209

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    Concept is King

    Concept is King

    Advances in design technology allow the inventor to get their hands dirty sooner; however, as you’ll learn from Scot, technology can also hinder your progress.
    There is a tendency to go straight to CAD without pushing a design concept on paper first. The reason for this is that you need to ‘fail fast’ and ‘fail early’. Hand sketching allows you to do this faster.
    You have to keep in mind that CAD is also intangible. In the early stages of exploring a concept, it’s better to construct a rough prototype. The ability to feel and test your idea is highly effective when it comes to problem-solving and creative thinking.
    It’s all about failing fast and cheaply. Spending hours on CAD only to find significant problems with a prototype will not only be disheartening, but it will also set you back financially.
    Get your concept right first, and you’ll be off to market sooner.
    If you have any questions about concept design or CAD please email Scot: scot@f3id.com
    Please share this episode with someone you think would benefit from these tips.

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    Staging & Launch Strategy

    Staging & Launch Strategy

    Cashflow and planning are at the crux of what Scot talks about this week when it comes to staging your project.
    A critical question you must answer in determining your launch strategy is are you going to partner with a distributor or are you going to take on the task of selling the product yourself.
    The point Scot makes is that you can’t be all things to all people. During the discovery and design phase of the project, you may have identified several different markets where your product can help. However, the financial reality is you need to choose a market and stick to it to generate cashflow.
    As an entrepreneur who is close to your project, of course, you can see how your invention can help half the world. The marketing energy required to educate and convince a single market, let alone half the globe will be enough to keep you occupied for months, if not years.
    Success for the inventor and entrepreneur is often the result of many small victories. You must have lofty goals, but you must generate small wins first.
    If you have any questions about the content in this episode, please email: hamish@hamishchadwick.com

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    People Skills with Special Guest, Mark Thomson

    People Skills with Special Guest, Mark Thomson

    We talk with HR expert Mark Thomson from True North™ about building and managing teams. Mark draws on his 20+ years of experience to offer advice for entrepreneurs and founders who are growing their businesses.
    Some of the areas covered are:
    How do you create and maintain a positive dynamic with a team
    How does it ‘go wrong’? (what are the warning signs to look out for).
    What sort of impact can bad people management have on a business?
    Tips for interviewing candidates
    Should Founders become General Managers?
    If you have any questions regarding HR or recruitment, please feel free to reach out to Mark:
    Mark Thomson Managing Director | True North™
    Call: 0405 415 917
    Connect with Mark on LinkedIn

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    Cybersecurity & The Coronavirus

    Cybersecurity & The Coronavirus

    Perhaps a little 'off-topic' for Off To Market, but perhaps not when you learn about the latest cybersecurity threat that is spreading around the globe. Entrepreneurs, business owners and inventors invest so much money and effort into developing products that you have to be aware of the devastation that a software virus can have on your business.
    The potential to lose your critical IP is real so we think it's vital that you arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.
    For more information on the topics covered in this episode go to https://www.avantiacybersecurity.com/

    • 9 min

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5.0 out of 5
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5 Ratings

SWUnitwd ,

Off to market

If you have thought of a new product idea or have one in the works already, I highly recommended listening to and taking notes from Hamish and Scot’s podcast Off to Market.

Relaxed and informative episodes that will help navigate you through the varies stages of a product idea and where to start.

Thanks Guys for taking the time to talk to me about my idea !

RDAgencies ,

Pure Gold!

This stuff is pure gold and so well delivered! I have been fortunate to have actually engaged the services of both Hamish and Scot and could not rate them highly enough! I actually feel privileged to be able to listen to them share their combined years of experience in such a laid back yet informative manner.

Lockfix79 ,


Great podcast, good info and explained well. Would expect to pay for information like this

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